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Darren McFadden joins Bucher and Towny from Raiders Training Camp

Aug 2, 2013|

Darren McFadden joins Bucher and Towny to talk about his hopes for the upcoming Raiders season,

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A villain great campus home health of 100 Hussein camp has been going pretty good you know love and love this right now have a lot of young -- -- random along great. -- is doing a great job picking a woman who blogs being so I'm really looking for solid. Compare how you felt. When you heard the Carson Palmer was going and couple guys that were part of this they weren't coming back to how you feel. Right now. He knows a lot of new faces here now -- first got here in the spring you know -- probably -- 789109. On the team knows about Gelman yeah demand that you know you don't just -- -- go along with. You know home movie got lake course in north would be hit to a team -- you know Matthew has come into its dividend to a great doubling. I'm feeling great together very confident now these guys that we brought in they've been -- great. How do you feel about what you war. And this turnover I would think that at the beginning. It's a little like hey wait a minute I'm in the -- of my career and there's a changeover. -- are you are you more comfortable with what's going on now based on where you are. But the that I don't very costly -- -- Othello involvement that we have -- and down this you feel like -- isn't -- run down. You notice something they'll move into a non working coast if he does mean give me on the right track -- -- -- without without a great job with. No just you in there and TCU played TC to scheme that he does that very well. You know own very called who waited and I'm looking forward to these guys in out there and you wanna put this together. Darren McFadden right back for the Oakland Raiders -- is your -- current -- 95 point seven a game live at raiders' training camp how frustrating. Was it for you last season with the zone blocking scheme compared to where you are today. You know on this coming into the season last year ahead hi -- sort of -- know whether those one -- zone scheme Martin down just came -- looking towards the -- -- home does being able to not let them do are really want to do want to know their frustration with the same time a little while there you have to just push forward and no deal with -- things. There's a point -- sure we talked to you we talked you about your relationship with Dennis Allen how much she talked to him about the offense who surprised to hear that it wasn't. That much. How is it now as far as your communication with the coaching staff. No often had to have a great communication without coaches that -- known -- very Al want to clear you know and always have a regular relation without a coach without the players. You know home -- telling -- -- in the office coordinator here no no -- since come here he would know dolphins that he did and a great doubly. Do you think you have a greater voice now. Then you did last year as far as how you guys are doing things. We'll says about the same gnome just been a vision on his team -- -- I have to be -- local leader record known as something I've been trying to stiff looking duties to allow more just come out and voice my -- always meaning god bless them lead by example -- I had try to was my peak level very young -- so you just try to bring those gathered along with us and help those guys. You know stand healthy for you and has been a struggle throughout your career and you haven't played in sixteen games and some of your injuries have been fluke injuries. -- -- what what do you expect from yourself this year do you expect and can you tell raider fan -- expected sixteen games and the biggest year my career. You know miles going out their plans for tomorrow -- -- a civil on the theater righter than -- -- -- -- the -- was another medium type of guy I'm glad they're playing hard every play. As far as the injury isn't the notice something that come along flow Bob him more ended in other people have lived. -- the run and make you know the images that have had on -- -- any other running back with them on the field of play with those are really -- -- -- -- -- No not have got a lot of lay down our select -- need to play Disco that need to make you resistant to come out and it's got this series Indian camp later. When those four stand up to just wanting him to my mind go to city -- they have theory game. -- -- Expectations from the outside are very low for the raiders this year what are your expectations. No we know we have a southeast for a while he knows we always thought about inside the -- while we know we can do out here so. Everybody else of being on this on this not something that would not concern -- that we will learn and learn plea for about again that we know can. And what is that. Knowing what I mean. How good do you think this team can -- Enough let us that we have a lot of -- fear that a very good in them off and I wouldn't be a very that the boxing so looking forward to that what impresses you most about your new quarterback Matt Flynn. Well he's a Smart guy you know he doesn't own turned the ball a little much about you know we get there you can see him just -- -- -- to increase in -- 123 reason. Notice something that the quarterback you have to do to do and he did very well. Among all these new pieces either side of the ball who who who is caught your -- who who somebody that. Maybe as as impressed you. So that's some young receiving their daughter on pretty good job -- is one of them he's going out there making plays -- about so you -- just the you know young receivers went out there and do the things they're doing I'm looking forward to the casinos gathered Sunday. And -- idea of young guys you brought an old guy back Charles Woodson who. We've talked to here at camp then and he's so excited to be back the fans are excited what he's seen in a 36 year old Charles Woodson. You know struggling -- know that played again for about noses watch them on a feeling he's go -- he does that he played again and ask both of -- -- right you both breakfast. He's been doing a great that there's -- -- he's wearing a lot of leadership to the secondary and Reno's got along with him known making everybody raised their level competitions. And when you think about leadership. Is it surprising to you at all likely -- -- camp and he mentioned earlier in this interview you know you really know a lot of guys. You're one of the you're like one of the leaders you're one of the guys when you came in here as star running back at Arkansas top pick. But now your common and not only expectations of what you can do on the field but leadership off the field what does that likely to this kind of -- first thing for you Nikola. They'll let us film that's one thing the code that Obama as we do you know to be more locally -- let us that was -- got to let them leave as number it won't be more vocal leader. Numb like someone noticed galaxy right now would have lineman Marcel you know we came in the same year and we're really the last three left mark legs. We've had a couple guys say that they expect. Big things from you this year what do you expect what do you think you're capable of doing this season. As big Bayern beat these myself also -- night at Salem is much less in my contract someone iron -- Lambeau. No just laying it out -- you know this wanna work there and do the best that I can -- my team Matta none of them get to a were trying to get some. Running back Darren McFadden joins us your view and Downey 95 point seven a game you know there's been times I watched -- a lot in college. And I remember Houston that would put you in shotgun. And exceed your played quarterback in action sort of viewed times I finish it won't be like if they put to a job -- on a wild cat lets you dude you didn't -- They did that I literally almost doubling down on open and in the bottom my hand their way possible also the -- would decide to put -- baker sat down with a plea to be read their does that take this -- in the snap and run about our. Drubbing put -- -- little to do this you can only get a little bit right in a comedy Gosling and cut. We we actually we've seen a little trick -- ration out here early on in terms of the play calling are do you think there's going to be. More creativity in her -- we're gonna see that kind of imagination in the offense this year. Not that I Diller play the domino cornyn has been put me you know just to get out here and just people out far enough that I did something that we under the duties are also. Well the I think our expectations may be going up a little bit about this team good luck this year I know it's a huge year for you personally. Good luck have a monster year we all afford to it would afford to senior week one in Indianapolis thank them yes.

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