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Chris Kluwe joins the Wheelhouse at Raiders training camp

Aug 5, 2013|

The new Raiders punter talks with Papa and Lund about the change from Minnesota to Oakland, the fraternity of being a punter in the NFL, and the updated technology in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris Kluwe he's gonna join us raiders punter Chris warcraft you can. Foam on Twitter he is a great follow got a new book out as well remind -- talk a little off. How are the fifth I'm good a good -- is trivial yet they were making the time push you get on the tour site on good morning you were all over the place right yeah I -- -- jurors are are amazingly. Complex things it was -- out to New York back to LA out to Minnesota back to LA -- San Francisco like LA so this is. Go to his brief on the to be clear the -- the -- book is not about football no doubt at all about there's there's like two chapters in there about football but the rest of it is is the -- meandering through my mind the only the title of the book came from where. The title of the book came from someplace within my mind not really sure where on this but it beautifully unique sparkle -- yes it was a replacement for us and swear words that you probably can't say on the radio. So sometimes we go let's justice system I think I think I like I swear words I'm not gonna drop a sparkle pony and anybody yeah I was that it must full -- -- terribly wrong area and I guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Until we figure out how to change that until we figure out how to treat each other with equality then we're going to keep ending up in the same place. So it's you know pretty simple that's very well -- -- yeah. Geiger and everything you're saying. Good going from where -- lives in the middle of the country you're gonna obviously are from Southern California right. And you -- to UCLA for years but you're vikings for a long time do you immediately noticed that the way we live here in northern California is different than. Where you play the last eight years yeah yeah it's different years because the the middle of the country is the you know it's kind of flyover territory lot of lot of farms a lot of agrarian communities and Minneapolis is actually surprisingly urban it was it was nice to see that there you know you you get into the rural outskirts sin and yet you're in middle America has just kind of did a different type of lifestyle and being out on the coast there's a whole lot more influences there's there's different types of people there's different cultures is different foods and you don't really see a lot of that in in the midwest nearly as much as you see on on news of the western East Coast. I'm Chris who's gonna have to -- traders on -- -- raiders camp here on 9957 -- dumb and Greg Papa. What -- the camp atmosphere from going Mankato -- yeah -- to -- that's a bit different heads a bit different it's that Estonia is there earlier this is the first training camp that my wife actually wants to come do this is a quote. Yeah it's it's a little bit nicer now there's there's little more things to do then the main study Mankato. Yeah what's the plan served for Friday -- stars how many puncher examine even around the league a long time are you guys talk at all about your for your your team's coach and learning to divvy up. -- this Friday. Against the cowboys with the market. We haven't talked about a year I would I would assume you know based on years I've played before it's it's generally one half. One guy gets one half get a guy gets the second half I figure that would probably be the case and then you'll find out more going forward but. Hopefully it's zero -- because that means offense is doing really well that's. And that's always the ideal goal but yeah when whenever they need me to go out there young go out and do the best my ability. One of the cool things and you did you did a Google glass right where. Basically it's it's like a camera your helmet right in theater you basically -- people a campus like your viewpoint yeah I had that that was something that I recorded some -- practice stuff off to the side and it's it's a really cool you to have because. Up until this point we haven't been able to see what it's like to actually be on the field you know you can get close he got selling cameras he got that hovering camera behind that you don't have that first person perspective and I think going forward. This is something we'll start to see a lot more because the camera technology is now there the you can put a camera inside -- helmet and actually get it on the field. So I it's going to be very exciting in the next couple years. Johnny got new runs a raiders video department was just downloading my I've had with the the latest technology where you guys to get some practice. Coach's film immediately download the new year I've been sort of what happened many guys checked in this year they give everybody -- iPad and you actually bigger playbook and upon the iPad you -- video from the cowboys plan. Last night and can't nor your practice from earlier today it's amazing right right exactly and it really simplifies things because you don't you don't have to carry around a giant -- it's it's all right there right in front of you and you don't have to -- train seek out a special room to watch film you can just watch it right in front of you you can -- notes on you can. Have diagrams and you know it's it's it's a very useful technology to have just in terms of of minimizing the amount of moving parts you have to deal with -- what's your relationship like with -- CBS is Ian Ian Cheney were so close what -- your relationship with -- it's it's it's good so far it's you know we've we've we've spent a lot of time together obviously holding and hitting kicking and then -- You're just trying to get to know the guys can get to know Jon Condo as well and done. It's really just being part of that specialist fraternity today you you're one of the few people who actually knows how to do what it is that you do. -- -- -- Because as long as you're not the complete each leg then generally those guys tend to get along with each other than these guys are going to be here a -- really -- just extended -- of combat drag daisy de CVS four and -- Condo. We you know for years when -- when Cheney was here we thought it was the best trio and it may be a pro football history did you speak to Condo. First of all would the way he's able to two jeeps and nobody noticed him here and western this season opener against anybody on American constitution and the raiders lost a game because he wasn't there but we all know how good he -- he's he's very simply the best in football and yeah exactly and and that's one of the things you see is that a very good long snapper you never hear about until he's no longer there and then all sinners like -- what happened why is this not working as well as it used to and and that's way it's it's I've been very fortunate that my my snapper in Minnesota was very good -- you know he got it -- got the ball back you really -- and everything I've seen from -- is he's a very consistent very good long snapper and you just really looking forward to -- to working with them on game day. About -- -- sounds a second Cambodia would just your general impressions of of the camp itself does -- -- -- so log a lot of intensity with the guys a lot of lot of young guys you try and trying to prove themselves and dumb. You know there's there's a lot of people that are that are counting us out this year but I've I've been on teams where that's happened in and we you know win and actually won a lot more games than people expected and in last year's prime example when I was in Minnesota people thought we'd be lucky to win five games and we end up winning I think was in nine or ten and you make it to the playoffs -- It's it's all about how much do you buy in how much are you willing to sacrifice for the team so that the team can win games. Bobby April mentioned him earlier to share estimate and in a day of practice seven a fan -- for years he's been around -- forever be ever cross paths with coach -- before and tell me about your special teams coordinator I think I played him once before when he was in Philadelphia wanna set that I think we played the Eagles while I was on the vikings and didn't didn't really you know get to know mellow because it's it's kind of just that brief flight two minute pregame shake hands say hi you know introduce yourself everyone. Now that got the chance to work with and he's he's a very Smart special teams coach he he knows what he's doing obviously he's been doing it for a long time in. Hopefully the guys can just pick up on that wisdom and and just really buy into the schemes and understand the special teams as an integral part of the game you can you can win -- lose games on special teams in and you see that every year so it's it's very important to understand you have a good special teams coach and you listen to what he's saying. Chris Kluwe Jonas actress warcraft make sure you -- on Twitter at 10 o'clock Dick a group of words and I'm looking at right now it's very nice happened like you said I can't say on the air yeah. I would -- I think just dumb I'm looking forward to a seeing LC is yet to from the U Remington thank you --

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