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Rich Gannon is interested in Raiders preseason

Aug 8, 2013|

The former Raiders MVP QB talks about what to expect from the new Raiders defense and what we may see from Matt Flynn this season. He says on the other side of the Bay, the Niners are the team to beat in the NFC West.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is great -- it's about time you know excited to executed. All playing game last week -- announced it's sure it's here we've been we've been talking about it I think exciting seeing Chris burba. You know a player's perspective coaches is to see these new players that you've added let -- be created she would it be the draft picks the other gonna look the other gonna respond. Under the lights. Aware of that. Forty not a uniform or the red uniform for the first time that they get. Well a lot of personnel people coaches some some veteran guys are anxious to see how the young players respond. What do you expect to see. First game super generics from Jim Harbaugh a great Roman Vick fans -- their first pre season game. I think you're I think you're right it fairly generic it'll show. Personal looping information -- that concept in abatement work at all the same time you've got to get. Some of that stuff wrapped up little films that you can evaluated. I think you're you're anxious to see different personnel. There are groups together and I don't mean personal look at the different players -- together on the outside applied for example or secondary has yet. A two different pieces are there to see how these players. Communicate respond with one another. I think you really wanna use an emphasis -- the running game and appreciate it for obvious reasons. -- think you know to keep it keep the clock -- together and without any significant injuries. I think you certainly the valuations and key position battles which I think are always important. And you know I think that overall I don't appreciate -- but still to come out with a good -- in about -- well that's where we're all about. Now you do Green Bay games on television. During the pre season tell us what you're here in about in Green Bay as they're really looking ahead no question for the 49ers in week want. I think all teams. To a good job. You know advance scouting I think you look throughout the last years. Moved forward on it twice -- billion embarrassing fashion. In a playoff game they gave up there they weren't there at nine yards. It on the ground organizers. -- predicting. Gordon I think that's something they wanted to get corrected that -- -- -- you talked about that. I think when you look at the the practice schedule the first two games this season that got hurt it got a little to separate discriminate got the Redskins the week new quarterbacks like cap predicted RG three to run around the deep but the coaching staff actually made a trip. The Texas seeing -- spent time with the despair now there's talk about it is you know the defending. If the read option. And -- -- mobile quarterbacks so. It's amazing to think that signal that far out. -- -- -- recurring. For that opener record. Rich -- joins us your -- occurred -- 95 point seven the game and signing Vince Young who maybe is that. Kind of the deal not only said to help out as a backup and also to be able to play can't cabernet -- practice or RG three for the -- I think there's something to I think that it they're not really real right now with a backup quarterback. Position I think that. They're OK they're all -- Graham Harrell. I think that. And it would create more competition I think BJ Coleman has struggled to training camp the Vince Young as an intriguing prospect. Eight period you know like physically it will all the world that in terms of old but only covered under a bill -- some. Those type of thing but. You know I think that it creates competition. Certainly creates a lot of interest. I think you're right I think it's it's got it incumbent in -- may be UP that scout team -- -- servers saying that you know can't Chappaquiddick and RG three. -- will do the first couple weeks ago. On Friday night tomorrow night the coliseum what are you wanna see from the raiders against the cowboys. Well you know I think everyone's. Anxious to see this new defense certainly in the last year it was not did not articulate and quite possibly nine -- and that's -- all at once you know they really fascinated to see you know how they -- be better -- the censor or they gonna do differently scheme standpoint. You know obviously you know don't know how much some of the better tablet chocolates and legal -- -- I'm I'm excited in my former teammate. Backers over black. But -- opposite perspective and you know the big story is -- the -- what we X. Expect from from Matt Flynn and you know what type quarterback is he going to be with what would -- keep you well as air uses -- -- -- throughput. Are very anxious to see them play it in there. Probably watch and very also this series season. What do you think the key is for him since he only has two starts underneath his belt in these war games what should be his -- to get better. Well I think when you violate deposition that they could always blows that out to accuracy and decision making and I think that's. You know -- policy vocal concern with what the talent that he has around but the why every. You are produced and aired that card and a victory very young and expert occurred at aired -- -- -- a hundred steps. That the that the receiver position so got to stay healthy there or so that except going to be Q -- at all. Also ally in the and you hope will be a year better but I think -- -- -- really go Robin and take control. Be focal. -- demonstrative. It'll. Play some swagger chip on the shoulder place confidence. The bigger decision maker that if he could do those things that he uses secure the football put it came at a position Crist have a chance to win games each week and that's -- it will open book about four. You know looking at the Dallas Cowboys did miss the playoffs the last three seasons. It's tough losses -- dean of the year last year to the Redskins the year before to the giants keep them from -- -- post season. You give the monster contract to Tony Romo in the off season with 55 million. Guaranteed bill Callahan called the plays Monte Kiffin now taken over the defense it's very disappointing in Dallas even know Jerry Jones talks a big game. What do you think's gonna happen to the 2013. Dallas Cowboys. Well the last two years it's been all about. Mediocrity they've been an 818 the last two seasons have been quite frankly they've not been dominant any one area. I think it's a group that is. You know underperformed and I think you look at Tony Romo -- no question that. I think they asked that aren't too much evolved and open up Callahan now call place electric. Promise you can see more an obstacle to running game. They did not try to be more physical more of a downhill team and that's gonna help Tony Romo. In in in terms of protection in terms of play action game that defensively. Everybody knows who Monte Kiffin is what he's capable to order I think it certainly got. Talent here in the big question that. That I have is the leadership -- about football team it is her home all capable. Of being -- -- -- -- and they get enough leaders emerge. In other curious. -- it's a very tough division we know that the giants and then India Eagles of course and and the Redskins. I'm curious to see you know how could this team can be when it matters the most latency. Before I let you go or ask a question today to our audience it's the simple question for the 49ers in the raiders since it all starts tonight. With niners against the Broncos and of course. The raiders against the cowboys tomorrow night what are your expectations. For the 49ers and what are your expectations for the raiders. In the 2013 season. Well I think a lot of people are talking about the 49ers as well they were to me that's the united I certainly would -- or as well although I'll tell you that you know. -- success not guarantee future results I think that you know that they can be an improved football game may not -- -- -- -- in the more land but. I think you are because you know on the best football coaches in the game right now and I think he -- brother just terrific and I think you would do an outstanding job quarterback has to gather I loved watching play I think you only get better this season I expect great things get very good defense stingy defense -- -- create turnovers until losers so. -- deported our reserves are certainly compete at division the raiders multiple of the different story about for a while they got a young quarterback a tourniquet on again they got a lot of new. Bases on -- side of the ball. You know I think it's it's still organizations -- the bit of a transition you look at. Passing about Davis Arctic over Reggie pursuit question -- -- sounds -- got to get better -- -- You know anything lots of them. I think of 500 season and we can be talked about changes -- Oakland -- -- Wow and will be tough for the raiders and I obviously we don't wanna see that but I could tell you this. For the first time in awhile there's a lot of positives -- the Napa and camp will see that translates in the regular season well good luck the rest of the way this pre season with a Green Bay Packers of course will be checking -- -- yet throughout the football season. I wrote about.

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