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Matt Millen says he needs to see consistency from Raiders

Aug 12, 2013|

The NFL Network analyst talks about the Raiders first preseason game and breaks down the QB battle between Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor. He says having confidence can really lead to success and talks about the improvements needed on defense. He also addr

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He was a terrific linebacker for many years of course with the raiders. Also with the 49ers four time Super Bowl champion and you see him on ESPN Matt Millen joins us Matt. It's been awhile -- like -- yeah. Yeah well it's football season so things are perking up media yeah. You know we got our first look at one of -- old teams. The Oakland Raiders on Friday night as they got away and I know obviously pre season it doesn't really matter but. After a foreign twelve year people are feeling good about a nineteen to seventeen victory but only four penalties in the game. Or your first impressions of the 2013 Oakland Raiders. We're gonna have to do something that four or penalties are trying to cut and at least a and what. It was a bit first and again just the first step and progression they go a long way ago. But there were some things happen I really didn't. To seek out and play up front end. Dial up she looked at -- so -- a lot of I think they're capable. But you know you got to be pleased -- -- in it would it would first. Said -- they have a long way to go what's. -- Sounds to me like you're not really lock in and on wins and losses so much is progress but within that progress what would you like to see. Consistency consistency to pick. Their coaches all to have. A couple tricks they they love to have players they can trust that they know they're going to do exactly what they asked him to do. And they're not construe things up to make mistakes or article off to a off the reservation to -- they want so you need consistency which requires discipline. Which requires a guy you have also. I could understand -- now so simple things if you know and do your job that you do it consistently have a chance to win. You know the quarterback situation is interesting here you have Matt -- we know he's gonna be the starter unless something dramatically changes. We don't know much about -- only two career starts. Got beat out by Russell Wilson he's now at the raiders any of Terrelle Pryor who is this incredible athlete you'll the fans especially because I think. They've watched calling -- nick what he's blossomed into it now. An address the quarterback situation with -- and prior and what really do you think Pryor could become here in the sleek. Well again it's just at this answers could be the same as that first answer and that's -- That epitomizes that position at a modest to import -- consistency. And so well let's just say this right from the start okay. Terrelle Pryor's knocked -- to be out there. And in jeopardy. Critics not even -- yet. He's going to be he's going to be even better dollar -- predict that is going to be the finished product. There's going to be better than what were sitting out because he'll be more consistent. And you'll be able -- you'll be able to make different throws that right now extra little little mustard on aegis. Still actual work in progress and I think the struggle report. Prior. To. Actually fire educated. Who has its electric reverse its same thing that you have with Jake Locker. He's a great what he can do something that you look at at eagle man we're all these things you can do. You know sit and be in the Olympics this is the national football that he India would be great quarterback. And so you -- here locally to your -- become a better passer. He's got to be able to do something out of pocket all the things outside the pocket. You know back comes natural to but. Guys like that. Don't really park approach you can't step and they are really Arctic coach that you just don't know what they're going to do -- looking for. You know in the middle game like okay. This course by a Q can secure here this packer demo play action I need this level. Here's -- play. That's how you set became apparent solid games later their tendencies were to put this cute biting our right to. And then it happens just like -- to actually happen except your guy you don't see Corey rolls out. Gallery starts to -- and are pretty soon there's not. And so he ate some consistency. And you need it to him. Now. It's no secret map and the raiders are the most talented team in the NFL but. How much can in chemistry. And coach gene. And an exit Q -- make up for a lack lack of talent how far could that theoretically take a team. Can go far you don't have to be he most talented team to win. And I also like for example. The raiders we were not the best team in the national football. But we ended up being the best team in the national football. Because there's another piece to be equation you forget about. If that's conference. It -- real conference takes double. When guys to really start to believe that they are -- out. You can do a lot of cynics and you can overcome thanks and you play well as a team and you come together. And pretty soon you know you're doing doing some things that. People didn't think you could and it's hard to replicate -- So sometimes -- doubted its part to get back but it's sickened in at Celtic or. Matt Millen Georgia's your view current sounding 95 point seven a game one thing that really concerns me is she got Patsy Ramsey got Vance Walker he got LaMarr Houston. These guys haven't been playing up the nap they certainly didn't play in the first game just 45 quarterback sacks. Last year how much does pass rush for the silver black concern you for 2013. Tickets -- big concern. It's epic so conserve protect you can fractures some but it to a parole. There are times where in -- You'd be able to you know achieve their protection you know I -- attack you can get away. But that doesn't laughs you know because so so creature which happens all so that we can accepting. Appreciate become miserable and then other -- -- away from. This game is about it is you're all season goes on its ever changing all the time. If you don't have somebody just flat out in a walk -- one. Struggle it's so you got a picture best players on the deal can't have guys beat up old time. Got to be able to have a guy who stand alone guy. In. You know and it and it in the intricacies. It's not a standalone partners -- if you will vigorously you know probably -- markets where the best one and then. Although Smith had a chance. -- -- to be standalone guys at the end of last year when justice went out. That's what you need to be at any any couldn't pull talks. So he's got some work to do to. Find. But the -- targets. Manhattan over to the other side of the beta separate Cisco 49ers. When you look at their team obviously much different than the raiders put. Do you see an issue at wide receiver that they got to figure routers there's something else -- on the horizon that you. Looking out for. Well it's not necessarily certainly like to others always on every game they're -- -- say we only at this. Poll. But there are strong enough in other areas to be able to handle their full. So you know used -- appetite and can get to the -- -- -- and attacked the middle field. -- it'll be able to handle all the things that people are meant to do that -- be properties appealed run ball well. Popular quarterback Stover for a new start given coverage. He also -- quarterback who can make throws BQ do have to fight -- I expect jeopardy. And even barrier this year I think you pick up awful what he did a season ago. Yes they don't give him too much. That's usually what kills the young kids young quarterbacks. It's -- you wait to watch but -- I have a truly understand. In only look at the pistol we look at the read option. When it's not the staples something you're doing constantly in it we saw last year with -- and anchor RG three. Hell we solid prior the other night it just gives defense is fits. And this whole offseason -- it's been this debate you know defense of coaches say it's a sad it's going to be stock -- -- guys you don't you are right I'll believe it when I see it. Weigh in as a former linebacker read option this season what do you expect. Have some success. And it'll it'll be -- it's still it's a part think their handle because it. Still comes down to basic numbers that's -- -- guy you're not blocking guys came in number. And so. Patched patched hole play now they'll be you know they'll be different schemes but -- this. Whenever he starts keeping force Pacific -- you're giving something. Doesn't matter what it is it's so popular so it'll make your summation this tendency. Where we're gonna we're particulars or we're gonna roll this year or bring to start out we're gonna gain that action number -- get what you. In number essentially to -- You're losing in a personal insults. It's sort all this system out maps. And oh yes right sometimes and they'll and they'll get strong some science to beat the bottom line is this. That the option it's been successful long time he keeps popping. This form right now and you have success and what it does run into which the hero into its. Pitched matched that it'll it'll bald some fields. -- are also near million dollar quarterback gets knocked out and things change dramatically right. That worked I always just. It just smear that obvious -- we suppose we're going to post a great. They brought this thing about metrics and basically you know -- went back so many years in civil all the statistics -- volleys. You know all the numbers about what happened to it and it out and distanced -- position all the different things in. And it's -- lipstick for example also has kicker east. You know -- trying to -- or New York -- goal in this position mr. you know. In this stadium this week in the knowledge and then also we have ten years of data and some -- and ago. Respects. -- Ago were right on the money that's how we treat children which read don't play so. It stinks you don't strike if it doesn't Russia. Always great avenue autumn when you have Matt -- on you know it's football seasons it was reported Chad now with you throughout the year and a raider nation. And the forty niner faithful day Al -- had a neon. Thanks guys appreciate it there's so Matt Millen.

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