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Lincoln Kennedy talks about Raiders outlook

Aug 12, 2013|

The former Raiders OT says the Raiders are heading in the right direction but still have a lot of work to do. He talks about position battles and who should be starting behind center.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank -- really appreciate it. Yeah when you think about being apart a great -- and tile floors in the raider nation and and as we also on Friday night. Especially rice on the parking lot all the people wanna take pictures it's got to be great free you 'cause it's like return and home. It is it's very gratifying and rewarding it is also currently humbling I mean. You know the raider nation that a part of me whether I wanted to be or not I didn't know the volume of magnitude. And widget was that little part of me. And it felt weird being away from it. Basically almost for a generation. -- really just feel like a homecoming. It's cut -- are put in words but it really does feel good I'm glad to be back part of it. -- what were your impressions of Friday night's performance by the raiders seemed to be. A lot of people who were pretty pleased. Well you know playing is that every season fans have a right to be optimistic because let's face in this thing and anybody can get hot at the right kind of make things happen. So I think the raider nation of always had a full of people following no matter what the circumstances or conditions. They're positive they're turn on the team they're trying to do their part to help so. What I feel about the team assault on some good building tools. A good start if you will but I still think they've got a lot of work to. Linking get a apart of the raiders radio network joins is here a different -- united five point seven a game and Italy can I talk -- after the game and you're going to be joining me operators extra point each weekend. After I got done doing the show I thought about man this at this kind of reminds me. Of last year with the 49ers were the last couple years we have Alex Smith who is the quarterback that just don't turn over be consistent move the chains. And in the back up is this guy who's this incredible athlete who leads just don't know how good he could be when comparing obviously Alex Smith can't -- -- to where we are with slant and Terrelle Pryor do you get that sense also. -- Bay -- -- really don't have to look far to be somewhat spoiled if you will the fact is what solid effort Cisco. And our commitment that team you know you're hopeful that may be your team can get as hot as the 49ers did. Make that change at quarterback which is not something that ordinarily happen. And then make their tremendous -- consumable. You know what it it to me it's wishful thinking in the sense that it doesn't happen all the time it's not that easy. You know who knows what's rural park and he can do to get actual game -- game plan situation. But you know I'm no quarterback after a lot of football watch a lot of quarterbacks themselves role I know there's still some work to be done. But hey like this that anything is possible given the opportunity. What's your gut tell you what how how that's gonna play out between Flint in prior Lincoln. I really think we'll implement starter I think -- got a little work to do in the -- in my opinion I think he follows as receiver was his last. Way too much which makes -- a liability. Let's face it guys. Until this team has an established quarterback the one thing they're going to do in their favor either have to rely a lot it was a real heavily on the running game as well they're off a commodity that right here. Now obviously you are all about stopping guys and and keeping the defense from getting to the quarterback. And that was a big problem for the raiders last year as the defense only had 25 sacks that was 31. In the NFL and we still not seeing pat -- we still not seen Vance Walker we know LaMarr Houston will be in there but. These guys are practicing and as a defense of unit how much does that worry you that the defense of line. That. Well there the level concern and I. I think it is showed up last Friday night there were a couple players -- won't be able to just sit back here and surveyed -- a couple of times. This is helping you can't do in the National Football League I don't care how are rewarding gratifying years that your second various. They're they're going to be holder will be democracy -- -- the muscles so you definitely don't want that our quarterback have as much time a couple of Serbia tonight. What do one guy who stood out for me on Friday was Lucille more the rookie linebacker what were your impressions of him. Not bad in I think the linebacker crew and if we get some production out of the front four I think -- can be pretty different seven -- really think this could be a defense. And beyond what guys that's what -- that's all hoping for for the so -- rated -- I really am openness is Alan Dennis Allen has to -- a background. He creates an identity that is said that its formal for all of us to realize. He had regarded defense I don't think it showed up last year as you mentioned inconsistencies and getting a quarterback. Battling injuries just does not not as strong differences you wouldn't want it. And this is the chance of that talent really be redeemed himself. -- Kennedy from the raiders radio network joins us your view -- 95 point seven a game also -- scenes diamonds you'll join them throughout the football season going to be great -- Lincoln Kennedy apart of our family you know Lincoln I know it's the first game. And I know there's some people say oh wait I don't get too excited about in 1970 land but just an observation. Obvious eagle -- a lot more football that we do. It is. Is it me here did did seem like the raiders defense was more athletic they were just faster I know where things generic they just look like a faster defense. I think that's top -- -- dead -- that is we're looking for look speak -- of any level of the matter what you do. Pure -- -- because you guys are capable of doing a lot more thing is you don't want to get too excited about the win but you definitely want to get profit. You know people think there's not really an important to appreciate while imports comes in building complex everywhere and built competent. When you lose that rhetoric with his pre season you begin to doubt yourself just because -- that account and a lot of record doesn't mean you can't take some department. Now we've talked quarterbacks in the one thing that can help quarterbacks especially inexperienced. At deposition. Is a terrific running game you we all know Darren McFadden needs -- duties stay healthy and when he's healthy he's a home run hitter. But we -- Jennings is a back up we saw the big kid marine -- 63. Running back number two number three on the depth chart. We're pretty impressive they've got some big -- what did you see in those two running backs. Fact is is that both of you got to create some debt that the position. You know it's not only quarterback committee by committee these days it's also went back by committee. And very few teams have elections I've -- stable went back record I think most people refer to you know agents it is an open Minnesota but. Darren McFadden has that guy also because of the history you have to create debt because he -- last couple years. When he didn't rely -- there McFadden and he went down with an injury. The run against him dropped off significantly so trying to make them feel toward them pre season the part of training camp can add some depth and position. Lincoln did you notice any difference offensively now with Greg Olsen is the OC and and Tony Soprano does it off offensive line coach. I see them both pay a lot more attention to run at -- yet I mean I think that that's that's. Bible mean look Matt Flynn is it is as a quarterback that got by trade with Seahawks. But he was a Philanthropic so that means yes seventh round -- need to be be developed. You don't have the franchise quarterback therefore you probably don't have -- prolific passer he can't necessarily -- capacity. You're gonna have to run rely -- use the running game and I think they did that last. -- you may be the biggest sideline reporter in the history the NFL. I sure hope so on the one hand out of our campus. Why Europeans seraguso -- all the cardinals are Arnold on every program and I don't know well he's got you would late Clinton's eyes -- yeah yeah you you can dunked on him. I did not know lot of got a very government bodies -- Go back more high school day is exactly right -- it is going to be -- -- avenue on the broadcast we really -- -- -- are you on the sidelines it's Friday in New Orleans. Always what I could do appreciate the first one on the -- -- -- for the Indianapolis can't. I -- in the post game show right on Friday third that's right but he all right link you will not just Friday take Terry's health I appreciate guys could talk you talk Asia.

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