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Josh Reddick says he's locked in at plate right now

Aug 13, 2013|

The A's RF talks about his home run outbreak in Toronto over the weekend and about his work in the cage lately with Chili Davis. Papa and Lund also surprised him with an appearance from Daniel Bryan to talk about the year long beard off.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Palma on Twitter at Josh Redick 16 how are meant. If you're going. Where did this where did this come from. I get assistance that has been -- enough for the whole year finally came out decide to come out. If it was an amazing performance I got to go to the second one you hit on Friday when you went opposite field either for yell. Up -- let's the first one you've hit the other way since your first big league home run. -- explains I guess what -- you know if you stretch and -- in 97 and then the third. The PowerPoint put their money goes and obviously that ball mark. Has been known for its well -- flying. Abilities that they parts. Perfect timing at the right ball park in the right. -- -- So at at what point do you start saying. You know this is pretty ridiculous he after you hit two after you hit three a mean it will what is it like he had two more the next day down -- what is that like -- you -- Oh are they what I certainly. -- talked about it. Really couldn't do anything but solid you know be excited about it -- -- -- through -- in a game before you know twice before that. And I never met in the history and my whole life one game certificate that the just. No big thing -- get -- win big gamer got to you know you have so that we need we -- the -- -- -- aborted. Now big picture but it was great to be a part of two. Given the Austrian and then you know the -- -- -- investors debated out on the program. You're trying to crank it down. You're going forward. Aria you know them down with a big lead in. No I think it was eight innings I can't go back to that. Could do anything but China China. Taking farther up and that's what got I think an extra weight too hard in the industry and the united church -- new England and try to hit hard. That's what editor of the China market trying to promote our. -- Josh Redick and up to Genesee five home runs over the weekend. In into games against Toronto is there anything you can pinpoint -- -- take this and it's great but -- -- how how do you carry that forward. I think and -- knows very you know that we hear that I can't sit there and development. Tourists a year ago that. You know did that we can't keep track. On notice letting go China figure out that way as long as possible and that's just my best thing Cuba. It out of my head. When I did I would think about it -- runs and ought to do is just keep the ball hard government. Have you worked on anything with Chile in the cage and you guys were off today before or after you left Cincinnati in the day -- did you go to. Rogers Centre and hander get in a -- you changed anything going into the weekend just as it was amazing to watch. -- not really thought there was nice spot today got a nice massage -- Notion this -- here that -- So I don't know that was or whatnot but I don't they're black and -- want that day. Just. Relaxation and reflecting period of electors. Though it clearly adding that -- it. Now apparently it changes the movement in my hand and it's kind of a little slow my hands. That's -- work -- won't let my hand ownership. Thought the string on a total baseball said wacky client bring it in the workout or. I thought it was the seventh grade homeowner that's going to be missing is the hair. It was a combination of everything you can you put it but what you want that. All government announced that a bit different Q. Just do so -- -- showed -- things that was not the -- for the -- -- you're going to erupt -- so. Forget China's system -- Tolkien minister switches it up for everybody -- myself. There was the pretty. And the senator to go all right I I love the party was just such a great lie he made it was amazing. While he says ice the trauma care that way. Not not a rookie to your dollar letter that way. Innocent but he just from the cold streak in the back of your courage a lot of the -- -- over. Yeah -- a perfect line looked like at third base line and those guys is so. Yeah I I can tell you that I got a nine year old and a utility that and the next day I'm not -- kidney he had it he had the exact thing in my what are you doing. Because he was watching the game and though is that -- do this see what happens when you gotta be kidding me it would seriously and become a trend. It's determine what kind of people feel TV and keep on that back you know that next few weeks so that this. Mr. this theology and think they can make it work and number -- -- you know so it does start something and continues for a national stretch frustrated that -- that baseball. Yeah and they you know even yesterday they they walk you intentionally NH is obviously your swing is is is locked in it's not just -- five home runs and at the quality of your at -- the entire weekend so do you feel like. Maybe for the first time all year that you are locked in right now. Yeah figures as the first the first we can receive the pretty good week in the years since then that despite the most like that have been. And now. You know however the plate. And see -- pretty well from playing it in him miners on the senate side got the talking quite a bit to come back. Now is that you are a lot accurately that black candidate. And I like I don't know management like partners caught. I'd -- to iPad. He's young and everybody man could take it down I gave it up as -- It was pretty funny if he would react like that such a close game and treatment here but undertone that. Yeah you know huge -- for their -- you know drive in the winning run in two days in a -- yeah. That was big. How district we talked a lot we talked all season about this just them the mental side is what is something like this do for you mentally from a confidence standpoint. They make you -- -- in -- better ball player in May not have. Joker barriers every year for you're you know drug dirty hit thirty -- elect you know we want to let. We got a notice there's chocolate and and the good thing is this happening while still relatively young and I can you know -- at all this year going policies and think about it. On the big picture industry has been playing great baseball now means SE second at bat well and that's what. Really in the big picture -- united on and the rest you know what to do and has just released on your partner on the watch. All right what we have we threw this out on Twitter and -- amazingly enough did not give -- the surprise. We have a surprise -- He ready player. You know you're not happy with surprises trash like surprises. Well a lot of surprises. Iran and Syria. Daniel -- does that send on the phone with us -- WWE superstar Daniel -- we know about the beard off. And we thought we reduced -- you know we thought we would dead if killed Redick the -- is. It wears a beard out right now Josh. If it's growing back. You know it's one of those processes that you're gonna buy -- been on this which are shorter here you know my whole career to get stuck on. You know sitting -- it can work from I -- we kept that in. You know -- -- same question -- and the late. It's kind of a difference. You know something -- -- -- wherever it is they could be a big you know Chinese thing for him and his company mr. -- advocate more. In thumbs down. That it has been great art within this year much of -- and deputies and not that excited to be apartment and -- the good thing it -- Mike -- is back in quickly. Daniel Daniel Bryan joins us at WWE a superstar was that a concession speech Daniel. Yeah. How could there what do. How. Utley Howard what kind of man she wouldn't be here in the -- the -- -- -- food and you and me and what kind of saved her trimmed beard. -- -- calculated. From me and it could. -- than a minute ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- that moment to apologize and start. Out in the world -- you. And but that -- Seen -- -- today I. And -- You -- behind a nude in the band leader it is my beard. I am right now rendered straight game and had the better beard. I I never concede my friend something I'll never do and you get your -- -- outlaw. December 31 two they're saying. It only August 13 right now I can grow a beard just each end of December. There's no way you. Were queried an idea but. UB collect tonight. The -- market problem that might be that thing. Away. That's 600 dollars and where it were. In the thing but the fan topic -- getting -- and it sure. But I actually have over 800000 Twitter followers despite -- ever -- And it's only that. I've waited so everybody. Area. Might be it because it will be right and wouldn't you. Agree to -- the deal to everybody about and he would -- -- -- -- -- Yeah all the only thing that. Appreciate all -- Does that -- that it -- Sadr City and in this league right you go all over the next week that picture right. Do wish record but where exactly and summer in the -- during. Are bigger media for the biggest of the summer for a -- -- -- that -- -- championships. Unfortunately will be able to make it make it to wanna begin about. Outside portion of luck with that even though we are in the pickup. He's being too nice not to. You. And -- and -- don't -- I don't you know I completely meters and. -- go to the meat beat the unit no chance of your beard out. -- it there you can still believe it -- -- -- They're pretty -- But how can. Get up and hurt and yeah. Allen about the Teddy got Toronto right -- the defense. Actually I don't you -- drop down. I -- on the radio I'm so cup on the radio. The radio. You get that Twitter all the Hubert out thereto. Yet you will fight anybody in the and you have sort of perfect example from. Quoting Mickey Avalon backed. Up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Iowa I'll play there are few and actually you quoted the can be. We got Daniel Bryan and Josh radical course they have the beard off going Daniel is going to be in town like you said a smack down in San Jose. And then on the eighteenth summer slam on paper view like you said Daniel thanks for stopping by the show we appreciate -- and I think -- it Redick soccer -- deal I guess. The that the -- the last note for -- conduct went out and grow a -- -- He laid it out at common template knuckle area that is coming or not shape it the pregnancy that. You have my word. Do you others there's Daniel O'Brien all right. But what did you think of the surprise did you -- don't come article it you know I don't know. I didn't I didn't in feeling. This present something written in the latest apparent count yeah. Colony or -- and give him honest operation. We try to do as a united shape now are -- gonna you're gonna go all out with a beard off now. I can't I -- podium. You know I cannot -- -- yeah didn't you out to the -- actually -- any. Wrestler. So -- it's -- program that the man in person. Well on the -- -- congratulations of the five homers and give Debbie are gone and now we'll see you we'll see tonight. So you think human.

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