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Terrelle Pryor breaks down his game with the Wheelhouse

Aug 14, 2013|

The Raiders QB joins Papa and Lund to talk about the addition of some pistol offense with the Raiders this season and his work with Tom House on his mechanics as a QB. He says he keeps working hard hoping he can get out on the field to prove what he can d

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back row prior you can follow on Twitter app to real prior Hydro -- Etc. -- a pop and I were just talking about this did you did you run pull option much at Ohio State. Much at all. So like yards off of played -- Creighton played bridge down to torture -- as student socialized Omega of a couple of new politics. Throughout much a dark and -- Yeah I didn't see the raiders practice at hardly at all last year and Greg Knapp was the -- maybe a little bit when he got ready for the San Diego game and I've been immensely impressed -- because it is complicated is very different how quickly you have taken to -- to talk about some of the things that your thinking about when you go into that. When you're in the shotgun he got a back behind you had a couple of guys to each -- side and you're one of the pull option read. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Owners and then you also take what you do in the zone read and then passed ball and than you do they keep it -- there's so many different things that you can do it is route will really cute guys on our -- I know one thing the raider coaches have been talking to you about is. You've been taken to snap. From the shotgun and then looking back at the running back cannot check about that backside and so your your vision -- you have to kind of put the ball out there blindly. And check out what that backside end is doing and not look at the running back and a. Yeah have. The reliant on true if you look on my left corner are right corner -- in traditional and I've missed that. Couple times on many do spiritual leader that you need to get. And get better -- I don't dish you know. A true prior raiders cornerback and enough to join us here that we lost Jon Lundin and Greg -- -- 957 game. As you were watching the league last year in your watching obviously Colin -- critic across the bay and you're watching RG three and Russell Wilson and and this offense kind of a vault was and it driving you crazy watching all this thinking I can do this. Our salute the I mean that's. I never wanted to take true Pennington and do them at -- church -- an -- players and their game changers in college took some not much. You know just the committee's history and -- play your cartilage in. As exciting you know deciding -- template otsuka that you have rupture and you know so. But definitely I definitely was eager and definitely get out there and the -- saying it could unlock the definitely. I tell me about your off season. After the season ended. Did you go were quick -- house right away tell me about the advancements that he made with -- because I I saw you in the many camp so I thought you kind of slid back with your mechanics. But then when I saw in training camp you look much better when did you -- -- -- house. The first hole again agency. And he did some good things in terms of -- -- immune financial and each of those great for the years that I've actually -- mechanics together. We're doing many things you know we're doing. A lot -- techniques and it just didn't didn't work out well for me and financial. What's the next regularly -- -- -- -- -- you know worthy or I really won't let them Tom mosque -- that got it change. Co -- recorder direction. Definitely out. You get any closer. Definitely he's got me. Much better mechanically and throwing can't. -- mechanically. And a distinct. Definitely. You know. Go with them Stephanie don't you know treat it. But where do you feel like you Juarez as a passer as a thrower in terms of maybe where you need to be to be a starting caliber quarterback in the league do you think you're close. I'm getting close especially option that's in Munich socialistic there's. Like comes down to action discreetly anymore at some times. They have had to agree here you know than yesterday mentioned yesterday in other cover. I would elusive critic of the picture you know -- there came back and I had a pretty good practice. You know it's just being consistent and could so well as carpet -- is being consistent and Dutch Lou Grant could be. Consistent. Big sister -- appear until. And actually -- off salute the yesterday in you know. But you know you have them off days sometimes it's just coming back the next day to leadership open. And keep on -- and you know his. Training camp bloated and felonies and so as long days and a lot of throwing him in you know you can sort. All the contentious change so just stick with Indian -- the best that can be. Natural getting back to town house -- assaulting fascinates me and our townhouse for years in baseball. He was a pitching coach of the Texas Rangers -- Nolan Ryan he's -- -- a kind of sovereignty Johnson's mechanics and got him into the hall of fans of baseball pitcher as workers from a NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady just to name one of them and others. What what what specifically did he help you with your footwork getting up on your toes more -- throwing mechanics over the top -- what what do you think he most helps you do. They give this the main thing is there's a -- I don't know if you get the pitcher he's accused Chinese from from. China -- -- for the weekly -- pirates that they -- greener though. Chinese pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates what can go well in Romania both figured out. Control England's. You need 101000 reps you know this guy yet if you broken dope or whatever group is noble -- -- -- should mr. From Japan and Abu. The government ordered searching him and ten other -- with them all night and he mastered. Column out coast and other smashed you know if you could you'll be a masters -- McCain is can action. On this -- it's kind of -- quarterback can just keep pollution that can your -- it's kind of tired you know and as they work in the good great defense to keep that and other such -- it's mechanics of keeping my left arm. In priests must shorter so. Not opening -- shorter a shorter. Right away and actually the ball kind of burned down on the envelope actress she issues are national children now can appreciate -- lot shorter. Black clearly exceeded receivers well. But I snapped around abuse or more from our rotation of my core and not just our. And that's what I'll have a lot on the issues and that's what I hurt the other days can what was certain -- occur -- that tomorrow he's our. And it was a -- -- Yeah that's accounted baseball promised us flying open with a front shoulder -- years and -- That's exactly it is that due to I was Turkey should go it's called triangle. And actually used to you know. Tim Lincecum had ever come from most of last year and a half that's why is now -- mechanics also talking to the raider coaches. One thing they're trying to get you to do was settle in the pocket when you dropped five or seven step future back foot a manual climate. Up in the pocket you keep creeping up and climate you'd never quite get your feet set. I have I've actually gotten away from a great little outgunned in the clutch. Tremendously better content to sit back especially that game. -- just sat there are one step drop and -- they're very rigorous selection. Argued in their right you know actually negotiate in nature and rocket arm and -- muscle control -- need to get into the that's I think that experience -- reps and keep -- just repetition you know to get better parent but I probably come out better that amount. Today after the garrido that there at least two so to keep on getting better that you know there's not a lot of time in. And you have to get better lately but you know just taken it -- -- -- in -- exactly what they want the. We're talking with the raiders cornerback Terrell Pryor John -- popping here on 957 game. Assess your first game it was interesting news you dissed the buzz that is created -- entering game I'm sure you conceal that. You made a not a lot of nice plays at the end zone interception so from your standpoint how would you assess game number one. I think extraordinary access. They're group to -- so -- starter excess storm. Instrument and so Lou -- -- were about shall we met him. The other quarterbacks weren't salary of -- country the receivers and a great place. And you know the main thing was that we had a long drive to longer economic and defense. -- -- the -- the best not think the Yankees to their defense is pretty cute you know domestic -- -- -- -- that took effect I think. That's gonna help them -- -- and I stick my assessment is just. It's bad because true -- -- -- to literature that you that you wish. So unacceptable. To need to implement social could coaches. And greater organizations -- send them except what you do. That we learn from you know control what you can look to meet me today. This is this who this does is create. It outcome it down about known to that he came over it takes. You can take it to -- order -- Major -- that you don't typical for a touchdown or single play. I mean which guarding him but district and emphasizing that he understands. The position the quarterback position. The district from here and you know to kind of re emphasize Amare you know. How -- decisions are key element that they did spiritual book is being -- and I've definitely learned lessons from Baikonur tortoises. Young man you have come a long way and you should be priority yourself for -- are you working where you are now from the first day I saw him when you walked into a Napa congratulations to -- Their spirit like good looking and -- New Orleans and we too appreciate the time. Our current -- -- tomorrow.

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