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Rich Gannon says Raiders need to find a long term QB

Sep 3, 2013|

The former Raiders MVP QB talks about the decision of the Raiders to go with Terrelle Pryor and says the team needs to show improvement on the field. He talks about the Packers-49ers week 1 showdown and about the tough start for the Niners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a sense. That -- certain guys when they step onto the field they energized the older players around them. Do you get that -- and have you seen that before any quarterback. I have an indictment. You know he's he's a lot different than what they happen and it -- more uncertainty at quarterback this unique and reversible. Applicability. Big strong guys carpenter report -- of the plate for a look at the situation. Visit here to our the receiver and tight -- position. Quarterback active treatment in the ex employees. I think are probably brought here. Ultimately when you look at -- from what you've seen in the pre season and what you may know through your conversations. Why do you think that Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen went this direction as reports have -- -- prior being the starter in week one. Well no -- Political overwhelmed anybody whose performance I care is practiced. Terms of you know -- valuation -- -- Turco should treat you are going through real PA -- you know. Training camp practices seeing you know the team. You know competitive. Period that they entry cancel. I think it's a cumulative body of work or they're trying to evaluate and look at look at the well all right now they realize that they need somebody to move the ball. I think that the guy that. Could function well and consistently catalog towel around them. It is not a Saint -- all seen that city weekly let -- bring great respect that started two short years ago yet. Jordan now Greg Jennings driver Randall -- Old Michael Finley. The -- -- have that depth and how at the wide receiver positions short -- I think it. Noted that this situation. I think he does struggle of the windows -- why aren't on Tuesday. Separation between receiver he's back. But significant revenue got to make our throat yeah go create some and they complain when things break down around I think. Prior probably forget that that better than that -- Lighting give you the proper introduction it's our MVP rich scan and you'll be joining us. Every single Tuesday throughout the football season. At 505 having a -- board again is going to be great and we look forward do of these great conversations throughout the football season with rich rich you know. I always start looking at. Dennis Allen and probably more Reggie McKenzie. Do you trade for Matt Flynn you you give up two picks. Do draft Tyler Wilson in the fourth round. So that -- -- three picks on two quarterbacks and neither one is gonna be starting in the guy is gonna be starting. Is the last -- by Al Davis what does that say about Reggie McKenzie may be even Dennis Allen. Well certainly and but it but it went sooners could be a coworker is you know look in the top spot that they walked into the year ago. I -- -- credit for credible squeezing -- work. But you know I think if you look at Mark Davis stated you know the apple apple -- tree and you know I think. -- last year. To supporting your Allred canceled for a -- I don't know orchestra -- agents they have another. Arctic -- -- No obvious that there are not just a great coach stepped players as well. We're talking about it for years that is so what's struggle over. -- can keep that there's some concern that organization and and you look at it -- is that the number of coaches believe that the 2200. Different quarterbacks liberal either. It's hard to win when you're consistently changing. People at key positions that's what it -- existing right. In terms of finding a long term answer at quarterback -- The defense has struggled in the pre season mightily that's an understatement. And part of the explanation is that they have remained Vanilla that they're not showing their entire package. Powell is that convenient. Or have you seen based on your experience. Dad in spite of what they shown in the pre season this this can actually be a stout defense once the regular season starts. I don't buy an analogue that is convenient excuse me I think you -- and base fronts and coverages -- Between zone goes double album art collector bolt old creature in the pre season coming. I think their client with very limited. You know play selection and game plan and so. You know I think it's come down on the battle that's being in the right place and do the right things with a sense of urgency tackling. Are communicating hitting covering. You just don't see enough for them as well -- I could really supported that fact concerned with the defense that seems so -- -- -- get ready for. -- by the first game -- -- what -- the operators in Indianapolis on Sunday. You I was expecting. You think about 89 starters in the -- -- some -- expecting. Utility again and take -- while you talk about. Figured out some critical players. But I was a little more about it saw that preceded it did not play well group. Rich -- and a former MVP with the Oakland Raiders joins us here -- Johnny 95 point seven game. Let's switch across the bay. In order to get into it earlier about week one you got niners and he got the Packers the last and the Packers. We're candlestick Park -- they gave up a 181. Yards rushing. To Colin cap predict how much has that been in their head. In the off season leading to game one. Look right angle the Packers are well liked in the preceding games sort of -- that now coaching staff and oldest are packed their ethnicity and being hired -- as a staff Dom Capers. All the assistance. Let down to College Station, Texas detectives -- them. And really spent some time there. Getting to go -- the street option of sending it up into the stand -- about these beat this -- to -- a lot in the college game. It really trying to make -- support purposes as well he's been building start directors seat with two very act Super Bowl quarterbacks in. How are critical week war -- Anarchy -- -- to a sort of partnership. The Packers have spent a lot of time too many cans and retreat you know trying to make sure they have an answer for out here in order for us. Read the rich when you look at these first three games Seahawks Packers. And colts. What's. Considering the 49ers situation. How important is a strong start for them. And it's really important we talk about getting off to a good start first quarter deceit of the 49ers. I mean you know obviously there trip exceeded the year ago -- the data. First place scheduled. I think that you know always the defense have to play well early they're going to be tough. Talk about. Some very good football teams that they're gonna place the quarterbacks that had a lot of success even though. You know they're they're young guys that you look at. That the pew in weeks two victory at Seattle Russell Wilson -- his second year. And interlocutors. In its second year in a couple of course there against Iraq this week or epic. That's quarterback in football right now that are gonna get a good test -- challenge. I think that had defense has doubled up -- world and that it can talk about. There are coordinated has stretched its communication on the back in the quarters Carlos Rogers -- bra on the outlaw all have to play well. These first three years. Seattle so banged out the weirdest going through that when the raiders were out there last week they have so many injuries. How much do you worry about depth for the Seahawks for their starkest like something I -- other defense of line it really -- he played at all. -- it had some injuries there and of course the person you are more moves you know the significant blow early in the offseason. God that's that they have plenty -- -- the went out all season it got clipped literally got Michael Bennett. We've elected got -- reinforcements there certainly. This suspension from -- for the first four games that that's significant blow are just the injuries suspensions over here but. This is -- that the team -- -- you know I think it's it's had a ticket policies and I liked how they line up the currently at the bit about. Overall secondary and toppled the pitcher -- -- on the corners of course chancellor toast and urged physical act of state. Probably have to count the organizers to glide back incorporated a development piece that's -- without the debt now. Because they spent a lot of the resources and the Nazis and Paterno direct to be president position but. You know I look at the offense the quarterback to me. A lot like so called -- -- cheered -- I was just don't trust the decision making taking care of the football. Understanding that you additional -- making good decisions. This kid could be our senior Q. Of all the new additions -- the 49ers have who who are you most curious about who who do you most wanna see. Week one just in terms of what they have. Well I look at the receiving. Court I'm a little concerned guys that disease you know be injured Crabtree is the big blow you gotta -- young players there that I think stepped up. Performed to look at patent. You know more economic data cable from Kansas City comfortable with a child porn producer -- that was the first -- a couple of years ago I think he's got some solid but it. He's got hurt you know is currently in the work and it. -- refine if -- -- -- parole guy at the size the speaker on the fourth straight rock group that. You look at it squabble at trial. I think they you know you're gonna you're gonna be counting them as young players I think pat -- It'll harper Baldwin almost lawyers have to contribute early. -- enjoys this here did pretending 95 point seven a game he will every single Tuesday at 5 o'clock throughout the football season. And you look at all these hotshot young quarterbacks you look at lucky look at RG three Russell Wilson. -- most these these guys are aborted their second year can't predict it's your three that really like his second here since he'd employment his first year. If you let -- make of that which guy would actually struggle. And that second year. Which guy would you -- May be true -- And in Italy from this perspective I think it's really typical gas. Yeah before you can -- your right that you just knocked me back a step. I was not counting on that name coming and I can't wait to hear this or it's. Well like Jack the -- I was strip between jobs completed 7% as -- last year. -- percent to -- I -- it more than any other quarterback in -- or you're going to knock topic 118 times that we want our delicate line to locate our great picture of that with you this -- And it. Journalists but the guys that replaced recorded. I'm always concerned. When you've got a young quarterback in -- replace the quarter and obviously. -- -- -- pitcher's park purple and that the Brewster and was different as more aggressive -- trigger and shot -- appeal. And you'll look at Angel -- It got to do better job protecting and they've got to get the running game -- And you'll always worry about what you'd change systems so early in the young quarterback correct again to -- them via. A terrific player parole law aren't -- just asking me medical whom experiences sophomore slump in May be a lot. Yeah. -- Unionists say that. It was just that it would be it would be. You'd think Russell says that Colin -- verdict it's an -- huge recall that -- what we're talking about looked pretty special players. I think Eddie guys that are you know very mature. Our -- -- little bit about the quarterback of Washington standpoint. That I think the opera that changed a little bit but yeah he's got a unique feel that I think luck. It's intrinsic things western technically late game at completion percent got a mark. Or it could be here you know and that the team -- -- network -- but I think. Could improve. And yet -- may not win as many games keep it. Yeah you you're not alone in that believing that Iranians in the whole emotional push last year chuck -- got a thing -- exactly did something for them that you may not be able to replicate just because they bounce to Selma any wins after being so bad the previous year. That there's some coming back to the mean so it's not as. Not as crazy as it might sound. Ended up there are guys these pretzel you know here you look at what they did you know -- -- got a lot like injury. And you know -- Franklin and alert and a trip to order but. Murder but -- that -- they're not there yet committed to lead the rate at which a year ago from portrait to retreat for a look at the person now. I don't with a good dominated seat currently blocked for a score -- -- In my -- interpret this Withrow Terrelle Pryor a quarterback that the that the raiders are capable of an upset we want. -- -- so they keep a close -- Knew I was. I worry about the raiders on the road this -- only the -- of what they're not look at the pre season. The defense to -- as a concern right now. You know I think you've hit it -- the raiders are Google and it's going to be huge huge day -- the compliments Brandon Jennings and -- and Terrelle Pryor. I think you know fire after Russian good looking guys prior capable question for our yards in the game and he did it. Six part of the college but it it would have to be that type that they don't think it -- matchup well. You know offensively and defense of the statute is that it gusts reported they've got -- -- to put all our Biloxi since the raiders. Hey before we let you go you you said earlier that day he felt like the raiders need to win and win soon for McKenzie in Alan's sake. When you say soon define that for me like it if things really go bad how quickly do you do you think something could change. I don't necessarily think the book has joined the hip but the words -- I think the -- -- will certainly survive. You know it's hypocritical future and I don't think they're boat you know market side of the to -- -- Troutman can't replace the cult group report that the -- I think Britain can be. Is it does say I would tell you that the minister -- know if he goes you know if they had another losing season. And it doesn't end well you don't seek role you'll see some production of these pit stop all work why he. Was brought in the first. Can you look at that defense last year. It was hard to watch I mean they they weren't very competitive indeed did not stupid job take -- -- away weren't good on third down in Orchard Park they'll. That they don't currently currently you don't eat some crow and development. And stability quarterback is -- isn't he could see another strange Oakland. -- -- definitely Ford avenue through out the football season is going to be great. Thanks rich got a book report from mark you got reached in and nobody.

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