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Willie Brown previews game 1 of the regular season for the Raiders

Sep 5, 2013|

Willie Brown previews the Raiders season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hall of Famer former cornerback for the raiders and coach. Willie Brown Willie Brown I don't -- And a great. Andre -- you guys. Doing fantastic really glad to have you with us as a guy who played in a defensive backfield I've got open with a defensive backfield question. DJ Hayden looks pretty solid in the pre season. You got Charles Woodson back there how good is this defense the secondary going to be for the raiders can it be a bright spot on a team with some holes. Well sure of openness. That it will be. You know we're just kind of like Johnson should. The other great yet of course particularly as big as take on the position and it'll save itself. Michigan -- what happened -- have confidence in the secondary should be pretty good you know veteran portal or. Is you know that you're at so all that Bibi. Is the best. That's only picked on -- He had to pick up the slack in your -- mostly through -- period the different than. -- how does I his rookie DJ Hayden looked -- do you see any ill effects from that life threatening injury almost a year ago or did he seemed to be. Just the regular -- football player. No create ECB pretty good you know the Exelixis and it's training camp in the millions that could mean that it plays and so. Without concern. About it -- You know it would be different. -- -- on it just it's about. The about that it. But he seemed to be haven't -- well the yen and the outside effect he'd be back there today. -- -- Your vote at pains you know try to -- -- so. Oh he's that he among they would actually believe -- you know pick in the event level addressed towards. On the morning should be rated number two. I think he -- -- great because of -- -- haven't been stepped in apparently become undisputed practice their -- so. He should be units aren't. Obviously the the play of the defensive backfield is greatly affected by how the guys are doing. Up front and through the pre season the defensive line didn't look great but against the Seahawks there was some some bright spots seems comes back in -- some great football get some. Knock back on run plays get some penetration even on the pass rush LaMarr Houston also looked pretty good what's the norm going to be of fraud Willie is it going to be. A team -- deep enough they can rotate effectively in and get a pass -- or are we gonna see the raiders struggle front. I sure hope not you know -- -- -- should be Libby certainly I think it's about the right guys in -- together ultimate but it does not and that. The guys were -- ago. Surely -- that he had beaten. And I backed the pressure on the quarterback. That's at the FB for the fact that there's so that it street Lou that the if you don't have that -- If you're in trouble in the second news archipelago on day. At least admit it pretty well -- count. And you know applauding. So obviously that market would not part -- and -- -- there. We. Hopeful that step up and the person what was the. Well obviously you know you look at this team -- and I think if if people are honest with with everybody. -- expectations. For this team this year are are pretty low. Do you think this team is gonna surprise. Some people and does it matter at all that that the expectations for the team more low. Well any unity without. That pin -- it is -- Leo -- Retention of the president. We. We think we have a chance -- player -- and ligaments and our guys did very that the elephant -- Yeah we we expect to leave and leave it out you're -- but though that -- would -- -- beer league of these where. But the Leo -- you affected part is that. Somebody that that at some players step up and make plays and it -- it's so -- to hear that so. Ali knocked down you -- -- him with a samba. Or they expect it to be how we can be considered you know we. We we've seen a -- Prices here and there they took -- -- hall of Famer and coach Willie Brown joining us here -- nine to five point seven a game raiders taking on Andrew Luck of the colts on Sunday. In week one of the NFL regular season. One of the big question marks going in. To this game obviously is the offensive line -- look Watson looked pretty good. In his debut. Against the Seahawks but now we're hearing about a little need to week. Really how bad is it -- what does -- tweak me in for us who were locked in the writers in the goals. Well I'm not sure. But to be you know all media. It has particular situation the parliamentary. Parties. You know he got it yesterday and -- practice so. Hopefully in the Andy -- -- be your credit all for this recognize that we inaugurated next week. And we always concerned. Outside. Did you meet that commitment so all of that news that there's. Peter thank you visit it be yours goes and -- Well I got askew is as a former defensive player you know we're seeing in a an influx of running quarterbacks of of the pistol of the read option. Do you think that it's sustainable or do you think defense is what will catch up do it and eventually. You know kind of extinguish it. Well he operated they have big particularly if it gets. Can't. One -- buses and on defense and that will be -- That happened surely you know it. The agency quarterback you know the trick -- core values at the unit and that it Pulitzer -- aspect announced that -- Uh oh we've got to contain a quarterback. Put some pressure about that in -- -- we got to it and knows that. And make his -- leaders. Stated that turned it up and and -- -- eliminate -- tentative. But if you get through their quarterback pat. I think he would -- with that little bit at about the that the parties are gonna very. Obviously in -- raiders have a quarterback on that roster who has that kind of potential to be you know he's got insane speed when he gets outside of the pocket he could be. The kind of guy that runs the read option. Effectively and I'm talking about Terrelle Pryor no official announcement yet about who's going to be the starter a lot of fans and we here at the station think it is going to be Terrelle Pryor. Is there any -- even comment specifically on the raiders' locker room but is that -- is there a certain situation that happens. In NFL locker rooms where. Some players want it to be one guy and some players wanted to be another and is there a chance for division in the locker room when you don't know who the number one quarterback is. Well you know apple waited in the integrated did not have a picture you I was concerned about. You know because that pick they get bigger and -- shape. I'm up wayward Rica periods though it's saying that live here the risk of hip and be bankrupt. The quarterback on the Internet how to make that decision then let that go through captive in the left it. -- -- I'll likely that it -- he should be he's. He should be excited that what does that mean you know because of some gas. How are you like it or back a magnet. So. As they gathered at it let's go to pick. Picked that particular spot and no matter who may be enough. One of the best things about this week really opening weekend in regular season football is that we don't happen to speak in generalities. So the colts specifically matching up. Against your raiders coach. What does Andrew Luck brain dead as unique what is the number one thing that the raiders need to account for they're gonna get a win in -- one. Well the you know -- -- movies you good respectable audience is Smart. Yet it's that he has beat. The one that's not all about -- belief that -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You read it farewell that we got this spasm they. And you know -- It felt that he doesn't think about it out put pressure on from there and you can different kind of character so that. Into the second can't move around you can read you or equipment covered that and in that try to keep him off balance responsible. In the print that we have been in prison -- He's good court. -- they have. While we're coming out a year ago. -- back quicker you get the quarterback -- -- -- island that -- know that there have been these units got mad at America. More certainly looking forward to the game coming up here on Sunday. And of course coach we really do thank you for taking the time and joining us this morning we'll talk again soon. Your record here.

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