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Jim Plunkett talks about expectations for Terrelle Pryor

Sep 5, 2013|

The former Raiders Super Bowl winning QB talks about Andrew Luck and who he compares to. He says he may be the best young quarterback in the game. He talks about Terrelle Pryor and his improvement since last year.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Heisman where's the Heisman you know you don't travel with the highs in the -- but come on over -- -- -- yeah. We used to make of Reagan and once a year in the silver black chauffeur. Heisman Saturday take issue and -- in once you get up cleaned up and bring in and it shows showed off running once maybe I'll let you carry that -- -- every bit of a very handy. You won that award something -- Bay Area athletes -- -- Andrew got close to Erica close the -- and -- Andrew Luck is gonna play against the raiders on Sunday. And then in week three's company candlestick to play the 49ers oversee a lot of this guy. John Brody Frankie Albert John Elway yourself. Andrew Luck as of the five guys you looked to as the greatest quarterbacks in Stanford history. You know I don't know about the greatest certainly the most well known problem. Five guys who had the most success. There post Stanford career and in the NFL. You know there are other quarterbacks who did great jobs have put up a lot of numbers at Stanford won a lot of football games -- You know never really went much further. Afterwards or you know report out five guys who. Took their career a little bit further. Jim -- Jonas left raiders headquarters here on any five civilian colts obviously. Take generators to keep up the season. When you see him first year incomplete maybe hyper high percentage of -- passes. Through quite a bit intercepts got sacked -- now. He's got a new offensive coordinator -- very familiar with from stand his stamp for days that he expects things to change in his second year. Well I think he'll get better as a sharp kid you know he's gonna pick up things she's gonna started that film see you were admitted his mistakes. Which also got to remember you know there were a team that was struggle especially early on offensively last year. And they are playing from behind there. You can -- pass play from behind too much you can throw some interceptions because you're trying to catch up they know that actor and and they play defensive. Accordingly. I think he'll have much -- -- numbers this year's version in -- area but even if he doesn't he's not the kind of guy who. Like so many quarterbacks in today's game. Third and long you know they -- a three yard pass. And then at the end of the look -- stats you know 65%. Had a big day. But they feel to get to you know a first down in a lot of situations. And Andrew looks at that time ago. He wants to get that first down and he'll take a chance he'll -- ball longer they'll run around. A little bit makes a movement to give themselves some more time and try to find a guy who can make that third and fifteen were down reception. So that they can convert -- football lot of guys don't do that. And in their situation especially. Last -- the Indianapolis. They were behind -- -- and they couldn't afforded to give the ball Q given the ball back because of defense was -- problem can you play earlier on especially. So in that plays into the interception. Ratio. As well as or else. Growing up the son of a quarterback however luck was a good player finished third in the Heisman one year -- -- West Virginia had a good years of back up quarterback with the Houston Oilers for many years -- the -- West Virginia were visiting with him today. As well. When I saw -- is the very first game he ever played at Stanford GOP just looked like a guy who played twelve years in the NFL. He was so Smart he's obviously gotten better and better over the years to speak today is his mind and just growing up the son of a quarterback. And I think that helps obviously remind you a lot of men and cares you know with their dad it was it was a great player both in college well. You know and some kids are raised that way you know they've got a lot of insight into the game and have a lot of confidence in Israel are. Both as a person as a quarterback and it just makes things easier. You know in order to go in the football early on there and -- well I've always said about Andrew from the first however some owners Richard. No -- partly with friend to take the field. It is you know the guy makes it a decision and sticks with a goes right away it's not you know a second or two later and then you -- -- ago. The guys on top of things two and it throws the ball extremely accurately. He gets the ball there and -- but I think its decision making is is one of things that -- -- port first and also you know. He's cute he's physically built to to be a quarterback -- -- He's got some power. He's got strength -- -- In all the things are looking for a quarterback with that that one thing that you can't put your finger companies got it. It seems to -- that a lot of the quarterbacks only just Andrew Luck but they're able to come into the league. And play well right away want him what do you attribute that it. -- up. Part of its people you're surrounded by you know you have to have some players both -- -- defense of and that helps and makes you better quarterback off the bat. He was getting sacked 56 times a game in those numbers are as the would be is -- But you know they weren't. So bad that he's he just took a beating. He was it was there in the pocket oftentimes lets you know we talked about Reggie weigh in on this over -- -- -- how much he helped. Andrew Luck here with his experience getting open down the field. You know little things like that probably helped make him better. Player. That's for sure -- He had quite -- last year threw for warrior than any first year player in the history of the NFL took over team to win the number one pick in the draft obviously to get them to eleven. And the wildcard but there's room for him to grow without question John talked about the completion percentage and and interceptions and you think that that he has a chance to be the very best players in the entire -- I I certainly do you know there's a trend with the RG threes in the copper Ericsson. The Russell Wilson's though it right now that knows what's at stake in the forefront as far as media and and coverage is concerned. And those guys are all good and they all of go to what they do. But I'd like a lot more to you know Peyton Manning. Tom Brady Philip Rivers guys concern that pocket get the job done because what happens of these other guys. When they get nicked up -- -- can't run the option can't get out of trouble. They have difficulty making a little longer announcing they're not gonna do it. But they have much more difficulty of -- from the pocket. Consistently down after down Andrew Luck has built the other way and these -- comfortable in the pocket -- -- he could still stand in the pocket. But when it does have to run he can take -- go. My raiders two time super bowling court Beckett to implicate an up Jewish course at Stanford as well. A John -- Greg poppy are 95 Simien were talking about Andrew elect. I know those who bother -- because his love for Andrew Luck is very deep. But what about the quarterback for the silver and black -- we -- -- prior what -- what are your expectations for him. Well you know it is she's thrown into a tough situation he's got to start the opening game footballer game. The regular season. If that's the guy that. Coach Allen is going to it -- that hasn't yet to be determined but for you know chances are seems. Most everything you hear that he's going to be regarded -- news starts the game you know it's gonna have a sensible you know he's got to take control. Not make mistakes not turn the ball over there that that's very crucial especially when your plan way in hostile environment indoors. It's going to be hard to hear. And one of the things that we have trouble with up in Seattle who has the crowd noise you know we and it was very difficult to hear we've made a lot of mistakes. Lot of false starts lot of false snaps. Just handling the ball is very difficult situations like that. And I'm sure the coaches are working with them you know protect the ball number one. If you're in trouble. Don't forward. Or throw the ball away just don't go in the talks between the sidelines and then the number one and number -- take off Dick on the run pick up what you can. But -- them mistakes more thing else turn over more sales than what killed during the course longer. The guy we saw in this season finale last year against San Diego he made some place you played okay. -- the guy we're gonna see if he does playing gotta start on Sunday how much better is -- from the season finale to the season opener. Amid as a -- improved tremendously I think. It's not is not there yet but he certainly honest ways it. He's much more confident throwing a football he made some great throws the -- -- seam routes and that Chicago game but I was very impressed by. But he's got to do more of that is going to be able get the ball down the field. And make big plays he's got some receivers who can who can help from. And when. Everything's. Covered in and this time is running out you know use those legs and run straight up the field trying to to go sideways too much just searching too much. And I think it's conference. Level all overall is much room was a year ago. Great stuff always appreciate you stopping by thanks -- my pleasure.

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