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Jason Hunter talks about the start of a new season

Sep 5, 2013|

The new Raiders DE talks about being in Oakland this year and what he expects from himself and the defense. He talks about how he approaches facing the read option and about facing Andrew Luck and the Colts in week 1.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Obama grandma's house smelled funny in in the plastic on the couch when we say that for later segment Jason under the threat and raiders defensive end. He comes over from the bad guys but he's -- good right now Barack. Removing it. How are they going jedi or drug violence -- -- output on the in the closet. We should set -- spot fires have -- it showed off a little room I was senator Hillary like that. -- unit were bused in and that's the moment I don't hear. About you that you guys visit him in your forward progress yet -- -- watch but I mean the rest of us are in this frenzy over. You know NFL starting when you go home tonight and. And watch that game between the ravens are definitely am excited about in this football so. I can't wait to get home and you know -- know first game no NFL kickoff 2013. Tell me what you see from Denver's defense and obviously they bring in Los will appear and his tight and they actually is Thomas looks like the state of the art things up and running -- They've lost some great players on defense Elvis Dumervil is gonna. You know they're gonna have the guy's gonna be suspended for the first six games of the year. Chance not gonna play denied it could there be a little vulnerability with with Denver's defense to start the year. You know I already know man I mean I know they got some good players -- many still guys you know dared look he's he's pretty solid you know get. A robbery -- so many regard good secondaries and tomorrow -- some -- they should be fine. Wolf got her as well and that's right and I appreciate that he had heard a while to -- her that a lot of guys can banged up. -- let's talk but your defense in the pre season -- -- for -- on the defensive line you just had so many injuries that did it finally got a -- together and that he had a game with Pat Sims union Vance Walker and every kind of get together and Lamar moved to the other end losing a few pounds -- you guys out right now how long does it take to get that continuity. Oh we're we're we're just fine men who did you go to guys -- -- and we feel good mood was able to you know get a full week of practice in me. So are we happy about that so is gonna continue to work you know have another practice tomorrow and now rest of austerity and what did -- -- on Sunday. I was watching closely today and yesterday more so in practice and I was just so impressed at how you set the edge in the run game and unite here your big guy obviously that by NFL standards as a base and at 270 you're going up against tackles they liked him a free thirty. Talk about your mindset when years you know position is trying to set that edge and you just -- the moment the ball snapped you just -- here and try to push everything back towards the middle. It has been physical this you know Maria my guys if you know he comes -- -- just attacked him with their aggression. Armed and I know that -- my team depends on me to do that so that's what I wanna do so I just wanna be physical as possible as I can. An arm you know forced the ball inside humility and forced to run and size so this is mrs. -- is all about your mindset and that turned to priests. -- -- A cat out that -- a lot of the run game the fair game in particular. Even some of the Seattle they seem like they got on the -- -- way too easy where there was placed side are coming back backside you were doing your job a lot of the guys were just. Collapse of the backside leverage so how do you clean that up for Sunday. Sometimes businesses like guys terminal trying to -- two months most comical place they might you know you know pick their hair come -- and -- sort of have a habit of doing that electing though you initially set to air its. But he only trying to and you know give to the ball -- you might -- don't inside him and the run up balances and sometimes hard to recover so. We deafening got God's best known that cassette is what we saw got to do our job including myself. Is doing on a consistent basis -- and make sure you might what to do your job but did they always tell us and then you know and depend -- you know your teammates did their job to. I'm Jason -- good -- to join -- for live raiders headquarters job on Greg popping here in 957 game. We've been having this debate today in terms of Munich and deal with this much if at all. Against a guy like Andrew Luck but it that is the defensive end. How how we're you gonna defend that zone read is it just one of those things where if you're you're told -- that quarterback but then again the NFL is so protective of quarterbacks having to deal with that. Just are you know run a mile line like claiming that we practice every day just so you know don't what what what we excuse how we practice. I mean we're toxin known Doral linemen and disputes that midpoint and we know once we get there. Just you know whatever happens happens so just noticed don't we practice and how we execute you know. When they -- he had a message come home play it. And he got RG three weeks for -- so he got to get ready for right away your quarterback runs its own camp. When it's sure I was running with the ones you were you were up against him you know he's the perfect guy to ask your plane that in position we're talking about here the got a quarterback is. Is -- out if he sees you -- down he keeps and it gets outside so -- which harbors teaching you to do. Is just bee -- it straight line -- right to the mesh point and blow it up now we're talking earlier about the quarterback being alive in the running game. That if instead they don't block Q if that tackle blocks down to leave you alone he got a free shot. To go hit the quarterback so what what what your mindset on whether they hit him or not hit him in the run game. Armed ethnic unhittable mean right right nominee basically it is an eleven on eleven so he's not protect because ignited a pocket so. Seriously when I lost to the -- coming -- you live to me some -- attack them so the officials because it now I had heard middle of the officials obviously -- -- all the camps they talk about new rules sending us that they specifically talk about that play -- EU officials. I mean -- -- I -- -- forgot about it hit him just ahead of it is not a new -- -- and I don't have done an enrolled but they did come to camps and they did specifically talk about you know what you can do in that situation I think that they outside the box their lives a bid to become a runner so they just like running -- -- Kansas you know. Attacking the value attacker remember. So what if you're a coordinator Jason server told you that is so if he if he writes it. In any polls that it is not a runner if he pulls it and then back pedals to go back and throw the ball. Now he's a quarterback so it's a different animal there so when it. Do you -- off and not hit the quarterback entries carries out the -- we never gonna back off a negative thing problem Hemingway's and a they're free throws with Oakley you know give -- of these. I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Perez was. In regards to Andrew Luck what would be seen on film why he -- what makes his habit. He's so effective cornerback he makes auto plays he did you don't have a strong arm. You know accuracy. You know mobile and pocket so he's one of those guys that you have to get somebody -- face you know he likes to step up you know makes plays so. That's our job right no this week is the impression on you know you surround -- making them uncomfortable and a pocket so. He you know forced him to make plays if he's going to be just make completely can force them to make plays so. That's definitely you know mom my sages you know folk I've been focusing on my tackle and different ways that can be human being on a guy's been -- -- same thing folks and are there guys so. We just have to have been -- disrupt some and give them make them uncomfortable. They're they're passing game is state of the -- obviously with him and all the weapons they have but pep Hamilton cautious -- thirties or offers accorded are now we know for Stanford. They like to run and they like to run power. So how much are you concerned about just setting the edge and stopping the run game because this quarterback if you have an empty box -- -- light box she's gonna check to run against you. Young's gonna do my job and is doing this filing missed his it was possible -- -- -- passengers Moammar says -- you know folks on. No we know we stopped Rory would one get those opportunities -- -- -- definitely you know bombs going you know keep my guy you know keep -- all marvel mark my reason no. To be physical as possible. You've played both sides knowing Denver. You're about 5050 what what's ideally do you prefer him preference I mean I like both American go to right balmy for a I prefer left. That's some 99 got the other side you're going to be stuck on -- listener -- that with a good and a well we knew there -- tennis -- I -- Dennis was a big reason why you were brought in here correct your relationship with him when he was your coordinator bill. Well when you -- with him did you see that he would be and he beat me fast track fast -- from New Orleans a secondary coach should DC in Denver for one here. And boom he's ahead coach and you'd think he would fast track that quickly. I mean yeah when we have a solid for a solid defense and 2011 some. And he's a young coach Smart you know knows football -- -- really well -- -- -- Detroit to have him as a coach. Hey thanks for stopping by and and next time come Bible to bonfire going to throw out ugly -- would right here to kick off to his death they're at 530. Literate enough -- -- the -- -- They think some might have a great -- I think it's -- like Timothy.

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