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DJ Hayden talks about getting back on the field

Sep 5, 2013|

The Raiders rookie CB talks about the week 1 matchup against Indy and what he's looking at with Andrew Luck. He talks about learning from Charles Woodson and what it's like being back on the football field.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

DJ -- -- -- -- -- Houston is good enough to hang out with us from our setup was AA tournament. -- just talking to you you're a dead there in the united. Phone and who bears them the very busy there you have -- you know he is doing it and he didn't follow in the lead the series. And that first leg at a UN is right nearly when adults are far and how should I do you go into -- an outside the limit Al lists. Poem -- to Derek does win. Can -- wouldn't finish list. You heard enough about it. But Charlie and I just look at your mom a lot that day that's up Pisani history and that morning. In about -- and just the whole thing just hit me a stick it her all day long in advance. But those supposedly for her to come what I've and you overcame. To watch you clinic -- that it. I mean it meant a lot so Lucas. We didn't somewhere it's even when house for tomorrow when I was little. Women now we've been to a lack in just heard -- -- me -- there is playing from from the hospital need to own. To plan. From -- and the world assumed she was happy. She -- -- and opening some markets. Do you miss the first -- Judith is primarily an idiot -- -- did that you're back I think. Had to look what's your comfort level right now he played a couple of game for a lot of snaps in Seattle. William dean -- and you are a lot more comfortable. Because in their first game -- is -- that -- at the Seattle. My man is useful while La Louisiana submit to relax. And SI can play a bit like if he -- he -- when he confident was she doing anything can play a lot faster so. Let them be more comfortable and confident. And we saw your scaly your -- amazing even when you broke up -- -- drive on a ball and tackling the first -- to -- -- OK -- -- to tackle -- Seattle unit on the sideline we -- Walton and can still to back out of -- that's -- to me it seemed like you were over whatever your -- your mind that we think it at all about everything you just don't -- and I was like man -- in billions now. You know when you went to -- -- Yeah that's that's that's light years away for a news. So the role now is. When the raiders go to nickel. He'll command and by the right corner and Tracy Porter will jump in sideshow. Against India we'll see how many stamps she -- when you can be on the field quite a bit -- -- -- -- it I plan to play Eilat because. You know they Alan Leo they'd line up and a lot of live. So through our receivers one back when trying to secure the other fuel you know from who would at least he had Andrew Luck you're watching film when he. On his previous quarter -- -- I see them -- he price tries to -- the safeties off Libya and he steps up in the pocket and Latin watching then organizes the watch him who his favorite target -- humor that there is doing what they're down so wrong. Destructive tendencies. Trying to give the me it's. Charles what's said. It's been amazing to watch -- comeback can be a kind of a father figure out here and when I saw he catch a -- under. His -- a little bit right away. You know -- a first round draft pick at all but. What is what is Charles taught you about this week's social amuses -- -- in -- -- -- is -- does have far. Sometimes McCain sometimes you know. Some stuff Marty king coats and licensed flight the culture and our -- 'cause they on the silent what you see it needs is that are sometimes you are goes in -- -- a new target and has been a great note I mean. Eight being he's seen me do you encourage me coats and -- highland. And easy dinner is -- -- -- field and then he can be and how fame when they sold median. Income by minimizes. His beliefs to even have -- side -- song and. DJ -- an innocent course traders first round pick is rated rated take on the colts -- it -- raiders headquarters. John Lundgren -- -- -- 57 game. It's funny because I don't know people -- as we've talked about a lot -- -- first got here he much film and he was he wasn't really a student of the game in the Nelson he's involved in this guy. Who who he's he's it was a mentor and watching film so immunity on you about a watch your film do things the right way because that's not how he was and he is here -- First time nominees that formula. Utilized to is like. Can be this is dvd -- Gordon wanted to news life. Osama Hewitt takes a -- -- with takes money in the west and that's Carol for their watched film now aren't you in the and it challenges to brag about when he was younger and he was so scale that he had never watched any fellow voters he needed he was. He was amazingly skilled and the -- Golan lots of the talk about all of them. The a little extra flat that the trainers are making aware. You don't like that the first game I know I -- aware that throughout the early this and I was expecting Wednesday of them but it is flip it is. Did you take it after -- -- -- to that in Maya asked them all mr. LaMont as costing about -- -- that man take the flip. He -- intimate look fat is c'mon man. I'm finding another and want everything you feel good news that's right I mean you don't wanna get hurt again -- and the fattening if I got -- used it to be up. Yeah. He -- -- you don't know what that it would -- is that happening camp right yet to read Jersey on. -- -- yemenis for different thing commitment his wife and -- don't get the read on how you're young and you got that don't believe me. Since they'll -- -- got again and come out and no contact payments -- didn't -- -- -- -- 45 yeah I got zero Jersey. What time though you tried to scrap that they can jump on Virginia yeah I think it must. -- -- Passes I told Osama I mean warm. Warm places it's like the -- -- for the guys have to veteran they say cents a yelled at WW do what. They noticed quite yeah -- -- Hey if they should stop by have a great first game and have a great year alone policies in the -- -- -- -- you got a tournament there is a DJ -- out this -- ratings have court.

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