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Rich Gannon's evaluation of Pryor

Sep 10, 2013|

The former MVP was on the call for the Raiders game, and he told Bucher & Towny what stood out to him from the season debut

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not really episode Procter and captain -- there a lower hurt the kid you know he's -- -- Going back and watch and the film from beginning they need to think about Pryor. When he runs with -- football. It really changes the dynamics I think from predict such a perspective because. You know he's not gonna go down like a normal quarterback arc arc slider. On the east export to -- reported the long stride or he should you know he can make in this and that's a real weapon right now for the Oakland Raiders. Rich what did you think of the way Pryor ran while still looking downfield for receivers. And a shower treat him as it is we went to run -- times you watch a little bit learn very fast to make decisions. Those are very not period looking to pull down a run other actors. The challenge for great old -- recorders to kind of slow down a science. At but yet not takeaways instinctive ministers could make a place because right now. Yeah that's going to be a big part of who they are the opposite perspective. The changes that they've made -- the outlook a lot of injuries they've had up front you need to get back in the -- indeed mobile that can be elusive and it has the capability right now. He's productive they've got all they've got to get excited cranked up about corruption in last week but an -- please I think you'll locals. Performance. Structural prior. Rich you know last week we talked to you about Dennis Allen needs to get out to a good start for his job security what is that week one effort from the raiders in -- do for you and coach -- I don't think a lot of people gave the raiders must have a chance on undated apple culture of senator Warner home last year. Individual -- you know there's an outstanding quarterback -- a lot of talent around them of course. The defense -- and as partners starters so. You know an area what they've conduct a lot of time effort and money -- -- -- -- -- couple -- the raiders games first and foremost we're prior order without impressively through all the problem. -- and was able to speak controlled his emotions. You know -- just you'll the next that the biggest mistake of the game -- -- the -- he's -- first call. While the last -- and that's not happened and openers Quebec could. Very good chance they get to understand situation well all the other part of the game was -- played at these -- -- starters. And root it out the run defense. -- be played much better the second edited by job getting pressure -- -- interlocking set in fort sort of built rocks hardest about what we want. What's the next step for Pryor going into week two. While they became the slowdown around them property and -- process information. More quickly and efficiently. I think the deal. Give some more volume in the game plan that the incredible scale back quite a bit for him to suspect that. Start makes sense. And for him to continue to develop a pocket passer that could pitch count and injured trying to get up feels that he it's force him to sit there in the pocket. Until football he's got to show that he could do that you know that last charted the dirt ball makes a big time Schroeder's more. Across the middle pick it could be bold type withdrawal most of the decisions. I think you're gonna help them become more culpable pockets. Rich -- this once again your view currents -- 95 point seven a game remembered normally he is going to be joining -- -- the NFL season. At 505. Every single Tuesday. There are some problems get in the ball's snapped on time where do you put the blame on that you put it all on prior -- throws some on -- goals and -- I can't imagine that it was -- and outline critical commute down shielded the Kirk -- I think you're more just young quarterback nick. State called playwright non standard personal ultimately ended against. You know you gotta go back and look at that gain it and you know the greatest kick themselves because they -- because obviously what that's all they've they've made too many mistakes course. Through turnovers in the red zone were big but more significant course -- -- -- -- Shaq in the interception on the following play but. Now I think there's enough. Bland corporate defense has been pretty clean up our coaches do -- better job of certain areas but I think that overall they have to be pleased the fact that they saw growth from the football game. Other people of Turkey trying to throw our. -- did what you saw from prior. Change your expectations for -- the season. I think -- Andre and I recognize I was really pleased I thought it was good about our -- are out of control. Our daughter who's gonna duties he had a typical Italian couple plays -- you -- I was worried about you know Tuesday. The interception -- the penalties and related -- that the things it won't bet it did they offense was for the raiders is still likely performance. Simply Barnes goes right side the left side I thought he handled so well they're here today let its people start holding penalty that was in the position would you get a W robber -- what about this game so. I really felt a little Kabul as well. I thought our -- a very important that overall. Consult our court it is important that is -- on the public until all the great partner with those -- Let's go to the other side of the bay rich you know we talked a lot going into this first game Green Bay San Francisco about Al Green Bay was gonna try and contained on cap predict. We knew they really wanted to stop the run but did they worry too much about the run and that's why they got hurt so bad through the air. Like circuit is third down the Packers just recently called the gains and you know they spent a lot of time going back and looking foreigners last year due to losses will tackle the playoff games but frankly they are embarrassed by what happened cloaking your approach or your ground deter. Don't care Africa of their houses Frank Gore. So they want to address that is that the entire defense and staffing Green Bay delta College Station, Texas to work extra -- look at look at the file to look at the style offense how to attack Alstott he's currently. I really felt like it or not it all out -- to do to do we get to the -- last year that didn't happen of course. I don't -- as a great player and and -- contender to head against the -- trying to definitely -- Credit score negative square -- around. Pole underneath it was Smart -- through altered the united our future with local four yards and three touchdowns and the lot of Packers did a great job of Frank -- and stopping -- -- in the running game. They had no additional testing education issues on the back in the course did play well. Get too many schools have played -- organizers really put -- -- moment cream they test these. It's only one game but did you see improvement any particular areas with -- You know what I think about Culpepper because we talk about quarterback that are durable war or that was well prior to talk about quarterbacks -- pocket passers at the department operating. It igniting it the guys kind of accomplish -- goal of he could really hurt you look at -- yet saint currently considered there to be very accurate and and of course he has that -- -- to make great plays outside the -- great thrown at Baltimore put right to left so. You kind of hybrid. Special player. I was very current go to -- -- -- -- -- separate that seat now that the government can't separate is that it is you know in the board that you know that so called -- or public government -- this at all but he's -- -- -- -- quite high level. And elevate. -- performances. Rich Gannon are in VP joins us your view guards Downey 95 point seven a game will join us every single Tuesday at 505. Rich we've been waiting all offseason for this game week to niners and Seahawks. Sunday Night Football it's going to be loud it's going to be crazy would you expect from this football game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey Richard Ford lets you go we got to ask you about last night something that I've really been looking forward to after watching Chip Kelly all those years and organic how would his offense work. In the NFL got the win last night against the -- what did you see with this fast break offense. Well -- really impressed and I root I thought it might it might feel that there are more typical we'll have to put up a lot about it some but it really jumped out you know watched him in the first. Conditioning at -- huge huge story and -- well for the Eagles. It took practice like that's as a string Yelp temple that it's fast paced. You know calling plays every twenty through 24 seconds. And it just wore down about Washington's. Big slope -- triple double but the -- court has -- big league which probably a mistake looking back at lautner who. The oh -- give back into the game but I think there are forced directly -- long as Michael -- and stereo. Always great stuff for -- we'll talk to you next Tuesday. Great thanks rich.

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