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Sebastian Janikowski called in to defend his A's loyalty

Sep 12, 2013|

Sebastian Janikowski called into Bucher and Towny to defend himself against the rumors that he roots for the A's to lose.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sebastian genachowski who would like to. Well the greater raider nation colleagues and -- them to make sure this is him exactly how he feels about the Sebastien how are you. We're good thanks for joining us. So 88 explained explained to us. How how do you think this even a vault. I have no idea that thing -- to practice -- -- and you know just do my thing got ready go home and support read some articles come out that -- has some stuff to some reporter which is known as untrue about stoppage and he said it was misunderstanding between him and the reporter. They area Erica you know -- Florida. Lopes all the warriors -- throughout don't follow the sports car. So so how does this make you does is add anything for you going into the game on on on Sunday to be misrepresented like this. Knuckle on the percent to -- games targets I have to say I'm going to open at 10%. Okay all right fair enough. Did you now are you buying what Josh told you as far as the miss IR I mean like that we -- wondering if you guys an immediate midfield before the game will Libyan. I -- the other woman needs in the middle -- gonna talk I mean it's. -- has been -- for -- times you know -- -- those present spending. Effect of a cent since we have you you know there's little talk about getting comfortable with market king in getting everything. We're where do you feel that you guys are as far as the -- the holding a -- is concerned at this point. We've worked in every week you know we get him better weak snap holding kick in unfortunately in this one you know against colts but. Working hard and they know we we move in torch forward mr. prospered. By the -- Sebastien agenda -- calling in the united thoughts on the game Brent -- -- -- pitcher -- to believe or not to believe Sebastien genachowski I don't know how many counts as a -- is an ace pitcher -- the problem. So do you have -- -- -- -- did you know on the -- -- in the interact with them before and -- city. Are they stopping for a long time Robinson and cents on the adjacent Jon Beason and noses and I'm old school guys. Solving don't gains -- his name in the book that really doesn't matter it's in the -- in this for so long on the practical terms so passionate about medical progress gives looser. If you put your presence through those. Yes and well and their factors to there as far as whether it's wet they are or there's a lot of things that can can can scurry up a little bit with the grass is concerned I would. In a weird way I would almost think that the dirt is a little more consistent is that. Yes -- it's not some parts of the plant which states form in Italy plan and kicking is it doesn't make any difference of what Leo opponents hoping they come and they and then. You know that think about the third on plan and can we get advantage of that. Well listens a Sebastien if they're at any time anybody misrepresents you misunderstand. You. Or you simply have something that you need to get off your chest and let raider nation know about it you have our number you feel free to call him. That completion -- -- in my Poland. I would not start because they don't. Sounds good you feel better Sebastien. Yeah ought to go way.

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