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Jason Tarver liked what he saw from the Raiders' D

Sep 16, 2013|

The Raiders Defensive Coordinator talked about the play of Charles Woodson and how to prepare for Denver

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk a more raiders on this raiders money good enough to rejoin. By the defensive coordinator of the raiders Jason Tarver by the way the raiders of the jags to 34 yards rushing and sacked Chad -- Five times that's got to be music tears as a good numbers out. Yeah we're doing some good things good guys are flying around and and we like what we're starting to create an identity is defense. Plot around our collector he's at home in front of a nation is what we wanna do. Nick congratulations JC guys played well. The injury it's I've done branch. Do you have a feel for how long he's going to be out -- and does this open it up for you to move Charles over a strong safety if he's out for several weeks. Well coach -- handles all the injuries and I'll let him address that -- -- guys but what we have and our safety position this position flexibility definitely look for in the players that we've added this year. And of course are likely Charles was doing his. -- Superman tackle yesterday were outstanding. And got everybody going and some young came in played pretty well Brian Ross did some good -- in the game so we have. Guys that. Can play both strong and free and are two positions are pretty much interchangeable so we'll move those three guys around. And now activated from the time you saw yesterday. A Jason Tarver defensive coordinator of the raiders is good enough to demonstrators get to win over the jaguars yesterday John Lundgren poppy -- 957 game. Since since we're in the second -- talk about that knowing your safeties but your corners like Iowa supporters doing in the slot DJ Hayden they seemed to target him a little bit especially at the end of the game but. By and large I would imagine you're pretty happy with what the secondary is doing. You know we're we're definitely getting better more challenging. And we understand. Where our leverage uses are supposed to be based on the coverage. We still have some things that that we queen of course like everybody does but we like how the better player would leverage understanding where their -- -- And my chickens had an extra game yesterday he was -- everything -- balls away. A matter of time until we get we get our hands on football and not take it the other way which of course we're gonna need to get. Get some takeaways producer and against. Pressured directly and actually. Heavy Peyton Manning and Monday night for -- You know who abused or just one time your favorite word which is activate which means splits and getting over the quarterback. Last year which -- Tommy and obviously the of the blitz percentage your defense last year was like 37%. Where where are you now these first two weeks of the year. I have looked at yet today I'm starting on the Broncos but I'll look at what of what we do is restart on the opponent. In the afternoon and then -- tonight I'm gonna look at everything which are some of our young coaches and we'll look at everything we're doing and make sure we got -- right next. To where they can't necessarily see who were activating in win yeah and but I'm -- I'm sure we're pretty good up there and a percentage of -- percent dip kind of where we like it. Probably higher than 37. You have rendered. If there's -- that I like Jana and and and JC you're you're bringing it from all different levels you don't know where it's coming from a seeing a lot of cant blitzes off the the corner you're bringing everybody. Yeah and what's great is the guys understand it you know when you're activated pitcher time to go win. Richard -- the quarterback and he got it you gotta understand how to make plays on his quarterback that you play. You know the only the only games the only -- plays that we want back in this in this season so -- these two weeks would be. The times where we didn't quite -- quarterback we had a couple more times. Yesterday we had. Andrew and our sights you know and Internet. So we -- this number this fact number. Could even be higher and that's where will go we will keep pushing ourselves being the best we want we want the most -- talking to be -- on defense we like it. Sentencing -- nine sacks to lead the NFL and yesterday at five section for the first game -- It was by five different players so -- deal with some teams it's one dire two guys dominating with -- in a bunch of guys at quarterback. Yeah and that's part of our plan quarterback pictures action nada so we're gonna actually guys and you. The player's job to run the -- is as good as they can't. And in that quarterback society respect. -- I and one of the things you're concerned about what Jacksonville yesterday chase was their tempo and and not huddling and snapping it fast and now you've already been watching -- and other -- -- -- -- gets elevated to a whole new level. A patent is the master of the you know run the game at the line. But in years past he was still milk that clock -- -- always the checks he wanted to the last check in snap but you know are around five or so but now. That they're trying to snap earlier in trying to get more plays off so talk about the challenge of him. No huddling and snapping more rapidly and also doing it at altitude one mile above sea level on Monday. Yet if this was good practice or Jacksonville. Is in early straight running on the line offense and they can get up and Stafford -- well what. -- does -- would Broncos do very well. Is they changed to temple on you he can. Lineup right away and run play or can a lot of sort of way to look at which you look like can change supply and you don't know -- necessarily unity. So which you have to make sure that you do -- Understand why it looks you are showing him what he's gonna do that. And apply the rules of the defense accordingly. So he he's very good at changing the pace and not -- embarking on different things and and then snap and it quickly once he thinks he has the advantage -- she's more what we're doing. We need to be able to execute and get to calling quickly. Which we were able to do well I was very pleased -- Our communication yesterday. From. Both are -- and former players to each other and from coaches to players to get to call -- negated excuse quickly we did not have any major. Medal winners. For -- call -- on a terrible offense and match of course the biggest QB Peyton Manning if you absolutely can't leave anybody and covered if you find them every time. Jason -- raiders defensive coordinator join us in watching at Baltimore game it's. It's not only how good -- -- but it's the combination of being where you are being you know 5000. Feet above -- -- how difficult does the combination of all those things where he's so good in their goal and fasting in your a year grasping for air. While the biggest thing is that it's. It's one -- they beat the hardest thing that they do to you -- it and try to make you forget that. You need to play each place investors' ability and happily gone go to the next play. How he ought to be altitude for the NFL football player on Mac game. You know in its its debts negligible you gotta you gotta just do your job -- in the third round and again that cup field. And that projected due to get him -- on the second game we played. Here last year on Thursday night we did a better job of that. Stop him in the -- on multiple times so I'm sure he gonna study that game. As closely as he does because he studies everything and then we'll need to have some adjustments form which too. I cherish these teams that don't huddle and they get on the ball immediately. Do you have a system built and where you can call a a good defense and then checked out of the defense after you see what he's doing at the line can you check your check -- -- with the communication and nick Rocha. After you've already made a -- play call. Yes where we can give them simple reminders just like you can talk to the quarterback up to fifteen seconds. On the play clock we can talk to the middle linebacker to fifteen seconds by K look he's gonna run over here or. More than trying to change all -- what we can add and is. -- he sees -- move over here you know which is enough for a lot of times when defense a lot of time on defense. You don't want to change the plate too many times can we -- happily yeah. But that does mean that network and Livan now all the -- in the Czech system and -- guys play well. We don't want our drastically -- If you it if you could just kind of put it in nutshell what is the key for slowing down their offense. Well biggest thing is -- where and when you're playing man offense. You need to get eleven guys on the same division that's number one and then number two. It is they're they're very good -- Identifying what leverage you're playing in the secondary what you look -- is and deliver the ball through correct play here. We need to show certain things. And then move to other things. Within our calls. -- number one would be to call between myself. To nick and the defense did it and get it executed and then understanding what -- called panels Peyton Manning to do with the ball. What that call tells them to do with the ball and then when he put the ball where we want to ball go get it. That's -- up and -- you have to understand what each call does and how he's he's back. -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- is a pretty Smart players that'll -- certainly in this matchup it just give us one thought and I'm DJ Hayden Jason looked like they are going at Camelot but he seems like he's getting better and better every snap to me. He does he get better as -- bowl games so far he's got better as the game went on. Once he sees something for the first time he's quick to make a correction too little bubble screen early in the game. In the second quarter out there to him. And he wouldn't quite put enough get up and sent the ball back outside and to the very next time he does and he pushes blood issue rents academic tackle for three or four yards so. What's great about these days ignorance and it learns and Italy takes one time for him to see are these players that take longer than matter obviously the ones. That are in the league -- -- so he definitely progressing like in the NFL rookie corner snipers on. Because there -- go to church you -- out. But we have tools and weapons and our defense to help him and he continues to oranges like he is he's going to be just fine. Heritage senior your defense in the pre season ups in there were so many injuries especially your friends seven. They eat your team hasn't played a lot of quarters together how much better can they get as they continue to get more continuity. While that's you know the sky's the limit we'd like group for the players. Like coach -- and -- said don't walk season and we really like these guys we like -- -- people and they want to be doing it. So these sit in the room together and make calls to definitely work together during the week. They text -- call each other even in the off to a quarter when they're on their off days. Is what I'd like in the NFL most teams have an -- day on Tuesday when -- off these big guys or communicate. That was great. If you we continue to have that communication level and then the leadership provided by Charles. And some of the other guys. And we can continue to do these things now. We that we like a lot of things that are happened but we're still even if you plan on the table we still got to work finished things -- -- We started this game very well we handled their tempo very well. But we need to finish games off both in those first two games and that comes with playing together in my case -- Jason is always thinks perfume it's your time appreciate -- good luck in that Denver on Monday night. Thank you very much prefer command you -- mango.

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