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Steve Wiesniweski says the Raiders are ready to fight

Sep 19, 2013|

The former Raiders OL talked about playing with the Raiders, and how the current team looks with the line and Pryor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's our weekly conversation with the legendary -- it's right. Five point 76 and I he is definitely a legend he is eight time all pro resigned the 1990s all decade team. It is Steve always -- -- get -- -- to -- and Steve are you. K John what can I -- do it today. Is it was and a. On his mind. That's like guys do it. -- -- wonderful where is England so glad you could join us today -- you know -- what John and and I'm thankful that you're able to join us because. I want your opinion we were just talking about -- -- we know we got to build -- little bit injured but. You know one of the things -- set out about our career together -- Is we had a family had a family at this through our own we were we were no nonsense will put the pads on but we had fun off the field and stuff like that. You'll you've been around a lot of these young guys the new raiders -- line do you sense that they only are they come together in your opinion. Well let me first say I have -- under different interviews I don't do that he's until. He Kennedy just you know felt any. Anything for you think you're done favorite teammates in you do an awesome job on the radio it was great to be on the show you and John. India I think that we did have something special that's what makes. Offensive -- across the board unique its its sense of failing. And does the world plan would like it is my teammates as he always had my back kind of that India do you give me -- -- -- -- back accord wouldn't say Kazuo. Below that it's OK it's all right OK number tackle he's a -- happens that. And a link I had the opportunity to could see you know little bit this effort and then that. At the raiders in the first thing I was partnered with Bob quietly it was a great coach and but it 65 year old man and we set about to create that unique atmosphere. We we we wanted to get that. Mr. were guys -- like each other guys you know our had that mentality it's them against the world. And I think that's really special when you build that that's when teams really start to get it. And to be honest because there's been so much sterner over the raiders I don't see that they've really developed it yet that is not as much as we'd like. Steve is news is good enough to join us. Iron wheel house John -- Kennedy NI 57 game it's adjusting your nephew course. A staff he's a center for the raiders sign yet that incitement and like you said -- coach or we're going out camping you're actually you're out there -- -- showing technique in your on the ground -- -- you're really get into it like I really love the way that you coached. But at how difficult is it for them with all the injuries it was it was going to be belt here and he gets hurt and only -- him. And then it was gonna be metal like Watson in -- with Alex Barron was there and he's since been cut. Now they got to move Khalifa left side. How how hard is it to get continuity amongst the offensive lineman they've shifted as much as they have but they have played fairly well. Yeah you know so might -- us that it was news he's an outstanding employer just defining and maybe you're gonna meet. And he's doing a great job when he was drafted I was on the and it said from day one he's not the sexiest guy like this it becomes like this from day one naked obvious starter in the NFL. And leave them alone for a decade -- to play where we're everyone on the play. And so witnesses sit here and he's doing a really good job and he he's. Plays with a lot of heart so -- in any -- in -- in the final finest in the league. Here a couple of years. I don't -- -- right now quite frankly the line is trying to survive. They're deployed and they are really hard of the attitude which are bringing. And they're they're just really go to -- and -- -- playing next to each other there's been so much turnover so they moved police. Too low left tackle they'll do anything asked of them great guy great temperament but he hasn't played that position in five years silly could not say how difficult that is. As a tackle said he has battled these try to survive. You know who's injured with a real hello and now Lucas nix I think is -- been a -- pick -- is a free agent. Pit. He's he's got a young Kevin go into that -- You know. He might tell you listen about to go to battle but it just learning you know this news. Release second start independently here this past week and he got injured. And you know now. Brazil. He's bad on that he's not fully healthier right car. In an exit signs of -- off the street on on the Monday in literally started. That that Sunday at right tackle so. This line is just really trying to survive at this point but I do like defector played with a lot of heart a lot of passion. And you know they're not gonna back down from anyone. You know I was going my next point you know we played -- teams that probably then have a lot of the puncher than a lot of star power in places that really would help you win but. We can honestly say in our years together especially. We played awesome teams that heart and or or fight and battle you have and I think you just answer that with your last statement is that you've seen is solid two game so far. But it's the the heart as a lot more present and prevalent this season that I've seen in years past recently. Yeah you're -- can from what I've heard from the players you know I still talk to my net productive few other people in the building as well. And I go to games where Wear -- hat and sunglasses are watching on television but. You know it. It's still a good atmosphere on the offensive line and they do like Tony Sparano they brought him in this year again another year another new line -- another new way to do things. -- another offensive coordinator so that this group has had a chance to gel like we did when we put together at the raiders. And there just find each other but hey I'm proud of me and what I like to say about this team -- now. If you don't work in a -- you know it's kind of like there's been a patient. On the Gurney for an Douby who would -- for the last ten years but now finally we're see you know Paul the raiders. And you know it may not be great but we're tremendous team of scrappy either fighting hater and on late in the defense is starting the bullets. I like to see you know probe prior to making mistakes that you can tell. He's played with passion he wants to win. He's trying to make plays. So there's ought to be excited about it in raider nation although you know we were rough around the edges. But this team looks like you wouldn't want to fight. A Steve was new seagate -- to -- a -- legends of the nation we do it every Thursday John -- Lincoln Kennedy. You know I thought I was I did apiece -- raiders dot com a couple of weeks ago and I was I was looking at the a list for hall of famers junior on it in the final 126. And I was looking her credentials vs a lot of guys who you played with in your air corps in. The hall of fame is it's frustrating that you look at what you did in your career in yet you're not in the hall of fame. I know I'm not frustrated at all I am never made -- a lifetime achievement award or anything like that. And I feel like I was really blessed to have a very solid NFL career and I just felt like every time make it the feel that try to represent the readers well. And I and I did debt. And I don't know if I'll ever be in the hall of fame the -- back in the define me as a man and you know every year I see great players go it go in and and I don't know what I rank amongst the guys but I feel like guys who know me like -- They'll say you know it was a pleasure to play it was weird and I knew he had my packet -- about higher compliment like that work. You're absolutely right -- is the last one for me because I get an ass all the time summit turned the tables -- -- what do you miss most about playing. Well I tell you what link I think just like that was just stuck in the former navy seal nights ago. And and this guy he is that he it was a meeting his service to our country was -- all kinds of stories from Fallujah and places he it would be missed most pieces you know what. Same thing you do -- locker room. You admit that a robbery that feeling of brotherhood that feeling like. You know we -- -- what what's your background was how much money you made what religion and we didn't hear any of Al -- we knew we could count on each other on game day and we had a lot of fun in between. Into the for the things in this I really enjoyed my time at the raiders' coaching. -- that I admit that on that and that is. Poured my heart and soul -- the young men and try to create an atmosphere that was positive I was about teaching technique. And really build in -- out to be the best they could be. And so I was able would be at a on the coaching side net debt to receive misses the camaraderie and missed the competitiveness. You know going out and feel like we did it on -- Sunday after they went. We is that we were talking earlier on in the show about though Lincoln and his affinity for mile high when Clinton talking and got. There's some snowball slide his lady he kind of went into the stands and greeted the Denver fans -- the you have any stories about plane in Denver did you did you does not agree with the fans on occasion in Denver. Yes that's great job in the interest of full disclosure right there could still be of litigation pending. I don't know that I can actually talk about that you know let me legal counsel to represent that. -- I as well quietly again because again that mentality -- not in the back down from anyone even of that anyone including 65000. Fans. A and and we had some great times and some great moments you know it in that incident. Great care I think he should clear the stadium no they didn't do it and and came within it would worsen -- I remember going to. People throw Gatorade bottles full of urine and meet all kinds of things along the way. But it was so integrated experience. Represent the raiders and you know I can't -- giving or getting fired and like. Aware that -- molecular from you it just reminded me of your reaction when you heard what went down because wizards the team captains on wiz came up to me it is like only. I heard you when this -- And I'm like yeah the idea that I don't feel I feel bad about his -- while s.'s great that'll teach them throw anything at the big man. And who is just had a smile who's raised about. All medicine rates as well as we ought to be some glitz and other room. It isn't it. The question what are the raiders need to do now to take this thing to the next level that we would -- their competitive and their scrappy and given a play it was hard but what are they need to do. Now can be you know one of the more premier teams over and above just win and it wouldn't give visiting. What will lose they need to make to get this organization to the next level. We'll just like you said brother that it's in -- it's appreciative that they're showing heart I think everyone likes that but they need to play makers they've got to weather the developing them. Whether Terrell Pryor is your answer or or they're going to get for free isn't gonna have to play makers one at the quarterback position. And then probably a receiver to stretch the field than some might need to go to strikes appearance of defense is so. They just need some play makers that that's I think they -- there that close to making something happen. And and I think what they also need visit John Elway type of personality come -- and just create a little bit more synergy within the organization. You know I think in my a person like yourself like it could have been and health organization oh well can't vision for. This bridge. So I just wanna do it in put put it out there now. It is great job becoming president. I'll flattery -- -- everywhere they still like you're back at Christmas present to them and I'm. Slider pitcher we're gonna. If you take that job been -- your job will open up and I'll be available. Well I. It's about an hour that's -- They -- is it really great -- and everything so much for taken the time and and really the issue of we appreciate it. And job in you know I heard a little bit of -- Jim Harbaugh earlier in active but style and so personal I it was with coach is Stamford for a year and a half and I -- have a ball with them. And that is pretty standard document is -- occurred to me I think you know it enough -- there watching film and someone's ability get a -- picture of the vote. -- it's -- tunnel vision he's so focused on win night rated picture able Monfils won here. -- concealment the other you know and get used some. So pat answers he didn't get involved in it by he's doing aside there was just and and I am happy for him and his staff. And it's actually on the -- from both sides of the Beijing and you know that is we can he raider fans and also group for the 49ers that this is the same time so. We got some good things going on here and -- years football. Would like her brother against updates again. NATO here Wednesday was he that was absolutely great men.

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