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Lamarr Houston on how the Raiders feel after 2 games

Sep 19, 2013|

The Raiders DE talked about the Raiders defense and his thoughts on playing against the Broncos

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk to LaMarr Houston Schaub still. Raiders defensive end he's flip side he's lost weight and he is now I passed dressing. Terror Lamar how aria. -- -- -- You are you not -- pass rushing terror now. Yeah up you know slip whale off where they're insecure and not on. They're under a better job update from the -- this graphic we do it birds are beautiful. Here. Lamar got to ask you after a couple weeks and you know it will assume you saw you dancing with the up and three point stance and is our preference that you like as far as get off by and those who played around and stance a few times you have a preference. Our -- our government to force their -- easier to see patterns. You know make decisions -- reaction quicker so -- -- Q4. About a way you can follow LaMarr Houston on his younger the better Twitter names at solo underscored bill -- underscore. Nine -- right is that correct. That is that is how -- follow -- on an OK and I tell you follow a LaMarr Houston. Do you like this this role where you were a base in any -- you flip side you go up against a left tackle now. And become a pass rusher and those are the guys who make the big money so -- deal like this new role. What you're -- enjoyed it that's fun to be able to play world conditions were -- quarterback and a you know -- you. To make differences in the impression tour and so. Other durable -- ground a potential go get acclimated to lure them on the community there shall work to get better. One thing I will tell listeners out there John is the fact that I've watched Lamar and only training camp and we've talked we've had conversations at times he is hungry to be better and I appreciate that -- -- young guy. The -- talk assaults at all too often in this sleek. You see guys just complacent and they don't necessarily look committed Lamar comes overtook former all of -- one former operative tackled says hey. What do you think about this or you ask me questions about the game we've talked. I I and I say that Lamar because I know that you you were scheduled to get -- all probe but now it's a young. Went behind the ears mile high city. Tackle in Clark. Are you just it's at the Big Brother can can you wait -- Monday night -- I Obama. He's going to be Carol it could be murdered nine Colorado. Public art school Karros -- Which is idiotic. We audio may have a rare show preaching that that's what really matters you know that you go to orbiter touched on hardly keep the battle. You know that guy who got -- fear you know -- -- -- sort of spot. And I'm sure that treatment they have all part protections than you know. To start flexible path to keep you from getting the ball went out you know that term console work through that a preacher he's going to be just repair designer. I'm LaMarr Houston 99 get enough to join us here in the wheel house -- of course a Monday night will take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Eight they're running the up tempo it's in like you said it's at mile high it's in the thin there Heidi how do you slow him down. Not a good option element -- Pacman got. I'm pocket the more comfortable and could move around. And you know he's he's -- And so. -- -- -- -- Though. Where -- wait for the well off there or that makes it a challenge for him to get up and give the option second option. From the jobs or go to work market where you -- -- and they weren't too sure they are faster political full partners. Tomorrow fans like us have enjoyed the hearts and the effort that has been put forth and just two games can you speak as one of the defense of leaders. Just the mentality in the locker room you know probably not -- a lot to do a lot but you know you guys decide to change people's minds and daughter so that you play -- -- heart. Though there's got -- in your apartment in the book came -- they're they're -- a lot. Compared player past or are there -- they could have worked extra. -- the elsewhere around our passion. For the clinic or not. -- really become a true -- More of the game protection order to a game there and passion come out there on the -- national -- It Lamar it's talked about a lot did to how tough it is with the elevation it's at mile high. Links sent in trouble there again a snowball fight I don't know if you heard about that notably and a we've got this. Man went on and off that ever happened you -- -- A snowball fight when -- throw punches because I was so so what do you know that story you -- You gotta -- the -- you gotta get the briefer ultimately I'll now what what what -- was yeah. 1999. You play in Denver on the money now. Did you see it. How are you in 1990 mile races anyways yeah -- Probably wasn't watching them on our football you know but -- but I I don't Obama stands at the ball and -- -- -- -- twelve. -- Missouri receiver again Omar the US and who are being out. Was terrorist it was 99. I don't know he was there that one we lost that game I think we had Jerry we beat them. The couple who had Jerry's -- -- the short short story is a -- it was still want to begin we will win in overtime and I have to open stance and confront the garden course -- history you know. -- Yeah it's. Yeah yeah -- work. The ovation to children because. You've got a lot traitor appears to your body the body of flesh militia replica. There -- able out hunger which -- turn up up these you know that your employer. Period. There's more. Biden. Two bit before the watchers are playing here you just trapped or. By Thomas the technician. In pursuit and our qureshi you know unfortunate your actual article critical duties are Shoppach. You've -- that's fair. So that the fans love never give anymore grief since it because it's a big rivalry the fans are any worse than any other stadium. -- -- Parker to Colorado where it's accurate soccer -- a lot bigger than usual charter school or not from fuel. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the last loved me then I gonna ask you since two columns and lose your favorite team grown. You better not say it. -- Smart man. Sit there eagle I Miller is this a trick question because -- is gonna answer that look. Short account -- -- I'd look into this I outlook -- the back assured you're back. You know I'll probably aren't sure how I shall not be more like I am sure. -- emblem and real quick Reggie McKenzie said yesterday that he would like to gay guys is some of these young core. Signed a long term contract how amicable at UB. BT talk early before you become a freeagent it to stay in a member of the silverlight. You know all of Lebanon become our workspace -- -- bidders are both leaders of the church oh don't be one of those people who -- rebuilt and I bet. Speaker -- the graders -- -- That repeated -- Q oh what should be greater amount that you heard from the Russian record. That's awesome. On the mark -- always -- a good luck on Monday night will be watching yet and have a happy homecoming and hopefully guys come back and win thanks a lot. -- you got -- -- things -- Houston at solo underscored -- underscored nine in us.

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