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Rashad Jennings on playing with Pryor

Sep 20, 2013|

The Raiders RB looked at playing Denver on Monday night, and the interesting way he preps for a game

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm a -- shot Jennings sees raiders running back of course you fall my Twitter app Rashad Jennings. -- -- -- I'm -- longer appreciate so I haven't known shall. Pleasure to have -- really good. I let's start here we we know about this. Hyperbaric chamber did you just did you get out and I think we did you sleep when that last -- -- that data. A bit out kidnapped and yesterday I honestly couldn't open night dark cap every night actually been. Religious. What does that what does that do for your body is Bill Romanowski our friend here he speaks about it with great passion. What what does it do for you. You know I got my. The pressure I mean fifteen feet below street level in a punch and a 100% pure actions -- on the committee it -- any Al on a cellular level. And that the -- recovered energy here at this visit -- so president order a lot of work. I'm in position -- So Sunday night after a game you do climb right into that thing and it how many days we stay in that. Yet and then right after gangs are open chamber away a couple of more memorable by the work. Our own and make sure I'm alert their amendment academic assistance. Yeah is pretty loud volume trouble sleeping when you're in it. Now it is it's a lot of -- -- on. -- That it is Cody made an out of people like I am I spoke -- -- I don't know how the world I headed out. You know work well it to a -- Is the benefit. Of -- aren't so where. Does it. It cost me mart from a year better and better our car got -- sometimes. Pick up Shankar has an art school. And on a -- made in the parchment and about it. Auto -- -- that are. That's awesome I admire what you're doing -- Romo did this for years and -- spending money out of his own pocket. And it is gonna benefit the team I'd like to see that I should go lot by -- -- -- -- set you were a seventh round pick -- took only -- this first -- got millions of dollars you can meet you you went out and it's been a quite -- but not much money you still the same car they give a new car now. I am not very much parity in the league an uptick in a like investment. I really can't control the bus embarrassment. We don't pass by the whole interview on his but it is intriguing duel and talk about it. So obviously you can't put like a California king and their canyon big huge fan -- woody Woody -- and -- -- -- -- Other daughters I mean how how can your rollover what did you do there. Yeah yeah yeah and in -- mark but it can't -- Matt Matt is excited and -- take up that playbook. I like and not read some -- sorts. -- -- -- -- -- They are we gotta talk football I'm his transplant I'm impressed says you know this level of commitment to your -- -- I am impressed Basilan is rarely let let's talk some football but. At -- so you have a girlfriend are alike for. So is -- so is it a double or single. Player. It's -- -- -- usage isn't like leave it and you're like you're sleeping in there and I'll see you Monday morning. Again it's item item in -- personal well today I just wondered at that level right now let me. We lost the sleep -- as well you know that's that's great things -- let's talk about your running game -- it went off last week Charles obviously and you guys who lead the league. And a 198 and a half your rush yards. Per game talk about how effective you guys have been on the ground. We've got a chance because -- -- up front been able to match trying to same unit. And you know a lot of preparation ago and it flew open court -- -- -- -- And how -- prepare a little. All during the day and now and it well -- happen. Quarterback who who had the ability to make wage. When everything breaks down and you know we're we're on purchases we -- put together that are. We're we're happy where we're at what we have a lot to work on I'm still don't there will be. You know are that they are and critics. Nature's -- spell a word about it -- and now whenever we -- when the game as -- Or at all or whatever it is so all of tragically on so much and. I gotta say I just love watching Tony Sparano and the offensive line work the polling in the double -- it's been fascinating to watch than the one question that I have for you. There's the -- talk in the offseason was all going from zone blocking scheme to powerhouse and the power -- power pulling guards. And we saw that when you had Matt Flynn a quarterback and he can play under center. Not -- rails in the in the gun the pistol his backstage side parents behind him you're behind and can you run the full volume. Of power football. Out of the pistol formation. Noted that that's the beauty and it is that you can't -- not one player that you can I run out of the -- allergic -- run on in the -- doesn't -- president. Trickle out are one game doesn't tickle in Iraq Iran stands Doug pray take away from up poll on blockers. -- particulate -- and they're just makes it difficult because to prepare for. How is it running out of the we've talked to Darren about a before there is an adjustment Frank Gore cross today he still adjusting to in the niners have been doing control while. Is there an adjustment period -- and how do you like it. It just -- you know just don't work. And next it's. And that settlement understanding that beat it will warn you couldn't understand -- -- trying to accomplish a -- incident -- the possible defense. And -- have a brand awareness where. You know -- in the day. Truly at the end of the day obsolete. This is not too many ways runners are on the marching anywhere empowered as well. -- -- a physical at the point tracking movement changed. But you know -- adjusting to the pistol underneath the morning and I'm not a particle ought to part of -- -- back in in hours as it barreled straight to. Are we to -- pride and make sure that we are more supple -- The Jacksonville Jaguars were in last week in your your former teammate Maurice Jones-Drew was in the Bay Area high school legend. You need to get a chance to talk to him all he looks like to me -- -- -- breaking down physically right now. -- -- so lawyers merges in tremendous -- about my got -- chancellor Angela bump and much summit that bill and there's -- to catch them before and after -- And you know these are no worries he works are in between or are about right back Albany implicated in armored change. Grades suffer shot thanks for a few minutes your time sorry that we assessed over your hyperbaric chamber and will -- a wealth of knowledge a gracious thing. -- not pay any -- -- looked a bit -- and other. At any time you're you're fabulous I'm very impressed and honesty there really yeah. Very impressive -- up a historic prison take care I dig others -- side's innings app Rashad Jennings.

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