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Rashad Jennings on playing with Pryor

Sep 20, 2013|

The Raiders RB looked at playing Denver on Monday night, and the interesting way he preps for a game

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    No voice NBA he's got a shot against a war years and no rain here. Ring pop up pure and simple over the pluses and they can. I'm in the early days now on. Life on the. It's great. As a good minute. OK okay this is the low low we'll I'll start my head Rupert pop as left does. For the glitz and glamour of TV once again so he can be a five dollar parade goes close look at this load. Or look at this and then. Maginnis dagger in done. Visitors could give them big head. One you see them all really leads. Well nobody in the let me take a giant straight away just for a second I know he's human dirty work. Please take them giants parade go when you're kids like the first call plugged in Southern California we go down to the Rose Parade go ahead and listen that you know I've been a lot of. Braves once you've been no one then that's in this one on saints forced parades are different but I'm saying parades in general Phyllis boards out. New Indy racing down like they were today. To stand writing brilliant as it was raining for a regular old parade. For floats and fire trucks and end but tonne twirl her I would be good dad. I like your BRA guy and I love parades man little per day I don't deer for the circus. But I love for you really. No because I think the circus is like cruel to animals to keep a lion caged up all that time. And then crackle weapons they know you're gonna stand on that bus did I don't care or you lost your balance crap again and you know now I can't do this circus. But a parade the big fire engines you can Carolina instead of advance. You'll set a scenario like I tell other. Water cooler next to me I still love parades when they were literally are not now program. I'm not their their big guys now are too cool to hang out their death. I think it is it is a giants parade gay we will give you some of the coverage as well. I'm I also like this I don't birdie was in about a week you'll do after you know like sixty seconds did just give you some Corey does try to negate. I'm Brody was in about I don't week or so ago when he was talking about me in May be the same way to your TV guy. He likes sports guys do when sports. Any nice news guys doing news like when you go outside your elements Hillary's in all the newscasters like. The giant had good I don't know yeah. Yet you know I got there or is tied out of like they've never been out AT&T park well you know ahead of their reacts Burleson and and so easy so like that in his same thing today cell. I'm watching the coverage in every new sales now of course she got to be downs million. But they all go down there and there decide how and then they they live on camera the journey C did you did did spin off and I know we've already seen. The phrasing Goji ms. Winston suspended. He per right now. Somebody yelled at a note that somebody. I'm not I'm officially not the worst dad in a world anymore. On a kid that was probably Georgia's age probably ten maybe younger. So is girls get interviewed you know you at the site they report go to love the diets out Greg it is says that he you know puts a might not live by Kimberley girl and she starts talking this is. And then the red and. Nine year old kids just run trying to be written and yeah but he's added more live my men like camera. If that's your kid the kid had any victim could mean more than 101 the most shouldn't he be in school now come. We don't have no idea and now all right now you get an off day today why I went down their with the market and I watched. And in the 7 and 12 am intend to all the kids are clot easily climbed and it's obvious things a fire trucks are down there on the kids you can get today off today. Timmy is a day off today this is like it to be no matter what grade there and yes. I get a learned today it's more important in the high school seniors should just take the day off forget about zest I presume I'm not trying to get into college the giants just won the World Series. Might go. The world should just I don't know why do you go to school today we ask is what all the kids learn today in school. More than hey I was at that parade and I know they've gotten spoiled three last five years but this may not have forbid he calls as each kid gonna get if you aren't out there by 4:30 this morning and you're probably not even gonna be able to see bruised boats these big asking him and I break OK there's so far back you can't think anybody look I don't know anybody. They seem ready necessarily sister about you were at the event he rumor fourteen when they want it number twelve when they want it. It was there when we're known. Aubrey Huff pulled out that seemed to oh draw what a big brown stain related to the crowd yellow so glad I didn't go out. And I died 5795. If you could take the kid and I know a lot of people say it's raining or you don't deal that trafford you don't come across the bridge earth it whatever a lot of people come down I don't know it's going to be a million like they said it was in 2012. It's going to be a lot of people we've seen it they said we're about two blocks away from the parade. I I NM no problem. Taking my kids the parade today. No I would have to talk you out of that I would say Georgia so educated man he doesn't wanna go he rather be in class. They can watch it once you grant you glass in Portugal TV at school on snow and ice time. Look at that tree I. He's perfectly they're gonna sock on TV in an area Qaeda I let it go and now we got to get to a few things in today's Athens I. Hanging out mental problems male plumber. This group of warriors they they were wrote the whole time. Really produced their permission throughout. Well this team went through a lot this year for the increase Cain gone more worse the wildcard muse is rumored to prove we've gone down we do this on the road really going to saw. Of course that's verse photo Julie Guy descended BS head. I did this idea reaction if you if it obviously you might be at the Brady right and headphones on or whatever but if you go to the bride would take you get out and out is that a big deal and India was anything about it I was a Montreal there's a ton of kids down there. That's the thing I was wants in the morning news yeah and I think he had all the way iron two whale watching news people cover sports who actually enjoyed the team. Is the person that you know only watch one baseball game all season which was Danes seven. The news guy who jumps out on the street is that I can do all the interview than don't know anything about to those are the one that's painful. A lot of good news anchors and reporters. Who know a lot about sports and do a very good out there. However. When I. Why you're not dreaded double because I know you give me NIC they'll tell you don't make a man let you know rush but I was a sports yeah he's just a nice guy and he'll do I I don't know I knew this guy you know and I did or yeah absolutely ours did you do I used to do the crime be. I didn't I committee and the crimes you know bit if there is like gang wars we go on the lights in the brother out there you know he'll be all right did you say well I was out apparently no and down they were doing a live shot to Mexican gains. Or at all at this company may have slipped out there and they've pointed the camera. At the guys pals who just got killed. And I like our man but we are across the street announced today yeah bullets Diego I'm a hacker are. About ten minutes before we even went on air three bought those came up to minera like a home and you better tell your photographer point the camera and another direction. And the photographers stepped up unlike assert that we're not on your property I sit on our next hour. A picture I think you just trust a guy I don't care or not. I'll like technically we don't have to turn all yellow like you know can readily be asked of like no we're not doing that dude just turn the camera we don't want no issues out here wow. That's crazy this is like six hours after the the guy had been killed so it's rough out there while you're trying to cover news story but yeah I used to do the crime beat him right now. Men whom I respect. I doubt words we can't look into that that plays the a lot of people are saying it will get done against the lakers on Saturday blazers. On Sunday on the road. The raiders are in Seattle this weekend saw amusing about that there is some news on the Ray McDonald front on the illegal. Front of Ramadan when he's got the lay silly at the way I look low and fast that's again that's agency story. All right so yellow stuff as well but tell you had a date economists do this over you know we did yesterday we just did that mum mad about man mum mad men and for good reason. For good reason. But there is. There's an interesting angle that we need we under discussed yesterday we'll tell you medical and nice that finds him in writing by Mercedes-Benz a sound system saves and open your Mercedes wedding. I'm allowed to promote the vice 1800 new Benz dot com by the way making employment from Brendan Bell today 1230. Life for me wet. Kerr. Life later went far I'm sure we'll I'll be going pretty soon so. The zionist controlled thirty said the tops are going to be down about anyway so that I relatives during a session. Call us now it's just water this guy is just Waterloo on man it's not. So no it's not cold out there are bowl where wetlands area this is her way out ideas win out beyond the mood you're in demand is really. Media good news in pop let's listen to you again side effect Symbian and there's been some sort. You heroes night. 9570. Texas at 95795. I would have been happy Friday no bureau outstanding Bob is on TV today Andrew averted Zeng now. Purdue hands you know. But usually get from my city now a little scared to Virginia this Halloween. Then isn't it share but we have. We have seeking shares here's ABC since the series he can probably back governor of the sink down there and make your little especially when you're heavy like main menu make this month. So having I guess socks on my toilet seat in home. David said minutes. Thank you Brendan Bell they're coming. Friend girl live from a car but they're not in the cars in Ireland. They're just got to start there there are doing the bus biggest Gary slower today into the Rainer I think it's going to be slower number one. Be in a car guy you don't wanna keep pumping the brakes. Quickly in the rainy mess is the bad idea and it just started raining not to long ago also the oil slick it's just sit and ran on the top of the surface right now it has been awhile and everybody's kind Freetown but does. I think it's funny is no jump in some things some impressions are not Massimo mariner related from the series itself. I think it's funny is is I'm watching the coverage remember 2012 member 2010 and her one of the things that they did. And James are now with ESP endeavor that she was running with the Karzai was is asking me for a new cars and I really like mini barge looks like she's going to be running with cars. That's what I heard out would be the most thankless job ever especially on a rainy day. There's a high chance in this day and end the way that. The Internet works as we well know is it a little viral I don't know I didn't seem issues she's wearing but. I got a thing I I gotta think that if she's chasing guys not they're going fast but they are going a mobile limited speed. An armored 2000 told didn't Sergio Roma have to pick Jamie up in like shields fell one time so we're in now wasn't rainy. So and so I can seem may need like taken veterans cemetery grammar in a nag on viral naming Mary bash. You walk in side by side with the Carolina and Romo was so pumped up he's like get out there did appear grabbed a winning ground there she is like really jump her foot. Rolled to the side and the car started to speed up the series about the did. You know manhandled out there have been brought Melissa are all dives into the blue screen of losing gets up there. We were just laugh and bank of the things like thank goodness she's okay that could have been a disaster. And so low to get there don't let's go and and with all that stuff and we helped out some guys when they get to the end of the parade. And they do although the stuff DNA neighboring of the during guys embers farm team right Sabine in those kind of things. Well will go to that's a little bit later on the show as well sores the game itself. Deservedly so we talked a lot about Madison bomber yesterday made it it if you look at their championships I think community championship. And you say who's the most dominant guy and people were talking about pitchers they're cursing him out pitcher a pitcher pitcher to meet the then. The best comparison is Reggie Jackson's three swings three I runs I've never seen a pitcher. Because the thing using twelve you had a few good pitchers in ten it was Cain and Lincecum you had one guy. You know peavy wasn't in when you gaining Hudson inherit ran out of gas you were. You're very sketchy with the certain guys who you would or would not use the bullpen I was musing Jean my GI was news hunter Strickland I wasn't. I was even nervous about a Lopez the lefties and that's why. For him to go five innings only discuss all yesterday and we we we know that whole thing. But I think the thing that it if you look at a theme unending hymn to winning in 2014. Doesn't have to be very. Every day other than Lincecum. 24 guys contributed to this whole thing the other guys you can pick out every guy I threw a name out you can automatically. Say oh yeah he did that you know Matt Duffy had a key of that Brendan Bell who's going to be on a ten minutes or a home run in the eighteenth. I eighteenth inning. If you can go down every single guy and say oh yeah he did that he did that he that he had ever even even Buster Posey to a lot of people organ enrollees in MMX rays hit. The only handled the staff a pretty even. Average so I mean I might have been the worst staff outside of Madison mum garner might have been the worst staff to ever win a World Series really think about it. She couldn't trust half his bullpen by the final game. His starter in game seven Tim that's was at a gas it would one in the third. Jake Peavy was terrible on the World Series he he he peace that thing together. And by the end that's why half felt had to go where he had to go because any of the starters he could bring any of the marine Lincecum in game seven. So anybody who you're gonna bring in maybe it was going to be a starter even one of the things he did wrong was in game six he brings in the teeth in the middle of an inning he's more to start than he's a reliever. We always during the playoffs he couldn't bring him and eliminating so by the end the bullpen roles like token we used by the end the starters earth. 11. Guy. I've talked to the pictures PV. And Hudson they just got too emotional you know I could tell the day before elect while this guy is either gonna have an excellent outing. Or very poor outing they didn't look comfortable. Especially TV he was sit next to his kid that was an awkward setup. Why are you all the way to the left and two other guys are planned up to your side I mean this is the World Series there's no time to play. Is that it's a distraction intentional or what but I was like yeah. Locked in if that's how you're coming to your press conference or. You're so comfortable you're about the blow these guys away. It was you know the latter he's just struggling with a Hudson. Same situation you know sixteen years and league been waiting for this game seven he was looking forward to it so much in just. A laid an egg but the bottom line guys out yeah so jags have I think so. And they had bombed demeanor completely the opposite you would think is just your ordinary game. Headed into the all star break or something and it showed on the mound I mean just relax and everything will be fine. I know I said that he brought this up so I'd been in some just bobbed and my and as I was gonna be a mad free zone but let me just. Right now are given what he just accomplice to the age of 25 and I know what kind of season claim Kershaw had he's going to win the Cy Young in a landslide. He's probably going to win the MVP just because there's really nobody Giancarlo Stanton was very good there's a few guys out there and he could make a case for burly he's probably you know when both. So you don't win MVP and Cy Young but given the season that he had. When you rather have Madison and garner season would you rather have Massimo emerge feature when you rather have a guy I don't care what you do Tuesday night against Milwaukee I just I don't. Guys who are who go down in history the Montana's the jeers the Jordan's. I don't really remember regular season games those guys I remember post season games ever Jordan hit a shot over OR over a Brian Russell. In Ira were Jeter getting hits in the World Series. Armored Joseph Montana throw it to John Taylor I don't really remember what he did to regular season game. And that's the whole thing is if you had a choice to make right now would you still take Kershaw again in the great season had a would you. Noted Massimo garner could once you've got there. And given what Clinton would have been a curse onto in the Clausen look deciding game I don't thing was is faltering demand we could pull them out earlier got him on short rest. I'm but he lost week regardless what you say he lost twice in the cardinals. So who would you rather have rain on the guy who's proven that you do in the class a guy who's proven he can do and regular season. I want and a World Series ring so if you're with the giants and mad bone he's your guy. And obviously you're stick one bad bump but I say the other teams in the league if you had to pick one or the other you gotta go Kershaw up a guy's unbelievable man. A guy is fun believable. And I don't care what happened in the playoffs that's the playoffs but I think he'll do better next season it and get there believe it in this thing and. I think that was so good about mum garner throughout the season though was. All the sudden he's using that high fastball above the hands all the sudden he sees in the curve ball as the Al pitching and keep it throughout the season he changed things up. The key to a pitcher is okay he seems one time you line up and then I'll listen he can change to a different dire. Some guys like Hirsh on your right. Because on the same stuff over and over and over and just say look like you don't disguise for Asia on the lackeys who can't hit me among garner did was he would change things up. You know okay we're third time through new York new miss his versatility in the weight he can attack hitters are impressive. I mean we had 25 a 74 miles per hour curve ball. And then just switch it up in the right about eighty. And that's gonna keep guys off balance especially young better whenever he's really keep people got a 67 mile an hour curveball in the NLCS league was good he don't like ending. Some baseball drab greens are only three times during the year and think allows Estrada there. What are the balls to do that no one it was good. I mean especially in a tight game you wouldn't try them I can see if you're up by a 45 runs and say let's try this now. Scary with a guy did. Tiger doesn't want your kid going to parade by the way give us your thoughts 95795. You wanted to be an adult only think constituency and he had a massive impact at this relates his tirade. But evening. Only allowed people out of from pull their kid out of at a school today. My kid if I could have them he's got to work. All that fans just. This kid at this kids intend to guard and take him cars are made second grade you learned today third grade. Fourth grade go to school. Brent about coming up next he's not quite in his car yet it's wet out there are so we'll ask him how things are going to go. And then of course love relive the World Series credibility joins us each week going and I'm 57 game and here's Newsome forced fourth. Do you five point seven big game. I've floodwall that was really deep to right field way back in goes it's sailing it's. Well now rebel. The San Francisco's John. I believe many may need then they don't want. But the back will also online indoor pot on TV today. Of course Brendan Bell says we talked about countries and from just about everybody and he had the eighteenth inning home run. Two oh win it there and he joins us every week. And he joins us now and I know you're out there in the rain today Brendan how's that gonna affect this or pray differently from ten and twelve. Well go play were arguing they will be right on the opened. You're pretty well but you know I didn't really matter where have a great time out here about the scale of what have they got you. It's going to be you know just packed up there an apparent a lot of fun. How how much does it blow you away when you're sitting there and I know and twelve the estimated about a million I'm sure it's going to be the same even though billion weather conditions there are rainy. When you go when you're going down the street there in tenure seen me all these fans who know what's going through your mind. Obviously you through is unbelievable really I mean. I can't imagine many other teams defenders like we do here. Our ministry amazing that you know. She'll not in night out from the ballpark and then appearance fees and horrible away and all they ought to come out to do the bridge worst but I got taken that a lot of government pursued you're excused golf course. I. Either way is still pretty cool. It is pretty gods gave man it's crazy and in twelve I thought I'll take the train down that we bettered out of you or does what it was like 6 in the morning. And there's people shotgun and Beers or drinking Jack out of the bottle I think I smelled we know so. This year in fourteen I wish I just drove inserting should be fine but it is it it just turns the city of say dad it's fun isn't ago. Yet the blast not only bring this bad about the traffic drink at all hardest order all rated by. Our best which you have which he expects her mother's video from these statements other you're gonna packet out there have been a lot of fun. Are talking Brandon belt of course the Brady is today. Here and I'm 57 game let's. Let's talk about the series itself. Just going through a little mad bomber is probably the biggest stories let's just start there the way that he pays too as he was like he was a cyborg when he comes inning game seven. And throws over sixty pitches you stand there watching this thing first and what do you think can. There are so how hard director writer wondered what exactly what he did did I mean really does put them up and legendary status I mean. Firmed determinant pitched games. We don't want shut out. I don't give of one rhyming Kamerion EF five infinity of pretty unbelievable army in these carbon Matt Blunt force all your boat you know when what matters most he really steps up and he put in my shoulders and he produced pictures. It on its interest in junior guys got a lot of guys like this in this and onion team where. We column here slow breeders I mean he just in nothing seems to get to hand me you know it's it doesn't matter the crowd it doesn't matter what's going on around images seems like. It you know nothing no big deal it when you talk to on between innings or when you whatever it is he just is his post is so slow like that we've talked you know. Absolutely. And the moment never gets too big from Madison and that's what makes social special I mean. It doesn't matter perpetually in the air and you know middle of June or troops there in October he's gonna go out there and do it stay in any you show that during the World Series then bella got that he's. One of the main reasons why we want. As far as contributions go you know it was interesting I was looking at at stats before game seven and you could literally pinpoint every guy from Matt Duffy you just had a a couple of bats to your hit the eighteenth inning in Brandon Crawford and the defensive play by panic or you guys turn a double play glove to go on we are talking about then a second but. I mean literally every guy on this post season roster if you point into a meal Hunter Pence Daniel Pablo has hit the ball very well you guys. It just seemed like every guy contributed how great is that knowing that it doesn't matter which guy is going up to the plate or in the field for that matter. You're getting contributions from everybody on the roster. There are a perfect grade earlier. It's our account that's fine and then during the coach realized. You know everybody puts fear in other hard working her body contributes to get twelve wanna be. And you know if it's critical we don't have the real you know stroke. Rely on one particular player everybody's. Could hear her body works so argued this point and I whenever we meet my step up they do it I mean if he. We don't support to whatever somebody go down there in the regular season you what got into this year. And Matt Cain knows too big players are painful when they go down you have liked to go to step up so I'm consolation to you some Adrian so much fun to be at auto. You know we talked all season long and I know you're frustrated and and with the with all the things we're going on but to have it end in this fashion. How does that feel after all the things you've gone through all season long. How it's just surreal side. I really want to get back in the employer based voted guys here in I knew we had a great teams well under a lot of fun playing with barely nudged wanted to get back. And you know on who would be those supporters in the strait of people around him being admitted so much easier. And shall gratifying to be clear here and have a good friend. You know it's amazing to you a name for 26 Norah series at 308 we talked to a lot of times about what how we know you've got your timing would mean it certainly seemed like. You and then Mike Morse you know he can go on the field but he had a heck of I come running at a sacrifice finest single and then in the game decider. How I'm debacle or is it for a guy like you were mores to come in there after having so many injuries and and just be thrown right into the playoff the World Series chasing residents seem like you let's get to me. Illustrated mr. Levy Bud Light up so your worst. Go hard work you put it would move forward you know bad they don't forget transition a little bit easier but. Think your that you know. The hardest part of you know what huge accounting backing you gotta go to the playoffs we got praised the best pitchers in the entire big league I found an actual bits up or don't make too many mistakes in the playoffs well. But why you appeared to turn the whole worm dirt. Bhavesh Richard we distribute its immutable score runs but. Yes if not extremely easy but I think you wouldn't we have a determination. I myself and I can. There it doesn't make that transition will be easier. I cylinder ball gets popped up in game seven and you know pot you know Perez after the triple which lululemon let me back up. Alex Gordon had said triple what's going to your head because I you know it looked to me like he didn't get out of the box real fast he stumbled around second base I'm not sure you were on the play. And then 101 pres kicks in left him I'm thinking if he gets out of the box really fast he probably goes inside the park there's so you guys that you go you guys go from two out we got this thing. And outscored hits a triple it's gone through your head. There was just over not a power in the scenario that's an hour right there comment I'm told everybody most people affairs. Super bad heart burn right there they do figure comes up to but I mean it was just ridiculous. But if so are you know when you have curriculum America right they expect them to do well. And he did army just Welker did it grade and adjusted it didn't matter at that point. I think another thing they'll turn our record was watching them put a Mercedes signs burned over and over here and now just thinking you know what after. It received certain pitches actual wallet or to get just do it. A little triggered a little right but. The way Matt but was going to do game over a couple of boil all of Paul Dolan. Probable glove on his cutter cars that I didn't. Despite my glove are not sure why go through this stuff up Julia relief that it was finally over we deity here and are you so happy lose a major until it. That's got to be an entry I don't know if one is better than another but just this year as you said the adversity that you guys faced this year with all these injuries you mentioned Cain Amber's got in yourself and Morrison. LA it's just so unlikely did did it feel better doesn't feel the same what does it what does it feel like. I think dirt than ball in her little different I guess for me I mean the first we're always special. But I think now you don't. Even though I didn't realize that there are realizing even more now how hard it is to get this one how much work it beat Pete would point. Any and how much what do yet I had to get this point you know you see how. Players know their entire careers without making an. Just says but he has done commitment chartered boat to go out there and feel good parent. Did you do it would reduce its own what a lot of fun I'm not sure to pick or the other though. I so we do when you're right in the parade today gimme your family with you William we don't. I've a wanna put me what circuit veco which are supposed to go what it would be very nice. It sounds good men hate. I know I speak for illicit as well we degrade timing now we all season long thing so much for a make in the time for us and and again congratulations on the another World Series and have fun today in the parade. Personally think he got a really appreciate you have a great season and I really enjoyed it. Either you others Rendell add female nine Mason your thumb on Twitter. I don't see him yet he was probably tucked away in a little corner talking to us agree with that as Oregon and the rain. Now some have gone through. Some the of the dignitaries have gone through the players haven't. I'll be interested to see the players like which player do you think is most likely have like an umbrella because he doesn't like he's like pompano Sony is Harrell at. I and we'll just let it all flies like an utter pins he's got that like curly that he's not to have them. An umbrella but life. Man bums I'm gonna have an umbrella who's likely have an umbrella. I know one guy who doesn't care about an umbrella that's Sergio Romo does it's raining out there and just how off the bus. He stepped off the bus to start doing his walk along the crowd offered up in the C Abbott then president. And the flow does he have. The ZM I just look illegal again this now I knew he had gathered on Monday that you better not been. Aero is back with the all new season Wednesday's on the CW now you never have to miss a single episode downloaded in digital agency today and watch anytime anywhere for a chance to own a copy of season 21 Blu-ray is the contest page. At 957 game dot com. Explains a dosing and at this thing Henry out what do you exactly is a thing and get out of a championship and let sounds strange but I wanna explain myself coming up next and you remember. If you missed we went crazy yesterday and Chevy guy. He's in the truth machine today that was just us and the audio you don't realize. How close he came to passing out delisted at the dentist the audio don't must've video on it. And I got to tell you about some of the things that is things obviously gone viral gonna take about some of the things that people done it's out standing there are some Smart people out there. On like on the next common anymore for pop on TV today. On the 957 in the various news seven sports. It's football. 95 point seven thing. Fueled by football. Does this happen Friday. Hopefully you've got a senior here at the parade John Lennon Wilford. We just had a whole debate about Chevy guy again I'd I just ask you how some things just completely be fun are you that they've just. The World Series has been moved from game seven has been overshadowed by this guy you're losing a culmination of his father said yesterday fat bastard. And and Chris Marley and rob Ford either think a combination of those three guys. And it's just it's all you can talk regularly and it means he's always got it for ten minutes and I got it I wanna look this. I once your team he's part of the truth machine Chevy guy technology is stuff. And I'm. But if we played in its entire W willow one bit and I wanna get your opinion on because you're a TV guy you know this tonight. I was on Yahoo! last night and I debated this with cozy Lauren everybody in the studio and every break and I kid you this is what happened every single break was. Should she Erin Andrews and jumped in what the deal what would you judge is is it is it fair and barbecue this guy. What does this guy was your boss examine this guy is some kind of a big wig. So you know a day like today like. If if our boss Jason I went on TV. The other treat your boss of a certain amount respect real big dough on TV like dads go they meaner and they are I'm legally does. You know. I I don't get to this too much damage is one good thing. The first sports did I ever did on the radio. I had these three by five cards right and sunny like TV like on radio you can be a complete mess but if you just talk in the mind there's a bid so much use energy because on TV got a compose yourself look a certain way. It can't be looking panicky or whatever looked down. But all of a sudden I say I album of the magazine is downloaded a little major sports a day. I don't know what they did with my left hand I hit it off and all eyes card's a wise I got nothing and so they and I are trying to pick among the music's good. I'd put him up until late because. In other only like sixty seconds on their on the music so I get off like one story in and automatically you're gone. And my and they guide to burger is running down the hall like. Noses and I I I don't know how technology and stuff. So I mean I know what that's like a losing home style would get in this later that when it looked like did you ever on the mumbling first brush as long lol he's. Absolute like every market they use switch over to it's almost like the worst day of school or are gunning. And you know they bully hyped you up for like two weeks when I got this new guys coming through he's awesome new wave S wave better and the guy that we don't you might get your boom goes the dynamite oh man it is a nervous so that's why don't wanna laugh at this man shabby guy but when you start explaining him. And you specially especially when you do it in that Sacramento Kings or Sacramento Omar did your funny Murray. I'd just lose that mail but you shouldn't make a lot of video on don't you realize that. Why fight powered by OnStar. That there on screen. Think I said this before they say that I swear will move on. We're raiders head gorgeous today right and and pop ass see a more Bob says it's far. Linebacker for the raiders he says man an interception you should hating your hands and must be that. If you screw something up Vinny got a drop and give them a disease still a young player you if you drop interception or he's do something I'm sure. There around the facility. You got a drop and do ten push and pull. Obvious as man interception it was Jimenez mouth CO drops India and gives us ten wizards and I was so I say don't you gotta do that every time we are millions yeah. He's even breathing hard so he is he drops push ups jump right back on Thursday headset on his breathing at all. Meanwhile semi guys are hall. If you forget debris if you're nervous. You forget to breathe. And I think what happened to show me guy. If he tried so memorized. Now I know you can't did tell you when you're doing alive so I'd just answer the question don't try to memorize because if you jump over word all of a sudden you're gonna stumbles. And about what you gonna set and then you're like such an air like there's no tomorrow like. I think I was gonna die I don't I tell you I was gonna next all of handle handed him like a nice little paper bags are blowing suggest. We'll talk about it. A by the way it is a football Friday identifies him again Roger impart by the Ford source in the under oaks card club and any kind Toyota. I thought I was thinking about this for the show so. If you're a fan and you've lived the ups and downs of the season now three in five years it's great. But you get a parade OK today is critical to go now and the operator may be watching on TV or maybe just needs a lot of people most fans can't do anything but you get a parade. You get pride so leave your giants fan that true giants and the thinks he knows they are but the if you've been around for a long time. You know you you can Wear a shirt with pride you get here you know champ sure where adapt. And any bragging rights which is probably the number one thing the fan wants right Iraq are on the office of course and it's like my teams the champs right. For example did a great example my son you know George absolutely he's ten. And he was really angry then next day so yesterday I'm bringing him to school and he's just in the worst mood ever nice and what's the deal. He likes both teams. He likes the a's and the giants but the thing is he likes the a's a little bit more they've let go on the field he threw a first phase state he likes proteins we lysine is a more. So I guess get a bat with one of his classmates his best friends of the giants Fannie he's just being silly and George the whole time but this through through this whole thing. And I literally had to pull the car overnight said look. Is is frenzy is Alex is inflict Alex is gonna give Eli agreed to pay you gotta be bigger and you know I said what you have to do is. Yet to say you've got to him credit. It'll Massimo mark was great what the giants were really good he got to take the ammunition away from them right they don't mean because if you don't own. And they're just gonna Dick beat it's gonna turn no I don't read about it I sent her and I suggest you do that I should take the ammunition away. You don't give the giants credit dude idea suck Dick must have the school what happens he indeed that. I in the heat you outs is my friend you are not friends because they thought all day long because he was is rob and he did that every single turn. And he's ten so imagine what adults are doing like around the office I know certain guys I get cubicles that's one of the re the that's one of the main reasons why Wright is you wanna have brownie points at. Work bill to say my teams the champ and that's maybe the best thing you get out of it is meant a daily basis like he. I can see people coming to blows rye all the time. You know it's it's like the people who say well the giants are just the lucky instinct. You're just adding fuel to a fire please I don't know the giants one I went to the diehard giants fans in the newsroom because I'm constantly yellen always all day here. And I I gave them a fist pump I say man you guys did it you guys are the best. Because one type idea they're gotten to a Fy ENN newsroom in Indianapolis. And I didn't and this is when the colts were very good there in the Super Bowl. I didn't go to the Super Bowl I was anchoring that weekend so we have like three man crew had to say that no greater friend. Diehard raider fan I got a little plastic helmet that I had. For like years and years has worked probably fifty cents but I put that big. The plastic helmet on and are run around touchdown raiders and they'll be like they're irony in jail ever writes well they're like you diehard raider is California guy. So when the Indianapolis. Colts won and I was over or type in mine in my own business and I saw where the biggest nerd who cool we'll have never yelled anything about the colts. Walked over to me is gonna say hey wait where did champions. She looked me dead in my. I mean it was like take that you still can raider fan like nose to nose are still the bison deer I'll beat the hell. Also saw a portion in your back and you'll be a die hard colts fan I I just but I said to myself. Unlike what you actually I told myself I should've just said dude don't ever let's say close and in my personal space by the way you guys are the champions. But I've been in that exact same position as Georgia is not a good for. When the moment you didn't handle it well. No idea yeah. Yeah. Yeah so hard. But that's the best thing you get out of that I am not seen is how words it's just he gets easier you get a parade and you get for one year you get to jump around and say were the champs. It's good. They were clearly the best. My home to earth machine coming up next session. A little played old Chevy guy Camille Little zip your you know once this thing you enjoy that seven yards. Just and I will tell you his story I did because I was doing DBS and I'm not been the policy yet you are but I did think some karma owed by me I didn't think they'd like. I don't think like I could I was gonna light. Freeze up like him like I but I thought maybe like. Granola you got my girl is a vascular labs aren't exactly dog and Bob. Don't get worse and he didn't even extend your muscles and really do this Davis at the bay you'll see. Why do you don't like blah blah. How the blatant lie light if it does that hair done and I got here ten minutes and dress it up yeah I'd try and went. You and I got a lot I get a lot of grieve Twitter like run my life I don't know that I am. More on beer and you're not then I am very strict we see it is that coming up next. A medicine by America's gonna go through it Eric Hosmer go and serve abandoned Chevy guy next Jon Lundin grew over coherent and fives of the university exams scored.

  3. Brock Huard talk about the atmosphere in Seattle with the Seahawks


    Fri, 31 Oct 2014

    The former Seattle QB & current radio host gave insight on the player chemistry in Seattle, and looked ahead to Seahawks-Raiders this weekend


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm a -- shot Jennings sees raiders running back of course you fall my Twitter app Rashad Jennings. -- -- -- I'm -- longer appreciate so I haven't known shall. Pleasure to have -- really good. I let's start here we we know about this. Hyperbaric chamber did you just did you get out and I think we did you sleep when that last -- -- that data. A bit out kidnapped and yesterday I honestly couldn't open night dark cap every night actually been. Religious. What does that what does that do for your body is Bill Romanowski our friend here he speaks about it with great passion. What what does it do for you. You know I got my. The pressure I mean fifteen feet below street level in a punch and a 100% pure actions -- on the committee it -- any Al on a cellular level. And that the -- recovered energy here at this visit -- so president order a lot of work. I'm in position -- So Sunday night after a game you do climb right into that thing and it how many days we stay in that. Yet and then right after gangs are open chamber away a couple of more memorable by the work. Our own and make sure I'm alert their amendment academic assistance. Yeah is pretty loud volume trouble sleeping when you're in it. Now it is it's a lot of -- -- on. -- That it is Cody made an out of people like I am I spoke -- -- I don't know how the world I headed out. You know work well it to a -- Is the benefit. Of -- aren't so where. Does it. It cost me mart from a year better and better our car got -- sometimes. Pick up Shankar has an art school. And on a -- made in the parchment and about it. Auto -- -- that are. That's awesome I admire what you're doing -- Romo did this for years and -- spending money out of his own pocket. And it is gonna benefit the team I'd like to see that I should go lot by -- -- -- -- set you were a seventh round pick -- took only -- this first -- got millions of dollars you can meet you you went out and it's been a quite -- but not much money you still the same car they give a new car now. I am not very much parity in the league an uptick in a like investment. I really can't control the bus embarrassment. We don't pass by the whole interview on his but it is intriguing duel and talk about it. So obviously you can't put like a California king and their canyon big huge fan -- woody Woody -- and -- -- -- -- Other daughters I mean how how can your rollover what did you do there. Yeah yeah yeah and in -- mark but it can't -- Matt Matt is excited and -- take up that playbook. I like and not read some -- sorts. -- -- -- -- -- They are we gotta talk football I'm his transplant I'm impressed says you know this level of commitment to your -- -- I am impressed Basilan is rarely let let's talk some football but. At -- so you have a girlfriend are alike for. So is -- so is it a double or single. Player. It's -- -- -- usage isn't like leave it and you're like you're sleeping in there and I'll see you Monday morning. Again it's item item in -- personal well today I just wondered at that level right now let me. We lost the sleep -- as well you know that's that's great things -- let's talk about your running game -- it went off last week Charles obviously and you guys who lead the league. And a 198 and a half your rush yards. Per game talk about how effective you guys have been on the ground. We've got a chance because -- -- up front been able to match trying to same unit. And you know a lot of preparation ago and it flew open court -- -- -- -- And how -- prepare a little. All during the day and now and it well -- happen. Quarterback who who had the ability to make wage. When everything breaks down and you know we're we're on purchases we -- put together that are. We're we're happy where we're at what we have a lot to work on I'm still don't there will be. You know are that they are and critics. Nature's -- spell a word about it -- and now whenever we -- when the game as -- Or at all or whatever it is so all of tragically on so much and. I gotta say I just love watching Tony Sparano and the offensive line work the polling in the double -- it's been fascinating to watch than the one question that I have for you. There's the -- talk in the offseason was all going from zone blocking scheme to powerhouse and the power -- power pulling guards. And we saw that when you had Matt Flynn a quarterback and he can play under center. Not -- rails in the in the gun the pistol his backstage side parents behind him you're behind and can you run the full volume. Of power football. Out of the pistol formation. Noted that that's the beauty and it is that you can't -- not one player that you can I run out of the -- allergic -- run on in the -- doesn't -- president. Trickle out are one game doesn't tickle in Iraq Iran stands Doug pray take away from up poll on blockers. -- particulate -- and they're just makes it difficult because to prepare for. How is it running out of the we've talked to Darren about a before there is an adjustment Frank Gore cross today he still adjusting to in the niners have been doing control while. Is there an adjustment period -- and how do you like it. It just -- you know just don't work. And next it's. And that settlement understanding that beat it will warn you couldn't understand -- -- trying to accomplish a -- incident -- the possible defense. And -- have a brand awareness where. You know -- in the day. Truly at the end of the day obsolete. This is not too many ways runners are on the marching anywhere empowered as well. -- -- a physical at the point tracking movement changed. But you know -- adjusting to the pistol underneath the morning and I'm not a particle ought to part of -- -- back in in hours as it barreled straight to. Are we to -- pride and make sure that we are more supple -- The Jacksonville Jaguars were in last week in your your former teammate Maurice Jones-Drew was in the Bay Area high school legend. You need to get a chance to talk to him all he looks like to me -- -- -- breaking down physically right now. -- -- so lawyers merges in tremendous -- about my got -- chancellor Angela bump and much summit that bill and there's -- to catch them before and after -- And you know these are no worries he works are in between or are about right back Albany implicated in armored change. Grades suffer shot thanks for a few minutes your time sorry that we assessed over your hyperbaric chamber and will -- a wealth of knowledge a gracious thing. -- not pay any -- -- looked a bit -- and other. At any time you're you're fabulous I'm very impressed and honesty there really yeah. Very impressive -- up a historic prison take care I dig others -- side's innings app Rashad Jennings.

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