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Jon Gruden on possibly coaching again

Sep 23, 2013|

Papa caught up with the former Raiders coach and talked about the current Raiders team, and stories from coaching in Oakland

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd love your line about Terrelle Pryor. He looks like Julius Peppers. There's your quarterback this big this strong this bastion. You know -- Mike Ricoh and I did the Rose Bowl -- state against Oregon I want down on field C Chip Kelly. And I saw prior -- look like -- peppers and realizes that big. And when he's that fast and that that you can see why -- some success talking about the times that with a six hour film session I know. And yet you and your your your boys -- with -- -- US and you took in the group and quarterback camp how much time to -- spend which -- -- to get him ready for the supplemental draft. I had -- -- do really with that. I spent a lot of time with -- at Ohio State Jim Tressel is a good friend of mine it's been a few days with the there is talk until. NN that Tampa for the QB camp what she did realizes forget the size and speed. Deep down underneath all of that is a guy with a great ambition to be great and he also realizes he needs help he's a raw unfinished product prospect and he was looking for help and I I admired. We're talking two -- three years ago when you're just getting -- TV you were talking about the spread game in college I was fascinated you were studying it. Now that it's everywhere in the read option -- okay can you win with this kind of quarterback in the -- I mean really -- when the whole thing. Apology when the whole thing because the Super Bowl is played at the end of the season. And I think hits. Contact takes its -- on these quarterbacks I don't know. That Terrelle Pryor can carry the ball eleven times a game and be a factor throw the ball in pro football. Because Super Bowl doesn't happen until you're nineteenth point. That's my biggest concern I think defense are catching up with that a little bit you can see. Griffin's -- three. Cap and it -- struggled the last couple weeks. It's got a lot to prove it Greg -- look at what he's done since he's -- -- -- -- they they they get the job in Carson -- -- quarterback. And they trade Carson Palmer they automatically. And that's when struggles and how it goes to Terrelle Pryor and three distinctly different offenses for three distinctly different quarterbacks. Only when you think about build your left that. Al -- that knowledge put. Not Watson left that let's move greatly barns are right tackle to left tackle -- at Tony Pashos we never meant. You're on your third left guard. Unbelievable job keep it competitive. Taken what every offensive player can do and given him a piece of the -- their -- for Jacoby Ford or something permit that there's something for Jennings. I admire that. You're the one fired up to tell me about going back to when you were tapping your vote on the does that. Quarterback coach and eventually he was sure he was roasting becomes -- background -- from the -- it came from the West Coast background. My only concern holes and I told us said. It is wherever you go it can't seem to get fired Mariucci got fired Dick Jauron got fired Linehan got fired. Sure I got fired nationally outside -- -- a call bad luck. And what was the reason if I try to remember that last game you coached. JaMarcus Russell took it to quit ten point lead a fourth quarter you JaMarcus Russell it took it took to mean -- biker Michael Bush the greatest day in my life was when in the Super Bowl against the raiders. And the worst day ever. But it -- to Wear the jewelry and it'll I don't know where that is launched just matters that you. That's obviously -- his way I honestly what what he noticed about what he's done with this team. Try to hire Dennis when he was with the falcons and Rich McKay wouldn't let -- contracts of my friend John. What he is is a aggressive coach. Who likes to surround himself with an aggressive group of players. And his scheme as aggressive you can see some of the things they did in New Orleans on film if they can stop the run. And get you on a predictable passing situation. His pressure packages as good as anyone's guess in the young guys an -- and above he's got some veterans and he's got a guy. Play and that the middle number 24. That you word you were there that was your first year when Al drafted Charles Woodson talk about the evolution number 24. Amazing you know when I was. With the raiders. He was a quarterback exclusively. And I can remember him playing really well that practice was a different story. So that's after practice would soon get the car with Charlie garner and Andre rise and I said don't go there get us. And I had to call Charles say look if you. Practice better I'll play on offense. And sure enough we put in Fremont personnel we started strong with some passes I use that as a bribe to get in the practice better. But over the course of the years he's really matured as a man. He's become one of the all time greats and to see him come back to the black -- finish I got tears in my eyes and -- -- last week it was just emotional. For him I known it was emotional personal coach for that person editors this is 1998 at nineteen yarder against the chargers yesterday Merrill Fremont. From Fremont Ohio I was born there and that's for Charles comes prompts whenever I call Fremont personnel. We handle package for Charles Woodson. No matter what we call he made it work so you were already got -- character. You're that I've already got terrorists that you don't really worry about -- genachowski still strong and a be interesting to see how he performs over the -- this season without -- thirteen years you have seen holder that battery was magnificent. And Sebastien Charles was arguably two of the race that -- their position in NFL history. -- best when he was young he was wildly out of power for lag but look at it wild again Agassi yes. Genachowski so he struggled missing kicks early in his career remember them overtime game -- -- 49ers. We Tim Brown had to get past the winning. But he struggled making cakes and struggled making it the curfew. But then came New Orleans we flew in on Friday. I didn't see Sebastien till Sunday morning at this be -- obviously very upset with. He would miss kicks now it's missing curfew not I had shown up at the hotel. So in the opening possession. We're gonna kick a 49 yard field and I want him in this just like yell and wring his neck he drilled it. Obvious first time that in the big you know. He was up and down up and down he's gotten it together -- personal life is where -- today. -- and watched it go back to that draft in 2000 that gets it that's an electorate to interact. But they usually first rounder Sebastien are well you want the Circuit City wide -- -- -- Sylvester -- also want Shaun Alexander because Napoleon Kaufman. As you know was considering retiring and I got wind of that I was really concerned my old boss Mike Holmgren was with the Seahawks when they were in the AFC west. Like I want Alexander Sylvester Morse and we had Joseph -- was pre kicker. We get genachowski and -- got to raider fans we listen Al Davis. Yes I was trying to policy but the two together. Tell -- about November the eighteenth to 2012 and you go back to the oh oh. Yes your black visor and you like that torture Bill Davis as just a really unbelievable day for me you know not not just. Going back to. The Oakland -- Facility in the stadium seeing some old friends but just. Rehash and that it the global traditional the raiders. And and that torch and what it's signifies. And a lot to them. And this year some time what stands. Bulls fans and Oakland are there unlike any others and I emotional thing. You -- -- clash obviously. Which has some great times together today that he passed away were coming up on the second year anniversary of the -- your thoughts when you heard that those problems. As. You know as terrible week we we clashed. But we also click. And we want a lot of games there I got a lot better I was for a lot of opportunities because. Salt. Obviously it's a great loss for me great loss for the raiders in a big loss for football. The raiders would Mark Davis. They're carrying Emma I think. An image of what this franchise is all about what they want to become and done as they always say in the data Stanley -- -- the raiders in the future. You know to did you now have any contact. After you were gonna we're -- discussion about you come back. I would say we had any contact. No we would see each other at the owners' meetings. But now. Pretty good coach again -- all -- -- is gruden to coach again you know because there -- fifty years old. Feel like I am coach generally in the current job that I have an opportunity to study a lot of film be around players that facilities watch practice. I do get the -- a -- in this tremendously. There are some things so elements all you know there are a lot of things I don't understand. Like what CPA is exactly what an illegal hit is I don't know if Pete and -- it's it can survive in today's game. But I do have an ambition. To coach someday. But I do appreciate where I am in the job I have on wanna try to get better when you see some day does that mean after your last it is. In college years and years -- I have anything in your mind about what you wanna come back I don't think you can plan for I never planned on being a head coach never planned on being a coordinator and never. Plan on being -- football. You know sometimes opportunities come in the middle of the night and I thought I get traded from the raiders either never thought I get fired from camp. Life is a funny. So I'm just gonna try to prepare myself the best I can't be good bad. In the right for one or call my name and have another opportunity comes I'll be really what was that -- like when you were treated. It was strange as it was shocking early. Lot went into that people really don't know his outward reaction. I was last year my contract. I got called middle of the night from Al Davis. And compensation evidently had been reached that's the con conversation and I -- realize what compensation was. Because it coaching to the Tampa Bay wasn't as good when I realized we couldn't have a draft pick for a couple years but. I come from Tampa my -- coach with the Buccaneers. Parents live in Tampa. So that was opportunity come close to home. But. You know as an emotional and difficult. -- ones to choose an eight million dollars. That's. Four pretty good players and maybe if you free agents because it kept. And what I did discovery is. You know players her very very important and draft choices are very very important that was a very tough obstacle to overcome. You Wear that ring that you wanna -- Tampa. But you're still greater pressure on yourself first job for coaching though. Moderator -- in your raiders I grew up with the raiders. -- -- my dad didn't coach for the raiders. Raiders fans. Yes absolutely and I consider muscle injuries you see my house again a nice little room where you would think I'm still with the raiders. Rader wrote an electric he's an artist every fifteen. I got a lot of old memorabilia -- got coaching job. You know I got. But dinner set up with the legends. So I got that camera the name of the restaurant -- there objective. Georgette -- -- Clarence Davis and Davis Gerald LaMont more upward. Jim plot walks out prevalent at golf Willie Brown -- on my staff and I have no wonder -- wanna lack. But I got chills homicide -- I've really got. You know I got excited. Being down there on the field with those guys I got stronger got more confident being around and I enjoy work for real issues. Like and speak of the raiders like being part. Thank you get negative make history in this.

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