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Jim Otto on the 2013 Oakland Raiders

Sep 26, 2013|

The former Raiders center stopped by for Legends of the Nation, and talked about the Raiders OL and how the team has looked through the first 3 games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB got into the hall of fame in in 1980 great to be joined once again. By Jim -- Jim Dario. Well I'm doing is gonna look at guys I didn't expect to be there there at the age where I haven't had bad break and LA got red beard. Certainly it's a pretty severe break you know I don't know how that happened. And it it bit bit I'm doing okay. The indestructible Jim I was like -- colander to refine. I watch and are you watching the team play that wanted to get your thoughts on the office supply can't even keep track to comedy left tackles they've had how many left guard you move the rights -- the left tackle. And get dizzy watching all of this. All these different players try to. Coordinate themselves on the offensive line are you watching the raiders play every week from the hospital room -- what do you think of the offensive line of particular agent. I watch every week I watched the entire team and how much looked like -- very wide receivers would be sent them back and everything and especially remotely offensive line. Because. I don't know that we have a lot of young people where a lot of people out of -- played together. As I've played not that lowered the raiders over the years we. We have -- -- slides when we actually. Had play together for awhile and we we. We spoke together we get together we went out drinking a beer together that we did all those things together me and this is something that I think that would react to do with these young guys you have to understand. -- European -- bureau brotherhood to a certain degree. And you know I'm looking for that I'm open for that leadership out there. We've got some great specimen so often overlooked remember it just a matter of you know. That -- blocked everywhere we're talking about are put all the newspapers and I'd like to feel a bit more power at the operative line Menendez. Driving the bar because off the ball a bit in the run the runners an opportunity shoot. Gilmore and did make some yardage so. Dirt you're good athletic program by -- opening prayer at 400 -- are. That's got -- well look at them IQ a lot of good things she's mostly been spectrum be improved. But I'm not going to be one to criticize because I'm sitting here. In the hospital that Stanford with a broken right. -- motto is great enough to join this course raiders hall of Famer led the nation live from raiders headquarters John -- poppy are not 57 game. So having said that I it what you said about continuity that's really interesting because now you look at there on the third or fourth left tackling got to move -- from the right side of the left side and and you -- you know you got a bunch of guys who aren't used to playing where they're playing in -- just trying to get together. What is fair to expect from the -- days of from a line it's been thrown together like this. -- -- -- You. You do what I guess you expect to get everyday when its chairman then you're looking for improvement you look emperor. Certain thing after doing a certain spot in her eyes. Certain. Had the desire that they may have to your. You know. Do the job properly and there and execute. And and if you want to close about you see some execution that didn't she try to that in and that makes it feel good. Is she certain things that it be right now I would. Practice every bit I would view it more but I only -- him. Former. Pre season games and also the first few Little League games. So that's what you look forward your open floor and milk and put that little spark that. One of those players that it'll probably go over the other players to the other player on the alive and it goes along you got yourself or -- recent group. That you know blows blows off those guys talk a lot scrimmage. Yeah I'm your your. Walkers -- are about yardage in there and stuff like that your patch protection has Chris been. And you get government. That's that's what I looked for a look where that and every place. You obviously like the power game in the downhill and -- goes straight ahead blocking scheme it. And the raiders are playing the Washington Redskins on Sunday it was Mike Shanahan and Alex gives them in -- brought the the outside zone stretch run and and Darren tried it last year with Greg Knapp and struggled and seeing you know Tom Cable run with the raiders and have some success. Talk about the differences in the in the two philosophies is Al Davis just did not like. That zone running scheme -- -- the -- -- just would not hold up in the pass protection -- Jim but talk about it has received a lot of teams to bowl. And we see some teams run mainly power some teams runs all talk about the differences that you running styles. Well -- remains silent about my favorite. You know there. With the power running you do some form of resolve but it taught different and just play zone blocking. You've got to vote for power running and you just kept up our -- ball. And they're cute do -- drive vehement in but you've got to work on that you've got to work rather beat Dayton. It's train your mind that and your body that. Upon contact your -- going to be driving like a -- revenue distribute all America. That and will result America you'll be doing the same thing you're -- is that. You little -- Indian driving them mad that you'll slide -- I'm a linebacker. They're your car -- throughout -- We'll come over and the guy that was in the gap between you have to former zone and but I like -- bowl of these guys are alive everybody should be responsible for certain people. And and do their -- so. I don't that's why I like -- at the drive blocking better than the zone blocking. Hadn't been I mean. Well you're going to get a touch and go straight. You know you don't go to a loan to get a touchdown. You go straight ahead emboldens our draw the line you're going Norton's out about Jordan. Eastern works when your -- for a touchdown underdog north or south. And you what to do is you wanted to hurry. -- being reserved touchdowns. And not burst out some extra parts they're juveniles. You you don't put what the cut and -- it touched on so it you're going. Electoral up you're not get down -- -- were -- born you're not going north and south and diplomatic line so that's kind of where I look at it. I've also -- ago brought himself and do more while the lives of those Spectra. And I couldn't do because I wanted to let you try to keep try to as we all -- the entire. Offensive line that the raiders that. And that we would do he looked at each other in the huddle as we came back it up throw -- look at me and it pops and you see we get that sucker. There and and you know stuff like we wanted to be it known that we could get -- -- we could block the guys and it was very gratifying. A hall of Famer double -- him moderate Jonas said John -- pop alive raiders headquarters here in 957 again. No one is probably more affected. By injuries both during your career and after the that you are we knew we see the game now. And the discussion of concussions and lawsuits and all the kind of things in and a lot of safety issues being discussed in the league what what's your viewpoint on the league now. Well there's. There's certain things that I -- I don't approve what foul. With many of these athletes who -- -- -- they have had concussions. And right now. That are cognizant. Yeah. Did they don't have that ripped them they don't have the old story whether you agreed and I just don't believe that I reduced. You guys -- -- person extra money. And probably thirty concussions over the -- years that I play football. And I still remember my name I can still. Remember to go to the bathroom so not maximize it's like I'm still remembered boulevard everything that was supposed to be hard to pick up the garbage. So I just I think a lot of these guys are just looking for an update page content. So many of them have. I sure there's there's some. Examples out there would be some guys are hurting him in there in bad shape but. Who brought it upon themselves. Two breaking through drugs and they've lost the life they've lost their children because of this and now they want they want and other did it get me kicked off by I get upset whether it. You know Heidi. That's got out there where I would go about it. And you were not involved in all the players lawsuit against the N affiliate I'm sure they ask you to be a part of that though. They ask me and they won't let me do my name oddity a class action suit Jim Otto reverses you have -- thought that stuff I wouldn't do it. And I got something coming to me it's gonna come to -- I'm not -- raptors anybody together. And so that -- basically do look I worked hard. After -- play football as well. And my wife and I worked real hard together you. Have a good income. This pilot alive and I'm not true working yet. Well I think they should do it. It's like I 75 years old at some stuff off of -- got a break his leg in him four places. You know. It. Like his -- but I still love with them. And I watch football with a lot is real and and but I cannot tell you anything more than maverick. Great stuff it's always great talking Ade Jimoh we hope you're you're gonna be OK with -- latest episode and we'll talk again soon thanks you're time. Back -- -- yeah.

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