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Mychal Rivera on playing with Flynn and Pryor

Sep 26, 2013|

The Raiders TE talked about getting an opportunity to contribute for the Silver & Black and who he models his game after

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jump to our show page -- -- -- of the game dot com right now if you like to see Michael Rivera up close and personal we've got the video gone. In you can see it it's really exciting. And Michael looks a lot better than I do that see that's the best thing other video is tied up the face for radio and on you're good looking guy but you can look better next to me that's yeah I think are pretty ugly for. Michael Rivera you can follow the raiders tight end on Twitter. As well I'm looking here Twitter page with just get to seven to 826125. Expert in number via you're sister is on delete. Yeah she's got like a million. Yes she's up there that she give you like grief Michael you're up to 26000. Hourly -- you're going out but I ask a follow up. Between you randomly select and get a couple you know to with the right that's -- that's a pretty good -- at -- -- that Smart they've taken on your IRA. Piggyback -- -- -- she's probably the point where we million -- like bill companies come in say hey man to say that he used our product and they make money out that I'm I'm sure -- that's ridiculous. All right we're talking about this during the breaks of -- she really have any idea right she starts the show yet and this musical out of not gonna go it's on fox ultimate explore. Yet just really exploded and you know she's going -- on issue of the you know the main character on there one of those. Santana Lopez and you know I'm really happy for school Michael -- very Jonas tight -- for the raiders rookie sixth rounder. At a Tennessee -- -- UTU how's it going so far act Khomeini from Tennessee big time SEC. Obviously school to now get into the pros talk the talk about just act -- from. You know from college -- to a professional football -- you know is going great you know these game weeks -- you know they're serious you know experiences are real business now so you know you really got to hone in on. What you gotta do what your responsibilities are. And you know to go out there and let it loose on game day in the really produce he you know game they don't wanna go out there and wanna get my numbers ornament my blocks a religious grade out as best I can for these coaches give him. When you came in in in you guys obviously last year. He had Myers -- and you got 79 balls it was it was complete. Clean slate David Moss very gets hurt good guy you know great clarity USC was projected to be a starter and all of a sudden you got you again in -- -- -- -- Masters you know is like who's gonna step up and there's always been a lot of buzz about you so. It just just talk like your game -- where you are. What you feel like you're good at what he need to improve. You off like I'm getting better every day. You know my my past catching abilities I feel like. I'm really good at that to really stretch the field. Tips the ball where world downfield and you know still continue to work more blocking but you know I got high goals for myself high expectations for myself. And you know I hope to it to be that guy one day but until then I'm gonna keep improving everyday toll money game after anybody. You know I'd love Tony Gonzales you know that that's got has been in the league for a long time don't have the right way and just absolute pro. Dan it is far is so far -- we when you're giving -- games now. What do you learn. That maybe you didn't know when you first came. Home. You goldmans -- not so much I mean you know the difference from college in and a Fella is a relief too much is just you know a lot of attention to detail. And you know just being really accountable for you know your mistakes you know college make mistake and it's you know that but now you know it's it's your lifestyle when -- lifestyles on the line. Michael moss young guys that I see come in the league. They play well on the pre season and then they struggle when it starts -- -- Should treat for me -- the opposite. As you be OK the pre season but I think your play and better. In the regular season -- -- featuring you more in game involving -- things you can do well -- du -- agree with your complaining you're playing better since we play and -- games -- definitely -- home and you know that's that was just really my mindset I feel -- going when the regular season started I knew everything -- -- the intensity had to go up and you know everything -- got to hunker down on your responsibilities and you know the coast -- -- -- feature anymore. And you know. With with the plays I make comes more plays that -- they'll be given to me and you know -- got some about their. Michael revered -- as the raiders tight end here on 957 game -- at raiders'. Headquarters. Potentially to -- plays this week or possibly Matt -- Talk about to discuss the differences in playing with both quarterbacks were Flynn is maybe more traditional drop back Antrel may scrambling -- to all the centered -- it was scrambled. Yeah I mean both quarterbacks are really good. You know for example with prior you'd run your route and you really got to look for him to start running around -- scramble and stuff. And -- Flynn he's more of pocket passer so you really got to look for on time -- you know up to filled with stuff like that but. But both really good quarterbacks. And you know I'm just hoping for the best reprisals they -- complain and I Flynn is there on the Jamal for him as well. Have watched inflation closely last week on the practice field and just struck me how much stronger his arm was from the guy that I saw play the game in New Orleans in the bears' game were it in the united CNET. Take a little bit away from his on his arm looks a lot better now -- agree yeah yeah Flynn Flynn looks really good this week in practice he's looked really sharp out there. Armed men like acid thrown a lot of balls on time I'm really impressed. How much defensively you're playing the Redskins at this week -- struggled defensively when you look at film when he seen with the Redskins the -- rescuers have switched up you know their defense of -- a couple of times they're trying to you know discuss things. They got some real real good and come up you know Iraq -- You know some young guys as far as safety cell went after -- different kind of things to manipulate them and try to give the seams but. You know I'm looking forward to this game. There's a buzzer on the build. Did you realize mr. rumors that Cecil once sister's coming again oh she's coming has the opportunity to charity. -- can I getter of the -- now from my daughters. And he's got young daughters and it's actually threw me on you know for my daughter gesture. Yes the machine coming yes he has come just telling obviously your sister's yes -- yeah a little bit about mine she's -- Sunday yet she's come this Sunday shouldn't eat chicken of the game she she's ready -- -- dollar blasts over black ready. She's ticket at the game check it out here with god that you are gonna keep him always they'll say is god as a child. Do you have any talents of levity on the football field like yours like your sister. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- I remember I've ever Lane Kiffin thing and Iraqi town on America. To play for not deny it and if I noticed art for its second. Married after last. Although I -- -- get ahead to a meeting but they for the time we appreciate it like good job so far electorate CS are appreciated you know to drag your biggest. Today pregnant -- -- it's from a tobacco a bit of a hero -- agreed to by the honor all of the year and.

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