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Chris Lincecum says Timmy is leaning toward staying

Sep 27, 2013|

Tim Lincecum's dad joined the guys in studio to talk about Timmy's career in SF and Brian Wilson's confrontation with Larry Baer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hardy Chris you know channel and yet does it. Are climbing and niceties. Though. We can get -- to Tim and I'm sure we will but not -- I -- remain bring them up -- my grandma let me ask Israel debated as to start the show was. Brian Wilson and a few days to -- -- grievance about not getting it's a World Series ring with Larry -- and he chose last night. In a situation where you wanted to pay homage to detail in just in case that was his last start what did you think of of of Bryant. In that situation. Well that's brand and I've known -- long time. Forgot about a 150 IQ and he's Smart and works hard right and I think you -- feelings hurt and I mention that that whole conversation was about. The -- -- contract issues listed on the venue each coaster that was probably meant. Really did it that Brian and a few beverages -- and -- anyone's you know the other -- it is just a tad. Jimmy or sticks around and end. And Brian just decided to step into some can do it right no it was good that he. Wait until lasted. Smart -- that he didn't do it two -- so you know and Larry I think handled it well -- was surprised. Whatever. Just weird it was is she Smart to do cemeteries to classic rising again yeah he is. Going into last night now you're gonna come up anyway for the last homestand but it would do -- -- -- think -- overall think it was Timmy thank him that that this possibly was the last time he put on 55 for the for the cream. And it sure what was a -- Do blaster -- desert preserve power your headphones they were -- -- work and get I don't make those decisions I haven't made them since she was in high school when it was college which colleges and onto what you gonna go three times and Grafton or -- ago he made that last decision. When he yours and ours are gonna come back and tell me hey. -- with the -- what do you do when what did you make me do Nassau he mentioned last decision I'd say it into word San Francisco when it's his legacy. And he's always -- short term and I am advocate for that one out there because it is because he's -- going toward a culture that. That had something to do it as the years went -- -- reconfirmed for him but -- -- now you know last minute okay you know it was a Little League in between football and went to last week you know. Anybody has kids -- in the delegate physicals it was -- same time right. Down and play football counts forties before that the first day and every year every sports and except. -- Is this story about him playing golf were to Segway awful event where they needed was to try to for the golf team again played golf in the it issued like of forty or something on the back nine shot a 39 yard he played again yeah it was. Basically what it was I'm driving down on maple valley Iowa or conduct high school and I'm actually -- ago and it's his junior coming up when he goes -- you know I iridium and play football and play directories are here. -- -- -- hurt like his brother get yours back who broke his arm playing well. You know I think Hamilton golf and angle Jimmy and caddie for earning couples -- honoring you only played 27 hole in your life and you have a set of clubs original play. In his left hand when he. You and I can borrow the -- Three days -- in -- era when money makes now I got three days. Free golf finals. So I sit Haiti and yet -- did yeah yeah so the third day following -- -- this long story short he -- Just you know an -- I gotta go and -- -- to make forty economic team this is two days later this kid now he shot 39. Went 27. Life -- the trail so I got to close -- -- regularly and I play. It's it was true you know it's pretty amazing with the coach -- -- two -- three people vying for that spot and a ridiculous myth out there is mr. -- crystals from meted out to join us in studio is funny we we are we arrival with song on for an hour a couple of days ago. And unless he had a great guy and he was talking about his situation leaning in he said look to be honestly yes I I think about it constantly in it eats me up. And we're talking off the air and he said the thing about Tim is is that he doesn't think about it at all. He's just behind the scenes that he says will won't what do you think in -- says I don't deals I -- -- -- think about it when I have to think about it's like kind of let you know they -- because we've speculated obviously the entire season about it. And yet Tim. According to Ryan -- hasn't got a much at all yeah. You know he's in -- that she would hasn't it -- be a fool not to do you know and to see what's out. You know during that waiver wire and bunkers at least one team after him and Imus and -- it is just -- and but you know cement is gonna -- you know he's never been -- money you know he was secretly before -- -- -- Hold it. He loves the game he wants to have fun that's the most thing you know when he doesn't understand sometimes is that. You know you guys to manage and under they don't appreciate game as much and have as much fun. He's friendly with everybody -- -- it doesn't do that -- thing is just sleaze or even -- alliance. What you gonna do he's gonna make their last decision you'll see what's on the table. Is aiding and talk I'll give my little teeny bit of input and sit back and what you ask myself I don't know. His start last night it came out early and he's thrown in fastball after fastball after fastball into opening game. And then -- to me. The the secret to a start last night and -- the evolution of his season is then go -- back to the curve ball but I know your curveball guy you love sandy Colfax. When he came up he was fastball curve split changes a great fish for a why did he kind of put the curve on the back burner for so long and why did he bring it back out this year do you think. I don't know why I brought it back I mean -- and -- along I know that when he and change it digest. That changed game and it throw a slider. I'm not a proponent slider -- He it -- -- before in my case my opinion it hurt your arm especially don't -- correctly this is not that easy to row. If I'm a sly about it pretty angle which group what are we gonna hire him to do that yet to repeat -- it's not as he's repeat and I think it. Nausea muscle memory. He couldn't draw other pitchers especially as well. So the change it doesn't as well because it's in music -- and that he throws a split it changed in his fingers so. They were good for -- being in any other -- anywhere from my favorite fish hooker this last year you'll see is now like seven for 75 used to be about 79. He just lets it happen is it's great and ended this year it's best I've seen them this last years since a calling them. I think he's you know -- in my documents I'm lasting -- -- hotel. When things he says his status as it is real or medal in my head movement which on any fear and just go. He prepares a lot he's having fun it's like he's on a new tool so. That makes me feel aren't of course makes you stand back and get him and put his amateur in town it's. -- you know. It look at his that's good because I think earlier when he was struggling he was so locked in on his mechanics when he was just I think he was worrying too much about the mechanics now. If he's not worried about the mechanics the mechanics are probably in line for a well I think. Every pitcher goes out every game eloquent and on every inning that and on all of those mechanics in the bullpen gonna show up -- amount or vice Versa or even a day before so. You know it's the muscle memory which he he's really pushing them about it in mental picture. In and that's what. Each muscle and muscle memory is consistent throwing in the same thing you know I think about it just do it. And and so he's always had that number and where everything is because it is hot velocity -- remembering -- back in the thirties forties and nobody cared whether Belfast when. Or 50s60s like one was 2250 pitches you know its Islamist movement. They like guys come and act this afternoon and ironically it was a magical it's more than by. Going to -- courts -- -- and from Aaron -- were originally from them. From -- hand and on the -- you hear people saying you can't see it. And so I think he's going back to that. He's having fun now and that's what's really you know starting happening and hand and -- point. I tell you is that I was always a dead and her clarity at all it's the same thing about them from what I know that's hurdles that yeah. I'm gonna hang out and other another segment with -- -- talk -- -- -- the things of one thing too is if there's a few listeners out there. Who do not know the history in the of the mechanics giving a -- wanna kind of reset that take a step -- group quick -- that and then now welcome back and talk more -- -- comes in studio with us. Tim's dad -- here and any fives in the game. Up before you back in if things we and we actually have me a mystery caller who once talked Chris. Elect this. Hello mystery caller mother. -- -- -- -- mechanics mechanics and chaotic but. Of the sort that Strickland Olympic. Committee. That put under shall one TARP was an extra out to Qatar. -- it was all his drink -- -- everybody the island like my drinks. And it's a good -- or. I don't you're actually drink inviting the and I know what we -- an integral also we could give it to the that the -- -- yards that year. -- the content. Out there have been a good game I met by Trimarche. Previously wrote ball well I was glad to see you understand observe. I -- floating around out there that my dad or mom yeah it was great it was exciting and he did well it didn't surprise me and I got seem after the game and it was really good bill you know it was it was a lot of fun and I didn't see -- and in addition but I didn't come -- from. Ordered in such a greater protection act this what you are -- -- -- -- we go back and or watch are worried and they're enjoying their action and of course are you -- doctor for but -- -- sort -- -- -- -- go. Yeah it was last week he. We are better out about the cheap but at that time and did you and burger against -- run agreement. Yeah now I know it's either thirteen in nineteen years. There's a little about and its ability and going through my mind. And by mr. green and a last night and the but you know absent on -- one game and command line Lehman's. Appointment back in which went into some days. Bring him out. -- -- to -- that runs. And I'm taken. In I just accept it and for. Weeks. What are -- the shall we each week he actually quantify comedy of activities inherited runs that the relievers. Let's score what was the total audience you know I'll hurt you are talking about the -- -- giant that is in and it's a lot though. Yeah it's no -- -- I mean we -- we talk about his record all the target and there's no doubt Arrigo. Ten wins wasn't enough for OO troops in June and I keep talking about. And June maybe want to bet starts with an historic quality starts at or where in Cairo or that your game and I got through those who are -- -- smuggling which now. And route to a new Yorker I that are an inspirational paper reject stated -- I -- pretty well. Added to it was it was great in I think he's finished a season well and he's got a lot of confidence right now and he's really mentally into it and yeah I got a long rest this time for a change. And so it it it's it's really is real good bill and I'm real please -- has worked out for him and you know -- marooned on the line he's maturing and I'm still trying to grow up enjoy you. It's gonna happen. And Richard. Yeah. Let's ask what's this we stuff -- anywhere near -- same age as his number -- The good and oh yeah. It's like to have back move is itself -- Tex you know during the game is -- -- can. Does the Augusta if you couldn't -- a -- -- -- yeah. And finally oil -- gasoline well well. It's hundreds Kyra I know weekend here and look to catch up later Nokia a mystery than we ever. All wouldn't averages. Love -- this media landscape that there are swearing on the Internet users. 330 last you've got to do the dressed up as you shown up on time. You you know. The parent coaching in savings press conference. They'll outsiders that's -- that's mother on the peninsula. Visio and -- to a backyard just for saying for the new listeners who have not heard or do or who do not know. The history you have with him teaching in the -- -- -- -- you just in it and he told a story lobby can you just kind of briefly go that for those who -- heard the story. Of -- kind of how the you know how it evolved into -- motive. -- -- I girl born with my daddy was my eyes governor was a player and we learn as relentless in my -- learning curve -- and I got in the pitches juniors. And that relief and as years went by and you know I got hurt -- broke a finger. In -- where I got to I broke my back when he -- yourself and so I was out three year. And I came -- went to college anyway evolve and -- pitching coach or coach in college and then Merkel in. Auburn. And I was -- semi pro so nice circuit and a masters is really getting into. When I got my for my first son was born years later you know Sean I taught him the same things he got hurt in high school in football your hero program. Throwing arm when you know and but can -- -- And those mechanics has evolved from what I saw. And based on the hand OS but veto. It can't -- -- -- hasn't heard Hillary. -- -- -- -- -- So just just treating hinges a leg drive you know and always finish -- At certain things that I used to tell Jeremy and I just wanted to see that you always you know if in doubt it or slowdown -- and out. You honestly think beat -- so yeah I wanna. It my arm slot over the top it up front know Latin I want an alliance fought on the same plane is as your shoulders. OK and if you're one of those 123 pitchers so many guys to twenty to 30 stand up eastern square. And he is there upper body. And and that's -- it'll last realignment to forty literally and you know two thirds of an answer through their body. And the young guys you mornings or your body so that you don't get injured and that's what I thought I never had our problems in my life ever in hand. Is because I don't know throw and I contingency and that's what I watch. Our she should be proud that he's ever spent men and I'm disabled list throughout his career. You know we we're -- you last night we go pollution the broadcast we -- -- Tim's first start made the 62007. Sunday night baseball against the Phillies he struck out the side -- open. -- every shot you in the -- but. He's changed so much as a pitcher from that night. Over the years they all due to what he is now he's studying more. He's learning to pitch with less. But they did the team that signs him to a deal is gonna sign him for 2014151617. And -- You know years past so at age 29 Chris what your son. Has to do what to chief continue to be successful in at the Major League level as he evolves. Throughout his career what what is he needed to latch onto now it's real simple. I mean I told me that Randy Johnson back and ran plate and Ernie has said he -- you know your your way or wireless. In your mind tenure and years and -- game -- just just never settle ourselves wanting to which an Arab that's. -- I think what he's done is as he's a ball the one thing I hear him during his last year really worked out art -- northwest to get ready physically for this year. Got a lot stronger didn't throw as much as you should. And so it he's -- that's at least that's policies before even after it just automatic and as his body changed and he got older and stronger. Or heavier. And the east is started taking for granted and didn't have that muscle memory and -- automatic rhythm right absolutely. Union as accomplishment and you re confident you are successful so what are you learn. Work out harder and now and -- like this year he'll be working out and throw one more. -- and flexibility is still a big thing which I've been stressing for ever and let's let the -- things are important when Alaska -- yes that's good for injuries and urban and seven. Assisted. -- you know it's. So they -- to maintain stretching before and after you work I think most important it's got me flexible my whole life and it's worked for people I've talked to. And I think she's accepting the fact that he needs to work hard and engine literally on season. But they have had many -- season's game in the first year in the second year when he went to size. Everybody else season but he was going over the country's need and want -- -- Because of celebrity and you know I think he's in -- it's really nice you know she's about 21. Guys -- the same -- now -- -- you Rhode Island. Real quick everybody is afraid you mentioned a northwest everyone's afraid of the Mariners were giants fans who don't want to see him leave. When he anything of the Mariners as as a potential spot. I don't know him in a -- -- hometown where you know I know one thing America would love to have only one reason. They begin crucified -- because they didn't pick this would get amount that the defense does well great he doesn't do well hey fans we brought him back. But Jimmy has depression is all on him to do it right but. And that's is he likes he likes it up in the northwest. What he does -- dependent on the table now decide what they're gonna do he also likes it here tomorrow he's been -- time he could get -- -- and he didn't. I just -- happy. You know he steps dominoes here I'm not gonna come on an -- she is so we're gonna tales. You start texting me as he leaves. We need to be -- need to be buds forever for. I am I'm three somewhere last you might provide an in and he's got a pretty it's a pretty good news really -- We gonna we gonna get their -- invited of that. Well we gonna get your that would United Center to get the -- Finish but I wouldn't mind. What will you torture they go sort of -- I think you're an announcer -- with a -- as far as visiting our good luck to you and your family you know in necessities of say a clear and and -- car. -- again in -- listen Hampshire hi. There at the. Players 81 years old she's actions Cecile stadiums it's girls on fumble clinched Xperia over here and I'm following her it's like -- on this earth. You can't keep up got bad knees all heart. I've set him up a hammering in on John and also Chris and I -- -- be careful she knows everything. I just in wonderful it's never an accurate -- thanks Chris -- -- you're -- out.

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