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Jon Ritchie likes the direction the Raiders are heading

Sep 30, 2013|

The former Raiders FB gave his takeaways on the Raiders loss, and why the coaching staff shouldn't be blamed for the play of the team

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pull back every Jon -- you. Grade are you guys do a good man. I -- it could be better this. Quarterback got sacked seven times as an eventful back we're not doing that great today. Yeah well it was probably. Mac Lin. Definitely like to hold onto that ball and he stood holding. All stacked at the whose currency of we pay you to big money. -- -- -- But yeah I mean it the way it's albums. Will never have to see that again most likely to no end in a way that the popular right. Mean he's never gonna play quarterback again. I don't think so I mean what do you think the way to get it down and -- it become Al -- candidate. Head coach come out immediately after the game it just date -- -- not. He didn't see any thing you know like you played terrible. That that's not. That's not something on the cost them to Europe. Yeah meals including I felt like I felt like Dennis Allen is saying yeah he's not my guy. I had the -- there but it I'll never make that mistake again. -- but you know better than anybody. That the quarterbacks just one guy he's he's the most important guy in charge of a lot of things but to me. I just didn't like the scheme going into the game Genentech and how they get a block Ryan Kerrigan get a blocked Brian Orakpo Barry Cofield is a good player as you saw the overall scheme. Was there enough emphasis at times just a Max protect and get those two outside linebackers off the quarterback's back. Well the thing that stopped when you get two guys aid. You can't. You know you'd you'd turn the protection one way like respect and Great Britain -- the injured. You put someone on an island with a really solid back I'm would be really spell it packer. You can help bout with site and impact but it. Well you know our backs were all her so that was a real issue too when you have your best pass protectors. On the -- line -- are the ones in the running back ago that what -- crimping your style do. -- -- I want shoot chalk it up to just not having the personnel helped the that the raiders needed. Chu. Put beat -- plan that they were seen on the deal. But at the same time I mean it's just a lack goats. A lack of execution all around. I'm I'm not gonna go to -- to fit the -- that is that our I feel like. Both sides of the ball. Have been. Adequately prepared Idenix down that path I like this direction and that there and and you know I think about it like this one grew -- group and first game men. The the first two years. We were average at -- 88 is the worst year. And then. Its third year we went -- a -- championship. At. -- only Syracuse to only certain is that not -- last Rich Gannon in opium. We probably should -- won that game and respect public we should've won that game we were -- going into what we're playing at all. So we have become some time they're trying to build this being the right way. And that is that there's no immediate stick especially when yours hands on. As raiders are from eight cap perspective and -- money respect. -- Jon Ritchie -- an issue in the wheel house and on 57 game and we're gonna talk about this in the 2 o'clock hour John and just look at he European united. I don't know Terrelle Pryor situation and he was cleared and any Indian in the morning and poppy talked to on. He said he was having problems light sensitivity -- wanna put a visor and Dennis Johnson at the game yeah I'm just not gonna put this kid in that situation and I get that and I am absolutely sympathetic towards and I understand a lot of meaning it happened but. So a years ago -- one way too far Mikey come off the field needs -- hold up two fingers mates say how many how many in my held not needs a five and it's a finding go back in their -- That would right side of it and now you got where a guy is cleared but he still not gonna play have we gone too far the other way now. You know I. I don't think so it's Terrelle Pryor who -- my time and I I would have been. While I would broke some records they get like as a middle schooler -- -- back into. It's golf or -- and I wouldn't want him playing in. I notice I played. Late too many genes being crop side and I don't know what effect going to be you know with the unknown factors -- brain trauma. Is concerned goes it's awfully scary. Being in person. Like myself. Who knows that I did my brain and I did my brain and on purpose because I never told them -- -- -- us. And I I think now that we know more. I think it's great that it being held Terrelle Pryor I think it's Great Britain its future. I think it's great for the league. And I I would never fault that Purdue and that. In I don't mean to diminish your position verses his -- you have to have a quarterback in complete command of his faculties he's in charge of people's lives if he doesn't see a bullet government and he's just a little slow to react to. You can have a mother feel guys to get killed. Absolutely. And it it'd but when I think when you look at that when you look at everything from Micah. -- how logical perspective. Win when you throw terms around there like the PE. And AL left and early onset dementia. And just this thing that they're now associating with repeated head trauma and effective once your up. It's a lot easier to do it again reaching. Yeah I don't think you can be Tuesday with you know particularly with the quarterback particularly with the position that this league hang their hat on. And does everything in his power to protect. You know he's he's not just a cock. In the machine like old -- what you're absolutely right. This is big guys do. You know determined. Determined that they -- and and you know he's a guy who works hard and I know that you wanted to be out there and I know that it will left that in him he would have. And I I think it's great it just medical staff. Saved them from themselves and that that. Itself it John oh he's great do I talked you'll talk to next week thanks. Yet take care don't want you to thank you -- there isn't John Richie.

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