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Denarius Moore on Matt Flynn's start Sunday

Sep 30, 2013|

The Raiders WR talked about playing with Matt Flynn at QB, and the difference in playing with Flynn and Pryor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's elected in areas more number seventeen of the raiders uniform on Twitter at and areas more -- area stereo. Hundreds or do you think any -- Ever corner in a much. A lot of that the discussion today as you I'm sure knows -- -- on the quarterback position and fans. Go crazy about it obviously it's the most visible position on the field from a receiver standpoint. What did you see from the quarterback play yesterday for the race. -- answer that the quarterback position what did you see from Matt flew -- yesterday how would you as a receiver assess his performance. Company and after he took our effective. Needed Arabic. Try to play if you went to restrictions. Everything was more -- and can exist someplace where. Changes were benefit of things we can get the -- Yeah -- made some good throws obviously there's -- I ask -- one that he made you do on the sideline early in the game you've been impressed by number 39 David Emerson and you got off to -- well you go and on the sideline. The safety comes over and I couldn't tell if he was trying to throw it. In the hole the cover two or if you -- over the top to you that 31 it is safety meriwether -- I got there would have been a touchdown with. Should give lofted -- ball more. And could you have gotten by the safety and scored -- a play that I'm talking about early in the touchdown drive where you. Cut off the press coverage any kind of major go to the ground to make the catch that. Yes I do but it actually I had no argument with it and because the teacher the red -- -- or say they would gets in the Indiana today. It's a little -- -- could be a bit group are accepting there was interest but it helping keep the department are -- to work make a play and it deal a couple of injury free. I Darius Moore is good enough to join us here in the wheel house raiders wide reach generators Monday John -- Greg Papa. If you re why we're got into the game is in every watch it when I got home and it it did seem like. You had opportunities maybe he maybe Matt wasn't having enough time maybe he didn't seem to feel well but did you feel like. You were getting open on routes. Chinese a couple of dollar suit you know not from our resident Martin's days. Heated defense Carter right pleased that we're not detection or -- -- -- in -- and the currencies. Yeah I thought the big turning point in the game was the pick six that he -- and it was the same guy Emerson under torture your shallow cross there. But take me through what was going on there I thought that meant kind of locked on you a little bit there may have lost that Coke corner who -- Played -- technique he was behind a little bit but that he undercut the route infected and you could run -- down the score the touchdown. I've been awaiting any Biederman. Are right there it was men and what had been Toys 'R' Us the rubber -- and I got confused but it is down about all passionate chip and that is in the death. -- -- -- Asia there's a play that we don't know the identity that he misread it and -- looked like you made the classic care but really -- say it was that -- you huge you should out of rather shallow cross that. No I should -- ran our secure brand that it didn't know where they're there. You can -- car here. -- Darius Moore is gonna to join us in in regards to how different it is. Playing with Matt -- playing with -- who's quite a bit different obviously the quarterback how hard is that kind of an adjustment. It's not really been on average get the if you wanna give it to describe manager. Way over rock think their defense and probably change occur -- a little more if true that there. We'll look at that period haven't -- There's no question things change from -- are -- guys block when he's in the game but I want to go back to what you were saying about the pick and how you should of you know altered your route there because we saw last year sometimes with Carson where you guys were just off the page a little bit. To do you have the same volume of option routes where. You'll run a different route based on the coverage units impaired that you're seeing in the feel the same way to quarterbacks in -- a play like that -- McCain would revelers plays -- -- threatening we know at this simply where. He can Carla played big deal with the option to pin on the colors but that -- right there in the district average non Cuban immigrants -- man shot and it really hard with actors and straight. After the united that's right where I mean as far as Terrelle is concerned is in it and in -- is -- it and if you haven't had as many reps with one vs the other. You've got to be you'd like to set an option route to kind of got to decide okay what's this guy gonna do and when you have continuity with the quarterback you know what he's thinking and when you get in new guy in there. Isn't it difficult to think OK what is he thinking here because you haven't had a lot of reps for the. No workers there viewed on our rules -- -- Obama go to Ireland directors. It's another cut it to if are -- -- iron on you know he's not that -- and actually be looking around girl keep -- or Russian and it's been a fun process. Yeah I Rebecca watched them play and see what you're talking about because it looked to me as though match is made their kind of locked -- but. But let's just talk about your overall development as a receiver is. Another coaching staff was wondered who's the number one on this team to meet team all you are clearly. But never one wide receiver dialect front Streeter like the other guys but you are the guy to me that as the special skill. I see it once -- awhile but I don't see it all the time how popular we get it how do you work. Where you're given is that special skill each and every Sunday. I -- my own communities never sent it is just prefer preparation. And intuitively know what to do. No running game plan and -- to decision. Are you seeing teams treating you like doubt one are you getting -- -- coverage rolled over are they paying you special attention. Eight C a limited period that legacy questions a little bit different because -- -- bay and they -- more about the covers more than erratic. So interesting to enter a current -- hours South America and it's good note. Yeah of a lot of debate today about whether to row you know minority passed his test to play when he decided not to just by being around him. All last weekend you know Saturday before the game dude did you feel like they've -- that the team made the right calls not to play him yesterday. It did you do you feel there from being around -- the entire week you're watching him progress to it was a short week yet heard on Monday. And maybe it was Sunday this Sunday he's able to play that Monday night to Sunday afternoon he just couldn't get cleared do you do you feel like from being around him and observing him. That that the team made the right calls not to play him yesterday that he was not completely over the post concussion syndrome. Near -- and rhetoric I mean they want are there that these companies you know -- to maintain. They are to think through and they've played large percent. And they are so out -- state in that picture and -- debate just like notre angered they expect pain and reduce mostly through a hundred different. They did areas a coach Allen after the game and said he addressed UN do you guys in the locker room and said that look -- he didn't he and pull any punches and it was a pretty devastating loss. -- yesterday now that you've had a night to sleep on a wake up different and possibly a different perspective. How do you feel about it and how do you move forward from it. Are certainly that's in the presidency your -- someplace -- process could have made -- in questionable or. They're just different things date. We should be different -- in the days that would net the ball and it would need to be accurate it and it sucked into that group one next week. Give me a little assessment of where you are in your career purging your rookie year of Kinect game -- hand in buffalo game in San Diego we're just you know tremendous games and Lester get a good first half not as good second half and you had some good games this year and in the you know Jacksonville game yet. To -- your way you didn't catch either one just just assess where you are two years and one quarter and year career. The written media template its course and be right actually. And you -- -- -- -- sort through preparation would be keep me right now -- -- -- -- -- work week to actually get the current views and things like it. If Darius -- -- great Tek catching ambience thanks for the time we appreciated good good luck next week against San Diego we appreciate the time. You got to -- -- at a cement any others Darius --

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