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Shane Lechler on SeaBass' 2013 misses so far

Oct 3, 2013|

The former Raiders punter talked about SeaBass so far this season, and how the dirt field makes a difference

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cheney's years -- accomplishing this year raiders planners and architects and -- -- such a good -- not much wherever you -- don't. I don't well tell us about your Texans are coming here on Sunday night what's up with your -- give -- some big wins this year and some tough losses this year. Yeah I mean actually you know regular actually who stripped of one of those man on a San Diego rules now after -- connect equipment you know that one. Ireland the top one get over -- I think we're over. A little outward. Is it if it's it's still strange after spent and all the time here in silver black very are used to by now. I did it'd it'd definitely strange Stillman and every time -- -- and in. You know whether be at work out or practice and put on you know it's between color different input on the red white and blue pill. It's still one of those things where. You know it's still brand -- still don't brand mutiny and there will definitely different after being you know and so -- -- for thirteen years. Yeah you are home I know it just -- nearby -- that's made a little bit easier but I know you're you're still watch -- a lot of raiders games and you did during the pre season have you had a chance to watch when the regular season started to watch raider game show. Yeah I do like you know out of watch again perhaps we -- -- Washington most of it coming and -- We have early kickoff here and they care about the second half of the game. And I liked a lot like what should that -- though -- -- -- -- What do we were just talking about this sea bass I don't know if you've seen he's he's missing from both the left hash of it talking about it. Is there anything you can see it watching it. That's kind of hard to revoke -- you don't get it. You know the replays and stuff like elements kicks on TV aboard. You know I think a lot of that got to do you know -- comfort level steel market you didn't really used to count on it. They are held every kick for a for thirteen years so we're kind of it's just one of those things where. You know try and articulate it better time and I don't I don't see anything wrong he definitely. Their automatic the last three years shouldn't like I had met last year. It sure can -- to fifty water and I remember after the Mets. I want to match right there you don't you bought what. -- epic epic its gonna take time and -- just some repetition. Actually our -- kidding you guys last year that they can actually use the indoor -- the real skinny ones and he was still make it is he wasn't just make it a machine he was sitting member right down the middle. Dead center I do wanna get into the thought a little bit and it started to articulate all the you do as a holder. But what what to sea bass -- because I know Marquette was struggling with getting the laces for and its proper tilt of the ball. How does the ball have to be positioned perceive us to be comfortable. Well you don't like it you know I'd like to lean back or war -- -- towards toward the hole or maybe -- surpassed by. Where. From the character I mean even want it and then they cannot -- -- Followers tried to account have I called it like call it and like well -- the ball from Kabul and put it down everything one should you know try to keep. That. Don't be like. A jerk you -- the ball movement the calmer. I think my movements were the better end you know that was always the big deal remains to make sure. That I had everything it Parker tobacco but make it look like you'll really you'd do. You know one thing that's been obvious they can appreciate the a couple of times the laces or even four bit of a -- and a Condo and by the April the raiders are special teams coach about -- Condo is so skilled Chan explained this to the audience where. As he can spin the ball the big exact amount of times where. You can catch it with a -- is already out so he can just you can just catch it and put the ball right down the ground. Yeah I note on -- wonderful -- -- in Oakland and make my job really. The thing. You know only job you'll have to adjust to that it is you know you can't expect. -- what is -- you're not exactly. Are their attack and also. You're -- all the infielder. Tibet right now like that particular area where it and not being exactly our -- I hear it. Paid a quarter -- maybe even separate the recorder earlier in our midfield and out that's gonna out. -- allowed older relations right because you're exactly a Condo in problems that might you. How much is at the the dirt and killed his Josh Scobee was talking to just go before we took game against Jacksonville he was saying he hopes the a's lose because -- -- -- editor for which is probably partly true it is what the -- to lose but he wants to kick off. Often grass how how hard is that to adjust to kicking off after early in the year. Well I mean that our ticket I think -- an adjustment but. Talk about it actually -- But apps argument -- and all the -- and and you know and his response right away. Economic the -- excuse if you like you know after top thirteen years should kick in you know and and that's. -- -- -- -- He's kicked off that there Morgan can accurately and made some really big kicks -- so. I don't know. You know the only difference is that back foot you know as far as if you're watching -- impractical. On regular grappling game at plants were you know bigger -- it makes it down. Into the ground then on the departed. And allow that that would be the only difference that -- Interesting Shane Lechler -- to -- course former raiders -- now the Texans who come into town this weekend. Against the 49ers you said you talked of how how easy site content from a from a mental standpoint that's really where it is with him like you said he's physically he's great. Mentally is he -- is -- good. Yeah and audio out that your own -- coming out you know again for so long that it -- really. You know I think you're probably more confused -- -- why you know -- -- -- -- -- and -- You know after talking -- I think you know -- Did you argue or their notoriety that the next Sunday to get rid of that -- and your archery and and I wouldn't put character go onto the next -- -- problem in Africa streaky trickery you. Cannot make it apart earlier showing all three of -- kicks this year that he's missed he's been on the left hash mark he's a left footed kicker. And he's managed just slightly left and I would Richard guessing you may have the exact numbers are very high percentage of his kicks that he has missed. Is that exact same scenario where he she just left hash mark left footed kicker misses wide left what why is that. Record warm and it's they're buried at the right actions favorite apps and the reason is -- -- -- withdrawal and you can only on the right action can start the ball. Inside the left upright. For what it's a perfect draw on April -- to mr. part not feet. Happened that it -- call the dreaded straight ball it's still -- -- -- when you push yourself all -- that cash airplane and that drawl. You have a tendency if you get straight ball stay. Upright and that you know. Any game when he gets a big kicks while memorable for them all the water on the right -- Explainable from a character standpoint the goalposts in the wider on the right -- and your left -- Should should the raider coaches be aware that more and you know it's hard he's going to call plays which they try to have that Paul for the fort down -- the right hash if they candor in the middle. Mom I'm in Iran I know like a tennis ball in particular out for game winner at the end in that I party won the all big man that -- right -- And -- and I'm pretty sure he'd prefer that over the medals well. -- -- You're gonna give them that third down you can't really familiar called places and you can't do that there mark it would don't get that -- -- on the art. You gotta make it. A great to catch up with a good luck in a San Francisco this weekend thanks appreciate. -- our products rather new to come to the game Sunday to stay around -- to come to our game. Document agreement -- your real quick can -- second half. The work well. I wasn't I wasn't the first to text that he had an -- I'll tell -- about it. That's illegal I didn't know that I don't wanna know we'll get your number seven Jersey -- -- -- -- -- preparing doubled their prepare track record with all the college games. He wants the -- -- -- just gives another -- take care rather do -- art picture ID and Shane Lechler.

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