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Dennis Allen: "it was time to move on" from Flynn

Oct 7, 2013|

The Raiders Head Coach talked about why the team released QB Matt Flynn, how Terrelle Pryor stepped up in last night's game, and what to expect next week against Kansas City

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now joining us. As he does every single Monday on a raiders Monday and he's brought to -- Crown Royal rain on please drink responsibly Geico and the Ford store of San Leandro the head coach. Other raiders Dennis Allen first off Dennis congratulations on the win last night against the chargers. -- thanks guys appreciate amended deal yesterday. You know when you look at the entire game last night -- turn -- I really like the offensive line and prior -- Lol would you say it was the most impressive thing about your team last night in the win. Well I thought the most impressive thing is that it was pretty bland and at every phase of the game contributed to win the football game I mean you look at. -- offensively I mean. Take to get out to jump out to believe you know first play of the game. Total of 44 yard touchdown that comeback with a long extended drive 88 yards for a touchdown develops fourteen -- And then would we really had to have points and had to have a drive there in the second half after we kind of struggled a little bit. To move the ball second half we -- we moved the ball down the field we get ourselves positioned to conceal local commercials two score lead so. You know offensively we did some good things defensively. With it'll take the ball away four times on defense and four out stopped scored on defense. And then you had in the special teams and and. That the. The most part we were able to recover and so arsenals opened a good field position in the end. We blocked a field goal Sony up on all three phases football -- attributed to win that game. I don't know if you gave out a game ball or. But if you had or you would have. Who do you give it to. Well -- -- we had we had several guys that that. That I thought were worthy of a game balls in the place not far exceptionally well on the game you know I mean obviously. You know anytime yet again -- it. Qaeda ties a record in the national football league for peace it's scorched. They obviously deserve a game ball and you know what patrol wire Pryor played outstanding in the game. -- Kevin Burnett defensively I -- played really well on Napoli had several guys that. That played well the game and again it was a it was a great team effort. -- a coach going into the game and I'm looking at the depth chart and I'm seeing was new ski out her art in a Matt McCants is gonna be at right tackle. I'm think -- a patchwork offensive like they weren't perfect last night. Put the effort -- Keating from these guys. About the ever revolving door that is your offensive line and what Tony is Toronto's Keating had to do every single week to make them competitive. You know what -- elicited -- You know we truly as the next man up -- Austrian National Football League you're gonna have injuries you're gonna have to deal with injuries and you're gonna have to have back up players and a half ago when the game and they're gonna have to. I'll be able to perform and I think. You know I think those guys have done a great job on the offer to -- we've obviously had a lot of injuries -- Which had to mix and match a lot of people and you know we have to move -- drop dead Centre from from last garden and Matt McCants. I'm actually going to play right tackle when and not so I think you know. They all understand that there warned that one -- Email way -- -- in the football game and I got to prepare themselves that way all week I think it's a tribute to down in the way to prepare a ticket to attribute it. You know Tony's bottle and how -- coach has dealt with -- Coach I couldn't help but think about all the things that went wrong and hams strong view. When you played the chargers -- -- coat last season to start things off. And what a turn about last night was when you when you look at where what happened that night. And what your team demonstrated last night what's what's the first thing that comes to mind. That the process is working. You know our belief -- that the we're making progress as a football team and as an organization and now. The -- you don't -- believes work. And now we've got to continue to girl got to continue to work or not a finished product yet there's a lot of things we've still got to get better at. Put you know -- -- the way to look at what helped repeatedly gets good football team. Last night at any help. I taught I try to show that there's there's some progress here and in organizers are. -- working hard to win. The head coach of the raiders George is your view current -- 95 point seven a game every single Monday he'll sign him here are raiders Monday at 315 coached. We had you won only Europe and Napa right before he played the cowboys. And and at at the coliseum if I wanna sit CU then coach to make a prediction. By the time you -- Kansas City Chiefs in week six you'll release Matt Flynn from your football team what do you think you would've said to me in Napa. I wouldn't have thought that that would be the case. You know obviously nobody ever has a crystal ball you don't know how things are gonna turn out. I'll guilt things unfortunately for us unfortunately for bad they didn't work out. Well prior to his status has really grown as a quarterback and he really got to take over the job as the number one quarterback -- and not. So it'll -- well listen we decide to -- from Atlanta and it was tough decision to -- in. But but we don't like that especially for a football team. And why exactly did you decide to do that now what was the thinking behind. I'd just -- I think we just felt like it was time to time to move broadened and now we felt like it. Guerrilla kind of taken over time has a number one quarterback we felt really good about that we feel good about. The only guys we have behind him adaptable and of these young guys that we think strategy is to -- -- would get tougher rules all the practice squad so we just felt like it was it was it was kind of -- the. Is it safe to say well we saw last night mechanics. Throwing the football. What is the best outing we've seen from Terrelle Pryor as a professional. Yeah I think so I think he -- a great job April the football mean. He had -- 137 passer rating he'd be completed his first and passes of the game. Through the deep ball exceptionally well and the ball game the other night. He continues to the progress as a as a quarterback I mean obviously a lot of work great athlete he is and how I can create things outside the pocket that. I've been impressed with some of the things that he's been able to do it is improvement. You know what it is -- acquitted actor she was just timing decision making all those things. From within the pocket. Coach I have and strange experience with Rashad Jennings in the locker room after leaving your press conference I saw him. -- locker and I went over I said so how's the hamstring. And he said. I'm fine with. Would hamstring and I didn't know whether he was. Noting is give me the OK don't I don't know whether he was doing me hey I'm going to be fine and it's not an issue or. Could you help me understand. Maybe what what what what the status of Rashad Jennings is right now on his hand. Publicity he he tweaked his hamstring Albany game element -- it is a big deal. You know we don't really talk a lot about injuries and in so. You know he he probably. -- probably didn't want devoting more information they needed to. Okay so it was legit he wasn't you know he was tweaked during the game and I'm impacted his availability -- The conversation wasn't like. An item I don't know what you're talking about as far as my hamstrings concern. Well I would privy to the conversation to be hard for -- really count that much on that bit. You know I think he's going to be fine. Will obviously evaluated as the week goes -- Cradles your offensive coordinator. -- has a relationship with Josh Freeman it was out there that you guys were interest in Josh Freeman not shocked by that whatsoever he -- signing. With the Minnesota Vikings how much should you talk with Freeman's agent. And what were the discussions about him coming to the raiders have possibly been starting quarterback for the race. So really I mean I don't get it ended dated. May help. You really think it's out there on the on the Josh Freeman front and more focused on. The guys who we have in our locker room the guys we have on our football team the quarterback we have on our football team. I don't concern myself with those guys I'm not gonna conserve ourself within these. You know rumors or anything anything like that it's. You know it's been discussed out that in the media. -- your field goal kicking unit I nailed two off the dirt. What does that do what what did you see from them. In terms of us just there XEQ -- And what do just to have that -- success. Well -- -- part of it is that they you know kick in the fifty yards off the -- to -- institute currently in the game. Was acutely. In the football game not taught -- those guys next Q what our policy basket ball well -- -- more -- nice job holding it. But again I've said this all. On the more that they worked together the very comfortable they're going to be held with each other in the in the -- and operations going to be in. We saw you know some of the improvement that the tape that they've been able to develop. Social some of improvement last night. Coach next week Alex Smith Andy -- the chiefs are -- whole different ball game this year. Undefeated -- expected -- Well -- -- -- Came to replace. You know we've always thought that there was some talented players on that roster. And I think -- I think you ought to secure for each one of the best coaches in the National Football League he's done a great job of that football paint. They play very well at all phases of the game. You know offensively I think. They run the ball on very well Alex -- His is. Has got a very good job of distributed in the football and not make the mistakes and you know that obviously. They've got pelted receivership culpable -- so that will be a challenge offensively and I think they're the best defense is. You know in the league right now. -- you -- let you go Mike McCoy the new head coach for the charges you guys were on the broncos' staff together. Good friends we've heard -- vacation in the offseason what's it like going up against your body looks like beat -- like that. Well I listen it's fun it's fun to compete the compete against anybody it bought the company to get your friends and you know we we were both are doing everything we could have our team ready to play in and not. Talking to what the football game and will mean we're gonna continue to be threats -- are awarded to continue to compete against each other's laundry attention. Is get to beat your body are right coach next week you got that Cecil -- -- next Monday honor raiders Monday. Thanks coach that coached Dennis Allen.

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