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Rod Streater: Pryor's taken ownership of starting QB position

Oct 11, 2013|

The Raiders WR talked about Pryor's improvements from last year, and their late night win against the Chargers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rod Streeter on the first offensive play of the game last week had a touchdown from a -- prior that's not a member of that and he joins us now at rod Streeter eighty on Twitter hi rod. At Daytona. Talk but to talk about that the first play because I think people think that date their play was called after. The interception on rivers you are young but that that was the play go on into the game that you guys that are on -- goal in Europe that are run a nine route and Timo and Michael Rivera down this seems so for Geraldo drop dead in their so beautifully it was quite a nice throw. Well you recruit -- got a great execution on PP's are going to -- game -- see where we'll go all go regardless. But the -- do you know give it a little bone collections extra field position but according to what people don't early attack well. And sure that we we rated good. Rod Streeter Jonas here in the wheel house on the on the raiders 957 game. Ride and talk about playing with Terrelle in regards to a normal drop back a Carson Palmer type quarterback and in the play you scored the touchdown it was boom and -- ball is out. But I a lot of plays he's moving he's really adapted that how does that change your game as a receiver. Amended the plays that really you know. Indochina Kabul looking ahead you -- got to run the route to begin in Latin -- I'll be discussed you know corporate notebook makes something happen somehow played great he can make have wanted to say code as a receiver in good good good -- except that you can't get open and arching it to be political. -- -- can't take respect one calendar year Q what Terrel was about people don't realize because they don't watch him practice and they watch him play this season finale last year in San Diego he's getting better each week but the improvement. What what what have you seen this from the -- I don't think I've ever seen a guy improve more than one year like Terrelle has from last year to this year. Are you think that he worked there it is the first Arnold -- leader has been -- home -- -- -- -- -- -- not -- he goes -- you'd better. And he wanted to see -- in the community better unit so don't try to work on that are -- As of the pong game you can see he's really improved on -- who worked out in LA all. -- most of all he's -- And you -- -- become an old feud between pocket presence in. Is the -- excuse reasoning is broken if you really there's really comfortable back there he goats on the work is better cook. Because you look on any mistake he leader well epidemic they want. It did to stimulate like pop said she would you we've heard about this and you know his improvement everything -- dabble when he first got there and you are young as well what what would tell us the differences. The jump from then to now. Well first got there though. Human -- -- not perfect. Our ability -- one went down need -- Is Palin doesn't know right now you're arteries stated that 7:8 o'clock. -- -- -- -- -- -- He told -- Manuel let -- I would I would -- go to issues to me is where we're so you really take in ownership would be in our corporate group raiders and he really trying to improve indeed better. It is in the film don't -- The judge had mentioned the touchdown pass in the first play from scrimmage which to me is you just ran by Cox it was a great play but that the play that more impressed me. Was a play coming out of the end -- everyone that the raiders stopped him on the goal line stand her up against the war on internal makes a troll. From the end zone are very close to it -- any kind of crude ended traffic and a little bit why hide in the way you were able to extend. And that only have keep the ball from being picked that you made that catch. The ball and you watch that back on on film on Monday it was in that play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About Kansas City come out this weekend they the raiders had a lot of success their lately they've got some new corners -- Smith comes over from Miami. What he would be seen in that secondary. Of any they really talented who are -- that they clarity because a lot of ball. Man to man coverage and they want you do to make president completely it's so tight window so it will be our blood you -- -- -- and indeed to bump and run will be beat down they got talking to a -- -- so hook. And -- -- is pretty good coverage so it will be a big challenge for our big reform. It has except practice yesterday and you guys are working on that throughout practice just get enough press man and they're going to be real physical with with your martial arts background in your hand strength that should not be a problem for you -- on. And allow feel unlike you Ali would puke -- a man to man. Mean that we bigger plays being made you know in Q do you between our coverage here so -- -- -- be -- -- -- -- to cook. I'm ready for. And they get a meeting of 1 o'clock thanks for the time rod good luck this weakening Kansas City we always appreciate it. Our. Need extra ago rod -- at rod Streeter. -- -- -- --

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