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The Football Hour 10.14.13

Oct 14, 2013|

The Hall of Famer Rod Woodson and our scout, John Middlekauff join Lund & Papa at McCovey's to look back on the Raiders loss to KC, the 49ers win against Arizona, and other key storylines from week 6 in the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Would send. What happens when you put them together. Thank you so much for joining us we are live from the -- 1444. -- California they're all hanging out we got that -- a couple of -- take -- He's right fielder Josh Redick as he heads off to the offseason and now we move on to football and the football our normally we do Tuesday's. From one to two what we do it today alive from the cubbies the hall of Famer rod Woodson needs here at the scout John middle cup it's your job lined. Greg -- as well we'll hit some big stories in the NFL coming up right now in ten minutes we'll take a look back at the niners victory over the cardinals. Bottom of the hour we'll talk about the raiders. Lot seed Kansas City a lot closer than the 24/7 score indicated pop had to call right here -- -- -- -- game we'll discuss that forces we always finish the hour. With truth or trashed let's start out with some big stories yesterday. Maybe the best game of the day the New Orleans Saints get knocked out from the ranks of the unbeaten in his Tom Brady five seconds left. Win that football game but to think that. It was a great game I mean Tom Brady. What to -- he will be can't I mean in that last drive. That at all I -- a minute thirteen no timeouts that he was car and those guys up. That you know the work in progress with the football team but everything worked in that drive for that team and the players made the plays when they had the. You what I thought the most impressive part of that whole game was -- the opposite last drive was they -- Jimmy Graham no catches here and you know Bill -- -- -- -- any coach in the league and shutting down the team's best offensive option you don't take away the first option in the keeping with the name Jimmy Graham had been you know off arguably the best known quarterback in the week through the five games in the -- -- he's been recoverable. And Bill Belichick walking down that's why they were still in the game. When push came to shove it into the game to his left that put the legal agreement that was -- the league of recording 62 we could jump with a unique and handling the good cover guy. You have good matchup for the and you saw them do that against Tony Gonzales earlier in the year when they double team the goal line. We've got hurt that he did yeah that could be a preview. On this. I'm Jose at a B Denver yes I do New England will be -- There -- for better. -- installation of new England's defense well as they match up against Denver's offense will be better than oysters but just so battle but I and there but I feel I think Denver. Have more weapons. On offense there's no question thing but whose whose whose death defense. New England's it is villagers -- -- -- if you don't think we want but he can't take what for but -- Miller is when I'm gonna shut them out though Wilson. The Kansas City Denver game November the seventeenth that I think they're both of the united though on me. Kansas City yes there while I citizens' best -- -- -- -- soft defense is the best you've ever came defense is the best of thoughtful. -- flowers did not play yesterday yes. I've watched all their games their defense is the best for what they have quarterback -- six. World war right now all the Houston hope Derrick Johnson Sean Smith -- area and flowers of war land and would welcome Bert Cooper's -- -- I -- shots rip. He's a much. The monster I mean he was -- big guy in Miami that whether you're letting go. -- don't like him there to Inspiron that would either way I'm the guy 62 type of -- you look important nationally and believe it sometimes. When a guy at least one place to go to a new destination. He played so much better because you know you have to. Yeah Andy Reid brought Al Harris with -- -- the assistant DB coach and a video those guys -- a lot. They're gonna act and the key thing they did and flowers for sure yesterday that they move flowers inside to cover the slot. And I think they did that to get ready for November the seventeenth to put flowers on Wes Welker. Analogous to -- Cooper who had a good game against -- yesterday and -- -- that they can maybe match up with -- side to cover Welker can take two outside guys away. And I can stop them and slow down at all. A couple of things that happen yet they haven't used in fallen off the lead they lose to the rams. They have the injury the fans -- the sheer bad shot getting hurt that's -- -- the TG eight comes in throws a pick six that -- NFL record six consecutive games picked sixth in the -- blow them out at home what's going on there one minute quarterback's confidence lost. I mean he's just he's in freefall right now there's nothing they can do I mean -- seasons if if the colts win or not she's pretty much -- for making the playoffs -- -- win the division. It's sad because from a roster from top to bottom -- talented as any team we. But your quarterback -- at that low level you really have no chance and jobs are extremely surprised if places who work especially deep that the keep that job playing bad. Match up little -- and I know we give up some pick sixes. But that defense does not look at the shell of themselves -- a year ago yet last year they're dominating. Teams in the here they're not even close to be in that. Is the season over for the football team I would say no because there's still so early in the week and that's the good for what they got a lot of pieces of the puzzle. But if they can't get together next couple weeks it yes definitely the kids. To -- if they don't say this year. They're gonna fire the head coach and I think they need a change in philosophy they they are very good at what they do with -- immediately getting quarterback predictable are like match -- I think that job. He is not that guy he cannot win the big game he's very similar Tony Romo sort of remotely good there. Regular season quarterback we have to make the big play think America would believe you were 500 yards. -- last play we should of took the check out to try to put it that tight window to get the pit. And that's as well I think we'll match obviously you rush and lit match he's one of those guys who brought them back -- -- -- -- give -- that defenders. The roster is physically built as Seattle San -- but when I think of the Texans. He just kind of have a soft month for to a the other coaches kind of scooby axis offensive guy so -- -- doing what you think West Coast we think -- both within and outside sell off from the outside that zone. Got a great running back you got some good pieces of the puzzle. He's got a nice defense just everything to fall apart that the American I don't think anybody confining it to me your head coach at its own -- on your QB after my. I don't think you're gonna get fired around him and I've talked some people Houston depicted bombing their line penalties was gonna keep alive or. He's played they played so well last couple years I think he gets a year like this because quarterback play awful. So I think he gets a year -- have to begin next year definitely -- It's a footballer thank goodness we're live in the company's rod Woodson hall of Famer John middle call our scouts outlook Greg Papa. Coming up in just few minutes we'll look at the united victory over the cardinals bottom of the -- a look at the raiders and chiefs and then of course. Will finish up the hour with a flight to the depth of the McCarthy said last week you know if you really -- that's -- 03 WG city coming out of -- area. Okay we know that underwrite the -- yeah not now but iPod is said that you thought maybe the seats in the patriots could be a suitable reviews you look at this thing now is -- homer game tonight obviously Andrew Luck. It's the field tonight but six weeks in if you look at the NFC united Seahawks saints Packers -- BAC patriots process -- -- is upset that makes. How -- you look at it these conferences now who's gonna elevating themselves maybe who's gone off we talked about Texans how you look at it this. Well we were both before and it and when they're on when Vernon Davis is healthy to me there are legitimate. Suitable content. That the physical nature which they played their defense Sosa out I mean that the war in the Larry FitzGerald hit the home run play -- would -- he would have missed tackle that should never happen. But to me that they dominate that game physically wasn't really even match. Once thought you know home Smith could potentially come back and you hope for a prayer with Percy -- I just read that he's getting closer and closer. To me that the balance of powers gonna shift whether Percy Hartman -- Crabtree and Manningham whatever group comes back at a higher level that's gonna shift about the power to give Seattle -- -- Cisco the -- and in the playoffs I don't think there's -- front runner -- the industry leader I think you're I think that top notch teams. Are very even. Across the border people all the defense -- pretty cute and -- they all have pretty good quarterbacks. You look at the AFC they're obviously Denver area. I like the chief I think -- defense. Also you don't have to have a Pro Bowl or hall of fame quarterback at that he could complain at that level. He can score 25 point they're gonna win. Because they're our political team score a lot of points -- -- -- offensive weapons on this and make him I believed to have a -- weapons. Probably not all the weapons you want. In a fantasy world nowadays I think as -- -- world football team its defense is good enough to take this team to. Well I ask him when you guys were up here and we -- way. If his defense is come parable that -- and they don't have -- Louis or to the 2001 ravens in in this modern day of 2000 to 2000 raised about that. They're not that good but I'm saying they're the equivalent of what's playing right now in the league. The 2000 ravens with the greatest run defenses that play we are not on that level with the grateful if you look at that you have to take the run look at the total defense Kansas City can play. But Derrick Johnson inside they've got they've got all you know Pro -- players on every level. They the NFC to me is over. Whoever wins the NFC east is once Chicago Green Bay are both could go to the playoffs the niners and Seattle ovals and go to the playoffs and it's pretty much over. It's only who's gonna win the division is going to be allowed Kurt but I think we know who's in a bashers -- in the NFC east I like telling tale us probably better than anybody. And RCA had received at the cordless if you can't watch a lot of football to vote chart the AFC I think it's gonna come down to. New England. And -- going to be Belichick against man I think Kansas City matches up pretty well with them -- never be -- -- organize them better with. With New England because when that doesn't have the weapons and they're -- man out there and amana if they beat me run on the football that they can do well they could do to get Denver. That's one of the things that's I think that's the team that nobody wants to play in the -- in the that the that the -- Kansas City we adjusted measures. They can matchup with anybody and there's ethical and strong rumor when I was there this weekend because they've lost both their tight ends Molly he got -- Fasano oregano got her. If Atlanta avalanche got two winnable games coming off the -- so if they win both of those but if they don't and they began to slide. Would you trade -- the project area actually they're not they're not trying to. Here here's the once they brought in Atlanta don't want a sick that's it sounds like that's a great love of the story but it's not this -- last year if not gonna happen. Right that the market driven to entities have thirteen to three written all. Couple potentially to home what are what are the two losses to Denver. Yeah that's definite advantage split especially cancer both could be nine you know November the seventeenth to -- to Jacksonville gave -- -- -- Denver fallen off the cliff. Hot hot hot topic I. Eight plus plus they know what the cynics say that's that's -- about the role of goers and -- -- -- accidents and -- that's -- -- yeah. I'd the -- Clark continues. Coming up we'll let the 49ers first in the raiders at the bottom of the hour. -- -- Fred was in town and he gave it to the united is a few times to get it going yesterday it would get into that conversation coming up next live from the cubbies in Walnut Creek 1444. North California with the scout John middle -- the hall of Famer rod -- job like great -- -- -- here about a 57 game to various news Sampras sports. -- -- -- Thank -- -- wheel house football our job little -- this down the hall of Famer rod Woodson. -- blood there. -- -- Couple of -- -- a look at via raiders they lose 24/7 pop was -- closer than that but obviously we'll talk about the offensive line Terrelle Pryor in his defense is pretty good we'll get -- of that conversation -- -- -- here they get to victory. 3220. Over Arizona the state yesterday. Brought to you by Geico before its source in the end that dropped him of our good friends at Crown Royal redone please dream. Responsibly. -- you you had a call yesterday there have been -- -- -- -- game as well. Let's start of the offense. Vernon Davis had a huge day. But they don't have a lot of weapons beyond that talk about. What needs to happen offensively really get this -- -- they did run the ball obviously -- in the second half of the big second half but it was Vernon Davis and what else. But we know they could run the football if they choose to run the football and be a power team like it in the second -- and the power I don't -- -- five or six plays a role the second half. My question is who's that guy outside a one -- and Vernon Davis. Immediate dirty game don't make it okay put put Vernon Davis that fumbled on the same side we can put them on the same side. If you watch the game -- nothing to -- of the game supposed to tide you over there were killed them. So in the second half they did it with that horrible ones died in that it has not particularly. I did now the second guy followers he is Matthew. -- -- a linebacker -- -- -- try to cover Vernon Davis and that's not a good matchup so hopefully somebody up to the forefront outside of Q athletic Q and Vernon Davis because. They need another receiver I don't know with William I don't know what's -- gonna be somebody to show up to the forefront of the consistent basis for the 49ers. And make some plays on the field it's going to be Manningham is going to be for country. Yeah but again your Olympic gold and the guys that you're having a lot of prayer but I don't I don't -- the -- -- the other guy's got an ACL and MC will happen from what -- hearing that is the plan I -- they can't get them back sometime around thanked him for me you're hoping. They act of rock and a significant trade for somebody -- again he's not a united effort to put. -- -- -- -- That's a little. Williams is one of those guys that -- quick twitch muscles he can create separation but on game day he doesn't it. Given my third down kept -- like why does he do that more often why doesn't get open tile in the NFL where playing significant snaps. It is nice return to decide either very very functional return man. Fifth wide receiver but he's Borland a second wide receiver -- Baldwin can't -- open one on one can't run. I think again -- what brought you hope the guys coming up from the key leads the other guys in CL AC and the kiwis was an OTA is now like it was last season. I'm not personally expecting Crabtree to do anything to -- I think that's asking too much. I'm gonna let them -- -- Brubaker of the now like they did ineffective now. The quick hits up the middle of the different about quarterly. I don't like for gore cannot -- anybody outside the quick hits a pivotal -- for gas in their historical model model are used in the big. Gardens that are they have and they start. Movable right now on the field I mean that long drive with -- -- plays out of the great grandson. But that's why it all were Chirac to fixate on the other receivers and I do -- I -- somebody to take the top off the defense much. When you break essentially they're playing 22 person now. They're going to backs and two tights to me and on Bolden is a tight end. He does not run well enough to be a wide receivers would you break that huddle you've made the point. You could look like you're gonna run power and he closed -- reflects burned about why. And they're so silly they're gonna put Yeremiah Bell. I'm Vernon Davis wanna -- wanna hear in my belt can't cover him on the ninth round that's how you get deep down the field use Davis more like a wide receiver. And useful -- more like -- and I after this performance down next week it'll flip. Now will be worried about Vernon Davis that's double -- That's -- camp and now hold it is there for a big continue to follow them might do exactly doing what did done -- -- you got a guy like Patrick Peterson and UT. You could take in Vernon Davis out of the game -- they don't play in my -- that they they wanted to take bold yeah. You thought you don't Vernon Davis how a couple of times anytime they were separated -- -- on opposite sides of the ball he was on an -- right so they want to burn it but. The question is that the reason I say somebody -- -- from the forefront yes if they're running team might think if they get fixated with the past I think we also the first game. And we all thought that college campuses of the 5000. I think everybody in the Bay Area thought I was gonna happen. It's not gonna happen he's a young quarterback you don't have sixty starts under his belt yet he's still learning how to play football in the National Football League and teams are really. Keep this guy in the pocket and they're -- -- -- you know what we're gonna limit his opportunities to run the football with his feet and they're gonna beat us in the -- Turned the ball over too much of it or here's another thing if we don't they draft in the second round of harp on this. Why does this play more haggard Bruce -- target on the pick he gets hit yeah which I had -- put them calling for good defensive play whatever. Do you throw it to Bruce Miller. Bruce Miller should not be in the game in a situation like he's their fourth leading receiver I mean they target them way too much in my opinion he's a tough guy good special teams were good core locker room guy understand that but. This the NFL. I mean he's he can't get open on the honey -- -- -- he stuck a deal to get open in the situations it's not to me that's not on the player that's on the coaches putting the. Player in this situation -- flipping it over to the other side than it was alarming to me is that chop carrots there's only gotten past and I know Carson threw the ball away probably what's wrong. He's just so -- I tried to back -- last year observers here are very around the producer of you remember we are now because I knew the receivers running wrong option routes and -- -- him a lot. Yesterday he apologists say where he's just all inaccurate. Like if I -- think it's four years ago argued internship with Cincinnati. And Carson look this thing. He looked very inaccurate. It's something's wrong with his arm and I don't know exactly what it is -- everybody there at the plate not the coaches who. -- all the players how long he looked like -- reciprocal when you. And he's just one of those guys I think we are fixated with that he threw that in 06 and 07 EF 4000 yards. And we've talked about about we Q4 thousand yards in 2012 with no job security. Didn't have a lot of touchdown he still doesn't have a publicity he's protected and yet -- if nobody's around his feet and he can have a clear way he's still able to football. But normally that's not what happens he's not the same quarterback he wasn't compelled to. Well here's the other thing the best quarterbacks in the league. Have a -- level answering capped her neck Brady go to unless and they two guys that you'll Brees and Manning are pinpoint accurate. In their timing and precision is not at -- liberating this from an arms -- if we -- lockers -- -- -- -- brilliant start for the minutes thing I've just saved from an -- people Ron tank it I think that they've both run high ranking arm strength has nothing to do play quarterback and affable lead. Joseph Montana could do from here over they were -- the ball lottery. It's about timing and rhythm and pattern that's my and that's what Carson Palmer Matt shop right now their timing their rhythm disorder that's been there -- bill right I their ability to make the -- right now because they're often their timing. They they can't do what you watched Carson Palmer he thinks that. 27 years ago he can make -- road now the ball the step late. It's please don't say he's missing Larry FitzGerald UC Alex Smith do he doesn't have -- -- have a warmup before the game yesterday he looked awful. What's the worst I've seen about -- some of you know at all during the game he added that translated and again I've never seen and so inaccurate he was spot to start the year the last two games have played well the can over the niners fans coverage. And overall fixated on Jermaine Brock gets a pick six is the best player ever. I saw him get abused the little yesterday I saw 25 rocket the a little bit if they don't get 99 back. All the Smith and they don't -- up the quarterback in this and it may not are they still vulnerable where they were vulnerable last year that is in the second. Well I mean they play a lot of -- for replace them frequently something. Well by either be a man or zone. You know I I think what victory you -- coordinator he's uncomfortable blitzes. But if you don't have guys who get to the quarterback model model play after play you've got to start bringing her back yours or your. I noted Robert Rogers a little bit more -- game. But when that happens -- Garrett was singled up. They're not the best cover guys in the National Football League and I think that the -- -- to keep anything. Figure how to have better cover guys that's where I keep talking about you know to me rockets couple weeks now not be -- while not play anymore not. He's a better help publicized by the way it should have put not -- very fixtures available Michael James Hokies are not the ethics that I ironically what he was just hit -- they prime have to with a better inside. Blitzing linebackers and Bowman who wasn't -- ability to close and William quarterback. So to me got to roll the dice especially Bowman -- I mean they can going and the quarterback. What did you guys think -- we -- all the Smith and out of deficit earlier today he may not come back this year. Eleven yay yesterday but did he get the quarterback did force the safety he looked pretty good that. When you see him play does he have some abilities there. We could to avoid it doesn't mean he's the city because he played he -- been in college so he still learn how to play and spaces or learn how to play. Not be in -- with him on the ground. But if he'd Obama. I don't care how you do it get to the quarterback we had a guy great way to get the same thing that the but the man in college. In your car was they listen volunteered -- your hand on the ground get to the quarterback. We're talking about blue chip player from problem I mean these guys come from the SEC he plays or at -- now Nike's power always got a strong he's got a good motor. He never gives up on the play. The problem is when you lose an all pro. You're you're taken downgraded the next guy I mean you're talking about a rookie -- expect him to play at a high level. To me 99 doesn't come back it's going to be a problem Ford and they're gonna have to manipulate press covering 5253. Or they're not gonna get consistently on the court. Which -- into the rookie safety -- yesterday. I think your player I mean he's the young -- we all want yup we don't want these -- to play like a teenager bet he's gonna make mistakes he could get a couple missed tackles in space. But the guys aggressive he go to the ball I loved everything and I think from -- he's gonna get better. To -- are -- Smart -- -- registry gets none of them are nice guys releases he likened wagering. I can't fail like embedded and read between about -- but they all went LSU they -- -- Patrick Peterson him. They're all afternoon together but they went all Ivins and act on governor how many went in the room. Not that if not that's an excellent and have them but it always felt -- -- needed your Buffalo Bills quarterback inside but the bill is seated and how that's your tour I. Florida John Edwards apart tied down we continue to -- -- are coming up next lying about w.s. But -- weight behind the thing he had no -- agree with W 4044 north California coming out -- results of. Blood surgery coming out this if you're always up to go to -- when you miss your favorite 957 game show -- on your Smartphone to be the night -- of the game happens delivered. Our good friends at Domino's Pizza getting your devices App Store the night -- of the game -- delivered. By Domino's we get the raiders coming up next how much with the offensive line how much was number two and I can see the frustration on -- street from here he was here all of the talk of the guys up about it next. Live from the companies in Walnut Creek. I think it varies -- up. There are there and did you know -- question we'll turned the ball over what to sell -- this for -- you know it. This burdensome we have here before -- Thanks -- this year that we allow -- the football hour on a Monday job it'll go off the scout -- -- to the hall of -- jobless -- pop -- of course was there in Kansas City we'll talk about that game. Right now and then we'll get into the fight to the death on the rod is not like does this ultimately these things for the fight that but the truth or trash coming up. In ten minutes our authority that you're there -- prior six. Runs sixty yards but fourteen. 34. The reader exceptions I don't know if any was worse than the other but the first would certainly was not -- the last trying. I think it's come up with something the offensive line was decimated. If it's your thoughts on what you saw there it -- -- little misleading 24/7 they lose the theory that the majority. Mean it was by far the worst is play. It was a major setback it was extremely lautner and Kansas City whether good or bad it's a tough place to play that he had so many mental errors. In the game eight different times he called the wrong play. To the team in the huddle that was called by the offensive coordinator. So he was completely out of his rhythm. He was so clamped up for this game this Saturday morning walk through before they flew he was fly it. He came out Sunday morning on game days why they don't like compound have got two hours for kicked -- he was really have to have to play. And the first -- did okay. The second half he was overwhelmed by the whole situation wasn't so much this accident a lot of homer his phone -- line center goes down. You're right tackle goes down and it's just unbelievable what they had to endure. But he's trying to check plays when the play clock gone from two -- you see him -- -- -- the right guard and the right chargers got -- so he may not know. So it was by far his worst performance is gonna have to sit on this for two weeks. And I don't -- -- lost the game but it was a 77 game late third quarter they just turned him over DJ comes up with a strip. Charles recovery and the make that throw off respect fought and when he got middle pressure. An NFL quarterback just is not. Make that role it was just a throw away here we're gonna get a three point that Wanda scored seven so yesterday by far the worst games play. To me sometimes you those athletic quarterbacks especially when they're rolling out throw back across her body usually you know when the that you're. But just to be back in the pockets and jump and just let it -- over the middle field mean. That that's an excuse warming you'll make that -- high school alone in the NFL me Dallas later in the game you forcing the ball they were down I can. Will the one that you'll that he took batting the last one if you watch it back he could have tackled him because of Jim Kelly come over and nailed them before he used to just stopped and waited to beat that he ran. And it was -- fix it -- and I think obviously that was the best defense they face. You're not going to be able to consistently get outside the pocket on Tom always just used -- guys are going to be in the global. Athletically kind of met his match I mean guys that legitimately can break down and move with them. So I think that was a little alarming to a he's got to be able to make the simple throws with in the pocket you know. Three step drop slams this lancer was not accurate on the balls and even -- behind guy eligible -- you know. I'm not even talk about -- -- some of the first half he just doesn't hit which would get a first down keeping Harris going through a blown away to get some -- Up for its first yeah I think what is happening not -- we -- our book with all these athletic quarterbacks. Every defense and listen we're gonna keep you in the pocket. He's going to be to from the pocket. In -- happened across the league it's happening in what RT three it's happening now -- will confirm when guys who get out of pocket. In the National Football League but it's applicable prior to that we want to keep that the blueprint that these young guys don't let the guys. Show the FB showed the National Football League defenders that you can stay in the pocket and beat you with those type through. The -- hard gonna get off his back foot and throw away like that. It's not gonna happen that if you look at the slant than talking what about the road but you can't keep running in third and shorts always on the plan. You think Cooper nuclear arms when he joked that before there is more even ran -- route. You can't come back to that every single third and short. Defenders are that stupid in the natural heavily guarded rocket scientists know. But can they play football yes they can't. You've got to give them now they -- to get beat earlier in the game for touchdown that's when he let me get a beating Canada yet through -- the bad -- by the -- -- just again this is terrible way -- particular -- have been a touchdown -- Perhaps actually you look at this is this just say this is part of the maturation process you're gonna have games like this. -- -- their real red flags here because we talk about this every week maybe he's the future maybe he's not there these big red flags -- is this to say this is a great defense your offensive line was. Was banged up how do you guys look at this red flags for two for two prior to being gay hate future -- future quarterback Hillary. He's a young guy he's very similar to what -- -- like -- when he doesn't have a lot of partners -- and when you play young guys in the National Football League I don't care -- at what position. They're gonna have happily ever have bad day that's just it happens and you gotta hope the progression -- a positive thing he says we've got the Pittsburgh Steelers and a couple of weeks. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have one win that defense is better when people think it is if you look at the stats. Yes they give it up like wanted them for the game but that they often turn to Bolivar peninsula through this in I don't know how many times this year but it in the kept up the yardage. They're like invite him or hate -- passing defense it like this in rush defense does not going to be cake walk you to speak -- I've watched a lot of college football this year and all these top quarterbacks. Terrelle Pryor has as much talent and upside is anyone they're going to be able to get the draft. What they're gonna have to determine as the season goes on. It will pop hit on -- handle mentally when lights are drawn crowds loud is on the road can call the right place houses decision making. Is mental capacity that's what they have to figure out that we have the fortitude upstairs to handle being an NFL quarterback. He has the physical attributes for decision making his accuracy obviously has to improve in this -- An intermediate game and really that was the first big big gain courtroom for really it was as if they start right. But think -- he did play -- I Monday Night Football I don't think these played an -- they're playing better when their -- -- they're gonna play this year -- -- -- -- -- The crowd is going crazy this is the first time he's been an at atmosphere that was that night. So he's been there he's done anything it -- so you gotta hope he's up. He's a pretty calm guy on the -- You gotta hope that he learned from it. And then he played better you gotta look at your face well you can't just cities in the AFC less -- and you have to go there every year and are gone they're gone anywhere Denver gets pretty loud -- I started playing my confidence. First time ever being a year president of the event. Scientifically. He has risen to the moment if you watch practice sometimes it's difficult to watch these -- But he's one of those guys in the lights go on the market kicked off he -- pizza place. It's just -- he was overwhelmed by it when we think it eight times they call a play can't get the played correctly this is the NFL you're talking about scouting him looking -- it was just outside. Vs the guys coming out take the running ability -- as he can run. Manny can run. Maybe better than a -- to Michael's brother Michael was lethal this guy can run. We're -- stroke -- significant hooker or rewritten or you're looked everywhere but Michael Vick an expert in refer to -- pretty okay. He's got explosive device luckily that -- us smokers try real Terrelle ever stroke the ball. Consistently enough time to time with accuracy. Just scored they're not scored with a -- like seventy points a game with him is that enough to win. These next ten games that's were to meet really gonna be evaluated he's gonna be available through. He's with a number but a number of borderline who have -- -- wide receivers not use the Marcel -- The -- -- you got one receiver has played halfway decent and more. So when they get better receivers look at more accurate. You offer a behind the slant what you got are inherently know at this point you gotta hope that he progressed in about these young quarterback and we all want him to play like he's what but I. Like like the guy in Denver. That's not what I have what I what I have a hard time with his when -- here in the raider coaches they're talking about -- mechanics and improve in this and his footwork and I'm like. This is the -- now. And we're still developing guys -- everybody leaves jail time are ready now and our ability I have learned -- -- downloaded and they worry about that -- that they would have predicted his -- saw it took awhile to get redshirt year yet another half a year to get aren't -- you have to -- about college football what they've run. He's a better player run that spread read stuff. It's not a typical in a failed style offenses they they're learning how to play I'm talking about defenders to in the National Football League but the difference delegate. And I think he'd want the quarterback to be a certain way they're gonna learn that they got to work with their feet they got to learn to be under -- learn how to. He's cipher because that they're dropping back not shocked and all the time that's a different day and. And here here's another thing you know Kim -- -- former number one pick. We all know how he -- after the game I can't get around like that but I just say I continue to be impressed with him. Off the field terms of the way apparently like to follow up question you rarely like after he wears -- he took it all that we -- body doesn't out. If you wanna gain the respect to the guys in the huddle in the locker room when they called -- play. -- to the team correctly maybe you missed one -- -- you can't miss -- -- a look at who like yeah what's with this guy. I football our continued drought with two job middle copyright topic job look we're live at the cubbies come on out here it's almost happy hour so we restarted -- now I think I got our our information from the Philippines does. And finally come on out here and hang out one more time. We got through with or trash coming up next it's three readers' questions three niners questions it is not a fight to the death but it could get a little bit TP. Well they're coming up next live from lookup he's in on the -- only got 957 game to various news down for sports. Sox hitters on the CES. Thank you Jonas. Our final segment from a cubbies come on down force of my happy hour. -- -- -- -- The company that I am. Probably down. I'll hang out. It's so much arm twisting it is close enough to this is getting vertigo as my director -- you need to watch your mind of that yesterday signed up close and personal -- needed. -- a little bit what's that hang out here getting a little bit and you are happy to watch Andrew Luck death penalty I quarterback. Well -- we got washed over my body that's -- you need to be left alone -- that. To target around San Diego and leg it'd be after their trash of them fairly Buford county coming -- job BR if you're gonna join us and energy. The locked in yeah yeah this market rivers -- and he should -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- earlier days. All right just an accomplice got it here rod Woodson has relied from the companies in 1444. North California Walnut Creek Mumbai you know force them happy hour it's time for truth or trash. About football our. True. Fight. -- three questions about the raiders three about tonight -- to keep their truth or trashing you can text in 95795. NTELOS who's winning. Middle cough or Woodson about a brother before we get into the questions. I I know how you enjoy this said it was from a house how to do them with middle. You don't get flustered like remote via a little disappointed. -- That's normal people who read she says that he starts getting -- you know make -- predetermined like this -- a -- going to be -- them -- -- Tim Tebow had more supermodels and -- it is a white ball at all levels dropped you know like it's like to hold it Julian and -- -- -- he did -- -- He's he's he's just receiving and romance yeah featuring an healthy for a -- -- -- Sorry tail -- without our idea that they're ready god and a look at niners raiders will rotate him. No concerns several no concerns over the 49ers lack of weapons on the outside Vernon Davis can handle the load is -- your future. Are we go truth I mean just because they're coach is built that way proved that stamper he's proved early in his career. It's -- Cisco that he's OK with playing smash mouth good defense game management offense. Running the ball. Vernon Davis makes it possibly such a unique player we saw on Sunday. When you get a located on strong safety throughout Ireland next they do not have a chance most -- can't play with a little. You know those positions so is it. The key for them going forward Vernon Davis being healthy he's healthy beverages and -- no concerns over the 49ers lack of weapons on the outside Vernon Davis can handle the load. -- and I think that falls I think Vernon Davis is the he's the nightmare matchup would be for -- is probably yes. But somebody else for half step up to the forefront drop this year Vernon Davis being shut down -- and -- bullet. I know that Q was making you know he had that 11 game and I know and if it. Make plays in the National Football League. Somebody else to step up to the forefront erotic game as they might be a playoff game from -- David cabinet backing you had a couple dropped whatnot. Who else can be that guy I think that is concerned yes are they gonna say -- concerned absolutely not. Do you like the matchup for Vernon Davis give up about the matchup for David -- the monster. But somebody somewhere along the line this year have them. Of the injuries Crabtree with the Achilles. The -- -- -- he can make countless guys that seems to be DeWitt and go for favorable might be out in 95. From him back. In the -- year. You can come back are you going to be the same guys behind it though. Can they count those guys that don't know yet I think right now they're moving for whatever they get from those guys is a plus but to me can't count -- them. To play anywhere near the level of they've proven that -- it wrote prior question do you Rogers or trash. Little of the blame goes to Terrelle Pryor philosophy in city despite the three interceptions. The lines they -- Little little little that's current I've made three interception field one off the back foot. The -- the line is in champ we've we've played poor. He made some plays with his feet but he threw the ball to people that team also. Yes I think they're blaming for the blind side because what -- love about her of our feet man it doesn't come up to the podium after a loss. And blame on anybody else because aloft like there. I trash I mean it's -- prior to make right decisions. You're talking about a tie game in the other corner your right in the game against team that has lost team within your division on the road. He can't throw the ball the other team that's 100% on him throw the ball away take -- -- -- would -- have these interminable. We judged on M I agreement and it's free agent Jeff -- Fight over a period you've got to cut it to good ideas to -- sent all the Smith on the shelf the rest of the season if you missed it. -- chapter -- in order today that may be the case. Good idea is that Al Smith on the -- -- the rest of the season four top shelf. -- -- Top shelf and make as I rhetoric here Otterhound shelf as Hillary obviously trash I mean he went to college carry -- was -- teach -- life lessons. Giving him moral direction is life. Jim Harbaugh -- all he -- -- they're paying him a hundred grand -- week they're still paying him yet to play football. To me it's not on them that I mean they've already made the gesture they need him back I -- move forward. It. It's not their job. I mean it is but it is you know Communist professional sport they're paying him. For his services for as long as they're paying him to me he's got to come back later too greedy rat sit on the shelf. I think. You know as a human -- it's true that he has an issue he has an effective method is the -- -- appeared in thirty days sixty days. If they really care what the guy they're gonna say in the funny you do anything. He had to get yourself better maybe we come back next year come back next year I think at the end of the day they're gonna backing whatever decision is. Because that -- that they would play a football game. And we don't want this got to come back he's not ready for the spotlight again anything around the same guys he has to make better decisions. And our hope that one of these veteran players on the deeper side would take him under his -- equipment being hang out the other guy's building and -- cannot -- outside of. Weapons charges last week of course they added to the list here's the other thing John you need to decide I mean. You're potentially gonna make this got -- highs and defense player in the league to contact Jim Harbaugh he's here for the next five years called -- How -- going to be a big part of that you have to evaluate everything is going on. We just -- he's got to figure -- right you've got to figure him out. We just got to get him back on the field -- -- and a profit on this two. You were there yesterday the raiders defense -- -- -- he's -- -- Big credit to Jason Tarver Dennis Allen for re making this year. A -- for the raiders but surely mean maybe a top five top Faldo reading a pretty day though. So they're pretty good girl -- had -- right they're pretty good I think this. -- -- -- -- off of weapons how -- Jamaal Charles are not every poll you know in the big titans of big receiver can't create separation. Avery he's got a great receiver by a licensed quickness but he's not fat guy and they've got to get -- great game I think -- -- -- distributor. Hardly be one of the best teams I think they played a lot better -- anybody doctor played this year. In there playing good before they get after opposing quarterbacks I think some of the game but he -- I mean I'm with -- think trashed -- But the they're playing winning football they're playing well enough for the raiders to win every week and that's really all you can ask it's on throw prior in the opposite side of the ball. You know that's the hard part about football the team game but there's two parts of the game essentially I mean it to go with the dolphins defense theocracy to carry their size weight because Jason -- -- side they are. Little what you see if I see the last two weeks they have utterly confused two quarterbacks like considered pretty Smart guys and rivers got a whole new deal but rivers was confused he could not figure out the raiders on basically they played cover cover or or Carter -- Nixon could he could figure out which side. There it like it's like senator. And then yesterday Alex Smith -- of its value a lot of -- throwing arm and Alex is a Smart guy. He studies tired he was very confused he would not checked the proper protection for two series of the game. They have linebacker blitzes and he was on his back so the raiders are doing great job of covering disguising their coverages. And they have no pure pass rusher on this team and they're still second quarterbacks like charters to yeah. -- go there is a -- are based remedy for come out for -- coming.

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