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Dr. Death discusses Coliseum City in Oakland

Oct 18, 2013|

The Raiders fan & supporter talked about the Coliseum City for Oakland sports, and what they're doing to keep the Raiders in Oakland

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here's -- latest as far as the possibility. Of policy in city Tim Polycom -- of course. On Tuesday you know this the Oakland City Council approved the addition of several major. Potential investors in the project. And of course one of those guys who is there and I saw this on YouTube did a great speech fully decked out by the way. Is doctor death at dot at 26 doctor death and he joins us. Now hi doctor death. Guys. On. The good it's great to have you on by the way too quick things I'd check out doctor death in -- ESPN the magazine it's a nice -- up on -- and then it was just look at it did you see. -- gorilla gorilla was on now the front page of they're doing a profile on him. Yeah -- -- actually go to eight. That it did tonight and at how long it would come with a couple clips. -- -- It workmen are. The other thing you hit it nice job idea Oakland city council meeting telling give us your version of events. All are basically and I went to a little City Council meeting a week before urges the get it on the agenda and then mayor -- opt out to me. Ask me if I would call it -- and and actually missed the first call came out I was gonna go out there and I and I actually are located boring. Raider nation with -- about about eighty people. From all over an -- we don't front you know we all came out support of course can export even greater and -- pro corners and and the routine. And we just -- -- why it needs to be there you know it range from. Being you know we should -- in our generation is in turn our panel for generations. To. Including money they can solve -- this year and you know we spoke my peace and that thing I don't want to I don't want to reached a sport -- IQ well I award could be Yunnan to make. Statement not a wonders why it. Ten and and the washed out and go -- we understood to potentially changed. Can't keep a -- when it concluded -- -- except the area. And it could -- it could potentially nick. It -- then how important I mean. You're attacking this tournament near an educated person you understand. All the different angles. You know how important was it for you to get your point across but do -- in a professional manner. Tool to let them know that it wasn't just out of passion but it's out of you know you've done your research on this and this is a big deal and you know your it seems like you're approaching this the right way. Double what is his. I wanted to know. It seemed so hand dug well well -- which are so much reservation. And I know -- shot. You know education who want any public finds you -- and I even -- -- -- fight seeking ranking noble what does it do. I look at the financial aspect of the decline aspect in job aspect and in my speech keynote. I -- point -- certain people and it helped make it more personal. I also made it wanted for reelection but also some of the city councilman yeah. The thing that tried to attempt is to get re elected and they bring you know jobs and money taxpayer money to the city. I can help them get reelected -- kind of water. You know kind of string at their hearts to kind of let them know. He didn't just want some change here to talk so my job glory even sport trans. Support -- and we discuss yeah I think it is just a matter of finding and giving it to them. Our good friend doctor death is -- at 26 doctor death follow him. On Twitter by the way he's got a radio shows well blog talk. Radio dot com slash doctor death toll six middle half was don't -- all right we talked the other night -- death. Yeah and -- you so much for Portland and a different mind you know contact you are really appreciated it and and it's you know I'm really accurately -- on. No problem you know me I love talking much -- prior announcements on the -- you know I've been pretty passionate about from the first time. You know I got to look Ottoman training camp as the fund's use growth and that's that's a great part of sports when you get a guy it's kind of maligned kind of pushed to the -- no one believes in them. And then he's able to kind of shut everyone up. And make strides in analyst raider fans everyone's got to be excited with what they've seen. Not obviously the effort from the overall team but when you have a quarterback it's you know a potential quarterback where is hope and optimism -- -- pretty special as a fan base. Yeah and hit it back to acting EU point something now because a lot of people. -- -- -- if we don't wanna record mean woke up her you know and other Quebec -- Good point that -- quarterback and Italy or even twenty years old and real attention now Marshall -- -- you know do we liberators. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- quarterback organ is not even my. Yeah. What we trust him to get over and over twelve prior and I think. Kind of you know someone -- you'll probably are even before camp started and I'm a little joke and now kind of like local cops that he would actually right. That's the thing that worries me with man's Al to a CB Al pop you know on Fridays nights I don't know if that be great mix for you nice area and began. -- let me let me ask you one more thing about the whole situation from an optimism level a year you've you've -- a pretty deeply into this thing how you feel about. -- You know how many. If you didn't in that process for the past fourteen months or so and I'm quite content. Four weeks ago I would rate a quarter as you know what I was wrong in the raiders are -- to -- back to LA and it just came back and able. In. Action groups and and size one these people stepped in and I said while because a lot of training camp. I I'm that would that would mark David is important the thinking I need it industry she told me some IP and -- -- -- technical adequately important -- ago. Already investors. Melodies and -- and calling it brought -- actually so. No I'm crack about 40% now you know mark David of course and Tim Kawakami interview that's what I wanted to hear. -- allowed to hear him say we're going to table to talk about it Anderson despite the business aspect of the pointed. We are getting what we eat now it's come to cable talk about and realistically. And -- I'm very optimistic. Itself men hey thanks for joining us who appreciate it was seal and a couple of weeks on the -- -- -- the by. He had generated -- you out there against. The stock to death.

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