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Lincoln Kennedy talks about Raiders upcoming schedule

Oct 21, 2013|

The former Raiders OL says the team's defense has been playing really well but the offense needs to come around. He talks about the top teams in the league but says there's a long ways to go.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Says. Part of our -- broadcasted -- the sidelines while pop and coach are up in the Booth Lincoln Kennedy former raiders offensive tackle Kellogg is there. -- fantastic. First question. Did you manage to work yourself into playing shape over the -- week. I don't know yes fact you know all that after talking to you guys. After the Kansas -- game users shut down that. Victory. -- -- -- reportedly got a. You know you you say you know you have mentioned don't interview that that did that he would come he got -- -- figure that was just on. I. What are we what are weird about the health of the offensive line I think that's question number one for the raiders is they command the bye week. We're gonna see it was news you back to you -- these guys -- Yeah I expect you that you -- -- was miscues and I suspect. It's still early to say you know. What's so funny but these violent these days and initiate these captain seen in my -- at all so I mean. You know I heard the last report states they got four days off America from the last time we airport is off or bye week it only after big wins so. I would think these guys should be rested and they had a chance to get Whitman. And are going to be able to respond the Mexican court. Liquid you see that coming up for the raiders of the Steelers Eagles giants. Texans and titans IC five teams under 500 prayer. I get you know I would that is that's kinda good news but it's it's not necessarily good news how do you view that. Well you look at the Steelers who managed to put it you know starting with them this week you know they've managed to -- -- -- in a row now we were afraid some. You know two weeks ago you know you might say that hey there at their -- and really haven't figured a way out but. Maybe they found -- formula for success they've -- beat these in Baltimore Ravens team yesterday. I'll -- three. It's sailors who always notoriously. The -- the foundation. The history is aren't always been there so it'll be a rivalry -- nonetheless. Configure this sort of up to turn the Eagles and the Texans to mean hopefully he's got -- finer way to get -- raiders but. I use this sort of as a gauge to see where the raiders really are thinker on the cusp. -- something big and may have seen in QB in the few years. And beating south historically good teams that might be our CAPTCHA -- out. Especially the salt -- -- struggle through the first six that we won't global good for the conference that the -- is playing at a high level the office in particular. Is there any sort of different dynamic like urgency wise when you're coming out of a bye week and you know that you're in need. Of a turnaround is this you know as the Steelers game internally for the raiders going to be like the hey let's get back on -- game and kind of a statement game for them at least in the locker room. The respect unanimously that the league has for dvd recorders like Dick LeBeau. Mean which cannot come out the same thing he did the first six weeks at any type of success is expected to be. The Arctic that way. So you have to show some new wrinkles if you will some some new. Tendencies some new new war is left that you want to do that amount so the same hole formation in the single parent look. And security unity cup success. Yeah that's I was gonna ask you other then. A bye week have been given a team a few extra days. To you know get their injuries better is there is it time to really get. Specific and to start -- specific things offensively. -- defense of what. -- that this thing is is that we talk about let's stick with the help them decide you've got to evaluate what worked well for you over of them the first six weeks. That you have to evaluate how you can add another option to -- -- another wrinkle to you have to always easy ball because the defense usually kept up with it. At their courtship throw away with it worked well what worked well we -- against Indianapolis that work well or at all and we seven or we fix vs Kansas City. So you know you got reflect upon that and change things up. And know that hate that we could still do these things these little -- is pretty darn good but we've got shall the next level we gotta we gotta expand our office. Police are looking into kind of the individual matchups -- the the squad verses squad match -- In this game the raiders passing game offensively is dead last in the National Football League. Where the Steelers pass defense is in the top five their fourth right now. And passing defense but still there's going to be able to pigeonhole raiders into one dimensional offensive attack gore. I do expect to see maybe some new wrinkles in the passing game where they can show some stuff with some stuff on film that no -- scene from raiders yet. Look guys I know that would seem pretty good growth not a part this passing abilities over the last 45 weeks but the same point I doubt very seriously if you can beat the raiders passing. There are running football teams so anything we've got final would be open mindedness for them to get holes. In the interior. Get their running backs what is exciting urgently going downhill and they're trying to run -- because you are going to be able -- -- does he was speed on defense. And then Pablo possibly work some play action to really get suckered into a run in the maybe dropped passes two time. -- can we were talking in the previous segment on what teams are establishing themselves as Super Bowl contenders as we head. Toward the halfway point of the season. I think he's still got to keep Seattle San Francisco and Denver as teams that could possibly win it. -- throw -- Indianapolis the patriots in Kansas City. We're those teams along in relation to the top three or have a problem with a one of the top three tell me why. Here's the thing -- have -- Indianapolis Kansas City up close and I think Indianapolis. What they did last night shall mean what I follow up. They play either upward after the competition. Yet he saw them get a percent since we saw them get -- and result in Seattle within the same team that lost to San Diego. -- you know. You go figure so. Their consistency I think you. You do demand I don't think they they look at something to say we -- -- -- -- as seriously as the others I think that can be doubtful especially talk about possible. -- the city you know what for everything that's fallen -- about you watched that game against Houston yesterday well. You know -- before court fumble which field -- How about the broken play with Alex McCord when he went wrong way -- restore -- -- To. So you know there's some luck on their side still with these simple quality I think they have their limitations obviously put them in the top five in my top five because I think. Denver QB I don't think they can -- that's a protest however when they're wrong there again. That we look at their last night you have to think that that may -- -- most and maybe with a team a couple bad breaks but. I think that there were losing Indianapolis and Indianapolis. Just based on last earlier so. God -- -- -- in the -- is stacked I don't think you can sort of zone in. Who might be the favorite leniency services were getting back to their roots they're getting better Seattle definitely talk and the big in the big terrible with the industry is that. We look like that's how the ball if you typical Seattle goes to both. You're part -- Vastly different route but it will be that much worse routinely have to go to Seattle project work and only AFC east side. Well New England finally it went. Mean you know you -- -- rocked back and laugh when yesterday but still far too. And it finally went -- he can -- about that this is -- -- give -- -- that whether the defense -- -- like it was yesterday as well. It's still too early to tell about what was of this team that went in November December all the project work. McCain Kennedy joining us McConnell wants time -- you can hear him. During -- raiders broadcasts. During -- extra point. On the post game and of course every Monday here on nine to five point seven a game Lincoln kind of back to their raiders' schedule. We heard mentioned in all five games general against sub 500 teams. Is their chance we're going to be talking about the raiders Aziz is a seven and four team after they face. Well at home to me like that make what -- went governor -- and hold on let me finish the question before you scoff at beside it. And -- if they don't if you know the raiders come out of this stretch of winnable games. Without having capitalized. Is there a risk that the team got the looks of the season as the ride off in and things start to really tank. I remember walking in the locker room after the Washington Redskins game and seeing companies have and those guys -- really no such an up side another that great opportunity get away they should beat the Russian. They feel that they should be viewed in those coats they still you know they felt especially that could perform better. -- insecure city chiefs and and and the way they played you know in -- -- for the fourth quarter. I think that if we don't see them come out on the positive side of this next month football games. There might be some doubt and water to individuals we unanimously that his -- -- reason why I say that is because I honestly bill. They they could draw on the brink of something good. And that's a testament. To to what we can't do you know if the staff and what that is valid because that salad that's created an -- that area identity -- the people. I think that he -- and with anybody after office. I think he's got soul you know the fact that -- -- and keep the game. But for the ultimate formula built up that they're trying to figure out. This next multiple all you need to be able development. Where you have to -- which it's one of those it's it's a piece of crap that the thing when it comes of their multiple all the things that. Look important match of the coliseum. Raiders hosting the Steelers who as Lincoln said earlier of the -- again maybe they're they're finding their stride if they haven't found I hope they don't I don't go. To me and look at the bad news this week I'll have to look for the student government beat the rivers. -- home field. Well his open for a raider win come Sunday later we'll talk to you then and thanks for joining us I got. --

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