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Vance Walker likes the defensive group in Oakland

Oct 24, 2013|

The Raiders DT talked about how they've defended the run game this season, playing for defensive coordinator Jason Tarver, and the team's mentality after 6 games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Vance welcome first -- you know I -- your position what they've done the pro ball. It's not going to be AFC NFC anymore it's gonna be I'm noticing the -- and then they changed the whole structure -- I don't know I feel like you know the biggest things that those guys he recognized for you know. What they've done throughout the season I don't know as far as having sent out. They mean by he's really complain I'm not sure -- players' side as long as they -- trip to Honolulu thanks senators for us. -- walkers join us here the real us course comes over in the offseason. From the falcons in his first year with the raiders. I don't know if it's surprising you with as we talked about the mad scientist Jason Tarver guys you guys played really really well. And you've got ten of eleven new starters -- -- on out the only guy that was here last year starting was LaMarr Houston yes if he does it surprise you -- all you've come together so quickly played this well. No not not really just coming in to routier's and one -- just seen the guys that I can't go you know we know pretty much came -- -- goals and a lot of our goals kind of felt when I went and every one individually so we knew that you know as long we worked hard in which is what we did going -- entire offseason. I -- -- OTA is pretty much I mean just a lot of guys that wanted to be successful on defense. Yeah that is obvious that they they and I put a lot of into the corners and try to upgrade the pass coverage but you know bringing you in Pat -- in. They -- the upgrade the the rush defense and look back on -- you're giving up what 99 yards a game. He's been a pretty good job against the run Denver got your little bit when you look back at the first six weeks just to run defense. Hobby guys done. We think we've done all right we can do a lot better to be honest you know we take it it and we take it one game at a time. There's a lot of times you know where we could have been flawless you know mental mistakes and nine and this is something we're always trying to do be perfect. You know and not leave anything out there on the field so there's a lot of -- left out in the field that we can still makes it even better then you know. 99 yards per game you know we think we can get that down pretty significantly so we still have a lot of work to marry corridor where. You know we recognize -- -- would credentialing process. -- -- markers -- in this defensive tackle for the raiders here with us live from -- -- HQ -- 957 game. Is some of that. Just having continuity because not only are these new guys for you guys didn't really get it together as a unit until well that's Seattle game Pat Sims finally played -- but it hasn't been that long we've all played as a cohesive group. Yeah I agree but again you know just knowing these guys is mindset tomorrow pat myself. Jason how are we don't know we want to be successful and we worked hard throughout the offseason. And you know we pretty much know that we are what we wanna be physical group so it's not really. Any change you know I guess once we get our fair is it losses this speaks for itself you know we just -- be the most physical. Defensive line out there you know as far as and if those concerns though. You know I don't think that there's anything that we have to really practice when the company hasn't closed just went out there being at the gap right. Pressure about a shift your pure play more snaps than any time in your career hit six weeks into what -- off your -- -- -- treasure if there. So -- feels pretty well you know just again just working in the offseason I had to get my mind right -- and then when I played probably 51% and spent some here might be. 65 or send me but it's all meant so you know for like anybody can do it and just have to. You know just have to focus and believe you know that follow it you know you gonna go out there and play this -- stamps heck if I have to play -- -- -- that that's what it is. This is solid mental thing. -- -- and four adjacent to our. It's a great experience he's he's you know Yzerman -- -- defence -- and Atlanta. Com and you know a lot of this stuff a lot of his philosophies are pretty similar so. It's fairly there's not really new media honest. And I go way. You know just a lot of the schemes the blitzes and just playing off one another main I like a lot of -- -- really no thinking involved. He your hero in this defense remember we played him last year in Atlanta you were mainly over the center he played -- -- one technique here's your technical. Yes -- an -- you played more three so yes you read it change your body or change the way you do things ahead or a penetrator yes essar have. Pretty much and Joanna they go loses. I was probably threes. And going on streets -- -- maybe through in his sixteen counts most of the time. Here I lost the debate that way. Came in at three Tony when I first got here by winning so many wanted to quit pretending I'm -- -- yet again you know faster and shift the year -- high end. Lost probably twenty pounds and put on a good bit of muscle. And I bet you like army you know as far as GT scheme mean you know moving around and get -- you know -- -- -- -- worked out very well. It is it is they're hungry guys here because it just seems like there's a lot of guys especially defensively there on one year deal does -- that's going to be good. Yes it is and emits the good thing out I would honestly say if life has gotten 234 you're the only -- -- the same way we've got a good group of guys on defense. And you know I go out there and play 100% and I noted that makes me regardless of his situation is this thing like this not a moment I question Omar. Pad sends her. But there's little chip for something to -- like Lamar is going to be a free agent he's you know. Is is there chip bit that maybe he didn't get a better offer better dealer longer term deal. Yes but I would say initially only you know only out their planned on football games none of that stuff matters you know pathologist about women plan for the guy next to you. I would say Beck may be doing the off season you know if if everyone's like are you know I'm not more wanna be. Deal wise or whatever the case and I got to work harder I think than just you know carry over into the season and this is an accumulation almost. The NFL everybody's -- on your deals have a pretty much you don't play well getting a rarity this. Ben Roethlisberger -- strong that you played against him before and what's the secret I don't you know JT said activate everybody -- and activate the right guy had to get this guy on the ground yes and if you don't square him up he's tough to say. I agree we've played only 1000 however we scrimmage those guys -- three years ago my second year and a half ago. And either you know he's a big got to bring down they got a big strong office online sort makes it hard you know you -- -- -- freeze -- -- quarterback. So the best thing you know with that type a guy is obviously you just got to wrap my head and does that mean if you're not big enough to bring them down to call for help thought there. But that that's going to be fresh regularly though it yeah he's he's far differ from a guy like Russell Wilson who's gonna darker something and yes he's he's a massive guy. He isn't coming to his credit he's very mobile as well you know watching the film. Mean he's not running matter like Russell Wilson may be but he -- he's abating -- are evading attack isn't anatomy and he's pretty nifty. -- first change they're no longer run of the power game there are a lot outside zone so when they run away from you he got to be worried about them cut you to the grounds of access and. Yes and no evidence. I would say yes as far as the -- concerned but in reality -- every NFL game a lot of teams are given to -- -- -- zone -- so. It's it's been something that I have to deal with -- -- -- just me but -- defense attack was you know with something new that we've got to prepare for just you know cardinals gather -- By the way if you wanna follow Vance Walker on that Twitter. -- swagger -- not Bagger Vance at -- our -- 99 and if you want. You ought to follow about it just or reading your tweets you -- family -- my entire family is allergic to strip but my dad what does he do orders for him. Listen he's daddy's not elections but I don't know the restaurants are -- -- and David are you allergic to shrimp I am -- that's unfortunate I've never even had a string of digits. Fact no matter. If there's data hungry as if she's that utility guy. It took it pretty in my as the world look at my you know that -- -- -- do right now committed to take today with the good okay that -- He saw you signed a new contract financially and my assurance for it. They met they should stop by we appreciate -- -- Columbia gas or have you yet again in 2000 they're here they don't -- walker makes the follow him. On Twitter world number right now and he's doing this at. -- --

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