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Taiwan Jones on learning from Woodson & Porter

Oct 24, 2013|

The Raiders CB talked about switching from running back, what it's like playing on special teams, and learning to play the CB position from Raiders veterans

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I like to -- -- never fully do its two and that's how I met on the pretty an average of more than 33. Is that your fastest for examiner and -- little faster than ran for. And -- Has the best she ever ran for two. Hours. I'm a part of it's a -- The pro again out attention shifted -- -- it is yes it -- But -- I haven't read field here at eastern Washington the and they out of I'm off my last year there they did -- I was that house phone they want him brought by -- -- -- back to a full moon over the you know we -- a lot of traveler uses it to -- -- -- we got the food we know this is for use in Boise of the blow -- in the -- and out with a red -- they had no all they outlawed that they do -- undefeated on the two did you really. Let's go back to -- eastern Washington and in your daily and -- act that. When you're young guy plan high school that you think I'm gonna make the NF as a running back around and make the NF as a DV. Polished of Nam together and about the -- and I are breeding care a lot longer dominated in the really. I don't know if they wanted me and no other high school a lot of people tuned to the mafia you know would be corner. And then my first series and they offered me and they -- me for it to be a corner. And it wasn't the most thing you know -- room. Case and now now here you obviously were drafted as a running back by Al. Now defensive back slash special team to a special team ever and what that's -- instantly what's what's the transition in life. I'm in the fund. A man. -- is. Since Monday about the high school days and Ollie says you know wherever they want me to be economic team wherever it. Whoever I can help the team and that's on -- in the play -- I just like you give beaten over a competitive somewhere in his own defense off from Sonoma. This fake punt the other game that was actually put -- for the bronco game then you ran it went against it was against Washington you know the next week. Tell me about the play -- what I saw was it was going to be a handoff to Jacoby that he was gonna give it to you but when the game actually started. There was direct snap right through Jacobi from Condo right to you. It is -- correctly now something and I used to we practiced Broncos and we know cloning is Washington and those funny -- When he caught it unrealized. Flawlessly in the quality Rocco after it -- DA's on his -- nonchalant when a life. Broncos Broncos -- -- the moment that's my opponent. Moved to a new nothing I didn't like about their flight to Washington practice site or they're just gonna call time out when you -- shift like that and you go from being a Goddard under Saturn there's gonna say time. But they never called back -- You have to think so but they didn't -- they would capitalize on the hand of publicity -- probably Eldorado -- -- immediate -- in the perfect position could you you know you've run with the ball force or you're the perfect daughter on the playlist -- those on them to have though give it give the ball back among. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a whole different skill set and it sucked him in those you get that little more find unity of the talk with the guy's name. I guess who I'm I'm final moment. The the -- aspect of your job and people I don't think they realized over Taiwan does with -- -- the raiders get rid of the -- Jimmy checked what -- -- one side you go by the you decide you almost always struck double team. And you're able to get off of that run down the field this talk about the skill set. I guess it's a combination of -- it. Is this that says scam on there they give roof physical -- and -- bliss for a lot of guy given talent and in on this that's moral right now this embraced it and -- -- Tommy demands. You're damn good. I mean eventually get it it to expand on that just a little bit because I don't think people. Realize it obviously -- it when when people watch football Lotta times. They're eyes gravitate to the football but when you're coming down the field that's kind of a free from -- it if it gets crazy talk about them. Lo and when when mr. Kelly and remain the only role on the team you know even those who want played that -- can -- loan and physicals. -- -- The I get excited I look forward to it though I'm Margot is always sign on will be his -- is playing you know that's one thing about the gonna play is as mono mono. You might be going against two people so. As you read every once that but I'm have for fun out there. Man I don't know why they don't the W every time that sometimes they -- single you but talk about the science of it he ran for 340. So forty yard punt he ran for two -- unfortunately and fortunately found them. You know sort Marquette gets the ball in Condo -- it back to him like in a seven tenths of a second. In any punts it away there's a science and how high he wants to hit the ball get it down about 45 yards and boom you should arrive right there at that moment right. I mean you would think you know nowhere no light but again when you got two guys you know being as physical as they can be. You know -- -- think you know from the start you got to beat his guy and then you you know I'll run him. And then you gotta find the ball. While looking for a boy you have be careful because those returns and his team. So it is along aggressive play and you know the out of the other. Give them moon slew in the in the old days they sure out of bounds shares of the silence I mean he's still on a high adventure Paula did. He's still a candidate you got to make an effort to roommate and yet you -- if you he says that you you know you you like you know what you're doing but it sounds like keep you definitely wanna be an irritation as far as. The defensive backfield is concerned how is that transition you know. Does look pretty -- I'm learning every day you know I got guys like living -- is -- -- supporters in those off they'll buzz. Opportunity you have guys like that to learn from. And -- dutrow went up play well not and on to have -- learn -- You know whenever my time comes in does have your. What's it like to play for Jason Tarver and every every newspaper picked up this week there's a feature article on Jason Tarver. The mad Khamis was it like to play for the gathered at the lab -- -- us. Why did you know you can tell he's ruined -- and he enjoyed doing he's doing and you know he. He is are you most -- you could tell he wants you to be successful there's when you feed off him -- make -- -- them what are you. Lived all over the very your local guy like you said you went to high school around here. How nice is yours tell us for a went on the you're buying a house now here how nice is it that your that your playing for your. Bay Area team. You know so it's a bus and you know but you know good comes -- you know home games in the already -- he -- -- terrific -- off on everybody wanna come to began. But you know being hollow layout and he's don't want to attend those are in Myanmar friends or family come wants who played. Here not everybody get -- as this team. Are you -- eastern Washington. You still want it to -- me there you go within a tentative and not give me any offers. Come out of high school. You -- he's been that fast and nobody was likely him. In actually thought the house -- Gillick by Nevada because every year we we had a -- look him in -- about a Mosley in BP. You know there their camp for area. And I think is so much of a question here and those ironic because one of my years days and we got to play in Nevada. Delegates cast yep. Eight I made an effort to you know make I want my business there Netflix via. I did pretty good. For all -- remembered is that. Took some won't let go of that. They ethics of stopping by a continued success utilities could -- appreciated thanks -- -- business -- -- to Taiwan --

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