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Lincoln Kennedy says a win is a win

Oct 28, 2013|

The former Raiders OT says while the defense is playing very well the other phases of the team are lacking success. He talks about the play of Darren McFadden and what he thought of Dez Bryant's sideline actions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Well -- just kind of digesting this this raider victory from yesterday and I -- did your assessment and we talked on the post game show but. After you know it's not quite 24 hours -- -- think this one over. What they want a team victory but the second half wasn't that great for the offense how do you feel about this or is there any concern. That the raiders are finishing games the right way or do you just take it as a positive. Well I've read parts of electrical and -- but -- also. And -- work out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Credibility it will all second half -- an expert at orchestra hall that they can probably get back a decade specially. But like their specialty shops and corporate puppets of raider game -- -- Q what's it out shortly at the chance. I think overall -- and fifty cent. Is that really all about defense however the other cases are lacking special teams on call that a call eternal rest and a couple. Share in the opposite of the well on our. Lake I think it's it's asking a little too much to expect this team to be able to quote unquote finish off games I mean in order to do that you have to put together. You'll drive when your leading -- and I mean they're gonna get conservative if they have the lead. Once they get conservative they can be defended and they're not gonna let Pryor throw a pass. And in situations like that are they. Well it's not about -- it's not necessarily about sort of task scientists in the servers. I do -- policy where. Let you pick out on the server or your bank -- the running game between the tackles console war. And -- it has proved to -- so even when you get conservative. Every -- and tells you could spot way to battle reverse to what changed so every you know. Our company that's. It also Mary pat were watching -- he says that at -- -- They made this game a lot more stupid at the heat because because all -- so you gotta get. Game warden Gary field account -- be -- Ultra modern battle couple tackles. O'Connell instruments joined by linking Kennedy you can of course near Lincoln on the sidelines during every -- broadcast here and under five point seven a game. On -- extra point immediately following the game and then here with us every single Monday. Lincoln Darren McFadden 24 carries 73 yards. Two touchdowns his first multiple touchdown game since early 2011. Is that a good enough today from Denver -- -- the raiders need more out of him. -- need more about him but it. All Gaza I'm looking at makes alt a lot about it accurately. -- And I'm in record and ability you know second level. Block on record say. More importantly. No one went out. And one down you know if you may not old by linebacker fortune arcade that's the first order of -- -- first -- Yeah I think that we -- in for a popular eight. Seeking ills I mean you look at the service sector that sort sector. Become comical off attendance whether they've in they've made it was part primarily. That where you're deep in an accurate or quarter -- When Oakland got a ball after Pittsburgh. Marched downfield. Got the ball back -- now you expect well in order Fort -- -- to be a group relegate. They've got it yet fresh as possible all let's all let's not put the Gannett purchased. The raiders defense. Lincoln let's talk about them for a minute obviously they're there have an excellent year. It's largely built on a lot of guys was short contracts though it's not a defense that you look at and say -- they're young in the and we can -- something here. Alton what do you think the future is for this defense and and where does it go from here. While. Satisfactory partner actor Dennis Allen. Our culture created like that sort. Arctic where it -- a partner at that went all out. Talk about the future ST I think the reason why a lot of short contracts because there's a lot of unknowns. You don't have a lot of big name players out there. In a lot of people that you lost that you want built up as you see him play but. But the -- to play a -- like -- more of course talk about using an in and other content. Should resort in terms. Along Charles -- and -- look at the second -- -- there's an extremely well all you know areas and actually logical back to the contract it will. Up to the built on their guys their due to elect this. Check them out. Regulars. Somewhat humorous moments that was captured in Internet immortality after a flag was thrown on my Jenkins. Defense of -- Jason Tarver has some choice words. Further referees the cameras caught him given the old -- middle finger salutes to the referees and you don't smell more realized. Will be talking about it and replaying didn't tweeting and all those things but how does the ease of fiery guy is what I'm getting yet how does his defense react. When they see him you know. -- off the handle on the sideline I got to believe that they're drawing some energy from their crazy. Captain of that defense. Well it's. You know others is that sort phrase there that symbolize sums up -- recent news of the curator art so I can't accept that that. You know people the -- operation that killed that way. And in that all you look at it got to be pleased with progress is yours wants. The most heavily penalized team in the National Football League. I think it probably use these are allies I don't know that that your stats but. Just overall cut out a lot of the pumping it all -- teams and and for so law almost generation that has resonated altered Oakland. And -- effect that this -- couldn't stop the Celso. I think it takes some solace that their coach as fiery as olympians as congress shall. -- let me ask you something about what happened. Around the league yesterday with Dez Bryant the cowboys obviously east. He put on a sideline show. Couple times during yesterday's game. I think Tony Romo may have earned teammate of the year by not throwing him under the bus after the game. What are human what did you make of that all the histrionics. I I I'll always appreciate it starts fire. Although they're not hurting its hand I've looked up at Albany last. -- straight might happen -- look at our. Coaches can go to it and where -- races by first call I don't have all of building fire passion in real. Much rather that -- didn't -- that the -- but thirty points you bought some people silence. Have a good time. Back to vote so I'll have. McCain Kennedy as I said is part of our broadcasts every raiders Sunday. And you'll hear them on raiders extra point totals here Monday is with us. On 95 point seven a game Lincoln always a pleasure to talk to two area but before that match up against the Philadelphia Eagles and of course will chicken man. Should be no matter for about -- is going to start of the and the raiders should plant. Or was that we -- that it will it will. That's what -- hoping for Lincoln Kennedy former raiders offensive tackle talks are meant.

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