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Sio Moore enjoies playing in the Black Hole

Oct 28, 2013|

The Raiders LB looked back on the win against the Steelers, how the defense had come together recently for the team, and what the Oakland crowd provides for the team

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Seal Moore is a unit of the Jewish could fall woman should follow on Twitter at mr. oak town. 55 and I think the best compliment we can give him the anti sexist and has this game as a pro but. The new 55 is making us forget all about the old 55 which is a great compliment. I CO -- you could. -- -- Miss a shot at a role McClain even I don't know existed I'm telling you why -- -- to us today C illnesses a victory Monday he should be avoiding the media avoiding everybody today. That is school you have no problem with him and just kind of -- -- -- you know. Argument. A little talking to -- supportive. So what are you what are you what are you guys do on a victory Monday to most of the guys stay away from Alameda do you come in for treatment anyway went to what is a victory Monday. Well you're very orderly. That came earlier this one little as a lot about little box of -- -- Problem you know I don't treat me. Do whatever you have to do -- Just try to try to do everything it could -- Yeah. Don't hold treated elect like Europe. Not in. You know April so true it is but I haven't read -- -- because. We we are to be on board world where Google. What countries. Everybody toward the end of days ago. A seal Morgan -- to join -- raiders linebacker had a great day yesterday sect of Ben Roethlisberger a couple times you said you looked back at the film. It sure seemed like you guys and did a great job yet a couple of things you guys up against the wall but he did a really nice job when you look at the film. Always it is -- good as it seemed yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- You know I know I -- so. You -- -- currently it's more of that sort you know evil or more big plays -- -- Invisible. Understood in the post moves enough really. You know parliament didn't want to -- you know improve. So. You. So it yeah. It's who to vote could keep this so number eighteen just. Because what you do watched on some other content that is allegedly. You know couldn't. Committed. And you you've got to yesterday really the team and I I was talking to Jason charter before the game we're talking about -- -- how tough he is to sack and he said they they the launching of the bullseye he wanted for you guys was the right hip. That the ball would be near the right hip and he wanted you guys to aim for the right have been watching you would seem like that that's what you guys were. We're focusing I was Roethlisberger is right hip as far as the -- Give me. You know. Costar urban does a great job in the creditors are too weak and he's he's so Smart he knows exactly where the goal and where where -- -- You know situations and they put me in the you know we've been involved on him. And I. You know what's until Tuesday and -- those -- -- situation room. Movie wouldn't capitalize on you know if you mentioned that you that you do. What did you think -- of him -- flipping off the official. I did this happen. But I know you don't read about so. Deflection and raises coast close as it plays equally lines open -- -- and you know it. Programs in place he coaches. In please -- incidentally enough. -- -- And got some I don't know what happened. I know I noticed throughout you do in this certain that your stroke and YouTube and -- And absorbing whatever news -- and probably argued. When you know more. -- what one thing now is talking about after he did that the officials picked up that flag they did they dated that march off the fifteen on Jenkins. Which is a good day and a. And a CO -- unit of June Michigan now a follow on Twitter at mr. oak town. 55. -- repeated the our things start to slow down for you how would you how would you monitor your progress at this point. Myself. Evident evident. To rhetoric guys and America. It -- -- Are there and Nick Roach could really go about two weeks in government there oh. Working on working on football. And just being good little streak here about it in the -- Taken notes -- understand what was then a week so that -- Colin -- you can transition over to regain more Sundays. They're -- -- lows of the arteries. Are. And a little cheap and Charles -- in -- you know. They -- all you need a lot of grow. Everybody's two weeks in Europe religious. Example -- -- -- -- -- country. Creek in -- bookmarks social. In continue to. You'll be productive and seeing more. Consider that it would -- you know all the older -- block you know -- -- younger. -- -- -- -- -- could be guys the other big trucks that are that big screen you know -- Yeah you're playing a lot as a rookie your stalled as a starter right away after the -- at the Senior Bowl and drafted you -- a little bit of a setback with that automobile. Accident and I saw you with the team -- challenge and very and you just look to woozy he looked a little little disoriented. I never ask you about this what what what was the nature of the automobile election is that the morning when it was raining so hard in the Bay Area that day you kind of lost control on -- -- on -- We're as Derek Lowe who has more. We'll try to do well on the right side they're going to that we agreed to the big east in what situation. From -- -- nobody got injured. It was just who's used to cause it to be the Broncos to be. And you know it would walk away from you know we're not we're most coaches. Because. In the car accident and old commanded. -- -- Absolutely a -- -- six tackles yesterday. Five solos couple tax tackles for loss cola QB hits and a couple of -- as well. One of the things it's really cool about you is -- in in following you on Twitter and listen you talked you really. Embraced Oakland as your hometown use and on Twitter like you said mr. -- count 55 to Sandra -- like you the black hole really likes it. And I was watching you on the sidelines. And I can remember reading was in the fourth quarter and it do we get the music. Like you reviving it is accurate as I was watching you you had your arm going up and down like you really get into an like you you like to get the fans going you love the black hole like you're into it right. -- do. So as they they they bid from actually in the dignity. Big piece almost like and -- and you know that thinkable going to bow Oklahoma engaging love. -- well read and those wanting to slow down here. -- -- a bit so happy to be earlier -- blessed or disorganization. And I really wanna wanna get out there -- really argue with -- And -- wide a plea you know now. -- with a lot of emotion a lot of energy. Bill try to be so it is something. Kind of contagious and you can tell. You know with the guys on the field and ended when -- -- -- energy that you've been brought stadiums. Is -- articulated. That moment. You guys played a lot of snaps yesterday in the second half. What thing Jason storming about you is he just wants you to play faster economic of course you wanted to replace faster what what what does that mean. Illinois told you this that he is wants you to play faster. Loved it would -- is -- -- -- or higher expectations are from and so even though that was the game yesterday. You know there's still it was more and they have a game -- five or six actual you know -- success in the tree learning. And he wants me to continue to. Make plays and put myself in positions to replace. -- from bird. Nobody believes that much in -- -- Had been coach Bob Sanders we'll. Coached -- you know Beilein coached the local news or. Because the extra two in and I appreciate it because gusto that continue to work continue -- first first and what we're. -- Well the border -- please in my position. Measurable and to be greater which being being trolls or in creating. Bring the league is news mogul and -- this which wanna work for. Great -- Nancy -- thanks for taking the time on the day off we appreciated then they're good luck the rest of the season thanks. I would think you live our appreciation yes. They have -- regulations on the two -- -- At mr. wrote down 55 boom town.

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