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Dennis Allen says the Raiders will handle the Tarver situation

Oct 28, 2013|

The Raiders Head Coach gave his thoughts on Terrelle Pryor's performance at home, the 2nd half issues on offense, and what he thinks about Jason Tarver's sideline frustration

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well now joining us as he joins us every single Monday -- raiders Monday at 315 it's the head coach of your raiders it's Dennis Allen coach thank you for coming on the program. You know -- game we were all sweating it out there yesterday at -- October and how did it truly feel you know when you heard all week about the Steelers in the raiders rivalry. To it to win it in the end to hold the Steelers off an improved to three and four and 31 at home. -- dog that was obviously a great deal of them I think. You know the opportunity to get to -- -- one and -- get a record created for another on another home game coming up this weekend. I thought that was big for football team. And and I think. You know will be able to to have to win a close game on the one word you don't. He's got to get the -- credit now they they play. They played outstanding defense and then they made opportunities you know to -- some opportunities that they had to score points and but our guys. Did what they had to do to win and that's what they had a lot. You know I don't want that to get lost you know we -- a lot of times we look at what we gotta do to correct some mistakes and what do we gotta do to get better. But but. The bottom line is you know. When the football game and we did the things we need to do to win coupled. Are your defense was us so stellar four I mean -- all day really. The Steelers were able to scored eight points to put some pressure on new. How did you feel. Overall the performance in the fourth quarter. All the political football team in the fourth quarter you know in this ought to. Actually thought there were some things that that. We could've done better things we connection you'd better. You know we had we took to -- waiter at the end of the game pong ball what we felt like there was an interception obviously. You know the officials electorate in polar -- in and so on but you know Jamaica had interceptions and you know you're -- in the game minutes. In -- the candidate Michael bit different about. The outcome of the game again. We did the things were necessary for our football team. Two win to gain they were able to take the ball down there -- into the fourth quarter are controllable now. Com guilt that took the quarterback made it -- played at the end of the game. You know that took. Get himself -- -- some situations there again and but it the other -- We -- a place to win and that's what it's all about. We battled a number of opportunities this year where we said Scott with we'd just done this or done that we would have won that game this -- an opportunity that. You know we did we want. You scored 21 points in the first half zero points in the second half only 11 down in the second hampered totaled 35 yards. This is the third game -- senior put up points in the first half but struggle in the second half why is that happening to your offense. Well I think a couple of things you -- look at people in -- they'd need to understand. It is. We a couple of pretty good defense is the last couple times without Kansas City yet I think. Most people would agree it's a pretty good defense of football team the Pittsburgh Steelers. Our work -- in defense of football team. This year and so on. Let's and they made some place there were some things that we can do. Where we -- excused as we needed to. To take advantage of so close opportunities that we had in the second half. Com you would got to be able we will we get opportunities in the passing game we have people. It'll and we got to make we make those plays fundamentals catches Amman. You know again that we got to do look better job of being able pulls out the game come to the running game. You know. Week you know we do. That. That chances that they had to get back in the game work. If we gave them those opportunities unfortunately we gave a huge opportunity. Fumbled the ball our own ten yard line which was a critical play in the game. That that's that's the thing that I look at is double eagle. It's not about company URG -- under or anything like that about. It'll it'll feel toward the ball over that's a formula that kids or each piece is used to date bill record it'll it'll turn the ball over. Would you decent play in the way that it is electric decent quarter when he -- forty. Your defensive coordinator Jason Tarver has he. Has he heard from the lead yet about his his expression. Or his set that how he expressed his feelings about Jenkins penalty. -- it was it was just. They don't mis hit the will handle. Nearly any type of discipline will be handled in house and Campbell handles things canals Jason -- version of an outstanding football coach. On he's a great portion. Had a great football coach and and that you know obviously you know that fiery attitude. Probably could have been. Tempered a little bit put. But that that type of passion and energy issues issue one with our football team battle field. Well I was just gonna say coach under the circumstances. Considering the call considering -- that the heat of battle and sort of what you had been going through with. With a lot of calls and had gone against you I just wonder from a coach's standpoint everybody looks at it says well hey you can't you can't do that kind of thing. But under the circumstances do you look at it and say hey. If he -- a it was a motion expressed. In the heat of the battle yes it's something you want avoid but. It's not as if -- this is. This just can't be allowed or that there's there's a certain understanding of the situation. Yeah I mean it -- and a lot of things have happened in the heat of the battle calm you know obviously I'm not everything is caught you don't want to. But elevators there's things that happened in the course of the game on the field sideline. You don't that are just -- emotional game you can play this game. Without emotion without patch without energy. Com beauty it's impossible plays this game that -- in. But yeah. You gotta do is as good jobs can't try to keep your emotions -- -- Denzel I guess generators joins us here on a raiders Monday he joins us every single Monday at 315. Jacoby Ford had a brutal game yesterday and made some mistakes that could have cost you the game. I saw Phillip Adams get into the game why would Jacoby Ford why -- he keep getting run out there why wasn't Phillip Adams out -- returning kicks and punts. Always wanted to do something in this game -- -- to try to help our game. You know we haven't got. Everything out of our return game that we were looking force so. We wanted to give Jacoby is an opportunity -- or turn on the first turn of the game unfortunately put the ball on the ground. And they had a -- politically you know the game work. Yeah we misplayed a ball in the air. But but yet to -- -- and he made mistakes -- plays well. As we as we wanted to play the thing is he's got to make those corrections he's got to come back -- from and you know I still feel like Jacoby an explosive player the week we have to understand the situations in the game and and we got to understand the importance of of making sure would make good decisions and maintain possession double. A coast before we leave the whole first half sort of second half offense. Situation. How much am trying to sort of Parse out how much of this is -- play calling. Because your head and you you wanna allow your your your defense to win the game and maybe your offense not to lose it. How much of it is that the personnel and sort of just the limitations that you have any opposition. Has the opportunity to dial up on you and and maybe force you into doing things that you don't necessarily want to do and at this point with this team. You just don't have the versatility to -- to count that. I think it's all about game management. You know I mean that again. The bill the goal is to win the football game it doesn't matter how you do it doesn't matter what the score under Portuguese score one point as he scored one more that your poll. So. You know. What I look at that game I must say listen let's make sure that they were doing some things that. That give us an opportunity to complete some. Some passes which we weren't able to do like we need to be able to do this -- would try to run the ball solid state. Still ahead of the -- But let's don't do the things that are that are going to. -- potentially -- -- football game -- Indian. It really would you go back that you look at it there's plays that we left out there on the field we've just got to be able to keep. And if we execute those plays now or work convert some first downs -- score some more points it would not have the same conversation that we have right now also. Really portable down -- It'll get those opportunities got a big. Make sure that we can excuse. Don't plays when we get those chances. You got -- Eagles comedy it's now we don't know who's gotta be playing quarterback he could be Matt Barkley -- at a USC making his first start is Vick has a bad hammy. -- with a concussion problem but no matter what Chip Kelly wants to bring a high volume of plays he wants to speed the game out how do you prepare your defense for that. Well -- -- terrible a lot like we have for the first mother -- temple offenses will mean when we played a few games this year already. San Diego like to analyze you know temple salt -- like Google temples are objection Dole's side temple and so. We faced a few of those this year that that what -- try to get as many places taking didn't want to do great job. Or prepped our players again in the communication defensively will be. You know critical in this game and just like every other game you know it's it's it's going to be about. You raw ability to -- -- cents. And did identify the things that they're trying to do the ballot the temple really. You know dictate ask what we can think -- If coach you had so many guys defensively you had huge contributions and just -- look around we're talking about before the show. And Cody gives became all too because you had had so many candidates. Well it -- hard sometimes when when you -- felt like are our defense played outstanding in Vietnam. When you get those types of situations -- targets. You don't really single out you know who's who get to game ball and it doesn't get a game bought property to defraud. The great job putting pressure on Ben Roethlisberger all day long that's opposite. Still a secondary guys. No -- they're really good coverage is tight coverage and in -- if you played like you can put an interception Tricia Porter was an interception. You know also. It it's really hard to single out but I thought defense overall. At every level -- defense. Topic played outstanding. Hi -- good stuff and good luck against Philly. At the coliseum on Sunday at 105 we'll see out there are thanks coach coach Allen right here joins us every single Monday at 315.

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