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The Football Hour 10.29.13

Oct 29, 2013|

Rod Woodson & Bill Romanowski look back on the 49ers win in London, the Raiders win against the Steelers, and some of the big storylines heading into week 9 of the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- What happens when you put them together. Fuller all your friends it's the best hour of football talk the Bay Area thank you so much to do this -- like Greg pop up. Every Tuesday once -- -- now ski and rod Woodson join us in studio the trade deadline has just passed it doesn't mean no over the next 2030 minutes we couldn't get some announcements but so far the only thing we've heard is. Former forty -- Isaac Sopoaga. Gets traded from the Eagles the patriots the patriots have lost Vince Wilfork other than that there doesn't seem beat. Any trades it was a lot of pocket possibly have some guys whether be Hakeem Nicks or Josh Gordon -- even Larry Fitzgerald's name came up today. A Jared Allen's name came up between Denver and Seattle potentially. Being in the sweepstakes but nobody gets traded at least. To this point so let's start with the NFL storyline are. Heard next parking that is you know New York it was traded around now -- I just heard that. You know he was on the block -- he's been on the blocks from but I don't think they traded here doesn't look like it was Lester a big name -- true that the deadline Carson Palmer. Two years of big name. Call your heart and not let us about Charles Taylor Charles Haley may be the and -- Charles -- may be that address what is -- the -- day -- Greg Charles Haley may be the last big name guy. On the far right. Who I mean I'm usually Herschel Walker is. That was in October we are not following and yeah -- on Halloween party would. And check it does it mean gentlemen dollars that was before Charles. Here. Players don't even think about it it's like the other sports -- like guys get nervous baseball trade deadline has -- it's nothing. And if a trade deadline because -- that and just doesn't happen area even if you talked about what to do about it. And you don't have a lot of guys don't have those clauses in their contract where they can get treated. Though it doesn't happen too often -- national football weeks ago. You know everybody's talking all these -- electors will be named you're treated for the dateline and happen. Morning guy yes not a big name did Tony Gonzales. Thing -- the organizations they would you trade. That Jimmie stands out to me is he came out for one reason now to other -- Casey -- answer about how quickly things could change they're ready for it is awful it's not coming or else is struggling. You know rod he's been hurt -- -- year for the most fervent defense and flashing -- pretty good and what's -- this year. Could stop Carson Palmer said. It was a person -- -- yeah. Yes that your work I just don't think Iraq as a liability -- you can get the store go to school. Out of London experience. Has a long flight that. Food is. And distant ships. Food awful. I agree that our members and Chinese food. -- it's it out of London. Elect Scott. I felt like gone over in Japan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- English -- it there -- art pictures yeah. Don't they you know can drink beer at neglected 17%. Like at their legal to drink beer so like everybody's drinking drinking and liked and -- -- -- I'm getting water and life they're getting pints of beer reelected now that's -- politic way to go with a right it's like Italy online video service line and your -- such. That's an idea or suggestion. Last night and -- -- policy -- struggled they beat the rams on the road fourteen and nine today changer -- and all of those Seattle eighty. There are not his on the road. And that showed up again. -- defense pretty hollered to him here now airlines there. Oh record in Singapore a year you know which you look at the listing. Of the day you have to win ugly mislead. You don't win the way you want to all -- win ugly you know if you could do your fine. It you know. We all want blow every week and -- not -- a team now you're not a good day I think guys were crazy sometimes. Think about the -- comes. What they do last year last of the game before and I are some good games they can play football. Has been so inconsistent this year after a brutal last year. Was ranch record Lester in the NS US like 41 and waters and only loss and loss of CEOs that are brilliant against the division Fisher's good coach is your current. He handled the end of that you know they're accessing their best to defense of players. Are -- -- -- And the other going up against two. You know now two tackles that are backups. Should be guards -- house of cards. Odd problem things about about Calvin Johnson on Sunday and 329. Yards we are in discussion yesterday. He's only 28 years old could you approach Jerry Rice can status -- -- longer. Forget what you did the dirty pretty good -- -- -- -- -- price got more talent -- some argument is that laster had ninety yards hardly touch -- five. I majors of the -- this year so my question is there a big global. You gonna have a lot of yards and a setup today if you're pretty good players have a lot here that you just you're you're going to. Is he better -- right now is the -- better and just show -- -- now is more than here right now we're just. But isn't nothing he does not. It is not have Joseph Montana it's Ron Amadon throwing him the football let's get that does not have the last what's talent. What does talent mean. We the better route runner and juries. No he's taller yes the big -- down. I mean when I was at a rate as fast and that duty is tall he's -- as they've ever ever he had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean so. You know talent. Are you hear that yet maybe. I don't know if you play -- WB -- one on one I don't know what that talent maybe he was here with -- or dealer. To me to me when we have 19100 yards. And you have five touchdowns it's us. To me not -- do not scoring seventeen touchdowns the military had that Jerry Jerry at seventeen -- so it's only -- such RAI notice at the end. He was coming on third downs -- on the third fourth quarter because they are winning a Super Bowl today. That's how good these guys are and usually talent. Pure talent in this league this production on -- -- today but -- like Calvin Johnson I do. But to say he's going to be Beringer is a -- he caught up in the numbers so much. As any better watched Joseph Sears point. Many are to be here. And 8000 Russian or some like it would be much -- play you know I got hurt in and then I know is what I'm saying. He got into the hall of fame because we when he saw it I wouldn't I just as many as duke. -- eight now and and I say the same thing -- like Calvin but when I look at Jerry electric now a look at the two. I see them both played played against Jerry Iran played against Albert. He's I don't know. Because only consistent basis he -- people around and he took a ten yard -- and ticket eighty. He went people were guys all -- all the time I don't care about court -- Matthew Stafford is not a bad quarterback is the hall of fame quarterback no. I just don't think he's going to be major race I will say this to I will say this he played. Jerry also -- it would defensive rules being different. -- they are now. You are part of Virginia exactly so it's harder shot I see -- but I tell you what. Mega try Q rise point. -- in 1987 injure. 22. Touchdowns wanted to be an emphasis well lightning five -- out in twelve games. That was the lockout years of women mosque broke his record with a 23. It's deemed him because the record he had 22 which were okay and that's my point at that idea I mean it's I don't know how many -- and he has this year but I know it will actually have -- -- -- to get. -- 400 yards about receiving for every touchdown yet and is about touchdowns. On its let's not forget that -- this fantasy football world as they lost track that it's all about scoring. And you literally -- level and that was what made jury so great is that Andy he's never rule anything else lines at this point they're done doing. Obviously and I I think there they had you have storm bears quarterback to yeah who's throwing him the football. That pass the plate and -- -- other headlines around the NFL why would Brandon Mary Mary whether commanders on the radio yesterday and said. That he's trying to chair he seals and today's gain age. A lot to all that stuff and he's guardian of the microscope anyway for all the head shots and he gives why would limit as Cecil -- Stupidity. Guy you know. Adding to the read article what does. Listen to the line or not I don't know how many -- -- in canyon anymore summer voluntary seals. I think it's sad to see that because guys -- get hurt I mean look at. There are tied in and and I'm in. -- you from Miami -- from Dustin Keller Dustin Keller I mean -- yogurt tour because he got it right in the east in the caught the ball. You got Randall Cobb got it and he would've got that eating high. I'm not a fan he can hit it and people needs to me of a guy gets squares companies kept the balmy -- square in the mile. Now I'm not attribute your head but I'm not gonna go to a -- -- does not gonna do it. The guy guys suspended against the Broncos. And he's frustrated so he says something stupid. In the press that simple. By the way to -- seven touchdowns this year in seven games. Five all to see if he gets twenty and he would sixteen -- -- -- -- that's who have to give them. To hall of fame quarterbacks. He doesn't have you got to be giants. Give them to -- well for how would that job Elaine how would that change -- now factor. -- -- -- your NFL Jerry was made because. Absolutely someone -- -- absolutely. What are -- do -- when you hear the other. Jerry made Andrea how many super balls that they did Montana win before Jerry got their -- wouldn't. Why are to rearrange your guests are able to the raiders coming up first in the football our. We'll get in the conversational Terrelle Pryor and Michigan win look ahead and Eagles. As well we'll do that next. Niners in the bottom of the hour and -- street trash and 145 John like Greg Papa joined in studio once -- Beryl announced he and rod Woodson we'll continue next. It's the greatest person mayor -- sports in front of me. We seven things you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mets fans they're not gonna -- -- tire -- they can't think now the time. -- -- -- through the years. Thanks for joining us we'll us -- -- every Tuesday went to make sure you know not only tune in to tell everybody your friends and then they'll be football multiple as well. We'll talk and niners could have been ten minutes rod was in London silicon into the conversational also look at the NFC the NFC west after Seattle's performance last night as well but let's start out with the raiders -- we are actually just watching this on NFL rewind which is the a greatest invention ever known to mankind. Ron actually pointing this out to us and I always stopped and it was Woodley who deals and really played the air all the -- the same thing that happened with. A cabinet when he beat the Packers and Erik Walden dove inside I was blaming a LaMarr Woodley for the 93 yard run losing -- you say that was. The case would never say this. I don't know -- has the dive one has a quarterback and it might be I don't know they messed it up I don't know Bruce Tim and I don't know which have been Woodley. Whoever it is since -- took it he took a dive and sit back five yards he says CNET. There once he sees it he has to make -- right. Meaning if the say say Willie had picked quarterback. -- but he messed up when he took a dive or not your back aspired to wait you make you write this don't get the quarterback don't run into their blindly inning did tripped up. Yeah about how does he know. That that is what he did or what he was supposed to do. You say supposed to make him right. Mickey -- to sensed that he didn't say Sais save that -- spoke to the quarterback but he took the -- -- he saw that he had that if you can't see debt from five yen and German is a good player but you can't see from tiger's back. The -- your problems -- problem boy he got caught up in about he got caught up in Iowa and I'm saying is since he took a dive since he's seen him take the dive. Making right if that was his job. Do well and then what did -- timid as you're wrong because he stayed inside. Also has -- great outside also to. Safety. Ryan are terrible terror -- -- to -- that they called a safety for a reason. He -- because the raiders pulled price selves from right guard and made -- look -- a power play but the point is gone back to explain these secondary -- I should never come out and this is sort of your children to 25 does. But to your point what -- a lot of teams have done against the raiders nor listed as the pre season. They had just so he's -- 56. And that's why he keeps it as the season slant down but then there's great in the inside backer. Outside and they're kind of do open Terrelle. And keeping it when they're really gonna make 56 land down ninety forced to scrape around in sit right there and that's how they took the -- triple option read against him in the pre -- way right. There. And I just -- it to you guys why but I hey let's play and -- why figure out why would anybody. Worry about the dive. Must over there McFadden is that what you're diamond -- salary what is and a parent -- this year Grachev is torture touchdowns -- -- carry but what is these are your Larry well Sunday. -- like she'll take Paul -- yards into the end zone. A nuclear -- here's how. Terrelle Pryor the two quarterbacks that. You know they can run the read option and I would put RG three and -- but not this year what he did last year. I'm -- a quarterback. So are you are you look at Tarawa looking captive RG three. When their help be talking RG three amid a quarterback -- make and the ball off I know the ball is going. Now can you do every single time this guy government muscle to reach. Rule should be that it should be hit that quarterback when he puts to belly of the ball and because you know you can hitting. Again hitting me the keys are to live their on again -- All right so trump card it's an ID three yard run around seven -- as far as the rest of his game was concern though throw the football you know they forced him left he he really struggled -- on the ball yeah he had he had he had happy feet. He had happy feet I mean it's. He was inconsistent to say the least the shoot to Ben Roethlisberger had bad feet yeah yeah portable crazy crystal ball to the other defenders. You know it's not just a young quarterbacks in this league today that Massa. I think to -- is heading in the right direction he's a really good athlete. We see what he came he gives for this football team in the often decide are they real scary milk is only scored eighteen point two games. But their defense somehow some way you have played a lot better this year than they do last year and last time they played like this was 2002. I like the drive right before half. Eleven play drive that drive to me was -- as one of the best drives of the year. Nine runs to passes yet but it was beautiful. Everybody I'm broke this is actually won again this day up twenty got three -- -- six minutes off the clock that was a drive that set irate after that I'm like. You know -- this case. How much though -- him. He he he seems like sometimes he's forcing plays in meeting on help Brice Butler killed him. He did he does a lot of talent outside if you dropped an -- -- with two when straighter maybe two or three you had a tight end threat. But they do is we talk but the niners on haven't threats they just don't have a whole lot around. There's a lot more earth and they do -- -- available later I got a senators are guys that. Will can run the ball consistently. So how much do you put on prior. I mean no matter way. The guys -- when the ball hit her hands again adjustable fourth quarter after you. Do they have a lot of talent out there. They got -- when you look at outside a more. Probably below the bar talent at the receiver position to be honest. Tight -- You know the same thing you know I'll -- really like to see them disuse -- more in that position because I can catch to football. And he can't create separation. From smaller linebackers and he can body position very similar to Anquan Boldin and if you put a corner or safety or. You know I would wish they would just using a little bit more because I asked to guide and no contempt of football for operators he looks like he's put on some point. The ease your fullback you better portals from what should we have he's not running that was not run it exactly what set him apart what the real good -- the final ten -- their match up he would get a linebacker in the wheel route. And now he's just to set and how to keep but the weight on to be a better lead blocker but that's not -- -- should nation -- to. I just I'd. I know they had -- I know he's he's listed as a fullback or distinct at the bad position for just not his skills that. It still says it is to be a matchup nightmare. Personally how now -- citing the reason why NE YOK. We've been saying this all year. Everybody saying this why isn't great goals and you know coach -- that they look at that dancing and how calm were not utilized in this guy better in the passing game. We sit here and we talked about it we got a lot a lot of what I hear is he is the number one read on plays in the ball doesn't go to him for whatever reason. -- the quarterback hasn't thrown the ball on the quarterbacks missed him. The -- the wheel -- against -- the first game of the here you go wide open waiting got to relax and do badly and -- when he's common from the back field. He's an extra second. Behind. So draw doesn't see that you guys know it's like when you watch Terrelle. He's -- -- quick. -- -- -- You know where most organized sightseeing and throw yes so. Most quarterbacks will hold three seconds and then the time clock is going off now he's two and he's got happy feet. Let's look to the other side because they're playing really good defense. And they won that game of his very last three offensive -- but still -- -- a ton of pressure on general -- that got -- -- the secondary played great about how while the defense. I think through they've played really good -- I said a little while ago I think this is the best they've played since 2002. I think who was on their defense in the last three years. Yeah you get I think that your roster for the defense aside these guys are hungry. My -- wanna play and play hard battle want to attitude I mean attitudes are contagious in the National Football League in and I think they have players only -- the side. Who attitudes are contagious to each other. In the end. In a previous years. Those guys. He just didn't want it where these guys want it they don't let him play as fast as these guys play and it's simple things they play four. They play a little over five the place and six they do very simple blitzes. I think that's great because they're playing well what didn't you don't need to change editor Jason Tarver I think Tarver. Is attitude. I mean that's infectious. And they bought into him you mean given the finger to the refs. -- -- -- that which you think that she used you find him. That they would listen if a player. -- -- -- I'm without their guy how much can you talk you never is that there again and let somebody I'm. Rommel you'd never did now. And I'm trying to think yeah. Yeah. It's okay the only the only. Only time I was that airline hit and you know Mike -- shares slipped to -- when you're hitting. And Mike Shanahan said I did you know in 2002. To do them and we played them how -- value in -- that I did it. And I did the red lobster olive -- after they always play that is us. Per share. You know after an hour knocked out while you guys you know they brought brought to stretch her out -- generally -- here you have the flip them back he thought -- -- -- from you now we're Judea I -- -- -- -- I was point navigate. You know I learn it. You to give him mitigated job in the third finger and they are all day together stuff. I don't want bigger they gave mighty -- touring touring with three fingers and a. I think coming up next Rudd visited let -- back with the niners. Politics a look back at last week and also where the niners are the bye week what are some things. They need to do and they did they do the right thing. We do -- official word to the only deal that was made was Isaac Sopoaga gone from the Eagles to the patriots no other trades are made to the 49ers have done something all that the guys coming up next football our job on Greg poppy in studio. With the hall of Famer rod Woodson. And the four time Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski next in the mayor's news networks not about having it. Points. We don't know what I appreciate Michael Crabtree to come back here he's the competitor you want to get back on the football field but -- gave me someone else because on the other right owner but to stretch the field. The bar thanks for joining us come on Greg -- joined as we always are in Studio One to -- -- -- now ski. And rod Woodson it was Jerry Rice JR with W Greg Downey Thursdays at 505 last week in the 49ers needed to address. The wide receiver position because he's not sure so sure the Manning and a -- true come back. And at at that level that they need to of course they did not -- trade deadline has passed Isaac Sopoaga goes from the Eagles and patriots. That is the only trade that was done at the deadlines -- guys. Should they have addressed the receiver position or is it enough that Manningham and Crabtree are gonna come back. You know it's so hard to say guy who's in -- This amount of time for both players. They're gonna come back elite level specially Crabtree who he played last -- awesome to get a break out your last shouldn't think he's gonna come back at that level often Achilles. Right off I mean it's just I don't think that's fair to think he's gonna even be that -- And you Manningham is he's been nicked up since he's been here from work so but they don't need someone to come back in the great they just needed decent guy. That's gonna help them a lot. Yeah I mean I Manningham is probably the best. I is gonna be better than Crabtree this year in the offseason they gotta do something about their receiving corps in -- sense. The death. As those guys who -- -- -- entered Islamic and place when you look at Vernon Davis. And you look at Anquan Boldin to receptions -- -- that there early receiver as the full abortions freeagent. -- afraid I'll use -- -- -- -- recent failures -- for a lot of those guys exactly -- you get into -- the big payday and -- -- -- -- the year. Got to address that. They need a playmaker you got Vernon Davis you got an easier vertical threat -- tied and your vertical threat. We know -- not a revenue anybody but aren't you have to bring all Crabtree will be fine picture. You expect him to be. Will be -- this year he gets day let UP it's the later part of this season in the gets in the game. He's going to be battery I know we're all gloom and doom on Manningham. It seems to me that their doctors are saying and he's going to be funny when -- worked out with him in London on the -- -- -- -- at their but it looked I guess he's got a touch on one practice and is moving around well. It is in my studio to its own apartment. Houses ratio that's pretty good. But the looked at their medical people must've told Manning -- and come back now if he has a set -- not the same. But that's not the way they do business and -- trade draft pick at a trade deadline in the middle of the year to add somebody from outside of their organizations is not the way they do. Now think you need to I think you know some teams don't run the football. Last five games they rushed for over nine yards medallion to -- the direction they are this same team they were two years ago there Mikey is my accusers. When you play CEO. And -- -- in your face would all those corners they got those big guys. Can they win now can they run the football against Seattle CO you know -- freedom at candlestick. -- -- -- -- -- Actually -- Seattle they have to be -- at New Orleans before they Seattle after you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they made it's -- if they need they need Seattle. Here. They got here and I know on trial our daughter -- are targeted joined -- play out -- -- only one game behind them. Are you're out you're in London -- as well as adult like. So as efficient chips and Warner. I didn't regaining the -- efficient -- pretty good -- Ships -- you know the big the big and ignore their -- that cut chips or Fries yeah ago now did you swim the English Channel. And where did you get warmed up. Nicaragua. Yeah. I don't know I don't walk in a lot of shopping for them you did I didn't. -- at. -- great walk in there and do they love football enough there to put a team there. I tell you what they had a fan fell straight and for a couple days and it was packed. In the square that they had -- And this one little kid came up to me with this piece of paper yet 32 teams on the and he had it all boxed up and he had a check mark for every team that he saw jerseys representing over there in the fan interest. Every team except three you confront the jerseys. I mean that's how much they love. Hours and the rumors they represent I don't I'm not a I don't think we understand it was their jaguars jaguars the and -- -- the jaguars look at what they want their coverage of wagers this attack that happened at a but I -- They do like it you know you know everybody's talking about it and remembered I was talking about it and have a team there -- -- add more games are -- talking on next year's going to be three teams Cold War over three games going over the air so. I think they're excited I think the you know the how nu -- is there really excited about that they're gonna feel the stadium because you know the last couple years. You know the game to sort out like twenty days. You know it's hard to do and National Football League in home games so. And it teams are did not think pretty good paycheck. So I want to give up their home games a finger -- in a pretty good -- -- isn't it -- You get a nice which goes from 53 capacity 85000. Is there some event to life they are separate offseason as well there were. What they TARP off the the lower Florida because he can't see. -- resort and never do that in a horror can't see the yeah it and there they sure short yeah yeah. This is of the guys you look at -- residential and way more rule in Washington in years ago. In that stadium. There was deterrents work -- lower level seats back in the day Arpaio. Go back to the old -- old are camped out -- -- as far as the 49ers bye week what are what are the things you guys think they need to work on. At the -- can improve. Timing and rhythm for the passing game at all. The running game it was awesome. Mean they're doing what you're supposed to do like -- -- last five games over nine and yards rushing the football. They could not be stopped in game it really can they have been stopped the last five games around the football. It's their timing and rhythm of throwing the football. Is critical but eager to guys throw the football to drive. So I know that perhaps it. Yeah we have BF two the -- -- Texas -- basis. The other guys on the roster you know which room Richard -- got the Ross for one reason you'd think these guys to play at this level. That they can't play at this level make you won't get new guy that's what you have to revisit. Who's the third and fourth guys in this for their football team because they're they're not producing that they're not producing on special teams. You know cowards when those guys quick twitch guy. Great in space. Returner he drops the ball a lot he fumbles a lot he's not create any separation they're trying to figure out ways to getting the football. But he's done nothing what did I mean so people like -- need to start stepping up and doing something on a consistent basis or they can't be on -- roster. All -- Smith. Can they go into the superdome in New Orleans and beat the saints. When Donald Smith. Our thanks go out and get a pass rush on -- without him. Given them pretty -- it's so -- and I -- OK okay yeah I think they need to bring some they need to bring a fifth guy. I think yeah I mean you are the middle and I think they're critical thing for you play any not just Drew Brees but any Sean Payton. Offense he likes to throw deep in the scenes. That's Gary animal that's his MO he's always been that way what is with the giants to your backers. Got to get deeper drops which is so weird for them they had to get deeper drop sustain it seems as they know what you around the football -- you gotta run the football and you -- check down. Does drew one of those quarterbacks he's very impatient he'll throw the football team and they we're starting -- on the defense aside for the 49ers are starting to turn overs. They're start to hit people get turnovers are big into that think they can decide. -- that's the story and the niners coming up next the guys go attic in truth. Or trash remember if you're always on the go -- -- when you -- your favorite night fives in the game show -- -- Smart listeners -- Smartphone. It's even 957 again map delivered by Domino's Pizza you need your mobile devices App Store the 957 game up. Delivered by. Domino's. A little bit raiders as a legit. Playoff team we'll get into a discussion about -- Jason Tarver a Seattle's struggles last night in not Alex Smith. The gift that keeps on giving we'll explain and on through the trash coming up next Romo. And rod collateral on the mayor's news and sports on five Symbian. Minutes of explosive football topic. Football out. It played outstanding and when you get those types of situations -- -- you know really single out who gets a game ball and it doesn't get a game on proper defense -- front did a great job of putting pressure on Ben Roethlisberger rolled a law that public secondary guys that really good -- and maybe if you play. That of course is Dennis -- head coach of the raiders when he was solid Beaver County he's. On with the guys 315 every -- make sure that you would tune in for that talking about the defense it's been. Absolutely great through the first half of the season -- to -- coming up momentarily we six questions for generators. Three on the niners and your daily dilemma kind of topped the RES -- It's girls your hero all right it's time for truth or trash. Football our. Truth. Are we'll start with a greater pressure member you can -- chime in on me thinks -- -- at 95795. On the tax line -- are we view with the schedule. Which by the way the raiders don't play team above 500 until week. Fifteen when they take on the chiefs so this is Eagles this weekend at giants at Texans titans act cowboys at jets. So again no plus 500 team until week fifteen with the schedule and this defense the raiders -- legit playoff threatening AFC truth frat. -- -- 'cause of the division. You know you got the two top AFC teams in the division. And then you also have the chargers in the division which is going to be tough couple other teams you got to look out for the jets. Giants Texans titans now now -- -- this is talking AFC a -- so you're on your -- wild card. You know we're talking -- secular not yet this sector chiefs were not because again it's three from the ANC make it can. Well cared for. No no doesn't work that way so they -- that's what -- -- -- yet though. Every -- -- -- -- chiefs chargers could be there and the other in Europe against the jets. Baltimore Miami. There's some pretty good. And I think the answer that plants and routines. You know. I would say it's. -- Just for the fact that you look at the roster and look at the Pepsi. In their last three weeks ago we -- detergent Broncos so you get close our. Which -- toughest teams in your division all divisional teams games. You know I think it's tough -- -- split off its advantages and forward. Thinking points a game. Not good enough and their defense has given up to when he wine. That's pretty good. But I'm pretty sure at 21 has more than eighteen. I'm not good in math courses scores -- when you when they lost that tournament -- it was reversed. -- and so are. Are we said -- AFC west is the best division in football. Outside a conference it is mainly AFC. It is it's on the test AFC was -- the NFC west. If you just go by record -- US as the best record outside division in the NF. They beat the most teams outside of the damage they were from the worse it isn't about them. So let's relies and -- US NFC west of that a couple of years ago -- -- to make the play. -- division. Our number two lecture suggest you run the forty niners should have traded for a wide receiver the deadline can't count on Manning Democrat yours to return to form this season. Nazi stress. I just think I think they have what they need. I think it's really difficult for war he receivers coming mid season from another teen. And to get a grasp of all fans in a couple weeks to be any player and really the positive contributor to the troubled about the stuff. So I think they have what they have the other guys are coming back and they got to hope that they give them some positive contribution. But negro yeah no trades and the it's it's the same they need one of those guys they need. Crabtree -- Manningham. To get give them a little bit of production down the road. Otherwise. They are going they're gonna go into the playoffs. Like Alex Smith's team. You know two years ago and they're gonna have to win that way they're playing a lot like that now they're getting more takeaways. On defense right now is Nancy data though -- -- -- -- scores. -- scored twenty some point today -- -- I mean. They're doing a good defense is getting better. In the office in camp and it is getting comfortable it's like very similar to what he was the very beginning we certainly where he's -- cure for your run the football. He's finally run it again he's not for all the way he did before what he's running the football or early in the season it's like somebody told them only the pocket. Don't run the football. Get down if you do run don't make a terrible place an error that -- play in the red zone where he took off and defender posted on one airline or is it -- steam rolled in for touchdown. That's aggressive executed. He's back to play like he did last year. I think they were trying to protect. I think there's a mentality there where the coaches -- slide. You know protect yourself results -- theory from some members of the media that he got hurt in the Green Bay -- He hurt his left foot. He couldn't run for several weeks so. I'm discussing them I'm just -- to number three football our. I'm bill allows you rod Woodson on and it in truth they're -- number three bird flipping it defensive coordinator Jason Tarver is doing the best jobs this year of any coordinator in the NFL. For his work in turning this defense program he was called the cover one defense -- it was stone doesn't regularly -- -- -- this on -- Property. Pretty impressive job for the town heavily house. You know he's got a bunch of guys that are bought in but he only has one and superstar. Who use. And I would say a Charles Woodson was more of a superstar. A few years earlier in his career where now he's not the same guy. And then there's LaMarr Houston he's got a bunch of hard work in blue -- Hey we body and we play hard. And I can say. You know can they compete against the better teams the dumber Broncos they can't. That's the problem but. They held Denver to thirty said. Well I called sixth day the question was the best the best job and any court that's falls. Who's better Rob -- from. For now here in worse for now rightly -- -- -- -- largely on the front row was. The question and right now we're always wrote up a -- that they were historically bad will it work. Fullness last year workers in league history -- and heritage and what he's. In a short period when -- And less -- -- is got here as this thing for the most part. The are hot rod the offense -- some you know active but the head coach our rob -- a lot of -- I don't know if your defense. It meant he's done a great job he has done a great job today now Jason has done a wonderful job too but I I really believe what Jason has done. You know it's very similar or rob simplified to a simple form let these guys just go play football and don't over complicated battle went to Jackson do crazy things. This -- really simple let them go play and I will say this about this football team for the raiders a lot of these guys are when -- deals. Current they're playing for careers they're playing for paychecks next. So their guys are angry he got on turn on it they're playing together not as it is about woods. The and there are some of these other guys -- veteran guys these are leaders of veteran guys with a slight. And they know how hard it is to play in an ethical legal and you get guys to get electors who want to play they have four guys who are eleven guys really wanna play. Then. Eleven guys were talented and -- overpaid. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At a class of the division this year. Seattle. So. Now it is -- you know they struggle. It happens -- -- the masterful only you know. You see it you know every now and then it would -- you know you you look at the -- brothels and you know what they did against the strong against. You at least who obviously struggled against the jets actually played yet. Struggled against Washington delayed again and say what they've. But Seattle's good for porting is one ugly at the end of the day they won the game -- lost a game it was flipped. It was 129 or some -- bad it was flip. I've got -- they've won ugly game that good for bolting. They're dangerous I don't think anybody wants to play that team and player would you run the ball last night the last. They tried on third down and got stuff. I know put. What is unlikely he'll call I didn't either we wouldn't come back they would -- You got quickly Browner on that last planet and it's not -- I mean it's you know it's -- -- -- -- -- everything's not working. It -- Iran in a ball was working for them until you get up against the Obama hit back issues scored before they got an article I think. That's the problem. -- debt to cheer their trash. Appreciated thank you gentlemen thanks for the victory you don't hit it. Emerald from like today again and again go to LA tomorrow come back on Friday at least Saturday next week -- -- we if you know life. You and me in Osceola Sunday at the coliseum for the Eagles. Fan of the raiders picked. You know. I think -- for a minute ticker is we have a great picture and I thank you very much. -- you give me a dirty look about it no way to see if you've been disingenuous there -- no breast cancer. -- I've worked for almost like you're good in his place your anatomy but I -- I got out of yeah it. But they're anywhere without a relentless the rest of us that technology and cancer. Rod last I think I -- It next your daily -- levels -- actually -- a couple brought up before about winning championships the Red Sox are on the cusp of doing that -- next collegiate participation. On today's -- -- of -- he's ever sports and -- fives and game.

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