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Jon Barry thinks the Warriors can be a top team

Oct 29, 2013|

The ESPN NBA analyst talked about where he sees the Warriors going into the season, and what he thinks of the Andre Iguodala pickup

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a bad -- if you're gonna have fun Derrick rose's return. Is she get -- in your opinion is -- in the pre season he looks just better than ever -- immediately. Get back in the MVP talk right away. I think so I'd get a game last week and he played. 48 minutes. 127 ports look like he was playing in the playoffs. Talked briefly before that he said I'm surprised maladies. That exceeded where he thought it would be at this point. I think he's gonna come out before aboard the just feels like I -- gets out and approved with all the talk about lecture in not coming back. I don't think we'll ever truly know what was going on but obviously could move well I think he's going to be -- and the Buick so -- -- be focused and ready. What does it look like he's the explosion there it says it doesn't look like they're the same guy a but what are you see him. Yeah he looked. Maybe quicker. So ultimately city jump higher and jump shot is much better because obviously that's all -- really do. For so many months is just they're still should jump shot. I believe he shot forty. Appreciation from the three point line and I don't think he's ever shot over 33%. You know has -- his career -- -- he's a much improved computers especially three point shooter. Good luck the MBA try to guard -- Paris trading this morning and hearing he's actually increased his vertical leap five you've. Inches which seems so how does a guy at this stage of his life retreat supply ventures JB it seems impossible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If god I can assure you that if you -- that. I can't jump -- did you do for OJ -- We could combine it would -- the well at that case. While. That. I mean even even to me it was the best finisher the point guard position you know couple years ago now Russell Westbrook -- conversation -- I love everything about a year rose. Last year was very very difficult for amnesty and watch. And -- team go through. Well what miracle cure but. He looks athletically he's -- he did two years ago and expect nothing but greatness. John very good enough to join -- he's a lead analyst for the NBA on ESPN radio heat and a bulls tonight kick off. The NBA season -- -- take a look at the east obviously be -- gone for three -- the bulls getting rows back the nets made a bunch -- moves. I didn't vets and their Indy should be improved Paul George is gonna be better thing to Granger to be healthy -- -- and he handicap the east. Welcome -- I think the three best teams in basketball early eighties it might -- Chicago Indiana. They have to -- degree or situation worked out -- -- -- accurate if he's out a couple of weeks -- -- Civil peace in and out of the lineup. That could be a distraction. For me I think he's very similar player to George. I don't know that they really need him to get better like doctor Pritchard. They believe that the two of those guys together it will work. It will make them a better team. So time will tell. But I love their team my lovely school coming over CJ Watson they've really revamp their bench Chris Copeland from their. Other -- are weak spot last year in I think they've addressed that they're going to be ample. A but I like those streets in the I think like he says that's. They're better starting five in the NBA if they're healthy and that. Don't think so. They have to bench dealt with purely delegation Jerry and Andray Blatche Reggie Evans so they're they're neat they're pretty good seeing. And then the west. I don't I mean it seemed to -- the team to beat I just they. There're so many good teams but is dirty league team that you can say is gonna win the western cupboard I don't know. Well bush handicap at the top of the west right now with the Westbrook injury is okay she can actually easy to figure out where they are already put the spurs -- I figured out. Yeah I mean in San Antonio do it again. You know I think a lot of people are buying in the Houston I'm not so sure. I like the clippers a lot with -- rivers going Barron's. I mean finally it is right to have it in off season where we're looking forward to the warriors he's like we're very legit team that a lot of people believe are going to be in the top four they have a good chance that he. Ellison -- a closer look at the lawyers who do you think they add. It would all obviously a lot of people talking about them losing Jack and Landry knows some of that depth obviously the injuries -- Currie stand healthy -- -- Yeah you know a lot of Middle East where retained but do you like the adult pick up I think I'm assuming that reasonable pierce -- for six enroll. Which. I believe he'd probably be six Eric Barton's just outstanding last year particularly in the playoffs. So I like they had their -- it is healthy again. I loved him defensively he can give you a little scoring punch. It's an avenue raw wild one on one jump shooting basketball. They need Bogut scored the post and I think he's capable guys -- when I loved loved I think he's terrific he's he brings great toughness. David Lee and underrated player. I don't understand all the talk about though it repeatedly. He produces every time out of Florida great teammate. So they have a lot of pieces like this I truly believe their top fourteen in the Western Conference. Centrist in your rattled off several guys on the roster you and talk about the face of the franchise Seth Curry. We're pretty good day or bad -- -- they -- -- fifty Ford Madison Square Garden 47 -- the against the lakers and a couple of quarters in the playoffs JB where he went off. What his sex -- Q rating his cachet Iran the NBA where would you rank staff curry among the superstars of the NBA right now. Well -- you know he's he's cracking that top five at the point guard position -- mean he's. Who rarely do you hear him talk about talk about the great point -- But it did this got a little different points or he's just flat -- for. That it shoots the basketball as well as anybody in the India Beatty could make -- -- That sugar you know -- And he's going to get better. I think you underrated playmaker he does make plays well he's an unselfish player. Like excited he'd give -- -- low post threat to take a little bit of the pressure off stepped -- you don't need to be better. And didn't Scotland and I think he should have been an all star last year I assume that he will be at all structure. I guess the one thing about the warriors is. The depth they add guys like Jermaine O'Neal and Toney Douglas and in some guys like -- IDF concerns about the warriors depth. Well you -- you know -- play well here you know he can do got spell voted for some it may be played together if you need a couple periods. At certain times. But that's fine but I I think you're young and asking. Where -- is not going to be a factor -- all steps ankles aren't. You know I think they're gonna be okay and get back. So how excited should we be jamiat made that comment about a week ago this I think this is that this is the best warrior roster. I've seen since I moved to the Bay Area that was in 86. They had some teams with -- CMC group but they never had the big guys let like Bogut is this one of the most solid it. I mean true NBA challenging type rosters you've seen from the warriors. Yeah I'd like it. It's always been I think the Specter bogeyed is that kind of missing piece that they haven't really ask. A joke -- girl knows one of the tougher guys -- game right. Just barely cares day of -- -- -- he used to use an actual player but I didn't -- -- tough guy. I love the -- it -- intensity. Not we're not afraid back you know it seems like most -- -- -- that -- -- a lot of last year but he dollars and -- -- permanently physical play caller. Culture that Mark Jackson is created and it again I just don't see that there's any -- scene in the Western Conference. I think you're all very very. I don't see any reason marbled steak and you want to come up. Great stuff number call tonight -- it's it was great catch up we appreciate it thanks.

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