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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Jeff Van Gundy thinks the Warriors will be an intersting team to watch

Jeff Van Gundy thinks the Warriors will be an intersting team to watch

Oct 29, 2013|

The ESPN NBA analyst & former coach gave his thoughts on the Warriors heading into the season, and how both the East and West stack up on opening night

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm really excited I think it's going to be an outstanding. Season where a number of teams could possibly won championships so yeah I think it's going to be a really good year. We've got to the Miami Heat going after something historic trying to go to the finals four times. In a row we haven't seen that since the Bill Russell Celtics. -- what's. What are the prospects forty what what do they have to do to get there what would prevent them from doing so. I think they have to be the favorite and -- and yet we. So it was last year. San Antonio easily could've won. The finals certainly. The pacers could knock them off in the Eastern Conference finals so. That that the first here since they've been put together that I would -- the field. Instead about that. First three years that it taken them over the field not so this year because I think that top -- but the Eastern Conference has really improved. I think the Western Conference will produce a really really good team. And I guess. I have a feeling that you know they're -- Has been really good. Like Oklahoma City they have an -- -- that major injury in the play option except if you wanna count late eighties or. Injury to posh couple years ago in Indiana. So help at number one. And then -- I think -- -- European they're gonna have to. Play well then. I'm really interested in both of those. Players to see if they can help for they ultimately -- So much stock last season so much -- this offseason nice solid conversation. Would Derrick Rose about LeBron has what he wants. Tonight we open up with the heat and the Chicago Bulls is this the matchup do you expect next year for the Eastern Conference finals in the right to go to the finals. Well I think -- you know the -- are. May be a little bit on the outside have a chance to get there but I think there's really three teams I think Brooklyn. The bulls and certainly the pacers. Could find themselves in the Eastern Conference. Finals I think we'd all be shocked if I am he's not there but. I think the competition at the -- is really really strong and I think these teams have legitimate chances but I do think if Miami. So loose. I think who'll be a direct reflection. Some pretty. Being so hungry. That they won't be denied it you'll be -- it out on the court. We have 91. Time head coaches. Thirteen new head coach's overall. What's your perspective you are always a pro coach and I feel like in in this day and -- more than ever. Coaches are banding together because they seem to be collected an endangered species or they're being there being their prey. How you feel what what do think is the reason that we are seeing so many. First time head coaches in the league. Well. The agenda are tied into the media. Though that that's where their source material always comes from. So it's always a former all that red hot -- -- that looks. Okay I I I I wouldn't disagree with that but I just didn't know that you're going to be talking a -- about coaches and that's where you organs arts. No but don't like that while on a bill communicate and we know about the -- leaked to the media. And -- the media is. It. Bought off by the information they get to -- -- skilled players they're gonna kill. The coaches that. They play with all the trade rumors. That get leaked to me if they don't come from the coaches they come from the front office holders -- -- -- took immediate doesn't take shots at the general managers or acting owners -- there's only one group while which is the coaches so there's a big group of the media that constantly. Still the coach. So it's long it's always hard -- No it's why it's why part because. You know you guys drive the media drives the perception so. You have the result. And a lot of teams don't have that Dominic. For the rebuilding that they say they wanna go. When -- when would they say hey we're gonna rebuild it pay as you know you're going to be. -- bat and then management ownership -- yet we know that but and once they get him at seven now. And they're actually have to follow through they say I don't going to be bad I don't think we're gonna be this bad. And so. I can't who's gonna take the -- I rarely see it GM stepped forward but you know what I gave. It go to bad scene all take siblings. I just don't do that so. That's why in today's game you have it's really the era of the Serbs when it comes to coaching you get fired if you lose you get fired if you -- like George Karl -- don't make grow and -- -- -- -- Can't. It's that time were I don't know coaches are bringing together but. I look at it like the most important person in any organization. Is a guy -- the players. It's absolutely get. The person in charge whether it's an owner who taken over that -- without saying he has weathered the GM president. Whoever has final thing I'm picking players. It's the most important. Considered organization. But I don't see. Them getting them -- Or the credit quite frankly that they deserved I I feel all shifty. Politico can relate to me because it's a great way to camouflaged. What really has gone wrong with the organization. And it didn't brands like. Did when you change coaches like you're really going to change and then what they can find out it. There's no change at all it's just we got to get better players. I think get a strong opinion on that one view at the top I don't I know we I know anyway that coach Jeff -- Denny joins this year view contending 95 point seven the game and coach -- On our Sports Illustrated out here outlast its staff curry on the cover. And there's a point inside the NBA preview where they called the warriors the new showtime team. When you look at the Golden State Warriors last year they were the hunt turn. Now they still into the season the hunt dead how do you think they'll react to the -- teams look at them differently prepare for them differently. I think -- lawyers are really interest seen. Team to analyze this year I think they lost huge part and -- Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry. I thought their chemistry. Was. Absolutely the best that he MBA I just. I'm like watch in their bench as much as I like watching -- product on the floor of the problem or was great the show on the bench between -- -- reply was even better. Are you telling me that with you coach the team like that you'd be down with your it's your bench acting like that. -- -- absolutely I always felt that. One of the most selfless acts was not just. Having guys sit on the bench and wait for their turn now but could be actively involved. In the game. As they waited their turn and from. They need more who who rarely got the way to. You know. Some guys who were in the rotation to the starters when they came out with said they were tied together. Like -- loved watching that I think mark. Influence on all that has been. -- -- In that. He always played in coaches with this level of confidence and enthusiasm. That I think it really. Transferred to -- So going forward I think loop in Jack and Landry. The major change the big dollar upgrade. While it -- talent upgrade. We'll have to wait and see if it's a -- upgrade. It's I was gonna let you answer my question because I bright and -- and then Bogut contract. Though. You know. It be any help me. And played well it's a stroke of genius but Bob -- If he's constantly hurt. And can't stay that way on the war. And it will be an albatross. And you guys know about the albatross of standard contracts so you know -- -- They had to get that over under and they get to let that that fifty. And I could see it go -- -- that he but I also see it if if you know that -- health issues. You know Bogut. It's always seemingly nicked up the other curry ankle. Always is going to worry me but I'd like thirteen I liked their chemistry. I love their coach but I do think. That. -- Idea that you know they're gonna definitely go from 47. Of fifty or 52 and I think that's -- I think that's something that shouldn't be taken for granted I think there -- a lot of work to do. I agree 54 we let you go. Who do you see coming out of the west who do you think is the is this is really difficult. Let me Santonio obviously. Is the defending Western Conference champion. Who should be the favorite. Going into the season to come out of the west. What did the wet foot injury. How long it -- in the regular season and will impact to Wear -- seat dark. But I think what he can expect their outstanding. But they had taken a talent brothel. I -- you know -- pardon. And then they'll -- -- It putting. The burden on land could be really good and I do like Stephen Adams. I think he's played well the preceded. But there's talent has come back of the pack and then you can Antonio and then I'd like the -- a lot. And I lost the rockets I think the rockets will come out and play in the finals and I think the rockets. Will win the championship. -- -- -- -- the west conference champions win at all at all. I think they're gonna what it out we might be a little -- -- I mean Nadal the I I I don't think Miami. Let the panel sides I think they're great but I'd really like -- make up I think. Now look and they have to make that it sensibly. Howard how that bat. I loved Beverly circuit and start MI believes. I think killed got a great don't on the ball sort you can defend the basket and the ball. I think you've got a great great -- I'd like they're definitely apartment. -- And -- a -- and I don't know I don't the other gonna start. Twisted and -- yeah I'm not I'm not a lot -- that line up. But. They don't have assurance that they got that great chip I could see them getting our -- for a very good warming. If they need to. Coach great stuff it's the start a little longer a long grind good luck to this season we'll talk to you later on -- -- report -- thanks Jeff.

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