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Bill Polian's thoughts on Darren McFadden

Oct 29, 2013|

The former NFL executive & current ESPN NFL analyst talked about Terrelle Pryor's progression, what McFadden brings to the Raiders, and his thoughts on the 49ers WR core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Any answer football questions -- Bill Polian this man built Super Bowl champion. Bill. Welcome to the program thanks for coming on. Bankunited -- it. So when you think about three and four for the raiders. You've got Terrelle Pryor comes out of nowhere and has definitely. Improved a whole hackable lot. And then you look at the raiders defense you go to game two against Jacksonville title branch got her really early in this game so. Basically for the majority of the season they complain with ten new starters on defense. And this unit statistically. Has been one of the better ones in the NFL. Bigger shocker TU Pryor's play or the play of the defense for the raiders. Well. I think that it's prior away. Because I expected that. That is now on because he has -- defensive guy. Would get that thing going. And Reggie knows exactly the kind of player that they need and so despite all in the camps they had with cap room and so forth he was. Able to assemble. Very reasonable. Reasonably paid. But pretty darn good team. And it and Pryor was. When he came out of college. Completely prepared to play in the NFL. Vote for. -- On the standpoint of maturity. And that and the standpoint -- you know accuracy. Delivery. Reading of defense as a -- And the lead that he's taking. You know -- just been unbelievable and they're great credit to John before -- Poland and the other people money up front is that we're we're getting them there. And you know while he's not anywhere near. Where he may have a chance to go oh. Is that criticism. Which is incredible probably better even than Cam Newton. It is is able to get him out of situations. That a poor offensive line has created form and that's not a great -- but injury and cap problems etc. but the fact of the matter is that he made. Incredibles strike throwing the ball and and is set let it schism is unique so he can make the kind of plays that you made early in the game Sunday which concurrent. Build -- a feeling among the fans and some media. That. It's time to move on from Darren McFadden and some want him traded. Some believe he's he's not an every down back there's a frustration with him because he's been he showed you flashes but he's been hurt so much that. There's just there's I think there's a sense of let's move on. From an outsider's perspective when you look at Darren McFadden and you look at the raiders. The UC. -- way in which he's part of their future. Well I think you wouldn't do it it involved. -- back. He's not a guy who on the durability standpoint. Can be an every down back on the shore. And any -- that exists anyway. That perhaps. With the exception of Frank Gore -- but. He can't beat -- beat them back. He is a game breaker. When he felt he and if his salary. You know -- affordable. And it would with the cap situation that it will now and Eric next year. -- What what's a better word and they'll they'll shut off next year. They inherited a terrible situation they'll probably be. -- through the worst of it by the end of this season. On it is that again another back to go along and and this salary affordable. On sure means a positive force were on the field. On what it can't the guy. Can be an every -- Six time NFL exactly of the year and parent ESPN NFL analyst Bill Polian joins us and let's never forget grey cup champion also. Right here joining us about your current Downey 95 points of the game and bill. -- I'll never forget that hey bill I told -- at the trading deadline you can take on a player and go over the salary cap. He just have to be under the salary cap at the start of the NFL season as the and -- felt fiscal year is that correct. Oh absolutely not. OK let his deal you -- and Hillary. Kept the salary cap is in place 360. Well not exactly -- forensic partner of the year it's -- plate from the start in the league year. Until the end. All of the week here. And it doesn't change. So you always have to be under the cap during that time. Yeah it's measured two different way. Off from the the start of the league year which in this case will be march 11. Until that Tuesday orbit Thursday prior to opening weekend Thursday's actually opening day. They measure the top 51 contracts. On your roster. And of course. Most sand mound though that signing bonuses are pro rated and so forth so cap room is different than cash. It's cap room that is measured. Once the final roster is put in place and they kick it off. Or actually needed a week ago 4 PM on Thursday. The opening weekend you measure. Every player well under contract but opted featuring. And and it it may be counting on injured reserve terror. So with that -- the niners only had like a million some than under the cap -- do you think that's one of the reasons why they didn't go -- make a deal for a wider cedar. It. It would have more to do with that it would have more to do that then. And the idea that hey look we we looked around I mean let's break just throw a name -- it's been mentioned out there are a lot Josh Gordon. I don't know what the scouting report on his I don't know when you look at him and you see him as fitting in to what the 49ers do floppy were like. -- -- He -- talent wise he could certainly helped them. Was that. When you look at that is that a matter of will we just can't we could afford to do that or. You know what day east talent but is how much of an upgrade is he vs what we have and how much who we have to give up to get him. Well afford as a bad word. It's not a question -- for better implied that you don't have the cash to do. That it is big cap. Right I mean -- in terms of. Right it would fit is the correct word you don't have the room to fit him under the cap and and don't forget. They'd probably have to leave some room yet hurt injuries that occurred on stretch this is in the police it's going to be playing well so. -- I mean. All of this talks. I've been asked questions about the trade and trade deadline and simple essential trait for the past week. And I feel like shouting. Attention please there is a salary cap. I hey you know if you're running the Dallas Cowboys. And you see what happened this past Sunday would Dez Bryant I don't know if you heard the audio or not. How would you handle that situation. A receiver would those type of antics on the sidelines. Simple enough first saw it happen every week and the National Football League just so happened about cowboys whether ought to. Lots of cameras. Are featured Jason Garrett already addressed that. -- -- as individually and with the team in total. It behind them. If there's if this is Smart -- want answering questions about tomorrow the senate behind me in -- move or not. And netstat and and they're getting ready for the Minnesota Vikings they're not worried about this you know whatever. Controversy exists because there were photos taken out. A player. He molding on the sideline. That's a little like Coca. You know that's a blanket. I'm shocked. Players are voting yes. I'd actually give an argument on the sidelines during games and shock. Revelation. Unless things that way I would handle it you know laugh about it. It happens everywhere. One last thing before we let you go the 49ers have. A ton of draft picks for next year. We went through the draft picks this past year. And basically none of them are applying our or having an impact. And and people always look at at pix is being so valuable what is the value. In having those picks. Going into this next draft class wind. The last draft class really didn't produce anything for you. Well -- -- the that the lecture capture it just hasn't produced anything this year to date. Now at that time when injuries occurred that the young guys that that kind of reform. Secondly there will be. Older veterans leaving next year. And they'll have to be replaced by those young players -- the -- our cap works because. As a guy who plays quarterback -- get paid pretty soon and and when he's paid. That you're going to be able to move forward veterans. At at even reasonably high salaries. To fill in every spot on the -- the trendy -- once the quarterback -- -- that is a function of the -- -- -- Followed quote my yeah my body arm that would hello there is -- salary cap. -- but do you play to win that game that's the question. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not people it. Secondly. Those pick next year. -- there and and a carpenter for a reason that the niners know what they're doing they know once Colin get paid they're gonna have to trendy young. And so there are those -- to be used on young players to remake the squad. When the -- begins to encourage once the quarterback is paid. That economic model changes. Bill great stuff as always we always appreciate when you stop by. Thanks bill.

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