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Rich Gannon has been impressed with the Raiders' D

Oct 29, 2013|

The former MVP QB weighed in on the Raiders defense after 8 weeks, why he likes Jason Tarver's attitude, and where he sees 49ers in the NFC West

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just rich -- we saw earlier today on CBS sports dot com talking about it are in VP rich thank you for coming on once again as you knew every single Tuesday at 505. You guys -- but great. Well we're you know we're talking about. We don't make -- a great deal of it came out of the -- earlier -- -- that you respect the law is older. Here you're yelling at teammates. You know the coaches are applicable over. Critical look at the quarterback COLT what it will look the part owner Robert stop on that cute you know. What to do it you know that's necessary. You know -- -- Great leader apple. Football team -- -- here extremely focused retail guys seek medical records say they're coming into it. It became a major. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course about the sweet and very target that would distract you handle it can become a big issue for -- call it. So rich and help me with his aunts and -- brought it up. We've seen Peyton Manning getting after guys we've seen Tom Brady getting after guys. Tell didn't give me the distinction with a difference. Between those situations and what Dez Bryant was doing on Sunday. But they're the things that I think that article about the -- that you know you look at gradient -- about him completing what was but. I think that you and your daughter card there. I don't think yeah you'd try to. It is cold -- here. And I think the cult of the doubt quite frankly with they tolerate that on the court would never received. You know political at all. Silence and coaches yelling and so it would go well those are. Don't you'll like. Cart because they're not like it that much disagreement might -- -- competition quarterback. On some of them escalate what happened. Out double in the first on this -- alcohol -- you know -- And the cop to tune out on it as -- -- and regain -- or stop at a early Tuesday. And I think that really bought them. Did you ever happen did it ever happened to you and your career -- deadwood as you do. And it really admitted -- receiver. They are in the but so would turn over start with the Carter. Blew an emotional guy and you know he was you know he. Promote partner in in -- act. Quite apart MarketWatch in the -- members there were. -- -- a player with brown you're right he got out the quarterback. Curses later. Called the quarterback -- would look on the center or when you're -- is consecutive games but that streak was snapped a -- like 200. It forward to it organs or Eric had. Never set a single word governments to me. He never answered my analysis code is what you know we got it wrapped up but yet -- -- -- In fact two minute that we found that considered that -- Mean that's the type player Terry writes well I mean you know -- it's all about the it was never about him in the virtually. And did you how did you make that up to him. I've got to throw the -- probably. It. I think you -- -- little bit upset but you never know whatever cold water like Hopkins got well a lot of throughout companies with a quarterback who wants to pick I mean it was all pretty strong called original patient. -- read -- -- better readers already practiced the way it worked out again you don't hindsight I didn't do a good job I call. Good players. But that resists and wanted to talk to Israel wanted to rent them or we could do good job of that music group record correctly. You know you're all worried about winning -- in the open guys and not a concern about the words that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And by the way just they're quickly it was 274. Catches -- -- -- another team. Wore tan September 19 2004. And ended up being and 274. You ended up beating the bills thirteen to ten. So I just. What you look like it was earlier I scored day. Electro. I mean I think that speak volumes are -- about who you're right well that the order a competitor and -- Rich Gannon are MVP joins us every single Tuesday -- your -- current -- at 505. You know you look at Pryor's numbers. Hey he's got this team to three and four it's a very interesting year you were there at Kodak co on Sunday. -- asked when you look at the second half struggles for the raiders we seen it with prior quarterback against the chargers. Happened with the -- Redskins but he wasn't in there we see it again this past Sunday. Is all running around that he does let's say in the first half -- the third quarter. Is that maybe -- other reason why he's so fatigued and why the offense may struggle in the second half. Conditioning being -- him I. I kind of doubt that it is I just think that your teens you know begin to figure out there I think they do -- better -- -- -- here -- really technical and ninety. Your partner acting. You have like you know -- and -- courts and on that particular courts are having to go to coffee -- author adopting that. -- certainly like to clamp it. It did get up and do I think you -- I. I keep proper withdrawal are really do I think got a you'll report that appointment is as a worker card -- -- he's a power supporter and quite frankly. -- He's got. I bet they'll pick a book that would be accorded certain night at your word that start note that in the running game -- Good luck but Parker so that it it it starts and here. With pearl part leading rusher leading -- or call it now the result there. And so when you look at what you saw on Sunday. When you consider what this team has done this year. Raiders defense or Terrelle Pryor. Which has been them more surprising for you. I don't think he'd be out but I'd look at a pro football I would -- be prepared because they're all what you're ready. If they -- -- Arctic. They didn't didn't play on well they all kind of issues on the back and argued that -- his Harvard bottle -- -- It got there the extent but he -- me remind you. Yeah I am. -- iGoogle the actors you know he's. He's an old school greater happiness low eating in your mind a lot of Jon Gruden of the disk able logo -- go over a period over. -- at all an act of I think the players respond to that of other -- how Elliot will cultivate political Pete great music here. I -- how they improved their -- much rather. In February at linebacker when you look at the the that the power that they have there now close to a year ago. -- you look at the secondary would cut corners and how well the point is of course what these visits outlook and we're not give up a couple of who played monopoly here at that -- dump all the planes you know big criticisms. And the the rugby a much better and later. Think they've got my -- clearly on defense. You could find Rich -- every Tuesday right here -- in -- in 95 point seven a game at 505. -- so the bird out there anybody on the football children's. I don't know that happened I don't of that in the -- -- that I've probably caught a lot of others. And and -- -- you know look and you're eight Evans you know if you're of course -- -- two dollars and out of the pocket book -- You know what I've -- this -- the guys that you know he had a comparable quality look and compare it burns to a could be fair. And now it would be current political -- could be on to a great each other -- away and the order with a nine. -- new starters and that it could happen in the -- like a load though there was you know X percent drop kicked everybody typical street pick up some of these guys up and guys that. But it'll work what -- and other places and and and they've been able to come together you know former group director of very competitive. I don't know did you catch the Seahawks. Now rams last nine. What what do you make of that result as far as we're talking about the Seahawks being the a Super Bowl contender. The do you read into anything and other tended to be missing both tackles you're on the road. Did they show any vulnerable vulnerable ability. Oh I think so I think deductible is the -- -- bulk up and last but those guys struggle. He deposited the border helpful. But -- a couple. He's got actually looked a lot but it would be called 500 are pretty good piece of fabric and a great choir. They cut it short field. You know leaping to a putrid rocket or. I don't think there's -- company that the number -- what -- well. I thought that her grandfather great packet beat arguably be content on the ball or cut or click model Brooklyn and have a chance when that -- opinion that at these -- the summit and about it. I -- -- -- performance. The elderly in any state that you know he's probably. A good thing but they also gave up 134 yards -- on the ground. They adamantly Korean markets around the corner back and quite frankly you'll -- -- and they got that -- can't have that vote he. Here you mentioned you did two tackles out. I EE you look at Sidney Rice goes down for the rest of the year with -- ACL injury right now -- the 49ers having won five straight it is Seahawks are 701 have a great year. Right now appeared to our power rankings who would you rate higher niners or Seattle. I think they'll likely -- -- -- -- guys the last you know by the week I think that they've. Typically -- a nod at quarterback to do too much or think that you know it just. Reporting good. You know Jim Harbaugh -- can -- you know play well. I think Eric you know -- on now recoup their particular they're pretty quickly -- -- you know European Court. Separate group of them could trigger the big Seattle over the ability correctly you -- a line. The pebble but the problem you're bald pervert -- the -- after the club -- he writes I think things shaping up pretty well. Organizers Angela. So maybe this. Is a moot question but I'll ask it anyway. Should the 49ers have looked to made a move. At the trade deadline to do something to bolster the double wide receivers who supposedly were out there deep threats. Give a guy electrical who -- in -- any grip for example. You know in Tennessee I mean you know who really want Kenny Britt and he's at all be correct that nine times patent -- he's. He's that all the results -- to shoot the performance of production on the field and hear more. Having economic problems out there but -- you make mistakes and -- ticket and I bring out there trying to plug in -- -- system you know. That's art -- didn't talk about wanting to lock pick up tackle or -- cornerback or something like that that you know look like will be. Or optical -- Greg -- talked about -- -- prisoners of quarterback running back at him wide receiver and try to add a person like that there -- you know. 88 weeks deceit and that's very -- Victor -- person. What -- got this weekend. A look at the rampant at Tennessee at the rampant so aggregate Hitler look at kind of people all book report. Every great stuff for -- we'll talk to you next Tuesday. Rich again our MVP joins us every Tuesday at 505 right here on view current count.

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