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James Lofton on the 49ers WR group

Oct 29, 2013|

The former NFL WR weighed in on how the Raiders & 49ers have done so far this season, and Dez Bryant's sideline antics

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well now joining us once again the hall of Famer of course -- -- -- down on the farm with the Stanford Cardinal boy what an unbelievable career. He had the hall of Famer James Lofton James thank you so much for taking the time. Hey -- perhaps beyond but anybody you can remember me play and that's Stanford that they've got to be pretty old they're collecting Social Security right now. Well we've got some don't worry about that people remember the greatness of James Lofton down on the far. Hey James. The trading deadline has come and gone and we've been discussing about especially for the 49ers whether to give. Another receiver or not how tough would it be. To be traded to a team. And come to the 49ers acclimate themselves into the process into the game plan and when you think that receiver would've been ready to apply. I think it's about at minimum two week process. And maybe even longer. If you have a starting to plot that opened in Europe -- veteran player who's familiar with your office. You can work him in right away. But when you have a unique office like the 49ers do I think there's a lot of new learning from people and probably terminology would be a big hurdle so. Two people look at it in and branding somebody powerful one year or half -- season. Is it interesting propositions but at some of the positions where it takes some chemistry to work with somebody I think that stuff. A James we saw the foreigners come out. The score big against the Packers and then go into a bit of a funk they've come out of it out in the last 45 games scoring thirty plus points. How do you measure. An offense that you expect to be a Super Bowl offense. When it it has variations. Like that can you take anything out of these last 45 games. Or do you have to look at the matchups in the combinations. Sit too to really assess. Where they are as far as Super Bowl offense. I think what happens with the 49ers is you've had so many wild plays. As Turkey late last year when Colin -- stepped in as the starter and there was some real excitement. Frank Gore out he ripped off a lot of big run. You start this season off in Anquan Boldin go through over to -- in the very first game and Vernon davis' very explosive so. You have a lot of components that you think should always work but the other -- to -- And then when you. Don't have that second and third receiver. Had the same level. Has the you're number one receiver I think it's easy easier for teams to kind of game -- gets a little bit to take away certain people in certain situations so when you get that third neat plot. And you take away Vernon Davis can take away Paul Boldin who the next got to step up. Wow James you mentioned a second and even a third and they don't have a second let alone a third -- -- how tough is that. For great role in the offensive coordinator and throwing Colin camper -- when really you only have one wide receiver. I think you -- to have to be creative and it'll 49ers. Are still sit there. You know I think in the playoff putt just a little bit behind the Seattle Seahawks. But yes they do need it would be great if Crabtree or Mario Manningham could come back. And even then these -- guys who know the offense really well but it still gonna take them a game two games three games to get in that runs but this is a team there's also. That they're thinking about the policy they're thinking about the Super Bowl I think about those three games that you play after the regular season is over with. -- like -- was very hot on the 49ers. Going out doing whatever is necessary to get Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns and you look at his numbers and you think. Yeah ha ha I mean holy cow and -- the guy is putting up huge numbers is a wide receiver. Why if you were sitting in the GM chair. Continued it was an explanation as to why you wouldn't go out when you're talking about a receiving corps that is is dinged up resist one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mario Manningham we might have again next year so now dot Gordon as he is in his third receiver and didn't give up too much to get them and what happened to the young players who were trying to develop behind the. James -- the hall of fame wide receiver joins us your view current -- -- can hear him on Westwood One James. It's amazing how people see a situation differently. You got Dez Bryant on the sidelines in -- game where there are times or his team was ahead there's times his teams his team was. Tied and he is just it's an outfit. On the sidelines some people say hey I love the passion some people say my god. How selfish can you be where do you wait wait where do you weigh in on the sideline antics of Dez Bryant this past Sunday. I remember when I was coaching. One of the jobs for the wide receiver coach. Is to keep wide receivers away from the quarterback and quarterback coach. And so and -- people in that they both got good they're kind of looked at the Polaroid is trying to determine what plays they wanna go to next they don't need debt Brian there. Even if it's positive. You hear yelling get the ball horrendously what whatever. You know move over with a wide receivers. I used to always have my -- this is okay what we're gonna do we come out because get a -- water then we're gonna sit down as a group we'll go look at the pole awards were trying to determine are they run in the coverages that we thought they would run what changes that they made what do they do differently what they really do want similar to what we've seen on film prior. It and then all of that but I do not want the gore over talking to quarterback. The quarterback -- to come over and initiate conversation then that's fine but but the job -- -- wide receiver coach in the Weyrich of the quote was in that frame when it first started. In Dez Bryant was speaking loudly and what he was saying that he was speaking out in a wide receiver coach cabinet you know wagged his finger at him a couple of times and that -- just got to get. Or so. You're I'd -- be clear on this you're putting this on the wide receivers coach. Or is ultimately you know dead you know better. I nor my job would also what you have to do you as the coach you have to communicate and how we're gonna act on game day that's about all gonna conduct ourselves. So on game day our communication is within our group when you I don't want judicial frustration when you're walking up the field in the third and -- ball and come out the quarterback -- look at your way I don't what you snapping your helmet and your chin strap and -- -- because that of the message to the defense. That they're getting your goat. And you don't want them to think that so if you're there there's been a philosophy that you you kind of ingrained in those players on how you gonna act on game day and at what the protocol is running game day. What -- is what has surprised you more. The to read the latest row prior. Or the raiders defense. Well -- it was interest and -- the conversation with some of the guys that Westwood one's -- -- with the producer in the play by play guy. And we've talked about Terrelle Pryor and if if you go back. Four years. In the college football pro Pryor is right there on the same landscape -- Cam Newton and lobby other first round pick now granted he got his last year taken away from them because. Did you get an extra tattoos. But. He was a player that you would look at that. And you're taken I think trophy candidate. Potential first or second round pick so that the talent has always been there so I've been happy. To see the development. Because sometimes guys don't get a legitimate second chance and you know when you when you had your. Quarterback. Early on and he was kind of relegated to that the backup role I think that the quarterback coaches cities that. And even Greg Knapp who would be offered according to their last year they did -- -- -- pretty good job -- And developing him and getting him up to -- for the parole office. So are you saying in the seventies or your soul and Stanford gear for tattoos back on the farm. You know attacking back in the sailors got tattoos. You -- think they get you know little anchor on the arm and that was about it or girl and a mermaid or something like that but they detained a little bit. Before we let you go when you look at prior. And what you've seen so far I don't know what you need to see going forward the next nine games for the raiders to say. Hey this is our guy -- what do you really need to see from prior to make that happen to make that choice -- say we're going forward with him in the futures -- quarterback. Well I think that those -- hear -- did he create. Confusion for the defense. The read option style the pistol style. Are are all style that would you play action fake. And you have a good runner I -- Darren McFadden and then right next to me you have an equally good runner. Like prior. That both linebackers have to step up so now you have underneath passing game in between that the safeties in over the head of the linebackers and insisting that. Cam -- take advantage. RG three taken advantage of even Andrew Luck has -- vengeance because all these guys are talented runners to the regard -- the the defense really -- game plan to stop them when they put the ball in the belly of the halfback and then they start to take offer on the -- -- what you have to you know make sure that that helmet is. Is taking care of it opens up passing lanes and he's he's improving at the passing it from week to week and I think he's improving in his reads. Days before we let you go thirty seconds Seahawks rams very close uprising -- close game last night. Very critical. Yes what should we read into that result in. Light of a lot of people having the Seahawks going in maybe even winning the super ball. Well I think what you have to factory is win do they get they're starting tackles. Because once they get this started out of that is going to be a different team. Playing on the road in a domed stadium against ultra fast pass -- -- outside when your -- to tackle came -- to snap count and they're reacting to the defensive end moving that's always a tough proposition. And it's gotten. The Seattle Seahawks the last two weeks slowly been on the road. James great stuff will catch oblivious and be well. Okay thanks James appreciate it our.

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