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Arash Markazi thinks the Warriors are title contenders

Oct 30, 2013|

The ESPN LA writer who covers the Lakers talks about when Kobe may be back with the team and says the team may be better than what people expect. He talks about the Warriors this year and says Curry is a top 10 player in the league.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now by our roster -- via ESPN LA how you doing this morning for us. Doing great. Glad to have you with us glad to have basketball back in the Bay Area the warriors hosting the lakers tonight. Let's start off with kind of of the broad strokes. How rough is going to be for the lakers in the early going to know Kobe. Well you know I'd I'd be really erupted in last night happened yet and still trying to figure out of that look like a one game saying you're in this continually provide healthy he continued I don't think. Is that Saudi Henry Jordan Paul -- guys like that I can put up those kind of in the numbers he's tired he's -- This team could be headed that we all thought we had them ranked twelfth in the last twelve to twentieth in the week I don't think they get that terrible but. I'm very interested to see how they'd do you know going forward -- do you think. Did that give against the -- that they had been told for months how great the corporate partners the clippers out of Los Angeles and yet it got. I think he played that game like it was the championship game. Well they're gonna -- If if they're gonna go after teams and expectations they're gonna have another one tonight -- That definitely against that -- that unit but do you think he warriors. This team without -- -- -- -- you did that that they're not going to be that you might do you believe last night's game ways and means. Sort of you know the way you can you can configure -- it -- past the CI did this happen talented guys on the team. And who if they get hot -- and play well I'd like to get Tony Hayward -- second unit comes. It was I think is good at it is without the so. I don't think that continue obviously by taking acting school that they thought they can print out this game I don't think the thing that now. We're are without Kobe's timetable when do you think he'll be back. You know I I guess they confirmed by the November. And I think that's still hold true I think he can run he's shooting a little at the just try to get to a point where. He's comfortable playing and not just coming back on the court I think what he's afraid dealing. It's with some guys with this. Kind that they do unity come back a little bit too soon and -- so maybe -- basic games and that they get hurt again vote. You try to get back the way he completely -- he did. As if he does come back. Where is that compared to what we saw his prognosis was when the injury happened team well ahead of schedule. Thought that they can I do know a lot of people including -- he had targeted the beginning of the season but it big as the as he started trading NC where you like he really that would not because that happens I think he's still targeting November. Chris that would be kind of late -- -- -- -- that is how does he play. What will it and I think there a community even in the event absolutely contending input but have they play well. Perhaps there's no need for it to come back that he have to use so. -- -- event you know how they played with Kobe media guide to direct a play well respected -- expect to develop. That kind of have a pretty well but he took will be in the it's such a good thing. Yeah no doubt hey I'll ask you specifically. About tonight's game. In relation last night's game looked at the box score no Laker played more than 27 minutes last night is is that the way. Yes Tony's gonna try to do it or was that with an eye on -- back to back in tonight's game here and now Oakland. You could have been about why do you think he's trying to play -- -- -- TP teams let me. Actually app guys on the -- unit that they -- -- do you think you'll see what. Or of that. The winner of the warriors need to exploit the lakers that the equipment that is transition not that goes with the -- last night. That the equipment that you. Is that speed and quickness when they got the ball pushing up the court do those lobs to the auditorium like you felt like that they really did do that. I wouldn't bat single state care. -- -- I'll -- ESPN Los Angeles joining us here on nine to five point seven the game warriors about. Nine and a half hours away from tip off of their NBA season and the LA lakers come in. Let's talk about the expectations. For the warriors obviously here in the Bay Area very high everyone's excited about the way things. Went down last year maybe not the very end of the season but kind of that meant that playoff run. What do you think the other Western Conference holds for the warriors on the true contender. Yeah I'd need to be I think -- thinking goes their way they beat that beat the obviously kinda mean there are contending team I think I think if you're talking about the clippers of the contender. -- these have to be right there with them because. Its -- about it he of that I think it actually the competitive equipment currently. In terms you know yes that -- quite content in the back court I don't think that the better student packed court that that. And I do think the last scene that they got that experience that could see you know because what -- you do -- in the season. But it can transition. Have to accept the post season you begin at -- that you begin to know what it takes. That he beats you -- that would that would again. -- -- And that the big -- experience or eight good young team you know that it -- that's what we have to do we have to be consistently good. You know Stefan curry has received. That whole line of publicity so the warriors this this summer. He's except me like he's being mentioned as a possible player who can be in the group with the best players in the NBA and I'm talking about. You know all LeBron. Derrick Rose even had to rent these Shia there yet. And and who else would you put in that group if if he's not quite there. He could meet he's the top ten player and I think you showed that -- -- the music and I think it ticket talk about seeing them hearted. The key at the scene eighties at Miller jumped player. Where is it that good young players but that you see glimpses of note is that typically get pretty easily great players so. On the but that's part of the process of becoming that kind of player who is not to do it for once he's there and having one good run in the play out. Is putting that kind of decent seats together -- This isn't really big tipper and remember Utley grip it was kind of odd that. Top ten -- -- -- that he didn't. Developed as quickly as some will look at critical -- so. Think you'd think you'd seen that for the war effort. But -- stepped up to. Andre Iguodala and and what he could potentially bring to the -- -- the second most important player on this roster or is that Andrew Bogut. Well I think it's their championship he let me think what happened that they take you the reason that you go from being. Site teams in the league championship contending unity that was removed. That -- a lot of eyebrows around the league Michael shoot it was for real now so. You'd think guys that I think if you are -- -- continue to -- that second hope it's right there to do. But it would dollar if you know on -- night -- I think in this guy cannot be stopped -- I think when you play is silent days. And it does it. And a couple -- style and I just keep that that -- so well. -- -- the -- -- right in the playoffs right I don't think that this is creepy thought that they. This could be the economy out of the west. That's all right mark -- me of ESPN Los Angeles obviously we're going to be talking throughout this NBA season. Hopefully you're as excited as we are that the the lakers kick it off the warriors kicked off tonight against the lakers thanks around. Russia might like it academy.

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