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Lorenzo Neal says the Raiders are playoff contenders

Oct 30, 2013|

The former NFL FB talks about the play of Oakland lately and says the team needs to get Marcel Reece more involved. He says he expects the team to take it to Philly this weekend and get the win.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eric CSN analyst our good friend low high don't sir. Guys got absolutely great I'm so excited. About the control I think -- -- took a look at the well with Patti LaBelle I'm sure you know that OC and. Did you know that was Patti LaBelle well I do now walker thank you started slow start of this game Philadelphia Eagles government out. Both the -- as an -- seeking their fourth win of the season. And now LeSean McCoy is listed as limited -- make full starting putted like this matchup for the raiders. I like it a lot when mark in Oakland Raiders not in a key part to play with black community to start it out but don't eat it. About when you watch Pete Pete -- The Oakland Raiders dirt to Egypt Japan used an airplane relief well start -- pressure on the quarterback you look at that back in the corner supporter. There start to play really well of course he would wonder what should the things that they need to back here. Watching that team up front they're out in the run that put pressure on the quarterback. But the Baxter cover -- integrated piece to this ain't so bad. -- blitzer and I'd like it -- a lot. It started bill. And of course with what we -- prior to think unique to do with DP what he's able to wait doubts start. The pocket pray that the -- and they'll pull the ball -- field. -- ability get out of trouble at lake. I like the raiders in this matchup guys collect the raiders win at any point like rated and well. Our analysts taken a step after this game low because you know -- the raiders are actually only one game out of the wild card chase is it crazy to talk about this team. Possibly make in the playoffs. Now it's not crazy talk about it because of the fact there's so much parity in the National Football League would take a look at the amber at one hears what's gonna get -- just like last year inability school ever want. The number of certain short you saw it last year in the play off against. Baltimore and it can -- and beyond Burton -- several -- -- the game that. Caught up in what the -- there it would be in that seat on our short it you can't -- -- They're keen to have scored a lot of points but -- -- -- -- so raiders and change it to -- better by a playoff spot. And it possibly can happen they got a couple and a but you look at their schedule. It's pretty lucrative port built when you look at is scheduled Jeanne back and it tightened and big beat you look at Brian -- they'll be at beat their -- big giant. The raiders at. It will get to that they could make their could be a while cart team to beat -- on. The -- -- the -- With the lives yeah we were certainly not talking about bad during the pre season low. Obviously every NFL coaches take it one game at a time that and you know Dennis Allen and his crew are knock him a look ahead past these Eagles. What do you think about Dennis Allen eight games in you know. In my opinion of the guy and his staff -- certainly changed in the pre season didn't look like they're getting this team ready but now. I feel the complete opposite they're making the most out of town that they have how do you feel about. You -- it would get it now has last year it now okay had these -- the players and eat -- get it was. Prominent climate change Coulter did not handle these players. Elected get it down it. It beat it. He's OK I used to -- all it. What you guys and players make played the -- to make decisions that -- out the what do you mean. Each took -- died in the pistol putting it in prior and now you. That what is this great pocket quarterback and now in addition to make played. And prior and it didn't make it in place so you have to coach what he's done. Think that out -- it okay and which position prior to be successful I'm electrocuted think you can deal factory. Which are really get that situation. And that's why the team instructed in -- quarterback nick and mud into the -- it -- in debt to. All -- that it makes a decent -- -- -- -- guys on the side watching all your. This guy touches the ball -- and it will record 93 York with the quarterback ever done. This -- electric when he got the ball in and not think the coach has done a great job a fine you know he can do well. And that's what that term gain. And what -- -- to win. They should there. Out of using Marcel -- a little bit more low. Marcel -- we got some more touches when you look at it and struggled reading game you don't. -- ability that it will lead in this apartment and did its job last week that big plate a little -- at that you don't. But mark so re even ball -- acting game. And get -- bigger role because Marcelo. It won the top play makers on this team. So I think that fell in the off but the coordinator offered to step there that make a concerted effort -- mark still -- the ball. Whether it's a lot position let. Ready to run slant if you look at you know these two at bats for a linebacker in -- too -- into physical -- safety I think. -- so I think that this team is gonna start to insert a little bit more. Lorenzo -- joining us here on -- O'Connell and style -- says we talked about the raiders hosting the Philadelphia Eagles this week obviously Lorenzo. Longtime NFL veteran stymied and of course CSN. Football analysts. I'm looking at the -- wide receiving corps for the raiders. And just want a little bit more juice out of homed in there is more and Terrelle Pryor have little bit of chemistry rod streeters the guidance competing for the football when it's in the air. Are they doing enough in the receiving corps. To help Terrelle Pryor out because obviously he's got some talent is the supporting cast doing what they came to maximize. Epic -- I think that they have to develop more remorse -- no pun intended. I think the receipt and -- that had to do a lot more in more included. It will and you watched more I think he's gotten to really stretch to deal with things once the ball in hand. You at peachtree streeters that action receiver you watch the weight eat -- like his demeanor like this guy he's a constant pro. In the annual you know what you needed surgical before. This guy's got it on -- on this whole year. Haven't you can sit back there are turning the ball even in the screen game so active plot line that -- a waste on this team to try -- make big plays. Well like now that disappointment. Or weariness toward patients so we'll just see how special -- rate to make a push to try. That while court petition they got more productive. Running backs. And receiving corps in the tight -- the pipe into on this team need to sort. Played every position on call and it have to do better on the line com. The ball more pushed to try to keep my bag and receive in court to step up -- make it better place. They understand. Our it clearly BP and the team. It guided you don't get it -- would make the team that number. Three. All book. Thought they -- it would be the BP right now wanna -- at the local registry. Low first of all I'm a little disappointed that you allowed me to say. That the lyric at the beginning was for Patti LaBelle or -- -- you'd -- to say was from the Pointer Sisters. Don't want brother because print it like but elevated make -- particular bird out I didn't wanna take you. Thought. -- let into your under. All right that hey. That would be remiss if we didn't ask you. A low on line of question. Tomorrow's obviously Halloween -- does this Halloween ever present an opportunity for. Romance between a man and woman. That's a great question -- and -- -- on the plane when I talk about low Obama. Halloween there was talk about the ghosts and goblins you know what. Wouldn't wanna be held to one column we want to -- to protect the -- and the government in the Olympics. Will be your world open -- where it will be out correctly -- yet. Wanna be protected. To Halloween and it would be -- So you know what absolutely Halloween can be scary there romantic time -- I will lose and I thought they do you know what my follow up question their loan is that I'm only a single man suit and here. I've talked into you what's the -- to maximize my romantic potential Halloween what February and is accustomed. -- Each ankle can't go wrong to -- some electrical -- some -- can't make orders gained site. You know. Lecture you don't have a little ritual and here. It actually thought we ain't that. -- -- -- -- I'll take what about 278. Pound -- saw beaten and why meanwhile she set it loose weight away idea -- amazing product. Called -- Check it out go to www. -- deal in LOO. Dot com. If you get this product and each pretty safe in the middle. See if you're built like Lorenzo -- you can just yourself green angle as the -- for Halloween we can't do stuff like that I mean. Unfortunately. It always a pleasure to talk to Amanda and we'll check -- again before the football season's done.

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