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Curt Schilling wouldn't pitch to David Ortiz right now

Oct 30, 2013|

The former World Series champ talked about how Boston could be with a World Series win, his postseason trials, and what he thinks of tonight's pitching matchup

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Curt Schilling is it like two or three years -- And curt -- a six time all star three time World Series. And the Red Sox twice World Series MVP in his eleven into PG America in the post season is the best of all time you fall much Twitter at geared 38 it is a great job. With ESPN and he's good enough to Jonas now -- RU. They -- it attracted. What's it going to be like in Boston tonight if they win this game. What's the -- and yeah. You know about it. In an hour or so it's. You know there it is better that they don't need one win -- come in -- Hopefully you'll see you know -- Without -- -- -- are starting. You obviously want an Arizona before with Randy and great series against the Yankees. When you look back -- your career though is that the that you you want in Boston in the bloody sock and the whole deal there which you look back on mostly or or the first time you won with. But Bob Bradley in Arizona. Well I don't mean you are underground good it'll. -- -- false social purgatory but it. And open your opponent so that was it was a pretty it was a colossal mind -- the union was in on the -- not let everything happen in 2001 and I am -- different. They all forwards. But certainly something our can be appreciated in -- a little bit -- a memorable one walk and now you know seven. I was more trumpet player -- between but it loose it was you know it was just did. And dark and the -- -- young but young guys are gonna chill on this club laws that that that want chip that your. Curt Schilling of ESPN former reds are gonna have to Jonas is a Sox strike to clinch the World Series tonight at Fenway Park. What is the key in a big game two pitching well. Which he had a while it's. The departure. I would -- like a good game. I couldn't make it simple mistake like carpet that was something I enjoy it I enjoyed it -- pressure arm guard called. You know you can -- -- -- orderly runs have been huge. Between our group even partial because. Then. I don't I don't expect Michael Hart -- particular well much. Miles -- it's -- -- don't know so you know you -- out. Figure out what and I you're gonna people wanted to see until the equivalent to replace. On the trip any other kind of played it matters like an extra innings and I would imagine given weren't singles is everybody is available and frightened. -- early Austin. -- you know outburst at 2 PM. Here. At size it up for -- mentioned Michael -- is better revelation after 22 years of -- you -- so forces stuff is overwhelming. All four of his policies and starts he's one he's allowed three earned runs and 27 innings. Walker verses Lackey how do you see it tonight. Probably. People -- the ball well I mean that's -- it'll be here. This is. And so it's a unique story John was probably. The least popular book two to three years ago. And needs. Come full circle and now you know fans are -- innocent in his corner this would be kind of complete 180 -- -- It's probably well syllable words that opponents certainly probable than -- -- surgery. Cobalt has become a white culprits to -- big slider so. Back to your -- -- and -- and the -- struggle right now on you make it a lot more human and walkers and -- up against might. A Curt Schilling ESPN of course one of the best big game pitchers of all time six time all star three time. World Series champ John is here in the Willis is a Red Sox look to. Win the World Series tonight in Boston it in regards to how poppy is playing right now how is hitting. A 733 rested teams in a buck 51 how would you pitch him. What. Are and I don't expect them to -- all expectancy strike early in the game speed goes. Then in somebody's screwed up because if you look at political topic is playing and you look at the carpet the only way. I would possibly conceivably ballparks that aren't an annual dog Colmes or -- or somebody behind them I'm gonna let him. I'm -- appointed -- in a moment ago -- Those guys aren't completely because you're back in ways so you know I'd -- RB album in books have been able to monopolize Gilbert couldn't do -- didn't you. Com which you do under -- because we don't all pop out also. Arabic is going to be make sure you can pitch around -- not and that's going to be a problem Kyle becomes public with guys aren't I would -- children. Sort of -- loaded. And so like I did not. I've seen Buck Showalter walked by us with the bases loaded so -- -- with the bases loaded in the right situation. I have a lot of people to believe that and I where the but Mike Metheny is not done that he has pitched David Ortiz throughout this year Hastert. Think what happened last game what should be accurate on the mound and in a different conversation because of the archipelago. It's an annual onslaught. The walker diet so I think what the conversation was. Ultimately -- good Eric independent mistake of thinking that into account everything the way they can -- and -- is simple and gonna put on the audience -- partly. Based -- total antiwar. A bit too young cancer there's a lot of pitchers think it's around -- any sort of breaking ball and it doesn't each picture. Because -- the ball you are the most commando. Pretty Egypt and to make the mistake of trying to pitch around him in the -- Greg. It's going to be -- -- Last night's ESPN -- played four days in October the thirty for thirty. Tickets there that just -- it you know you win one game giving it at any point you really think yourself were really gonna get this done early at least we're down 30. -- -- October 14 for we are we're gonna do or does that we -- it because we work. We want to went organs in a -- We orbiter went three or two earlier when in the purse out of -- person who played it right now it was the first stop whatever the government their actually. Took a couple -- appeal. Twenty. Who helped to smokers you know on the job compared to her ultimate intentions -- her. But it would be at the plate and continue to -- bogus. Repellent. It's -- -- and you know what happened. Saw kind of the -- -- -- -- in terms of what game. It went from doctor's appointment and did not -- -- -- certainly don't communicate and only take you know -- he jumped in certain. I -- it didn't agree well. Yes the argument when that series the minute Dave Roberts stole a bag and yeah. It'll. Give extra -- for a -- -- -- never I never think like content I don't pay players for the most part record collectors you're. In seeing some different things happened I mean you feel good about you never feel like artists are -- -- -- -- -- to tell you want -- that we -- out. And no we're gonna win was built for -- -- -- -- -- organs of Barack. I would like -- Post Co. and I want it to be -- and Wingate. -- to me because of the match ups and it didn't. Great stuff -- a great work on that ESPN thanks for the insight we appreciate and enjoy tonight. -- -- Curt Schilling six time all star three time World Series champ World Series MVP had -- 38.

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