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Jim Barnett thinks the Warriors are a complete team

Oct 30, 2013|

The Warriors TV analyst looked at how Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson will contribute for the team, and why this might be the best W's team since the 70's

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pop your former partner Jim Barnett in his 29. And final season as -- lawyers say it ain't so color finally heard about that I don't. Very good guys that they accurately on. Greg got to hear from there and I'm happy to be honest and I'm I'm glad this season is finally here and so much Geithner so many expectations and it's you know a great you know so well site. I'm so nervous today not about click on the air -- just -- you feel like the player and -- you want these guys to succeed so much. And that there's so much pressure on the because they. Fantastic run in the playoffs last year so Seattle breaks out at night but the lakers are commercial -- with the last night against the clippers. And I am an -- play well immediately they gonna play betters they've played together but I mean the point -- that. This is the best warrior roster I've seen since I got -- 86 and you know united those great run GMC teams they are exciting in the regular season but they were never seriously going to be anybody. And all the way to the finals or do you agree with my assessment that this is the best team of probably sensed the team after. They'll want a championship in 74757576. -- Static I took her back they got right on which is there. And that the 9192 season. And I believe that was the year Richmond left. The way your quantity but -- but I believe they were swept by Seattle in the first round of the playoffs. Shawn Camp -- and doubtless yeah yeah. I prepared to do that and ended. They didn't have needed everybody in this team is complete. When you look at. All the positions that you need and it got a tremendous in and out who's really anxious to prove himself but Andrew -- it's important he's still stay healthy. And the other there's a spotlight on these guys in the real big spotlight on step curry. I'm a little concerned about that and -- cautiously optimistic but -- a lot to live up to and there there are expectations that he's going to put pressure on himself that's what great players do to come back. The second half of the season last year where he averaged over 26 point two game and we know what in the playoffs. And -- to three point. Field goal made. NBA record. They're just a lot to live up to any did you will the -- he shot 36% 33% community. From both three point and two point range. So I agreed in May double a little bit because they were somewhat different combinations playing. In the exhibition season and likely going to try to take control of the definitely for at least a week attendees afterwards so. You know it's an interesting group I agree with -- today. On paper Tibet in nineteen since I've been broadcasting here myself. Other great Jim Barnett is joining us warriors TV analyst or she can watch it tonight on CSN various the where's take on the lakers what is it like playing with expectations as a player vs maybe where they where the word surprised people last year. Well I think it is your. You know you live up to your reputation and that is the the challenges. You invite and it and it makes you that makes you better you know when you play against better competition. People are playing against your partner. You don't get a night off. You know they're going to be nights -- slipped. And he just don't have that energy doesn't work together for you one thing about this team has their great shooting team are supposed to be a great shooting team and. You know even like console master -- team record for made three. -- -- -- -- that the tape so -- 211. Go by the wayside. I believe they're so good decently with book and Andre Iguodala. Debt they don't have to have a great shooting night every night to win games which is. Bending contrast to years past that that's the big difference to me this can be a very good defense team. And that they manage a game well to turn the ball over they can have an option and I still in the basketball game and I think that's a very positive aspect. Jamie mentioned Curry's second half and and players constantly evolving -- better some summer aggressor you know don't don't evolve as much -- -- did it that your young guys play and and here here's environs to me. I just scratching the potential of what they can be speak to that a little bit and I heard the play. This is better finishing at the rim it's always amazed me how the guy couldn't make a layup and he's such a great shooter. Didn't get to the ram talk about the Roma for play to get better and for Harrison Barnes to get better. Well first thought I'll start here and he's gonna miss the first few games. Because that put -- they've they've got to be very cautious with that you don't want so I have no idea what's going on there but. You know that the put his -- -- and so he's going to be very circumspect in what you bring him back. But I thought that all along I would be here to Barnes fans and people thought it was a disappointment in college that because he played in relatively consistent in North Carolina. And I'll update right now he has the ability. And he has again. If he wants to be he could be the most explosive and best player on the team I'm I'm making a big statement there. And I I think that without you know stepping on if -- Because -- you've never shoot -- victory not many people will. You put everything but he -- together. -- good first step. His explosiveness to the basket his instincts his jump shot which improved the way he took the load in the playoff -- sixteen point two game. He's so versatile. I really think. You know if he would hold his skill. Andy really worked that it that he could be a perennial all star Ali BA player but I think about here in an idea I do I think the world -- Klay Thompson keeps getting better and better wants to get better -- love his attitude. You know -- he's going to be really good. Let me start the game comes up the day tablet might think about the between here and it's healthy because coming she. And -- you don't have to motivate him he's looking for his shot. Now definitely he had to do better getting to the basket because you know when you play all 82 games which you did last year and you shoot under. 57 preacher that slipped into the game. Hit hit scoring average will go up. Two -- the four points to gain if he can get to the line a lot more that's the sign of the great player and all the great players you look at how many free throws issue. You know -- Kevin Durant -- All again on the line. Part in in Houston they shoot a lot of free throws and that's what he's gonna have to do that's what he's he knows that he's very well aware that. And he's he's he's someone that. You know. I like his stoic look out there he doesn't do much emotionally. And yet I think he's very hard on himself I think he pushes himself. And and I like it quality about him that he will push himself -- that would be satisfied. With just the status quo I mean you know he averaged 161718. To go to like even on this team to go over twenty game consistently. I'm Jim -- gonna have to Jonas great orders TV analyst we are talking pop and I were talking about this some before you jumped on. What's what's your best road story with pop. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah I have children that listen to these you. Look at the big Chicago wouldn't we stayed over and that was the public was feasible. And you know I was a lot younger audience like -- -- I was adult yeah Patrick you're that the it will. About it shave yet it is. Completely we have an afternoon game -- we elect to someplace we start to drink Beers we have a heck of a lot of fun. And it carried on in the night in the bottom what a lot children -- -- -- and so much time do we get home gym for 3430. And what time was the bus the -- was it. 615. And and you know dot built coaching at least we got out just in time to hit -- to pack our bags. And kept that early but they kept the flight to the next city -- were calling it now we just. Our question there was there was a Super Bowl or the niners played San Diego -- warriors played the bulls. Just before the Super Bowl that's the game the warriors got blown out so bad that date -- badly. I turned to burned at the fourth quarter since January the play by play it -- -- The particular. Compared to have you. It -- covered by the it was it was over a period -- I don't know how many hours I guess it's like that well. Starting with the game we -- private together about fifteen dollars. The way I remember that stories they've led directly to the bus is surely to -- that it's 5380. No we react if we get when you're you know you're -- there are definitely. -- -- ever go to right for brunch with the column to the bus unfortunately everybody got in around 435 and we have an hour in the room to pack up. -- you haven't lived they had invited the larger burden on loved it that's at did a little bar people amid their death in Florida and on -- street you -- You got to got to move around in the area the -- -- buddy how I've been ordered in the morning. -- -- -- don't do that anymore you know that's that's a Lotta -- a lot bit just be your last year -- -- -- one trip with the this year you're doing it again. Pocket duke won the that I. You can do as a born and I'm not very very nice but not good for one night but he's got state power don't have a police didn't. That is awesome except if they do a lot of people on the tax line it it's and it is this one from Mike and opens as a day Jim -- retire as a league today the MBA loses. It's best commentator in the league one of the kind a lot of those coming on protects life so that's great stuff. The OK I love these fans that I'd I'd love the people and great respect and it's it's been a blessing and and it real privilege a privilege that's what it is and I'm excited about this year I'm also evidently quite frankly. And screw you go out with a championship learn how about that. Hey anything can happen -- that typical hustle team and I believe you know Mark Jackson you know he's a great leader because. He's on the one thing that you need to be be to get done. As an NBA coach and pat -- your players follow what you. And believing you that what they do. Great stuff -- Alessio of their tonight thanks a lot. Got your chances -- that the -- Jim Martin's 29 and final season. As a lawyers TV color analyst.

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