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Tim Legler says the Warriors are a 50+ win team

Oct 30, 2013|

The NBA analyst from ESPN talked about Steph Curry being an elite player in the league, and his biggest question marks for the dubs this season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The let's -- get a national perspective on and down everything yeah MBAs warriors open tonight he's a former warriors sharpshooter sharpshooter pop. At legs ESPN -- foam on Twitter Tim like Laguna genocide Tim are you. Perplexed. -- excited. Can the warriors live up to these a lofty expectations are pretty high here in the Bay Area. Yeah I I think they can. You know and and it should be involved here think last year. They went from a team that you look back early on to what a fun team to watch. To a team by the end of the -- into the playoffs the -- -- defendants in this is this is mr. legitimate. Don't they have changed some things to their team and I think they are significant changes. Both on the pop the side 62 losses that are there and an eagle putt occurring there. Takes some time to make this -- all work and that reason I think that they. They can look up to expectations because -- have tremendous belief I want. They collectively to basketball IQ. Have a lot of faith in Mark Jackson. And I think that this is a team that. After going through what they did a year ago after he repeats an extremely confident about themselves that they can play with anyone in this week. They get expert all the can handle whispers sure I wanted to -- Egypt which last year that that's. How they should be thinking going into this state they feel really -- the -- in play -- series on the big stage. And now going into this season everybody you're older or younger players at least a year more overture and the expectations should be high and I think the chemical to. And has stepped carry Lester in the playoffs legs had you know two of the best coaches in basketball Popovic and -- George is no longer coach and reeling on how to stop him. After the all star break last year his numbers just incredible -- six again and got shot 46% from three's. The entire second half. Odyssey need to do it just does he need to adjust because they're gonna come at him they've always. -- a hard but they're gonna go item real hard to take him away -- -- need to change his game at all to be ready for that. No I don't think he -- to change his game I think -- if there's if there's anything you will look better and step -- had been physically to absorb. Some etiquette that you want to take. You know maybe have a little bit more meat from muscle mass that's not who you know on bodies for the regarding going to be fine because so many things you can do. Against a player that has turned the ball control stepped -- and the doctors -- handle -- and amber Dexter -- current finisher who got. Arguably the quickest release in the lead off the dribble. -- limited range. In fact he can control it without all the way to teach and it makes it very difficult to say okay orders and in with a want to read contraption which is. Get the -- a chance. He too clever and too good to allow that to happen and you run the risk of getting burned by a lot of older guys that can put upon after. So I don't think it's a major problem I think. You know with Jim Talent that he's going to be able to overcome whatever keep track of charm his way a lot of great players in this league and the truly -- -- finally get it done every night even though. Pitcher -- at the top of that fiery export import locker room. You still find a way to get it done that's the great players as we do expect -- -- it would. Timlin they're gonna to Jones former warriors guard ESPN MB analyst at legs ESPN on Twitter. We've talked a lot about the positives of the wears today and usually the NBA is a process he kind of climb that ladder. What are your biggest questions for the -- coming into the season to reach these expectations. Well I I think a little bit you know that the half this level that you have to have physically. At certain moments and let -- -- and Jarrett Jack I think it appear law that you that you would expect because I think. You know -- -- and a political presence or more you look at -- getting -- close out last year Jack curry or support each other quite -- sliding to three. Relied upon the -- they -- war is -- Jeter and make up here's bella stuff crypto but more off the ball and straight -- where care and how to handle so much. It would boost hope you -- is it that potentially something from thirteenth. I like Andre Iguodala and while -- in a situation like this Reid doesn't have to be. -- our school work to do the things that need to help a great facilitator -- great ball mover. Very good defender. On the wing and he can -- 12 restoration act that stop you picked up in the loss of a director Jack. So you know there roster this is evolving but -- quarters the -- and it -- -- -- learn how to play with two new pieces and make up for what. They've lost terms of medical topic of physical this and how they closed games last year because it's not going to be in my book so a year ago. And and Jack closed every game out that he was healthy the finishing five and jacket point and they -- staff. -- -- So my question do you in fact I think it was your baggage -- somebody has been at a poll. Integrated into the bank shooting guards in basketball staff was right up there but he was not talked about is the best point guard. In basketball so at the end of the game is Andre Iguodala. Good enough of -- handler. Where you're coming down the stretch you know five minutes to go you're tied it it would dollar run the club at the crunch time like that and be able to place stepped off the ball. My opinion no I think I think I created doubt good enough certainly. To advance the ball against -- -- Which in that situation pro who will be playing because you're assuming its staff Korea Iguodala quite optional and we're together -- and all alternate approaches in that situation -- reach. Keep your go to handle all at any story. Are easily get up sort of intricate structure totally different situation. We -- -- traditional ball half court situation and deliver the ball -- step curry coming awful baseline screens and deliver the basketball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That that requires a separate skill set that to reappoint -- how to do that much -- check what you do for them years ago. Actually Ursula talked to stop -- stretch to only check. Was great -- up Korean constant and appointment curry. -- -- on the baseline which could very difficult for -- -- treaty can trigger what are coming out. Jack and also those poor. Pockets small report arts community and physical pot or to -- get into Alina it is what midrange jump shots. So they're mr. element that act is bigger -- people are saying. And now it's gonna be -- to see how the adjust to their late game situations and I don't -- manager with the ball Andre Iguodala can't arrest him. -- basketball -- -- that -- -- Carter coming off the screen is last year all delivered perfectly Jack in this situation and they were able to close like. Good teams because you had a picture pointed at worst are just too many -- -- catch up with that taken -- primary ball handler out of your lineup. And I wanna see how they adjust that's my biggest concern for the team going indices. -- leg agendas from word now of course ESPN NBA analysts is a -- get ready to open the season senator oracle against the lakers. The Western Conference so we decide about this maybe as many as six teams could win the the conference maybe it's too many know Casey San Antonio. I'll obviously deal warriors during that conversation the clippers everybody's talking about maybe even Houston Memphis is in there how do you see the the west going into the season. Yeah I need your legal team in Denver outfit change it yourself it's so peeps are proper and I agree. More so in the east -- metres fourteen -- rates that are retirement place and exploit. So one of the last night in Miami Chicago and Indiana Brooklyn in your pocket right now one of those fourteen come -- Easter copper and I'll be shocked. At any of those orbit in the west with a lot more complicated. Because there are more to that are in the next and they're working -- similar. In style and make up. Right now going into the season I would still put San Antonio atmosphere in the western options because their Corsica and saint. Parker there's not gonna go anywhere tribes -- these really just getting into his prime Ginobili. Really didn't give them much in the postseason a year ago -- academic -- they're keeping your older doctor what exactly did -- get a year ago -- Leonard is we're in now become a star. So I -- that -- it would still be at the top I think the clip murder bear interest and -- although I was mortified entered defense about last night against the lakers are. That with the percent at six points. I'm basically played the entire fourth quarter fires and the clippers could not stop them so park where a lot of work to do that -- essentially. -- they have the talent to win in the west Baptist I think -- in the White -- a lot board say provincial that the hot team make up. To certainly be a team that can make a deep -- A Golden State has got to be right there I think thirteen fifty plus wins and they're going to be with a group of short 500 -- -- producing -- going to be like -- their recent memory. We're that's cheating is not gonna be determined whether it was going into last two retreat into the street and they're still leaking joking spots. The -- and see what you did mention just now Oklahoma City. I think they took step back because they took a small step back but art -- Now it took it -- back because they're replaced Kevin mark at all they're counting on Perry Jones. And young players that Jeremy lamb to provide effort scoring option that's a big there and -- preferable to start the year. Of Oklahoma City like you want to even although that might go in the wrong direction right now up tent beside -- Atop the west. How the lakers and I know -- -- -- the nets off last night of their bench player out of their minds but if they get Kobe back around Christmas first of the year could could they sneak in as an eight -- I don't care I don't think the lakers playoff team you know I don't know. -- we saw last night you know and you can flooding damage or last record again like a total of more miserable last bite to eat it. Last year was shattered by court and they are losing. Let rated and anybody on the court the fourth quarter and are winning but he understood rule gold. Traditional might not not to anyway. Catch up later -- and potentially could be player they've got -- -- -- You can't survive -- sustainable way to win it. And Steve Nash battled back to Nazi holding up throughout the year how Gasol is still tied -- you could tell that I played well last lately twenty orbit -- just don't buy into -- Kobe Bryant he's going to -- back it's so immediate Christmas in mid January. And I don't see -- -- can be the same player yet articulate Dominic altered state that. So at the -- is efficient that that career I think the lakers a whole lot of question -- a lot of issues and act with the does go to the web it is. In unity in Portland I think that surprise you which -- think tell them that the people think cheated giving it to that got to seven range like cup lakers. Great stuff legs thanks a lot and it's going to be a great season we appreciate the time talking -- -- You got next to dealers to leg former words aren't as great job with the ESPN. Legs he has Pia and lay eggs. We had to lay --

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