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Gregg Rosenthal looks at the NFL

Oct 30, 2013|

The writer from weighed in on the 49ers and Raiders after week 8, and how he sees the divisions finishing this season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's abroad midway point of the season for a lot of teams one of the first things of this season that popped out to you when you when you think about the NFL 2013. Well I mean you're gonna it's gonna go down and he's an opinion -- in the Broncos. I guess -- that obvious answer but I think we'll talk about that -- -- cock but you haven't patriot. 99 that -- -- biking skiing that looked so good enough and since I met. On behalf one of those collided on offense couldn't get your people and not come up each and every week. I think otherwise it's the Texans in the falcons falling so hard from Super Bowl contenders. Basically out of the knicks after Alexander we. Well the difference between this team in Denver in the 07 pitchers the patriots did not lose a game ovals season until the end. As teams are lost one are we not giving enough credit to Kansas City how do you see that matchup but it is coming very shortly November the seventeenth. In Denver and and again December the first to their own -- Do you think the chiefs can beat the Broncos. I do because they match up well let them defensively you know they have. Half structure that can get -- those backup tackles -- Denver they have the best secondary in the NF. AFC they can play those receive written man -- -- at least give him a shot. But I don't think we're overlooking the -- I think it's. Ridiculous that Ali powering can feel the need to put the number one when it's played. Backup quarterbacks four straight weeks and unique case you don't mind the hat trick. They're supposed to play either that would suggest school that we -- Buffalo Jason Campbell and they're not a good offensive in their uneven in the best team they've eaten so far. Is Dallas so I wanna see them do it -- that -- out -- -- So when you when you look at the AFC do you not consider the chiefs an elite team more team can -- a conference. I let them the ravens had lots. Three or four I gave it a row one point last year Nalen wound up going to the Super Bowl so anything can happen but I would like she's. Significant tag below that he'd Bengals and the. Broncos. And even the patriots. And the colts in that mix I think all of those those fourteen the -- chances in the she got a couple of. Yeah ravens actually like a loss for the last five and got out of courses they -- most important time of the year in January and February. Speaking to the ravens should all the changes on defense they bring many new players and water is the former raider. Number one pick Michael Huff we've just got roasted in their first game against Denver may Julius Thomas an overnight sensation. He had benched he went to special teams he botched the kickoff return against Pittsburgh. A couple of weeks ago letting -- -- Sanders get down the sideline the ravens caught Michael Huff today Greg will somebody else pick him up. I think so yes just because. Keep it needs safety in this league and it's a hard position fine I was surprised that it worked out so poorly Baltimore making a statement here I mean they traded away -- -- bands and they kind of another couple veterans and yet they're not happy with what's gone out -- -- interesting note that young people out there -- eaten either abandoned property can agree. It's really the up and well in the in more. Where grooves -- enough to join a showman Greg popping or 957 game pat gray Rosenthal. On Twitter courses great job on nine -- -- just a chronicle I hear the latest newspaper publication. To say they're not gonna use the term Redskins anymore do you think that ultimately winds up. I think it's a matter of time before the name changes I've always felt that and there's never been this kind of momentum about it now so when it crosses over. To the national nightly news and MSNBC. And Fox News talking about this subject. It up and people and only got its very start and attention are not going to be this year and next here in five years I think it's a matter time before or constraints. I was actually talking to Bruce Allen the GM of the Redskins is very close with the owner there obviously when he was in time period. He made the point that nine out of its hand Washington football fans -- phrase it that way approval of the nickname it it is is that true. I don't think most Redskins fans have have a problem and an -- than not their -- and ha yeah. I think -- -- stands probably don't have a huge problem. You know there is. Arguments back and sport -- whether native Americans out. Problem with it or not but I think when -- this significant. Even -- that the minority people letter and that that bias. Why why do we have to keep is probably thinking in and I think -- gonna fight against it but as you could tell you what the public comment that you. You -- down his aggressiveness in terms of keeping an Internet and eventually. Gregg Rosenthal -- here in the wheel house the raiders. Take on the Eagles Chip Kelly comes out here looks like nick folds is going to be the starter what are your thoughts on him. I think he's better than people believe you become an opera really ugly game where it looked like scoring 100%. So he got that Elop after he suffered the concussion and acting you at some really good moment but thought it played about -- I played very well -- -- You've had some good give black you're like a lot of young quarterback like the raiders' young quarterback they'll have some really nice gain I. I think he's more south than people think and I think that eagle rock and runs pretty well I don't think it's that big of a downgrade. From Michael's next fall so it means that happening after the kind of on a game between the heat index. If they really want a chance and make a run -- you I have to people need to. That was kind of opened Michael Vick would play -- not gonna calm the original great running quarterback but certainly in the last twenty years I think he's the very best against -- -- prior. Who may be the best of this generation. What does the future for Michael Vick Greg do you think in Philly and what's the future for Michael Vick in the NFL overall. I'd be surprised he's back with Philadelphia. Next year you know Chip Kelly got upset with reporters today asking about next year and down the line and -- -- -- for their help yet the same time who's gonna are. And he's -- he basically said look they're not healthy at the same time I can't you get these two guys out if the same time people struggle for him you know. I think they're frustrated with -- -- got to rely -- he fits that offense well but even when he was in the area with a little up and bounty well scattershot look back at the academic playing elsewhere. Greg Jim Kelly's offense hasn't scored an offensive touch -- last two games. What is the issue with with this offense over or is it just simply come downtown. A lot of it kept on I wonder if these senses. Are catching up a little bit to what chip Kelly's doing because he doesn't change its formation there. What he does too much of a week to week basis -- He he has his style of offense and he had done a better job stopping that they don't really have guys that can win one on one Mac -- other than Exxon active. And of course -- shot McCourt and another two great players not a lot of either gonna win when you're searching quarterback and Matt Barkley -- and quite simple we. And Chip Kelly Howie rose minutes' time gamble the only ones to make a trade yesterday with the patriots sending the former -- nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga to new England and they just -- draft picks -- six for a fifth. First of all why did Philadelphia do that is that for the future -- -- -- blog was a pretty good player in all the rumors we heard yesterday you know about Gordon and Nixon Allen or any of them close to actually happen as far as at the trade deadline. I think Gordon was a club. Nixon was the guy never really wanted to trade in new York and the fact that they want a couple games that Iraq needed. Easy for them to keep of the court and could happen from everything we've heard they talk they. They wanted to second round pick or at least now we're going to give up -- back and people were intrigued. The fact that he you parity and suspended hurt his value a little bit so I think those are well I don't think Jared Allen whenever. Really that close and in youngsters that they'll -- that. It does sound like he can get outfield anymore and you have the discipline of the human eaten enough money and then basically decided you export of their patients -- they need to -- bigger gap. -- Gregg Rosenthal NFL network at great for Gregg Rosenthal. On Twitter does a great job thanks for the insight we appreciate Greg talkies in.

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