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Nate Thurmond: this is a complete Warriors team

Oct 30, 2013|

The NBA great talked about the Warriors challenges in the West, and what kind of season Steph Curry could have

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're live from oracle Rick will be on the broadcast tonight Comcast sports net Bay Area. Do in the sidelines so will be here throughout the season. For all the home games Monday through Friday we'll talk a lot of warriors soups and joining us now -- hall of Famer. It's make their Renee thank you so much for taking the time. All my pleasure I didn't want. We're doing great in a lot of questions we've been asking today is a two part question will go the first part first. What's the one thing you're most optimistic about for the warriors 2013. 2014. Team. Well I think that they have a well on this squad that look at. -- -- twelve people with two people are hurt right now having we have a lot of big man. We have great shooters. We have some defenders. I think is the most complete team that we use here of the ways and -- in the last 1250 years. And the your biggest concern. About. This team considering what the expectations are. Well that the bank is concerned there's just like any other team we have to stay help. And we have to stay healthy two key positions. In my opinion that does not point guard -- seven Torre. And then and a big man Bogut we have to stay -- that we like to stay healthy. You know with all twelve guys would not normally speak and that does happen. The other thing that concerns me a little bit is the fact that Jarrett Jack scored a lot of important book it's. Especially in the footballers treatment to a diseases. When things were going a little bit bad offensively. And I hope that we knew we were able to. -- well the fact that he is no longer there that's what that's my only concerned with -- -- to line up. Other than that I think we're good to go and certainly as the season goes along we'll -- who feels that particular world. Well that's interesting you know Jarrett Jack gone trying to cover that up. At the end of the ball game it's coming down to it somebody's gotta have the ball in their hands somebody's got to get the ball to the right guy who do you think that guy will be. -- said the -- no question about it. And today she's a -- 20 we want to as the ball -- -- he's proven effective because she's that floor. In Austral -- the USC's game was solid. It is relay all of these don't touch I would agree that certainly knows how to get through most social. There's no problem there. Wasn't bill saying this step Kunduz. Put the secondary. If there all the overstep. Who is that going to be physical -- now. Physical abuse that the -- the new guy Tony Douglas. Is his main. Thing I think -- deepest velocity. I was. This comes along so. That's my concern not would step -- at all because but sometimes you need. A secondary got to go to -- -- was to what was that especially offensively. -- I can't help but look at. Your career. On the fiftieth. One one of the top fifty players all time. Seven time NBA all star two time all defensive team first team. I mean the -- the list goes on and on. Hall of Famer. I just wonder when you see Andrew -- Signs a 43 million dollar deal I'm guessing that yours whatever you made probably had several fewer. Zeros on it. What what's it like for you to look at just what's going on now and put it in context with what you accomplished in your career. Well you trying to say about things like that because it's it's. That was his goal. But they let that go to Mets. Split you know good good good -- Bogut. I think you'll be worth every penny apiece -- healthy. And he plays defense like we know that he can play and feel old legacy as to individual points a game. That's that's all they need but could be as severe and the president's. They're rebounding is certainly. Something that would McConnell airport. As for us in days -- hours also alliances that -- I wish I was 24. And no doubt and no doubt about it. Made their little all of favorite joins is your behavior -- 95 point seven a game and stick him with -- as you know as you get older. You know -- have injury problems it's very tough for big men and Rick said he'd be happy if he got seventy games at a 82. What do you think is the key as -- gets up there and -- dealt with some horrific injuries what do you think is the key for him taking care of itself. To be able to play at least seventy games to get him into the post season. Well you know I was shooting was simply flat -- like -- number said. A couple of days ago to another. That I said. If they get a 150 games. Between Korean Bogut. Did we do that I think that we can -- win 54 games I believe we won 48 last year humble about six. If you can get identity games. Between those two players now. As far as opposed concerned nobody knows about it new and certainly. He has to be judicious -- business. He has to be cognizant of the fact that he has certain entries and a bad back and do a lot of a lot of stretching. -- -- Between games and all that and what -- -- -- today. -- at least today it should be a big problem unless some major comes up. If some Maine -- comes up in India problem. And certainly. Justices really. What he's healthy -- Rio's post strong back up. But in this league you need. Two senators and we that we have Jermaine O'Neal missed and germane to -- that player but he has a lot of mileage and a lot of age on him but certainly. Piece of formidable force also. They when you look around the Western Conference who do you expect to being the biggest challenge of the proposed the greatest difficulty for the warriors. In the west. -- -- well you can -- you have to look at two. Oklahoma City you know you don't they're going to be there. You have to look at -- San Antonio. They're a little bit of Poland into it. You know that there it was joke of them minister and and she'll perform fortunately on the player -- they're going to be there you look at the clippers -- You know they lost last night at a at a very fashion but. It was it was gamers -- so you -- pull that out. They're going to be formidable. And maybe I'm missing. Somebody. Maybe there's one other team that you have to look for but I think that. I predicted. In the Pacific division. Our division that we would be to clippers. Again and I -- 54 and twenty. I think that. With five. If we're healthy. We can out score a lot of teams and a -- it is in the lineup and we have is that now who can. God a lot of different positions defensively. And I think we have -- big -- Also 222. Put as the boat book that was that's that's my opinion it was a. They want one last thing before we let you go -- thirty seconds -- When was the last time the warriors were ranked higher than the lakers they started the season in the lakers came. Face the warriors and were like double digit underdogs. Yeah well it would allow. We've -- Now if you well you Rhode Island which is way you know I had a short memory. But there's been a long time and -- one of the reasons obviously two is suspected. Kobe Bryant is not there and they say it's certainly do not have the score that can match up with with two -- he wouldn't -- because in the lineup. In my opinion so -- Is this great city. There's great expectations that the war is -- work in the legalize they're picked to be eleventh. Kind of feel that they've made. Maybe in a couple of notches above that -- in my opinion means more than that so we'll see but again. You know my career is that you know we stay healthy and we get bonds back in the lineup I like to see everybody on board. -- margin actually can mix and match. And when you do that and -- news deep as we are this issue when -- -- game. And it's not gonna continue to watch the lakers be bad right. Well known -- at all I mean. I'm always been open and of the organization but not an airplane the warriors. Obviously. In my blood -- here. But field they've been nice to a but now they're old. We can look at San Antonio say the same thing very nice one but now they're old. Shall we -- see how they hold up. Are doing the courses season. He'd -- in the point. Whatever -- is getting old little and you know Clinton announced on his ego so we just have to see how they hold up but the warriors you know. Wish he and great coaching. And great organization I mean and it buys -- board. To do great things just which is resistant help. Expect. That people from going where which should go. Nate always a pleasure to have you on the program and hopefully we'll see out here tonight. You know these and you guys are out there early on being. A little earlier than normal but it should be exciting -- -- we open up to the opener. What would a win. Thanks a lot Nate appreciated. My pleasure.

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