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Jim Harbaugh on his meeting today with Aldon Smith

Oct 30, 2013|

The 49ers Head Coach discussed his meeting with Aldon Smith today, when he expects to see him back on the field, and the latest with Crabtree and Manningham

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Quite a few effects. There's. And -- little bit like another part of training camp where yours together. Stay in the same. Form or in this case a towel. Meteors practices are all altogether nobody -- to drive home after work or a drive into work the next day is coming down of the elevator. And you're there you hang out with you know with the guys on the team. -- -- You know you'll get your family's. It's her. For nine days. That's that extra time being with your teammates and there's quite a bit of value. In that in this election time. They can't be spent. Can coached by their coaches. -- out of the guy's story. Having another meal with with somebody when when you might not have. And we rooms you know basically right across -- parking lot from where your your living. And sleep in it and this -- an opportunity for more more more. More teens in the know each other more rough field -- more. More opportunity to be coached. But what and so quite a -- business. Coach I'm convinced that you don't do anything without a lot of thought. And and a plan behind it and sell. And I can't believe I'm asking this is a member of the media but you've been very optimistic about Michael Crabtree and when he's coming back. And my thought what my first thought was the optimism puts you in a typical place if he doesn't mean it rather than simply. Going the standard hey he's gonna play when he's gonna play. I love the idea he's gonna come back early. But why why would you why have you been so optimistic why have you put out there that -- expecting to come back sooner than maybe expected. But just just reflect what the doctors -- you know all the way through that there. The surgery is successful that Michael's -- track. You know reports there are evaluated and it's at all walks six months whereas. The medical. Standard. -- -- products. Played five months to 28 days. After his surgery. Particularly last year and Michael's going to be right in that it's a bit area that's that's what's predicted by the doctors so it is -- am -- being up with a domestic. You know -- Michael these young guys and string it very hard and heals well. Effective. -- You know reflect where. -- -- -- -- Jim Harbaugh the head coach at the 49ers -- here Peter Downey 95 point seven in the game. Coach a look at it -- cap for next season started out great with Green Bay than there was of a few hurdles there and we didn't see -- a lot. We now seeing him get back -- do cool he is -- all the football running the football -- to become apparent. That Colin can't predict needed to start running more to get him more into his room. And that he raiders -- from the first game I mean it scrambles and in the very first game. Against Green -- if you if you look back and mean nothing's changed. There's no point of you know with the the thing about our team -- we -- we're we're changing this switching. You know in fact. We've -- we're not changing recruiting that's there was our minds. From the beginning now -- at the halfway point. Wouldn't say you're right where you wanna be because if you -- we won the BB. BA though. But we're a good spot. Six and two. And he's playing good football. And then you also look at and say here's where we can improve here's here's things we can get better and that's the best positioned to. At the end when you're when you're playing good and you still have things. To improvement and feel like you can make improvements. Coach we we just got reports that -- Smith has posted bail on the gun charges that he was facing. We assume that that means that he is now. Graduated from rehab. When would you expect. To meet with him face to face. Our Miller faced faced today. -- all -- it was it was in the building. True grit your reaction. Others who installment. -- and all the reaction. Being in the accuracy some of the guys and he looks great. And we're having a good day if that's. That was the object of have a great day and that that's where albums approaching things reach -- data. And the goal of agreed that. How how did he look and sound compared to the last time you saw him. He looked great and that you -- the it looked good. Coach -- all the issues that he's had away from the field and also the legal troubles do you expect him to play this season. Again. Yet that the prudent thing to do is. It would get a -- today and the goal of have a great day he's. He's been taken that approach. Really over the last five. Weeks. And certain well -- -- -- quite a bit of progress so see reason to change. And and now flip a switch and start saying. Disney's take place next week in and -- the next. Next week let's predict how it's going to be three years or five or six weeks from now. Why do we do that when they went the other process. It's going so well. -- we just passed the trade deadline and obviously guys didn't make any moves I'm just wondering what was it because there were not. Deals out there to be made. Or because. You'd look to your team and says you know what we're we're happy with where we are. You re record it and all the specifics. That. You know we're deals were being made -- and I read the the wire I think there's one -- Yes yeah so that's pretty much reflection of some people's willingness serve her and willingness to victory but it that are being so good about our team. Not exact guru -- -- -- Or there and conspired to keep playing good football or and improving the football team. Coach your visa commercials have been fantastic and from October through February to the Super Bowl. Fans can submit their fantasy via Twitter. An answer -- using hash tag my football Tennessee ash tag or via visa dot com slash my football fantasy. Will you'll have a chance to have your fantasy fulfilled by beset bringing fans even closer to the game they love talk about coach I guess you're just a little bit. We've seen that commercial you coach of the kids and a parent comes up duke you're actually going to be coaching kids coming up here just a little bit today. Certainly -- have -- evolved with last year. Our players myself -- In a similar. Campaign and then there were. A real nice couple Lester that -- came. It was part of a pregame. That happen again this year and and now it's good opportunity coats and some youngsters. Eleven to fourteen year old that are coming to our practice. Field today -- -- have a clinic. About fifty to sixty. Youngsters. In our coaches and so reporters and myself for. -- -- Has some sort of on the practice field coaching fundamentals techniques. Korea this is. Commercials are great when when kids are involved and the football great and when kids are involved so that will get a lot out of it and hopefully the leaders of the guys that got them I think you know -- the -- Eleven of fourteen. Had a chance to go to the San Francisco 49ers. No doubt facility -- run. A bit there before ordered by the -- no doubt -- -- it's like it's like. It's like the grass let at a Major League Baseball field it's it's like a pool table. At a derby blown away -- that you know there's no holes it's completely flat. It's just it's just perfect sight lines. They get to get out there it had a runner -- this -- to be so cool form. Coach out I'm not on the -- smoke but it. What makes you such a good actor you are so comfortable in front of the camera whether it's those commercials. I -- go back to say about it now. He even it even at the podium I mean they did that Ralph Waldo Emerson and against I mean. You -- you without question you know the most entertaining press conferences of of of any head coach in the in the NFL they explained that gift. Real knack -- -- -- -- everybody else like -- a lot of as a place where it's hard to watch your post press conferences or. I love but -- it was huge smile more. Well like you looked so angry and and that none of that having no that's true of me it's I can order get a bum rap. And you just. I'm just we're just serious about winning you know we're just focused. Doing a good job in not screwing things up -- And maybe sometimes that comes off as it is easier her. Or angry but it's it's not it's this is just curious about winning and answers about football. In the domestic herself seriously reduced it became seriously and most of the time I hear people. You know come -- the other way and you look really. Venezia there. I get a kick out of it. Yeah hey it's good stuff make coach we really appreciate I appreciate you stop them by six is too. At the break enjoy your buying bill give them in the second half and we'll see you down at Santa Clara. Our attack. Premise that.

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