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Rod Woodson's 1st half MVP for the Raiders & 49ers

Oct 30, 2013|

The NFL Hall of Famer weighed in on Aldon Smith's return, and why Seattle is still the 49ers biggest threat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now she quickness on the record down it normally joins us everywhere -- Bible Bible which meant the World Series it's a hall of Famer rod Woodson -- Before we brought you -- puke in RT etiquette question warrior. Right after the 49ers. Knowing the way Sidney Rice goes out with with Seattle. You look at the way Seattle's construct it that way the saints are constructed. Who poses a bigger threat to the 49ers right now is that the C box or is it the saints. Well to the people know it's not much of what does that. -- -- look at what does that do approached the -- Of course -- moment. What did his quotable what else is. But the good -- And -- the. Keep 00 and what that you were -- often get loans. It all on the problems and bought. But what. So that's already happening. I'll probably do all -- -- -- that stand. But I don't think we've got involved from the big role in what is the ultimate solution. As far as first half and VP for the 49ers. Who are you giving him. -- -- -- -- -- -- I wonder what. So what. Making them one -- -- power arms running the football captains. Will be. -- -- -- go on the we've seen it all these. Big emotional. It straight -- Oh. Rubble that's all they are -- here putrid down in 95 points and the game probably we just talked to Jim Harbaugh your old team -- And we asked about -- -- all the Smith turned himself into authorities today he was back at the complex had a conversation with him. In the outside world will we see all these issues that. I'm like not how they get back to work -- all these problems at any type of football people may say. Wells I get after the quarterback who cares how easy will it be to get him back on the field. Well all of a forceful more important. Than. All those student fourteen well no -- Problem. And we weren't capable. You can do. What they how they. Law. About -- -- net income ball. And -- -- Definitely feels comfortable. Or not feel that would choose to war veteran players. War. -- women and particularly the real quick -- -- who's the team -- or the situation. That you might have experienced firsthand. Whether -- was substance abuse or something else. You have experience with a teammate who who came back from facing issues like this and came back and play. Ball a lot of abuse don't know. All the little. Won't take it stands won't shoot you all the world. You would in jail. Double homicide. It -- executives shouldn't play. To. The ball -- all -- -- -- to the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Physically strong. And the pitching won't support you know I think that it's formed I think. A lot of -- Waltz king -- particular reason. It has its core of the ball and hopefully we get comeback at the trouble. -- you're on a defense of staff as a coach when Rolando McClain was a linebacker for the raiders. I know how you felt about him at times. With his work ethic I don't know if you got to read the ESP in the magazine piece. Rolando McClain was in a very dark place said he needed to get away from football didn't wanna be like -- Hernandez had Fox's. Violence killing people I mean it was it a really really dark place. He Philly needed remove himself from the NFL lifestyle before he did something that would put him in jail and harm other people. When you hear about Rolando McClain wanting to go back to school. Wanting to get away from football to get his life back together does it change the way you feel about him maybe as when you -- coach on the staff when he looked at him. Well. You into -- Q do you back away he was acting. You've got to -- -- emotional and she would tighten. It and you know I trouble at all before. Usually the person sometimes you go through. You know part of your life would be available right away. The and you've got -- -- on the line. Because our peace and -- yeah well I'm always like Lama and that attention. As a good person that I'd give people do about it -- -- light bulb is on pins. -- Indonesia and the first year. Before we let you go ask him 49ers first half MVP got to ask you the same for the raiders media. Are you were later. I think it's twelve. You know he's played so well but not the acting. You know it's. Only work to do. But you know patrol. I don't think it would triple -- -- -- -- it. Travel and pushed for. -- OT that they believe that while they're in trouble. The bad but it -- that it actually. Thanks drug route would normally do like is at 505. In that World Series.

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